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1.3.2024. 7pm IST
Wounded man with flesh of one leg totally exposed sleeping infront on the main road of GMC Super Speciality Block for days and suffering from Chronic disabilities. 
Yet all were totally blind that no one helped him until we stepped in today after many days.
Early morning a concerned MLA called me requesting to help this man.
Thank God The MLA had faith that we will help this man when Everyone just failed him.
At 4 pm our team and Goa Police personal @ Agassiam Police reached the spot bang on the turn which goes into the hospital. 👇
We change his clothes and took him to our home at Assnora where he was given a hot bath, a hair cut , shaved and his badly eaten up / half exposed leg where one can see his bone was cleant and bandaged.
One horrible instance of total inhumane act of ignoring this man when the hospital is right in front of him.
Imagine how many Big Doctors, Junior Doctors, nurses , Staff , general public went in and out of that hospital last few days.
MHAKA KITYAK PODLA. (Why am I bothered).
Let the NGO come and do this work. 
But who is paying the NGO to do this work which The Government should be doing?
Inspite of our grumbling , disappointment and so many issues with The Health & The WCD departments , we yet took this man into our home.
We could have refused to pick this man up as he is bang infront of GMC Super Speciality block and its the hospital courtesy to atleast dress his wound.
But we will never deny any services to any homeless irrespective of how horrible and terrible their medical condition is, when we can do a little to ease their pain.
We will keep doing our services towards the homeless and the poor , but we will fight and highlight the faults of all departments who avoid their responsibilities. 
Government departments will try to give explanations and avoid giving services and grants to our NGO and we will go on fighting and highliting these issues but in the end ITS THESE POOR ELDERLY SENIOR CITIZENS WITH DISABILITIES who suffer for no fault of theirs.
Today we did the best we could even though it's going to cost us a bomb to fix that entire eaten up / chew up / messed up leg  ( God only knows how that wound is so big and totally rotting & Smelling leg ).
We have a right to demand for DHS & IPHB Doctors at our door step as this is the reason.
It's not our job but the Government Job to care and treat such poor Senior citizens with disabilities on the streets.
NGOs come into the picture when The Government fails and its time The Government takes note of this failure on their part and gives us medical facility in our homes otherwise
HOW IN HEAVEN SAKE r WE TO CARE FOR SUCH PATHETIC & HORRIBLE cases of people living and sleeping on the streets with wounds and in their own feaces.
To The Ministers and officials of any Government dept who takes offense to our posts ” remember its your job and responsibility to do what we are doing “.
Either you'll do or we do.
We are doing a Service and you as The Ministers and officials should help us to your job.
Nothing comes free in this World.
The Ministers and Officials get SALARIES. 
We depend on donations and Grant's from the Government which at times is denied to us due to Careless attitude of The officials whom these Ministers don't pull up.
On Monday ie 4th March 2024 at 10 am , we are taking a huge delegation of people with disabilites from all our homes to The Office Of The Commissioner for Persons With Disabilities @ Porvorim ( opp Delfino Super Market ) , to highlight how these people with disabilites are suffering and its their right to get medical facilities in our shelter homes .
Its getting bad to worse as too many homeless on the streets and The Government is just not showing any concern on this point. 
See the rising no of murders , rapes , robberies, begging etc in Goa , but who cares.
Today I sleep well and sound. I did my part inspite of being denied my grants.
This is my LENT.
Tomorrow is a new day and we start our fight agian tomorrow and on Monday.
These fights are life long as NGO will always claim Government is not supporting enough.
Government will just ignore and sit quite saying “Let him shout , it makes no difference, ultimately he will still take in such poor people “.
We have a FOOL PROOF PLAN to take off atleast 500 such people every month from the streets but not at our costs but is The Government interested ?
Please help us foot the bills of this man who will need alot of hospital trips up and down daily for dressing and surgery and medication. 
All queries through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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29.2.2024. 7pm IST 
This is a true reality and the lady is alive.
Imagine In your neighborhood / vaddo / street you know of a poor Goan girl / lady having unsound mind and year after year delivers a child due to her being vulnerable on the roads.
Which implies she is being taken advantage off due to her mental Disabilities & poverty.
What would you do ?
I will give you the options :
A. Call the police 
B. Call One Stop Centre 
C. Call CWC / WCD 
D. Call Street Providence 
E. Get her admitted into IPHB / GMC 
F. Call Disability Commissioner 
G. Just walk away and say this is not my issue.
Now I will Explain how each one works :
A. Police 
They will / might respond and either call One Stop Centre or admitt into IPHB for treatment, to stabilise or into GMC for delivery of the baby and once delivery over , she will go back to the same situation on the streets. Or CALL Street Providence. 
B. One stop Centre
This is a temporary shelter for just 7 days till some arrangements are made out but since it's too complicated they too can't do much but CALL Street Providence. 
 C.  WCD / CWC
CWC will give this baby for adoption thru CARA & the mother is not their concern so again gone back to the same situation to be re exploited.
WCD – they will say direct this matter to One Stop centre or say this is not our concern.
D. Street Providence 
All and everyone is welcome and admitted into our home where WCD has to fund such homes.
Once admitted either into GMC / IPHB its only to deliver the baby @ GMC or IPHB to stabilise the mental disabilities.
They can admitt to PROVEDORIA Homes. 
F. Disability Commissioner 
This is their job to solve such issues but they just don't have any shelter homes so send to Street Providence. 
G. What most of do – just walk away.
Well this Goan lady was recommended to me from IPHB , 2 years back , pregnant and about to deliver in few days and I was told that she still has 2 months to deliver but with 2 days she delivered a boy and it got routed to CWC who did the adoption.
In the last 2 years we have re admitted her into IPHB more than 5 to 6 times as she gets very volatile and aggressive.
Today she is in IPHB. Has to be discharged.
We are in a dilema whether to take her back or ask the IPHB to send her home where she has a bed ridden mother in poverty.
Recently she assaulted the care giver very badly.
If she is sent back, the same problem of getting pregnant will arise and again she will lose her mind and Have to get her re- admitted into IPHB.
In this scenario what is the role of WCD & The Disability Commissioner for such goan poor ladies with Disabilities. 
This is not just one case in isolation. 
There are many many such cases and most remain exploited, deliver the child , either get killed or commit suicide or just put on some train and sent to now where
And then all Condemnation starts like :
Into prostitution,
Loose character ,
Deserves such death,
To pass judgment is God's job.
Did u and I do anything for these ladies while they were alive and in bondage ?
Then don't condemn when dead.
The Whole Sytem is anti poor especially towards woman with disabilities. 
All just wash their hands off starting from WCD.
(& it's time The Disability Commissioner steps in)
Why ?
Because they refuse to do justice to the job that they have been entrusted too.
They refuse to understand that they have the power to do good to these types of poor ladies but they have this attitude ” I CARE A DAMN”.
They have all the money but totally UNHAPPY & that unhappiness is written on their face.
They know only one thing – ” what r u giving me “.
But on the other hand in the last 7 years I have observed another set of officers who are committed to their job and they go out of their way to help these types of poor ladies.
Their families are blessed, their children are doing well , one can see the smile and happiness in these officers lives 24×7.
I always tell Directors / Doctors/ Police Inspectors / officers / clerks on their face : 
Either perform and take the spiritual blessings of the poor or 
Accumulate the poor goan ladies tears and hurts and see how you and your family get affected.
I am in the near future writing two books :
☆ 1. The most loved officers of Goa &
☆ 2. Officers who messed up their own lives.
Today it's getting bad to worse and no one , absolutely no one is aware what and how to do to address this freaking issue of poor goan women suffering from mental disabilities. 
On the Top of this WCD is sleeping peacefully not bothered at all about this suffering that our poor goan ladies are going through. 
We have 60 such ladies with chronic mental disabilities in our homes and another 32 + poor goans who are in IPHB or are on their way to IPHB for getting stabilised and then for care to our homes. 
My frustration and disappointment starts @ WCD and goes up to IPHB as these are the 2 major players who can either change the situation for the good or we just get sucked deeper and deeper into this big black hole of more and more poor goan ladies suffering from mental disabilities reaching now where but only STREET PROVIDENCE. 
What is our view to ease this situation:
Release our funds in time @ WCD &
Provide us psychiatrists at our homes @ IPHB.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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28.2.2024. 2 pm IST 
From once being called GHANTI to now ATMA NIRBHAR.  A ethnic Goan lady recovery.
This is how our Hon PM dreams are translated into reality.
NGO IDENTIFIES WORST 60 GOAN CASES ON STREETS EXILED BY GOANS + 30 more such ladies are due for admission once THE CM of GOA delivers on his promise and gives us our dues for 2023 – 2024.
》☆ Ousted by Goan society, possibly called ghanti, highly diabetic with both amputated feet, 
on psychiatric medication, malnourished and abused on the streets, hence troubled with aggressive impulses, yet with a heart to help. 
An inmate of Street Providence, her story can reveal how even for a person with such severe disabilities, it is possible to become Atma Nirbhar. 
On 15.2.24 we had highlighted this Goan lady assumed to be a Ghanti as she was living on the streets for years picking up waste.
All she needed was a shelter home with some care and some medications to keep her in a state where she can literally inspire.
Employing creative ways to keep mentally disabled patients occupied, Care Givers at Street Providence, with just simple care and affection have managed to turn the lives of this and more people. 
Being Atma Nirbhar and supporting one to be so, now looks simpler thanks to the person in this video as she responds to Donald Fernandes.
With only Rs. 2500 to Rs 5000 per month coming from the state for each of such cases, maybe its time we demand our tax payer money goes to the right causes like this. 
Here, the NGO seems to have identified some of the worst of Goan cases and have sheltered them numbering about 60. 
This figure is bound to grow sooner than soon, mention officials from this NGO and more. 
Daily in all our 6 women homes, various Vocational training takes place through different programs and this KNITTING keeps their mind connected to their fingers and ultimately their psychiatric medication intake keeps reducing.
Despite the costs to occupy their minds rising daily with so many activities, yet we see the Joy and we feel their desire to find their purpose in life.
If only the Department @ WCD understands ie  :
Remember this elderly goan lady was once for over two full years picking up bottles and living like a vagabond on the streets of Margao.
Today we have managed to break her bondage and set her free with daily medication and she has turned out to be a teacher to the other ladies in this shelter Home.
So the next time you see a lady rag picker in Goa and you assume she is a Ghanti , relax – you could be wrong, it could be a ethnic Goan.
God bless you so much
Donald Fernandes 
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25.2.2024. 11am IST
💐💐💐Congratulations to a Goan IPS officer recently promoted (AGMUT cadre ) who initiated a proposal for 100 freshly cooked meals every week for the poor suffering from mental disabilities for close to 2 years & running.
Sounds strange ? That's right, and it's true.
Usually we conclude that most IPS / IAS / IFS officers are only for the rich , powerful and politicians.
Shri Vishram Borkar ( IPS ) is just the opposite.
Shri Vishram Borkar ( IPS ) can be described  
1st  as a simple, humble , down to earth, understanding, compassionate human and then as a non corrupt, non egoistic, non controversial Police officer @ Goa Police. 
Our Trustees , Staff & friends in all our shelter homes are proud of Sir V. Borkar elevation from SP @ Goa Police to an IPS officer.
Little over two years , I had the opportunity to approach The Raj Bhavan @ Dona Paula, Goa with a proposal to install a food bank fridge at the entrance of The Raj Bhavan. 
Sir Borkar , SP & ADC , to the Hon Governor was the officer who I had an appointment with, through the ref.of Sir Bosco George ( IPS ) who then was SECRETARY to Hon Governor of Arunachal Pradesh. 
Meeting was very warm and assuring and 
Sir Borkar was considerate and understanding to the services we provide to the poorest of the poor goans suffering from mental disabilities.
Due to Security reasons the proposal was rejected of installation a food bank fridge at 
The Raj Bhavan, Dona Paula.
But what Sir Borkar did quickly was unimaginable
Sir Borkar,  let's say explained or rather convinced The Hon. Governor of Goa , to provide 100 freshly cooked meals from The Raj Bhavan once a week to our shelter homes which The Hon. Governor of Goa Shri P.S.Sreedharan Pillai instantly approved.
I mean why will a SP @ Goa Police and An ADC want to get involved in some small NGO when frankly speaking both of us have never met ever before ?
In due course of time I found the answer 
” Sir Borkar understands the suffering of people with disabilites especially the poor goans and the homeless in the streets with all types of disabilities “.
In our entire INDIA, there is no RAJ BHAVAN providing freshly cooked meals every week to any NGO to feed the poor except The Raj Bhavan @ Dona Paula , Goa to a small FOOD BANK called FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR at SANGOLDA run by Street Providence.
This small recommendation & convincing to 
A Hon.Governor of a State requires alot of guts and Sir Borkar needed to he sure that the NGO is the right choice as we are really small in size but big in our work.
We don't have any political God fathers neither are we politically connected , so it was really wonderful that 2 years back one simple, big tall man in a Police officer uniform out of the blues got Inspired from God to arrange freshly cooked meals to a worthy and genuine cause.
One thing about Sir V. Borkar is ” he is a very religious and God fearing man ” who wears his service towards the poor on his sleeve.
In due course of time , quite a lot of other benefits and requests towards our shelter Homes were addressed & sorted out by Sir V.Borkar ( IPS ) including his Wife who speeded up our shelter home request for 30 Domestic Gas cylinders from Hindustan Petroleum where she works , without any documentation & deposit.
As Sir Borkar ( IPS ) assumes his new role as an IPS officer, we are sure that he will always have a heart and mind towards helping the poorest of the poor suffering from Disabilities. 
Whenever Any Government official works towards the benefit of the poorest of the poor with complete dedication & without expecting a bribe , there will be always a smile on that officer face and there will be peace and happiness in the entire family added with good health.
Keep going Chief , your sincerity is a virtue which is rare to find these days.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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21.1.2024.  7 pm IST 
Orphaned at young age, homeless, roaming on trains across India for long time  mentally unsound today set free from her misery.
♡♡♡ Thanks to Sr Bernadette ( Hand Maids of Christ) & Shiv Premi , Suddesh Mayenker , both from Calangute , this cycle has been broken and healing is on the way to this young middle aged girl PRETTY ( that's what we shall call her )
Exactly 1 month today, 19.1.23, @ 8.07 pm , Friday , Sr Bernadette called from St Anthony Chapel, Calangute saying ” one lady in sad state, hungry, unclean and unsound mind.
I called Mr Suddesh who reached within 10 min and got the Calangute police involved.
Calangute police picked her up & took her to the Candolim health centre for a check up at 
10.30 pm , where the Doctor on duty declared “fit to admit in a shelter home “.
Which was wrong. 
Why wrong ?
No sound person will be living in dirt and in the darkness on the streets .
By declaring ” fit to admitt in a shelter home” both the Doctor & the police made their work easy by choosing this short cut method, but made our life that night a mess as whole night after admitting PRETTY into our home she turned the home upside down.
Attached an letter from ” The Goa State Mental Health Review Board ” which clearly says ” police personal in both districts need to do proper mental evaluation of such homeless before admission” but it's not working as we expect .
Any way next day PRETTY was taken to IPHB which was a Sat and we begged with the CONSULTANT on Sat duty to admit ,  but that too fell on deaf years, given medicine and sent back.
Next day Sunday and next day Monday which was again a public holiday.
That's why she had to be admitted on either Friday night by the police directly or on Sat when we took her.
Monday 22nd evening, she was totally out of control & since it was a public holiday I had to take her myself and that's where I lost my cool.
The junior Doctors took 3 full hours just asking question after question which is only A HUGE WASTE OF TIME and that's what my disagreement is at The IPHB.
Any way today after close to a month this young girl has been discharged and taken to our Home.
See how our system fails such poor innocent young girls & ladies.
If on 19.1.24 , this same girl was declared fit to be admitted into our home directly then how was she admitted for close to a month till 21.2.24 in IPHB ?
Minus Street Providence PSYCHIATRIC homes and you will have chaos on the streets. 
Most of the times such innocent ladies on the streets of Goa with chronic mental disabilities don't get any support from the law as the paperwork required to be done by The police involves :
☆ 1.Getting an assessment done at the local health centre who has to give in writing that patient needs admission at IPHB,
☆ 2. then approach the district Magistrate to get a Magistrate Order,
☆ 3. Then go to IPHB , they do some check up and recommend to GMC for scan etc.
☆ 4. Then come back from GMC and admit into IPHB.
All this takes minimum 8 to 10 hours.
And 4 Police personal and 1 police car is required
Which Police Inspector is going to do this ?Especially at night. 
That's what again I am in a dispute with IPHB , 
” allow us to admit such pathetic genuine homeless ladies directly into IPHB as The Law is not doing their part due to genuine reasons “.
And the genuine reason is ” even if The Law admits into IPHB  with the Magistrate Order, once discharged then where to put them or at times IPHB just discharges them directly “.
Today who knows what crap she must have gone through her life roaming around South India on various trains, hammered, abused, physically assaulted or may be even trafficked. 
But now with medication and full rehabilitation PRETTY will be soon on track to being normal atleast 70% .
Once the medication seeps in and she experiences love and care in the home may be she will open up more and let us know about the hurts and misery she has gone through.
We feel satisfied to have brought PRETTY out of her permanent bondage which had chained her for years for no fault of hers.
To Wholesale Careless Department ( WCD ) see how much trouble and costs we incurred to help a fellow lady who has no one in this world and you ladies at ( WCD ) are expecting us to work for Rs 2500/ Rs 5000 a month and too it's given after 1 or 2 years.
Absolutely no co-ordination between all government departments for poor women on the streets suffering from mental disabilities but all departments are 1st to highlight fancy slogans as declared by The Prime Minister & The Central Minister for Women.
On the ground reality it's all empty and taking the poorest of the poor no where , but who is going to report this To The Prime Minister & The Central Minister for Women ?
What I am saying can be verified on this particular case at Calangute police station , Candolim to Health centre & IPHB to know where and why my frustration arises.
There are many poor women crying silently on the streets and everyone is bothered about is their Salary and rules which are anti poor and  against those suffering from mental disabilities. 
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564 .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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17.2.2024. 8pm IST 
Just 19 year old & this Goan boy turned psychiatric due to drugs / substance abuse. 
We will help him in due course of time to recover thru our rehabilitation program. 
Substance abuse –  is a professional Word.
Drugs/Ganja – is a village Word.
From the age of 13 to 14 has been hooked on to drugs in a rural village of Goa and this went unnoticed by the family for over 3 years.
Family comes from lower level of society.
Big group of friends in this circle who were all at that time between 14 years to 22 years .
All of them are dead and gone, except this boy.
Parents of most of all these children can't belive that so many of this group of friends were on drugs and all died one by one. 
Over the last many years , many times this boy has been admitted and discharged but due to no proper care & monitoring at home, he skips his medication and again ends up worse than what he was before back into the IPHB.
I must thank IPHB for treating this boy and keeping him in THE IPHB for over 3 months and providing the best possible treatment so that he recovers in the fastest possible way.
This family was recommended to our home by IPHB a long time back but we were unable to stabilize him as he was very volatile.
Compassion and understanding by DrS @ IPHB who kept him for treatment for close to few months without an attendant is something I really appreciate and wish to publicly thank the concerned CONSULTANT DR.@ IPHB.
To rehabilitate him now is much easier than what he was when we were approached.
His immune system is accustomed to the medicine so his mind is at peace and now at our home with the company of other boys his rehabilitation will be much easier for him as well as the care giver.
Too many such young children suffering from severe mental disabilities due to over dose of drugs and its the poorest of the poor who are badly hit as no rehabilitation home will accept them for free or even for a little amount they can Willing want to bear towards some of the costs.
》1st it's beer and cigarettes,
》Then alcohol,
》Then grass and cannabis,
》Then the synthetic tablets.
This is the process how the mind gets blown.
It's sad and disturbing to loose such a child at such a young age to mental disabilities.
Imagine, I too have a son of 18 years and if I was in this boy dad's place what would be my state of mental frame.
We appeal to IPHB & The Doctors at IPHB , please do care and treat such young poor goan boys and girls ” imagining ” that these were your own children and should there be a requirement to further rehabilitate them, our doors are always open and our beds are always available.
I am having a serious issue with IPHB but in this world all troubles have solutions.
I have problems and issues with so many government departments as its the poorest of the poor goans who I am fighting for and all these poor goans are suffering from mental disabilities. 
No problem is too big to solve,  its THE EGO which does not allow the solution to the problem and when THE EGO eats you up then you get into situation which can lead one to a state of mental disabilities. 
It's my frustration and disappointment of Caring in my homes for so many young poor goans who 80% have come through IPHB, that most are chronic cases with no long term solution in sight.
 And when they explode ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT I get terribly disappointed & upset and to compound this at times I have to go-to IPHB to readmitt them at night where the junior Doctors just go on and on which really irritates me .
It's not that IPHB is bad and I am good or 
I am bad and IPHB is good.
But I too am a parent like so many doctors at IPHBand I too understand the troubles families go through when their child is a drug addict and can't be managed at home.
If IPHB Consultant Doctors had not recommended this boy to our home , the same problem will restart in a few days ,which means again re admission into the IPHB, one more bed occupied, morale drops of the Dr as he/ she sees the same patient again & again.
I sleep peacefully every night for close to 7 hours ( and in the day 2 hours )  as I know that our homes are open 24×7 to any one irrespective of their disabilities and sickness and I am always ready to accept any poor young or homeless goan who requires my help. 
I am blessed that so many poor goans in my home daily bless me for the care and support they receive free of cost.
If only IPHB listens to my recommendations and understands the ground reality ( as sometimes rules and SOP in catalogues are not prevalent in current times) life will be BEAUTIFUL to live as well as to give life will be BEAUTIFUL to so many who might just be in need of that warm bed which is always available at Street Providence.
Now it's the decision of ” the higher ups ” to decide whether to give me that medical supoort what i am demanding from IPHB or not.
Remember 240 FREE beds @ Street Providence for the persons with mental disabilites is not a small no to ignore or discard.
EGO has to kept aside else the cries of the poor will come to trouble the one troubling me in various ways.
Else the poor goan mental people will keep reaching the streets and that becomes a state issue which the State may not want.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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13.2.2023. 7pm IST 
This Lenten Season , please be a Valentine to our 50+ poor goan homeless women suffering from mental disabilities.  Watch the link.
This is an SOS post as ” A particular Government senior officer of a particular department inspite of assuring THE CM of GOA , just last month , in THE CM office, of moving our file & increasing our grants from Rs 2500 per women per month before the just concluded budget, has PURPOSELY for over 18 days, done nothing and now the budget session is over “.
This senior officer is practically not fit to be even a clerk, leave alone an junior officer.
Why I say unfit ” because who can look after a mentally unsound woman with Rs 2500 a month in 2023 ? “.
But this senior officer assumes by giving me 
Rs 2500 grant per person, some thing extraordinary is being done to me .
We have currently 60 ladies in our homes and 50 Goan ladies are without any family members and can't even afford to pay for their basic medicines and all are on severe psychiatric medication and homeless. 
We have another 32+ poor goan ladies suffering from severe and chronic mental disabilities in IPHB waiting to get admissions into our homes.
THE CM of GOA assured me in his office on 26.12. 2023, in front of the this sick , pathetic and unscrupulous Senior officer that for 2023-2024 , our grants will be revised to a very practical amount per lady per month as the previous rate was calculated at 2007 year and on that date it was 26.12. 2023.
All this terribly MENTALLY SICK SENIOR officer had to do was present a proper representation which was not done purposely.
Because has no experience as an officer so  can't make a proper presentation.
Only looking for a bribe as that's how things have been happening.
Harass the NGO till the bribe is assured or keep the file pending so NGO gets nothing , shuts down and that's it.
Screw the poor.  Let them die , who cares. 
I get my Salary to do nothing. Why take more stress and more paper work.
》 25.1.2024 the file came back to the dept.
》 From 27.1.24 till the date of the budget ie 2.2.24 I have visited the department every day and the junior officer never told me the file is returned.
》12.2.24, i requested the junior officer to show me the amendment as the assembly was over and she says ” your file is not approved, came back on 25.1.24 and so and so authority told not to move the file “.
》12.2.24 , I remined the Senior officer of her PROUD assurances in front of THE CM of GOA and she gave me some stupid, idiotic and 
non sense reply which made me loose my cool.
Either THE CM of GOA has been misguided and fooled by this senior officer or the senior officer is genuinely not fit to be sitting in a seat as the senior officer has proved to be incompetent which infact THE CM of GOA had expressed his displeasure on 26.12.23 when he Said ” you are not doing your job properly, that's why Donald is sitting and complaining in front of me “.
We can't manage these 100+ poor goan psychiatric ladies with this peanut grants given by this department which is an all women department. 
Top to bottom is run by ladies who are all stone hearted and have no feeling & compassion for poor goan women suffering from mental disabilities. 
Dealing with Men officers is always faster, quicker and better is my overall personal experience and after this crap which I am going through I am totally convinced that it's easier and faster to deal with men officers then women officers.
We will ” either have to seriously get out of this FREE SHELTER HOME services once and for all”  and let these poor goans suffering from mental disabilities die in suffering & rejection or ” we only look after paid wealthy goans ” who can afford to pay us what we demand.
The choice to help us to run these homes is :
yours as you are YOUR OWN FINANCE MINISTER and 
THE CM of GOA as he is the FINANCE MINISTER of Goa and these poor goan ladies are all citizens of GOA.
You can be a VALENTINE to our horribly neglected poor goans who have been given nothing by the department ispite of the being the authority to provide funds for such genuinely poor suffering women with mental disabilities.
Not sure whether THE CM of GOA will be their Valentine but you as an individual can surely adopt the yearly expenses for one such poor goan lady suffering from mental disabilities. 
Your support can be monthly or in what manner you wish to do the contribution.
I am under alot of STRESS & PRESSURE :
☆ how to run such homes for poor goan women,
☆ whether to take in more or just shut Down,
☆ what happens to those 60 in our homes?,
☆ Who will foot the bills in the coming year, 
☆ what happens to those women in IPHB ☆ who we assured to take in and today will have to go back to the streets and live in Shame , misery & torture of being mentally unsound incase we can't take them in .
Donations are slowing down and everyday we can't expect all to give donations but everyday we are expected to go on taking in such poor abandoned homeless and poor goan people with mental disabilities. 
I can't afford to see the poor goans suffering and that's why I keep taking in more people inspite of so many genuine obstacles.
I know hunger as I experienced it ,
I know Homelessness as I went through it,
I know sickness as I had so many complicated health issues but with The Grace of God I have over come each of them and with the prayers of those who I rehabilitate my sickness is ZERO.
And when GOD gives me such good health I have to give it to others.
I don't look at my job @ Street Providence as a Stress or as a burden but I look at it as an opportunity to be a blessing to these freaking poorest of the poor suffering from all the possible sickness under the earth and simultaneously I tell GOD thanks for the good health  now I will attempt to bring a Little healing in these poor people life's.
Normally Under so much stress and pressure one should be on medication but here I am medicine Free ever ready to fight anyone who is against the poorest of the poor especially our goans suffering from mental disabilities. 
You too can experience a medicine free life by supporting just one poor Goan lady for a year with this in mind ” thank you God for giving me an opportunity to ease the pain of the poor and marginalised “.
I an waiting to hear from those who read this long post and wish to walk with me in situation where we go through this 40 days of LENTEN by knowing one poor goan women life is taken care & blessings assured more than ever .
All queries strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
No offence to anyone and all facts can be verified both with The CM of GOA & the Department. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


9.2.2024. 9pm IST 
” IF THE LAST POOR GOAN suffering from mental disabilities matters to THIS  GOVERNMENT, well then now is the time to fulfill that assurance “
Tomorrow is the last Day of The Assembly session And I payer that our genuine demand of ” Health Department providing Psychiatrists to our shelter homes is raised, so as to get our Genuine demand met “.
Today we had a small & peaceful awareness program at Azad Maidan , Panjim , demanding that HEALTH Department deputes psychiatrists to visit our shelter Homes and provide care to our inmates who mostly are poor homeless Goans suffering from chronic mental disabilities. 
If you listen only for 15 min to what is explained in this link you will understand the severity of the issue but yet how simple it is to implement our demand.
Today we took along 10 of such ladies with mental disabilities for this awareness at Azad Maidan. 
Today we have about 172 + inmates & are shortly going to be caring for 240 + goan poor inmates suffering severe mental disabilities and most of these are genuinely poor goans recommended by IPHB to our shelter Home for care and rehabilitation.
Currently we have close to 32 poor goans awaiting admission into our homes in this coming month who are taking treatment at IPHB and we have assured them free rehabilitation once treated and stabilised.
It's going to be impossible to take all these 240 inmates regularly to IPHB for their monthly assessment and the most practical solution will be IPHB appointed Psychiatrist visits our homes.
We are THE ONLY FREE SHELTER HOME IN GOA for poor goan people suffering from mental disabilities & recommended by each and every DOCTOR @ IPHB as we provide practically free rehabilitation to our poorest of the poor goans of which 85 % practically can't afford any fees.
Yez we are partly funded both by Women & Child Department as well as Social Welfare Department but we need support of The Health Department who has to support our demand of Free Psychiatrists from IPHB.
We have 2 Physiotherapists supported partially by Social Welfare Department through a scheme who visit our homes daily – one for the North and one for the south.
But the need of the hour is PSYCHIATRISTS as of late to much physical disturbances are happening in all our women's homes as the severity of disabilities in women is difficult to handle as compared to men.
I am just scared if any untoward incident occurs in the women homes as we have highly chronic poor goan homeless women suffering from severe mental disabilities who either stay in our homes or will be back on the streets.
We should not be held responsible if something goes out of control in the near future especially in our women's Homes as this is the top most priorty for PSYCHIATRISTS from IPHB.
If The Health Department is not keen to accept our demand it will be very very painful for us as we will be literally forced to readmitt all these chronic poor goan women back into IPHB and then either IPHB discharges them to no where meaning they just walk out and reach the streets or IPHB sends them to PROVEDORIA which is not that easy as PROVEDORIA is always full.
We will be hitting the streets next week again with all our 60+ lady inmates and still if no assurance from The Health Department then we will march to either Chief Minister house or to The  Raj Bhavan.
We are providing a Service and we are not doing a favour to anyone neither is anyone doing us a favor but what grants or benefits are given from different Government authorities towards our NGO,  its the Tax payers money going TOWARDS THE LAST POOR GOAN suffering from MENTAL DISABILITIES. 
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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7.2.2024. 8pm IST 
Through Our CLOTHES BANK in the last 3 months , we collected 8000 pcs of second hand clothes and sent to Manipur & today Jharkhand.
Both these states we run shelter homes and around our Homes are poor families who our staff and team members get these clothes distributed.
And 180+ goan families paid us a donation of 
Rs 5000 per 30 clothes, which is a something never ever heard off.
Many grumbled ” why should we pay to give away our good clothes ? “.
To those who paid us to take their clothes ” The spiritual blessings you and family have received from these poor people is beyond the cost of what you paid “.
There are huge huge costs in moving these 8000 clothes namely:
◇ Collecting from your door step,
◇ Storage and Segregating,
◇ Labour for picking 
◇ Laundry costs ,
◇ Boxes and tape,
◇ Reloading into local transport,
◇ Hire of big truck of the clothes to other states,
◇ Redistribution costs in that state.
And if anyone thinks we are going to bear all these costs to take away your clothes for free then it's never going to happen
In this truck we also sent 600 + blankets as winter in Jharkhand is hovering between 6 to 10 degrees.
》⭕ The link in the video is self explanatory. 
Remember whatever you do to the least of the poor you get back double.
We are accepting clothes all year round but with a donation.
Poster attached.
When you pay us a donation to take your clothe :
☆ You get spiritual blessings from the poor who wear your clothes,
☆ The laundry gets business which is run by rehabilitated trafficked women,
☆ Your negative energy from your unused clothes turns into positive energy,
☆ Our NGO gets a source of income to run our free shelter homes,
☆ Poor people especially battling winter get some warmth,
☆ Our dump yards gets a little extra space otherwise these clothes might have been binned.
Now whether to give us a donation with your clothes or not is a choice you as an individual has to make.
No force but we don't take clothes without a DONATION.
All queries strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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5.2.2024. 11pm IST
A massive alteration in our shelter home which could have caused serious injuries either to the care giver or to the inmate goan lady suffering from severe mental disabilities.
We all read or see or hear ” how a mother killed a child or a boyfriend killed a girl ” etc ?
Well when one is on psychiatric medication and you suffer from hallucinations then at that crucial time its next to impossible to stop the psychiatric person from doing what was planned in the mind.
Well few days back , one highly psychiatric goan lady in our home went beserck..
This goan lady is evey week physically taken to IPHB for evaluation and has been admitted numerous times in the IPHB .
But it's just not giving any results.
She is an Unwed mother, was raped or impregnated on the streets and as far as I know she has delivered 2 babies which both were given for adoption thru CWC.
One delivery happened before she was admitted witn us and one happened when she was just within two days of her being admitted into our home from IPHB.
Comes from a broken family where all are either psychiatric or sick and bed ridden.
Last 3 years under our care and taking treatment at IPHB .
She is an old patient of IPHB and brought thru Goa Police who has been referred by IPHB for care and rehabilitation in our home.
Few days back, she tied her own hair nice and tight in a towel after bath and I am sure she planned to attack the care giver due to some hallucinations issues
All of a sudden she started hitting and pulling the care giver hair and the grip was so tight that the care giver was in too much pain that she just could not defend herself or pull the this psychiatric goan lady hair back as she had tied it nice and tight.
Other two care givers tried to break free but it took full 3 minutes of WWF and pulling and pushing to get that grip loosened.
All captured on mobile as that's how we work.
Late that night she was taken to IPHB where the doctor on duty took more than 3 hours to get the admission done as the psychiatric goan lady by that time had finished her hallucinations so was talking other matters which made the doctor feel we are just trying to get the lady admitted into the IPHB without any valid reason.
Now the frustrations of mine starts and I am going to hit the streets soon both at IPHB & DHS as these are the genuine reasons :
》1. Why are all our shelter Homes not given the same medical facilities as given to PROVEDORIA 
inspite of an Order being issued by THE DHS clearly starting ” every 15 days each PHC will visit our STREET PROVIDENCE Homes situated in that area ” ?
》2. PROVEDORIA has about 240 inmates and we have about 180 inmates 
But we have 135 + psychiatric poor goans in our homes and PROVEDORIA has less than that, but IPHB sends their Psychiatrist to all PROVEDORIA Homes
We demand same facility from IPHB as given to PROVEDORIA 
》3. I have never ever seen PROVEDORIA staff coming to IPHB to admitt such chronic mental patients so that means 3 things – 
☆ a. either they are not having such chronic psychiatric patients who require admission especially night time into IPHB 
☆ b . the chronic patients from PROVEDORIA are directly admitted into IPHB as and when required
☆ c. We are often recommended by IPHB all the chronic patients who are not getting admission into PROVEDORIA.
We demand Max 1 hour of paper work especially after office hours incase we have trouble in our homes and urgent admission is required at IPHB.
Now coming back to this goan lady :
》1. If we don't accept her back into our home then 
this is what might happen : 
☆ a. She becomes a permanent inmate of IPHB and one day gets a bed in Provedoria or 
☆ b. IPHB has cell which goes to such patients family and through coercion & strong techniques without seeing the ground reality makes the family come to IPHB & sign the discharge and after that IPHB responsibility ends
☆ c. This goan lady goes back to her village in interior parts of Goa , gets again raped and assaulted and pregnant as she has no family to actually handle her and again through the police 
now pregnant will be brought for admission with The Magistrate Order to IPHB who will be compelled to admitt.
》2. We on humanitarian grounds take this psychiatric poor Goan lady back into our homes as long as all our demands are fulfilled by both THE DHS & IPHB.
And this is only 1 case I am highliting.
We have 60 women in our shelter homes suffering from different types of severe psychiatric disabilities and even IPHB at times might have that no of  inmates in their institute as to the no of ladies inmates we care for.
In the last 1 year, I am seeing a huge change in the IPHB attitude towards treatment of poor people with disabilities. 
I have complained to The Disability Commissioner to look into this matter a couple of days back, but no reply.
The Government of Goa / Health Minister who is also The Women & Child Minister has these options :
☆ 1. Listen to our genuine issues.

☆ 2. Treat us on par ” where medical facilities are concerned ” with PROVEDORIA .

☆ 3. Give Strict instructions to IPHB & GMC that all admissions from STREET PROVIDENCE to be handled quickly without time wasting.
And mind you these are women homes only we are talking about.
There are another 120 men who 70 + are on Severe psychiatric medication and 20 men are suffering from physical disabilities. 
Plus there are TB & HIV inmates also on psychiatric medications.
Most of our poor goan inmates are admitted into our homes on a recommendation letter from the local MLA & The local Sarpanch.
⭕ ⭕ Please do support our fight against the injustice done to our NGO in regard to the ” medical facilities ” denied to us as compared to PROVEDORIA by THE DHS & IPHB and GMC.
Either :
we get what we are demanding or 
we stop accepting highly chronic, unstable, beyond medical repairs goan ladies.
But we can't taking risks of our care givers getting brutally assaulted in our Homes.
Tomorrow if anything drastic happens due to such complicated and unruly behavior by such chronic persons suffering from mental disabilities then everyone starts blaming the NGO for taking Government grants and not doing proper service. 
As of today Government grants in this house was Rs 2500 per lady for 21-22  & Rs 2500 per lady for 22-23.
So it's peanuts to look after such Chronic mental patients with disabilities. 
Please leave your comments if you Have read the entire long post .
It's good to know what you would do if you were in my shoes.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages on 8380097564
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848