Manipur is currently experiencing a turbulent period, leading to the displacement of many families who are seeking shelter in Relief/Shelter Camps. The Manipuris face additional challenges due to heavy rainfall and low temperatures, exacerbating their difficulties.

In response to a request for assistance from the Archbishop of Imphal, H.E. Rev. Dominic Lumon, and an email from the District Collector, we have taken an active approach to support the Manipuris in the Relief Camps. We have established communication channels through these contacts, enabling us to recruit staff and volunteers who will coordinate the relief efforts.

Currently, we have two staff members working at the relief camp in Kangpokpi District, overseeing the relief work. Our field personnel and volunteers have provided us with information regarding the essential relief items needed, especially life-saving medicines for the elderly, infirm, and infants. Additionally, there is an urgent requirement for bedsheets, blankets, sleeping mats, undergarments for both men and women, as well as toiletries and sanitary pads.

Some relief supplies from STREET PROVIDENCE have already been delivered to the camps. The first shipment of medicines, dispatched from New Delhi, arrived at the Manipur border on July 6th and will be delivered at Kangpokpi. Subsequently, a second consignment was dispatched on July 6th, 2023.

Furthermore, Street Providence has delivered dry rations in three separate consignments. The first consignment, consisting of 1600 kgs of rice, 300 kgs of green peas, and 45 liters of cooking oil, was dispatched on July 24th, 23, to the Kangpokpi Relief Camp. The second consignment, comprising 13 tons of rice, masoor dal, onions, and potatoes, reached the Kangpokpi District Relief Camp on July 7th. Six tons of ration will be distributed here to needy families from July 10th to 13th, 2023. The remaining seven tons of dry rations are being transported to the Churachandpur Relief Camp in Manipur.

The third consignment, including 3000 kgs of rice, 450 kgs of masoor dal, 2300 kgs of onions, and 300 kgs of potatoes, was delivered on July 7th, 2023, at the Kangpokpi Relief Centre for distribution.

All relief materials are delivered to the Kangpokpi Relief Centre as our staff and volunteers are stationed there. Moreover, it is a relatively safe and accessible location with adequate storage place. From Kangpokpi, our staff will subsequently forward the relief materials to the Churachandpur Relief Camp.

However, the Relief camps still require a significant amount of relief material, and we appeal to our supporters to generously contribute to this cause. This tragedy has caused immense suffering and hardships for the Manipuris, and it is crucial for us to join forces to ensure their complete rehabilitation.

In the meantime, let us keep the people of Manipur in our prayers, hoping that peace will be restored soon. Our commitment, with the support of our benefactors, remains unwavering as we stand by the people of Manipur throughout their rehabilitation process.

Distribution of Relief Material from 2nd Truck