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21.9.23. 10am IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA wishes all our HINDU brethren A Very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.
We also have GOOD NEWS during this Festive season and that is ” our Application to set up a shelter home for those POOR people with disabilities in Manipur has been approved and temporary license granted, all with a few days “.
Took a couple of days short holiday especially as we were up to our necks on Saturday , when we flagged off our 2nd relief Truck to Manipur at 
10 am & In the evening at 4.30 pm we innaugrated our 5th women home.
Good news Is YOUR SMALL NGO from GOA is now having recognition in MANIPUR & the Government of Manipur through Social Welfare Department has accepted our application to start shelter homes and even granted our NGO a 6 months temporary license to rehabilitate poor people with all types of disabilities in Imphal as the work to upgrade the shelter home has started.
♡♡♡ Thanks to The Archdiocese of Imphal for the big floor of 300 sq mtrs , ground & logistical support in getting this shelter home project up & running.
But 1st read this link 👇
This is data by the authorities on 1st Sept
So much pain , anxiety and uncertainty in the camps. 
There is and will be huge demand for rehabilitation which I had foreseen 3 months ago that's why we had applied for a license for starting rehabilitation homes for poor people with disabilites in Manipur.
Things will get even more difficult once the winter sets in which is 2nd week of October starting, with temperatures going to vary between 1 to 5 degrees.
But there is HOPE and we @ Street Providence along with you our benefactors carry along that HOPE.
Our 2nd truck should be in Churachandpur by 26th Sept and our team should be there by 30th September.
With the winter setting in and the trouble still going on its only going to get tough for the poorest of the poor, like small children, infants , young mothers , elderly people and those with disabilities.
It's not easy raising resources month after month
MOTIVATION is the key.
☆ 1st from my side – my MOTIVATION Is really high as I bring along 8 years of relief work experience & if I quit now then I become a failure.
☆ 2nd from your side – you the BENEFACTORS have stood by me last 3 months during the MANIPUR RELIEF program.
Benefactors only donate generously when there is MOTIVATION. 
We @ Street Providence are grateful & thankful for the support.
If You are not further MOTIVATED to donate for a genuine cause then alot of poor people lose out due to hunger & homelessness.
For us @ Street Providence , with the SHELTER HOME license being issued is a VERY GOOD NEWS but not to put our collar up,  but to be even more helpful in many district's of Manipur through MORE medical assistance, dry ration, relief trucks , clothing and a couple of more shelter homes in other districts.
We are the ONLY GOAN NGO in MANIPUR working on the ground last 3 months in many many fields supported by THE ARCHDIOCESE OF IMPHAL & now by The Social Welfare Department, Government of Manipur. 
♡♡♡  To all our benefactors ” this is possible due to your support & blessings “.
To our team members:
♡ Bosco George ( Ret IPS )
♡ Adv Caroline Collaso 
♡ Arturo Dsouza 
♡ Fr Clifford Castellino 
♡ Joseph Fernandes 
Your effort , risk and commitment to represent STREET PROVIDENCE In Manipur during these stressful days is well appreciated by all our fellow Goans & our benefactors.
A big ” OBRIGADO “
To my Advisor on Manipur Relief :
♡♡ John Shilshi ( Ret IPS ) , Your advice 3 months back was accurate and spot on.
To the Archdiocese of Imphal :
♡♡♡ Thanks for tolerating my pressure and all the support , Our BENEFACTORS stand with the poor people in the relief camps.
Our 3rd truck is planned for 2nd week of October which is only carrying New blankets.
We ask you to please support the poor people numbering thousands of them in relief camps through this NEW BLANKETS drive which our NGO is conducting.
For those who can't purchase new Blankets do whatsapp me and i will help you to purchase the New Blankets as we have ordered in bulk.
We are working on many projects in Manipur just to bring that little HOPE to so many infants, children, young mothers , elderly and those who are suffering with disabilites and your support as a benefactor plays a big part in this HOPE which our team members convey during the distribution of the relief material in the trucks which we send from Goa.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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17.9.23. 7 pm.  IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA yesterday evening at 4.30 pm ie 16.9.23 innaugrated our 5th women shelter home for poor women suffering from Dimentia,  Parkinson's, Downsyndrome and Autism in CHORAO,  Mayem Constituency.
Overall in Goa its our 9th shelter home. 
♡♡♡ Mayem MLA , Mr PREMENDRA SHET, was The Chief Guest and he innaugrated this home besides being punctual at Sharp 4.30 pm.
Mr Shet is more of a compassionate man towards the issue of people with disabilites than an MLA and we generally take his help when we don't get help from the Social Welfare Minister in emergency.
♡♡♡ Fr Jose Estricio, Parish Priest of Chorao blessed this home in the presence of Sr Rufina Toscana, Sr Rebecca , Sr Edith and others .
A link of our innaugration. ☝️
Autism , Downsyndrome , Parkinson's and Dimentia are sickness / disabilities which require special care and rehabilitation.
No one usually ventures into such rehabilitation homes as its not an easy task as huge no of care givers are required along with dedication,  Commitment and love for such people.
We have tapped, trained and nurtured such care givers who are trained as Semi Nurses.
These young nurses are trained at a Nursing institute in Daltonganj diocese for over 12 months and then have joined our NGO.
♡♡♡ We thank The Provincal of Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima, Sr Rufina Toscana for opening up their 2nd home to our rehabilitation program of caring and rehabilitating poor homeless women & women with mental & intellectual disabilities. 
Last year 15.9.22 , our 1st home with Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima was started at GUIRIM which is still taking care of 12+ ladies with mental disabilities with Sr Edith incharge backed up by our Care Giver cum nurse.
Exactly after 1 year we have strengthened that bond with Fatima Sisters and that resulted in this 2nd home being put to use for ladies with disabilities.
It's going to be Challenging and not an easy ride but the effort is worth the trouble.
This home is situated in the convent and we have rented 4 BIG NEW rooms on the 1st floor to care for 10 ladies only with 2 care givers incharge of this home.
This is a STREET PROVIDENCE PROJECT supported & collaborated with Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima.
Once this woman home settles down we will be starting a similar home for poor men suffering from Autism , Downsyndrome , Parkinson's and Dimentia.
The Social Welfare Department & The State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities have to provide QUICKLY a long term solution in Goa to so many poor and underprivileged GOANS suffering FROM MENTAL & INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES especially Autism , Downsyndrome, Parkinson's and Dimentia.
The State is not doing enough in the rehabilitation part and that's why we have to step in as an NGO and start 9 homes as of date with another 2 planned in the coming months.
Goa is having a huge % of people with disabilities but sadly there are no Government shelter homes specializing in rehabilitating poor people with mental & intellectual disabilities.
We are the only registered NGO with the Social Welfare Department & Women and Child Department having close to 200+ beds for ladies & gents and we have close to 175 such people in our 9 homes providing free rehabilitation to 90% of our inmates.
Only PROVEDORIA which is an autonomous body fully funded by the Government of Goa has more beds than us, but in the sector of caring & rehabilitating people with disabilites we are the only NGO in GOA With 200 beds at hand & the no of beds being added is going up.
Its a request and it will be wonderful if :
THE STATE COMMISSIONER FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, Considers our services just like PROVEDORIA and treats our NGO on par or to some extent with PROVEDORIA as the expenses are mounting and the requests for rehabilitation is increasing.
Everything costs money and its big time expenses running free shelter homes which is actually the job of the State.
It's a headache, stressful , complicated, tough to care for FREE towards  people with disabilites.
If we convert these 200 beds into fully paid facility we can comfortably be at peace as people are ready to pay a price to rehab their loved ones with disabilites but then where do the poor and underprivileged with disabilites go ?
On the other side, the bills keep mounting and pathetic and genuine poor goans keep crying at our office for help & assistance in rehabilitating their loved ones.
WE DARE TO DREAM BIG  inspite of being a very small and young NGO .
Once again A BIG THANK YOU to our BENEFACTORS who stand quietly yet consistently in our projects across Goa & INDIA.
Without the love & support , given by the BENEFACTORS,  we would not be where we are in such a short span of just 6+  years.
Also thanks to The Government of Goa for the support through various government departments but that supports needs to be 
re evaluated and upgraded ASAP as we are in 2023 and the grants been given to us are devised & calculated in 2006 when :
$ to a Rs was 45.31 and 
Petrol per litre in 2006 was Rs 43.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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16.9.23. 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA, 2nd relief Truck to Manipur, was flagged off today from St Diogo Church Compound Guirim. BARDEZ , GOA. 
♡♡♡ Thanks to all the wonderful BENEFACTORS who have generously supported our MANIPUR RELIEF from 26.6.23.
( if you open the link you will get the entire program including our nurses from Jharkhand performing a welcome dance & our little feliciation of Sr Fatima & Sr Vandana for being our shelter home partners for over 6 years ).
♡♡♡ Rev Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas was kind enough to bless this 2nd truck &

♡♡♡ Ex CM of Goa & MP ,South Goa Mr Francisco Sardinha flagged off this truck.
Close to 5 churches from GOA collected material for Street Providence MANIPUR RELIEF in kind which was sent in this truck.
Also 3 Schools as part of Teachers Day Program avoided flowers & gifts and contributed in kind towards MANIPUR RELIEF towards Street Providence. 
Our VOLUNTEERS across 19 collection centre's across Goa of which 10 such collection centre's are run by FMCK nuns, did an awesome job in assisting STREET PROVIDENCE in collecting so much of material for the displaced people in Manipur. 
This 2nd truck contains:
☆ 2000 + New blankets,
☆ 720 tins of food stuff
☆ New socks
☆ Baby food 
☆ New ladies inner wear. Etc.
( Excel sheet attached with details.)
Close to 500 boxes & bags are loaded in this truck.
Very tiring & difficult task in getting these boxes and bags sorted , classified, organized , listed down, packed & loaded into the truck , but our homeless men & ladies did a wonderful job.
We break for a few days due to Ganesh festival as we are all tired & stressed out 
Our BLANKET drive towards MANIPUR RELIEF is going on and we still require 7800 more NEW blankets to reach 10000 blankets.
Winter will be SEVERE in the relief camps so please support our drive in whatever way & capacity you can.
For any help & assistance in purchasing NEW BLANKETS please whatsapp me on 8380097564 and I will oblige & assist you in purchasing your NEW BLANKETS towards MANIPUR RELIEF. 
Calling please avoid as its too much traffic to handle on my phone.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


12.9.2023. 8pm.IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA 5th shelter home for the women with disabilities and our 9th home overall in Goa is all set for the innaugration on 16.9.2023 @ CHORAO , Mayem Constituency. 
This women home will focus on providing care and rehabilitation to ladies suffering primarily from Autism & Downs syndrome and Parkinson & Dimentia run by our NGO.
At Chorao , there is a beautiful newly constructed old aged home run by ” Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima ” & we have been graciously given 4 big rooms in one wing on the 1st floor to run this rehabilitation home to house comfortably 10 ladies & 2 care givers.
Our association with ” Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima ” officially started 1 year back on 15.9.2022 @ one of their homes in Guirim which was not used and today that home cares for 10 homeless ladies suffering from mental disabilities.
This will be the 2nd home from the ” Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima ” being used to serve the poor ladies suffering from disabilities, operated and run under Street Providence Goa. 
As a principal, our NGO does not own any property in our name but we only use rented homes to run our rehabilitation program, as I believe WE COME WITH NOTHING & WE TAKE NOTHING.
♡♡♡ Mayem MLA , Mr PREMENDRA SHET has consented to be The Chief Guest &

State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities,  Mr GURUPRASAD PAWASKAR has consented to be the Guest of Honour.
♡♡♡ We @ Street Providence , BLESS Sr RUFINA TOSCANO, Provincial of Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima, for opening not one home but two homes in Goa towards the care & rehabilitation of the homeless street women & women with mental & intellectual disabilities.
Today our NGO has successfully been able to Collaborate & work with two CRI congregation in Goa, caring & rehabilitating  the homeless street people and people with mental & intellectual disabilities. 
☆ Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima – with 2 homes  &
☆ Franciscan Missionaries of Christ The King 
( FMCK ) – 3 homes ( shortly 4th home starting ).
Lay people working and operating shelter homes in CRI congregations  across INDIA is always and is considered IMPOSSIBLE. 
But in GOA , we have successfully been doing just the opposite – ITS POSSIBLE. 
When my thoughts about the poor , the hungry, the homeless, those with mental disabilities, etc match those who have taken vows to serve such sections of society then, HOMES TAKE SHAPE.
To address the issues in Goa of all types of disabilities – mental, Physical & Intellectual there is a permanent and a long term solution ready.
All CRI congregations in GOA should be encouraged to open / start only 1 home per congregation taking in 10 people with disabilites and see how quickly hundreds if not thousands of people in Goa are benefitted.
THE SOCIAL WELFARE MINISTER OF GOA & STATE COMMISSIONER FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES , should take advantage of this existing infrastructure ASAP and see that government grant / aid is allocated to beat the rising numbers of people with disabilites in Goa.
Goa has a time bomb which has exploded & that is ” huge no of people with disabilites”  but yet no one has noticed or is bothering to even talk about this issue on a practical & on the ground basis as there are no SHELTER HOMES.
I had foreseen this issue about 7 years back and systematically and professionally I have gone about with our trustees and team members setting up such rehabilitation homes in Goa , Jharkhand and now Manipur.
In the last 6 months so many young and poor goans families are daily/ weekly approaching our office for rehabilitation & care and most of these requests are genuine, yet horrible & pathetic in nature.
16th morning our 2nd truck leaves for Manipur &
16th evening our 5th women home innaugration.
Please keep do praying for us and send us your blessings through your prayers as we go about doing our services to the poorest of the poor when the authorities avoid to do their part.
All admissions into this 5th home is strictly through Street Providence office at Sangolda.
All Queries & suggestions only through whatsapp messages on 8380097564 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


11.9.23. 7Pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is sending the 2nd truck with relief material to the displaced people in Camps on 16.9.23 at 10 am , which will be flagged off from St Diogo Church Compound , Guirim, Bardez, Goa.
♡♡♡ A big thanks to all the generous benefactors who have donated in Kind and through NEFT / Cheque towards a genuine cause.
BISHOP Theodore Mascarenhas will be present to bless this truck.
Member of Parliament,  Shri Francisco Sardinha has consented to Flag off the truck.
We have two special invitees on this occasion of the 2nd truck leaving to Manipur who mean alot to our women shelter home project in Goa.
♡♡ Sr Fatima SuperiorGeneral & Sr Vandana both FMCK nuns.
Truck is carrying as of today close to 10 tonnes worth of relief material but it will increase as the days go by.
Relief material is very focused in this truck :
☆ Cerelac & lactogen crts 
☆ Tiger / Parley G biscuits crts
☆ Stationary 
☆ Ladies & children inner wear 
☆ Blankets 
☆ New sleeping mats 
☆ Second hand toys in perfect condition.
It's been wonderful to receive so much love & support in our MANIPUR RELIEF project, towards the displaced people in the camps.
Our 4 member volunteer team will be leaving on 28th Sept to distribute this truck as well as to over see the other relief projects we have undertaken across so many fields in Manipur 
For those who can make it to the innaugration you are most welcome.
Nothing will be accepted in the truck on that day as all crts / bags / etc are labeled and tagged the previous night so it's not going to be possible to accept anything in this truck on 16th morning.
Your querries / suggestions and views will be welcomed through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


10.9.23.  7pm IST
Fr Clifford Castellino, Parish Priest of Corgao church ( pernem ) is a bubbling human being who understands hunger & homelessness.
My association with Fr Clifford started a few months back when he accompanied me to our shelter home innaugration in Jharkhand exactly 3 months back.
A simple man who could adjust and twist into any role within a few minutes of time.
No flair or complications but down to earth except for that extra weight which he needs to cut.
In short , COOL & easy to get along , carries no VIBES showing that he is a Priest but understands hunger , homelessness, poverty, sickness , etc.
Fr Clifford is 1st, a simple human being , then a priest and plays many Roles in his 24 hours  :
☆ As a Parish Priest at Corgao ,
☆ As a Headmaster at the Parish school,
☆ As a member of the children court on Thursday,
☆ As an environmentalist at times, 
☆ And now as a volunteer to Street Providence. 
One our 1st trip to Manipur two months back, I had called Fr Clifford & he agreed to join & accompany the other 4 members and from that time he has understood the actual needs of those displaced in the camps.
Fr Clifford on his return back to Goa from Manipur did exactly what was expected of him.
The video attached is close to 45 days old but what he spoke in that video 45 days back he has put into practice.👇
Fr Clifford Parish is a rural & very small Parish but his heart ❤️ is of Gold.
Fr Clifford has been raising educational fees for those children in Manipur who require help to study and as of date more than 10 children have been sponsored an entire years education fee
@ Rs 40000 a child through Fr Clifford effort.
Fr Clifford has also been raising resources for our shelter homes across Goa.
Recently during the Novenas in his church 
Fr Clifford through his parishioners & friends , donated biscuits ,cerelac , etc in kind worth 
Rs 2 lacs.
Its very touching to see that inspite of being a rural small Parish with so many limitations, the Parishioners under the leadership of Fr Clifford opened up their purses to give cheerfully.
Fr Clifford is well known across Goa for his fight to save the environment and other pressings issues at Hand.
Fr Clifford has been trying to get people to help the MANIPUR RELIEF @ Street Providence as he had a 1st hand experience of what and how life is for those in relief camps.
Fr Clifford inquired with me well in advance what should the people donate in Kind and my request was  – CERELAC, BISCUITS & TOYS.
Fr Clifford has collected a huge quantity of good second hand toys which will go to the small children in the relief camps in this 2nd truck on 16.9.23.
Fr Clifford even arranged specific medicines which we actually mentioned to arrange.
As of today close to 15 + Parish Priests & Principals of Schools are collecting relief material in kind which has been predetermined well in advance. ( you just can't collect anything without confirmation and then force me to send it to Manipur ).
Its very touching to see so many Priests announcing in their churches to give in kind towards Street Providence.
We are not collecting any CASH in any church as we are content with people donating in kind.
The next 6 months in The camps is crucial as winter is approaching and we have a BLANKET drive going on.
We have set a target of 10000 NEW BLANKETS ONLY to reach the displaced people in the camps. 
We are also starting a drive very soon to collect and accept 10000 second hand BLAZERS & SHAWLS in GOA which we will send to the poor displaced people in Manipur. 
It will be the Icing on the Cake ” if all Parish Priests in Goa collect IN KIND specific predetermined relief materials (  which I will let you in advance ) in the respective parishes.
Alot of people want to give in Kind and we are ready to accept in kind.
Also if friends circle, clubs, companies, educational institutions, etc can collect in kind items which I will inform you in advance then thousands of displaced people from all communities in Manipur will be benefited.
Winter in Manipur touches 1 to 5 degrees and children & the elderly are in need of your little support & generosity just like FR CLIFFORD inspite of coming a small rural Parish in Goa could arrange and contribute so much.
It's very heartbreaking to know daily what the situations is in the camps through  messages and letters I get from our team back there. 
If we all get toghter and put aside a little monthly for the next 6 to 9 months , our FESTIVE SEASON which starts soon will have a fantastic meaning.
People require help and yes , YOU WE & US together can make a little difference just like 
Fr CLIFFORD did and will do.
All queries through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564 
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


9.9.2023. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is starting its 5th shelter home for women With disabilities next Saturday in North Goa.
This home will focus on women suffering from :
☆ Parkinson 
☆ Dementia 
☆ Down Syndrome 
☆ Autism
We have a couple of such ladies in our 4 homes, but the demand for rehabilitation is so high that homes for such poor ladies suffering from the above disabilities & sickness is not available in Goa as care givers is a big issue.
》June 2018, Just 1 women home started
》April 2021, added 2nd women home 
》Sept 2022 , added 3rd & 4th women home 
》Sept 2023, starting 5th women home.
》Nov 2023 , more 2 women homes planned.
》Jan 2024 , 3 women homes outside Goa.
Looks very impressive ?
Well it's was not that easy till January 2023.
Caring for homeless women and poor women with mental disabilities is not a joke if the NGO does not have  trained nurses and loving care givers.
Currently we care for 55+ such ladies in Goa who are severely affected by mental disabilities of which 80% are ethnic poor goans and that no. will cross 100+ by December 2023.
♡♡♡  Thanks to Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas who made life easy for me and for so many abandoned ladies suffering from mental disabilities.
In Daltonganj diocese , Jharkhand, we have our 1st mens shelter home for homeless men with disabilities and in this huge complex there was a nursing institute which was not doing so well due to genuine reasons.
Bishop Theodore gave me a proposal which was impossible to turn Down .
He had the institute and the students who wished to enroll and become a nurse but their fees was an issue. 
I needed trained nurses and we only had to pay the fees of their 1 year course which was worth every penny we invested.
Now instead of Street Providence starting our own nursing home to train care givers we collaborated with this nursing institute in Daltonganj diocese and funded the institute, by paying the fees of those poor children, who wished to join nursing course, but could not afford the fees due to financial crunch.
We also signed an MOU With these young nurses to work 1 year in our shelter homes in Goa and Across India ( as homes are planned in Manipur & Jharkhand ) after their 1 year course and the salary is much more than what they could ever expect, with free food & accommodation. 
We did not stop at only paying the fees for their education but we went 2 steps ahead. 
We introduced 4 courses side by side in this institute by investing in the machinery and the human resources.
We introduced :
☆ Tailoring classes 
☆ Computer classes 
☆ Flower making classes 
☆ Needle work & crochet classes
Our NGO purchased for the above courses :
◇ New sewing machines & accessories 
◇ New Desktop computer 
◇ Cloth & other tools 
◇ Wool & knitting material 
So these trained nurses who join our shelter homes as care givers cum nurses can impart the above skills to the inmates in our numerous shelter Homes for women With mental & intellectual disabilities. 
In this way ladies with mental and intellectual disabilities can be kept active , occupied and their creativity can be harnessed which will hasten their recovery and reduce the intake of psychiatric medications.
By End of December 2023, with the Grace of God and if my intentions are pleasing to God , we will be caring for 100+ homeless ladies & ladies with mental disabilities & intellectual disabilities.
We today have 6 such trained nurses who Have completed their 1 year nursing course and in December 2023 , the 1st batch of 10 nurses who we had funded with their fees in January 2023, will be joining our NGO in our shelter homes in Goa, Jharkhand, & Manipur.
In addition we have also asked the management at this nursing institute to introduce in the syllabus –
Stroke recovery feeding through the pipe &
Psychiatric nursing.
Management has consented.
I have only one more desire ” to introduce driving classes in this institute ” as these nurses can then drive the car and take these ladies with mental & intellectual disabilities to the government hospitals & psychiatric institute for the evaluation, monthly checkups , etc.
Whatever project I planned or plan has always MATERILISED In due course as God is in control of everything and God decides what to give at the appropriate time.
Just follow your dreams and sow the seeds.
Fruits are bound to follow.
Coming Jan 2024, we plan to provide educational fess to 20 such aspiring poor children who wish to become a nurse.
In due course we will be providing Home nurses to those who will be requiring a nurse at home so please do invest in such a project with Street Providence as nurses are not developed in a day but it's a one year program.
We now require accommodation to start more shelter homes for the poor homeless ladies & ladies with mental & intellectual disabilities in Goa as we have the nurses and care givers.
If you have any closed home or bungalow which can be used for a cause please do let me know.
All queries , suggestions, clarification through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you so much
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


8.9.2023. 7Pm IST
As we Celebrate The Birthday of our Mother Mary today, we @ Food Bank Jharkhand provided 700 children from 2 schools which is in the vicinity of our Shelter Home @ Bhusar Jharkhand , 4 in 1 nestle noodle pkt as a small token of love and concern.
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA is the only registered Food Bank in Goa and regularly receives packaged food from NESTLE INDIA , which is close to being out of date.
♡♡♡ We thank INDIA FOOD BANKING NETWORK , Delhi for connecting us to NESTLE INDIA in Goa and giving us an opportunity for over the last few months to save hundreds of Kgs of packaged food from going to the bins.
Infact on the 17.8.23,  we received at our food bank office in Goa :
☆ 73 crts of 4 -in 1 NESTLE  Elichi noodles = 1800 pcs which is best before 1-10-23 &

☆ 159 crts of BRITANAIA , BADAM milk = 3800 pcs  which was having about 10 days life shelf 
We got in touch with Hassan Khan & Mahesh Govekar , both who run their own NGOs in Vasco area of Goa.
Hassan was kind enough to distribute this Badam milk to alot of poor children in and around Mormugao Taluka.
Mahesh distributed most of the Badam Milk to alot of HIV infected people through out Goa within just 48 hours. 
These HIV infected poor people are a few hundreds of them and Mahesh & his team from his NGO did a fantastic job.
Our 175  Shelter home inmates in Goa too got to drink this Badam milk for a few days.
But we sent these 73 crts NESTLE noodles to our FOOD BANK in Jharkhand & today the distribution happened at the hands of Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas along with our shelter home team staff & volunteers. 
♡♡♡ We thank BRITANIA & NESTLE INDIA,  for attempting to reduce food wastage and send such packaged food well before the expiry date to FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA. 
For Many months only NESTLE INDIA was giving our food bank, packaged food to reduce food wastage, but it's wonderful that BRITANIA too has come forward to reduce food wastage.
It's a humble appeal to all food manufacturing companies, C&F and Sales managers , to reduce packaged food wastage by withdrawing stocks from the market atleast 45 days to 60 days before expiry so that the poor can be given a small token of love instead of sending it to the bins.
This year , 4 big states in India are having huge rain deficit and north India has had floods and excess damage to land, so Agriculture  cultivation will be severely affected.
This year there is going to severe Climate changes and winters are going to be severe in many states including Central India and so we also sent 100 blankets in this truck which carried the noodles to Jharkhand. 
Registered Food banks are the need of the hour & we are working as food banks both in Goa & Jharkhand. 
In Manipur , we are working and providing tons of dry ration through our Food bank program and till date 50000 kgs of dry ration sent and in the coming months another 50000 kgs of dry ration will be given to the displaced poor people in Manipur. 
Daily in Goa we pick up and receive through our Food bank fridges close to 500 kgs of cooked food enough to feed 1000 to 1200 meals a day including 500 meals which go to our 8 shelter homes for breakfast , lunch , tea & dinner.
Rest we give ahead to other NGOs and shelter homes where the poor and hungry are fed daily in Goa.
We started our NGO as a Food Bank & it's close to 5 years + that we daily feed more than 1000 meals on an average, at times it reaches 1500+ meals Worth of food a day.
Not an easy or affordable service, running food bank, but we do it by employing staff , getting in volunteers and dedicating one full time car only for this operation and its happening last 5 + years. 
Once again A Very Happy Feast of The Nativity & its wonderful that Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas @ BUSHAR, Jharkhand early this morning, brought a smile on 700 poor children by personally handing over to each child a Nestle Elichi noodle 4 in 1 packet on our NGO behalf.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


7.9.23.  7Pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA donates to CHURACHANDPUR DISTRICT HOSPITAL , Manipur ( generic )  medicines worth a few lacs of Rupees yesterday ( if bought as Allopathic ).
Our 3rd huge shipment of medicines got delayed for over 25 days in transit due to many many genuine reasons
Finally it reached Aizawl but took another 7 days to reach Churachandpur on 1.9.23 by tempo  which the transport cost was additional Rs 25000.
From Delhi to Aizawl it was Rs 7000+ for 11 crts of this medicines.
During our 2 member team visit to Manipur, our 1 volunteer Joseph Fernandes was stationed in Churachandpur for 6 days and he covered alot of ground in almost 30 camps.
The medical facility is a big concern and Joseph suggested after his ground visit that this 3rd consignment of medicines actually sent to the Archdiocese of Imphal could be given to the District hospital Churachandpur. 
Yesterday the Archdiocese of Imphal at Churachandpur handed over this huge consignment worth lacs of Rupees to the CMO of the district hospital in Churachandpur. 
( appreciation letter attached )
For those in Goa , think of what is a district hospital & the functioning and how many people come daily to Mapusa & Margao District hospital and you will understand the meaning of a district hospital.
And this district in Churachandpur is the worst affected by violence so all the more there will be  and there is a shortage of medicines.
This Churachandpur district hospital requires badly a Radiologist, Gynecologist and many specialist doctors.
On 1.9.23 our volunteer Mr Joseph had given 1000 organic sanitary pads, Cerelac , etc to this district hospital. ( appreciation letter attached ).
Attached 2 letters from the District hospital in Churachandpur which means alot to our NGO & a picture of Fr Samuel from Churachandpur & CMO of the District hospital Churachandpur with the medicines handed over yesterday. 
Next week a 4th huge consignment of generic medicines again will be sent from Delhi to Churachandpur district hospital. 
A district hospital caters to nothing less to 4 to 5 lac people ( 1/ 2 a million) and supplies from Imphal to Churachandpur is totally cut off by road.
Infact let's say a silent prayer tonight for peace in Manipur.
We ask your help in our MANIPUR RELIEF as at times material can't be bought or sourced in such violence hit areas but only relief material from outside the state is required to bring that little HOPE to those inside.
Relief material & logistical work is hard work and requires planning , manpower, co ordination , follow up and implementation. 
It's not for all and everyone to get up and do logistics and relief material.
It's more of team work and putting volunteers togther and that's what we @ Street Providence Goa are doing ” putting numerous teams of volunteers togther for MANIPUR RELIEF “.
Street Providence is not a one man show but it's more of Team work across 15 different projects running side by side across 3 states in India.
We are committed to help the displaced in Manipur be it through :
☆ Dry ration 
☆ Baby food & baby innerwear 
☆ Ladies & gents innerwear 
☆ Medicines generic 
☆ School fees for the children 
☆ New Blankets
☆ Shelter Homes for the homeless with disabilites 
☆ Low cost new Homes for the displaced.
We bring HOPE to the people as we are now fully working in Manipur with our team members across 4 districts.
For those who are wondering why only Whatsapp messages and no calling, well I have a full-time job last 13 years in a company and
9 to 6 is my work timing. 
Not possible to answer besides last 6 years everyone who knows my style of working uses only whatsapp messages to communicate.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


6.9.2023. 7Pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is attempting to accept,  collect, send and distribute 10000 warm BLANKETS to the displaced poor people in Manipur.
Our 2 member team has returned safely after 6 tiring but satisfying days of ground work and each and every camp / schools of the total 45 they visited, had one request ” what happens when the winter starts – we require blankets “.
By end of this month a 4 member team will again be in Manipur to provide relief material as our 2nd truck from Goa is planned for the 16th of this month.
We have set up 18 collection centre's across different parts of Goa and we thank these volunteers for providing their time to assist us in this collection drive.
》This drive will go on till 30.9.2023.
To all reading this post please understand :
” this is not a clothes drive so don't try to get rid of your clothes in this project “.
” if you feel you are giving to the poor and you feel you are doing a favour to poor , then please don't give, as giving to the poor should be a Service and that's why one has to give the best “.
Blankets can be for children or adults, thick or thin,  long or short , etc but it has to be NEW as we don't want them getting any skin infection due to the blankets not being new.
Here heavy woolens blankets are required to beat the cold winds in winters while in the winter temperatures can drop into the mid-30s F (about 1–2 °C).  
And these displaced people are In camps.
We @ Street Providence are the only NGO from Goa on the ground in the camps across Manipur and all of you know by now all our volunteers are Goans from different fields in their respective professions giving their time and energy to assist and represent STREET PROVIDENCE. 
It's a really difficult scenario presently for the displaced people in the camps and we togther can bring them that LITTLE WARM HOPE in small ways, as things are very very slowly returning to some state of normalcy but the poor children, ladies & elderly are the worst affected.
If you only search on Google about the struggle in the camps in Manipur you will get a better understanding of how you and we togther can bring that LITTLE  WARM  HOPE from 4000kms away in our beautiful Goa
Relief work on the scale that our NGO has undertaken is all about manpower , storage, transportation, packing , logistics and distribution and we have that strength to undertaken such a huge task of 10000 blankets.
We have two more drives for two more items coming up soon and again 10000 pcs each.
There is going to be huge mind wrecking logistical co ordination during these 3 drives of 10000 pcs each of items to beat the winter in Manipur for those in the camps but God's favour has made the impossible to possible. 
All querries / suggestions/ views / complaints strictly through whatsapp messages on 8380097564 only.
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848