STREET PROVIDENCE provides medical assistance to all the inmates of our homes through Goa Medical College and Hospital, Hospicio and other Government of Goa facilities. Also we arrange visits to Private Doctors when the need arises. Our in house Counselling by experienced Counselors Sr.Mariola and Freddy has brought many of our Inmates to the road to recovery.

Almost all the men and women picked up from the streets are in dire need of medical attention. These men and women are provided medical help at the Government Hospitals. Medicines prescribed are administered to them by the care givers in our Homes. Their festering wounds are cleaned and bandaged.

We have tried to be self sufficient with medical transport. STREET PROVIDENCE has invested in a vehicle and converted it to an ambulance which is used to transport our inmates for medical treatment without any delay.

Through social media, funds are raised for the medicines. Major surgeries are carried out by volunteer Doctors free of cost but any additional expense related to surgeries is funded by well wishers.

We have ventured into carrying out major surgeries like Hip Replacement which cost us Rs. 100,000/- (Rupees One Lakh only) which was again funded by a well wisher.

At STREET PROVIDENCE we do not hesitate to give medical treatment to our inmates, no matter what the cost. We believe that our benefactors will always stand by us.