A two-member STREET PROVIDENCE volunteer team, consisting of Mr. Bosco George, IPS (Retd), and Mr. Joseph Fernandes, Journalist, arrived in Manipur on September 30th to supervise the distribution of relief materials transported by the second relief truck, which departed from Goa on September 16th, 2023. Many parishes and generous benefactors in Goa took part in the very successful collection drive. The contents of this relief truck were valued at Rs. 25 Lakhs.

From 30th September until 3rd Oct, 2023, our two-member team visited 6 relief camps in the troubled region of Churachandpur braving fighting and shooting on the streets, stringent check posts along the way and at the risk of their own personal safety.

In one area where 4-wheeler transportation was not possible, our volunteer Mr. Bosco George travelled on a motorbike along with Fr Samuel, to ensure that the distribution of relief material reached the intended Benefactors.

Additionally, our volunteers engaged in meaningful conversations with the relief camp leaders. Furthermore, they reached out to the inmates, with a particular focus on women and children, in order to gain a deeper understanding of their circumstances, allowing us to provide more effective assistance.

Despite the ongoing turmoil, incidents of firing, unrest, and the implementation of stringent security measures, STREET PROVIDENCE remains unwavering in our commitment to assist the people of Manipur during their time of crisis.