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4.12.22. 7 pm IST 
IN NOVEMBER 2022, FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR, SANGOLDA collected 12000 kgs ( 12 tonnes ) of edible, excess , fresh  food through its 16 FOOD FREEZERS  and DEDICATED  VOLUNTEERS and  GENEROUS PARTNERS! 
A 2 min video of all the food in our food bank fridges across Goa for Entire
 November 22. 👇
With absolutely no support and no cooperation  from FSSAI /FDA Bambolim, we are able to accept and distribute the increasing amount of excess, fresh food  every month and prevent it from being discarded. 
In early 2017 ,  India ranked 70 on the Global Hunger Index . 
Today, India ranks 107 out of 121 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2022. 
In Asia, Afghanistan with a rank of 109 is the only country behind India 
Prime Minister of India , Shri Narendra Modi started an initiative to SAVE FOOD SHARE FOOD in December 2017 through FSSAI / FDA across INDIA. 
This initiative was meant to redistribute the excess, edible food through the FSSAI, the Recovery Agents/ Food Banks and the volunteers. 
Despite having such a good initiative in place, why has INDIA slipped in the HUNGER INDEX RANKING? 
Is it because the initiative has not taken off? 
In Goa,  FSSAI / FDA  have done nothing to even start the ball rolling . 
In the last 5 years, FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR, SANGOLDA  has created and perfected a system through its benefactors, partners, volunteers and beneficiaries collecting tons of edible food and redistributing it to the needy, impoverished and malnourished without any help from FSSAI/FDA.
FSSAI / FDA Bambolim should be ashamed that their own initiative being advertised on their own website and initiated  by the HONOURABLE PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA since the last 4 years have yielded no benefits to the poor and needy. 
Yes,  I don't see eye to eye with the Director of FSSAI / FDA Bambolim as she refuses to understand and cooperate in saving daily 5000 kgs of edible food from being thrown in the garbage bins despite my repeated efforts to connect with her. 
But she can surely learn from an existing model of a Food Bank and depute a reasonable and practical officer who can attempt to work with Food Recovery Agencies like us. 
The Director insists on paper that 3 FOOD BANKS  are operational in Goa. Try calling the numbers given on the website and one is met with the message that these  numbers not operational (Bandh aahe) 
Hence I am of the opinion that these so called registered Food banks are only on paper  with the blessings and support of the FSSAI / FDA Bambolim. 
If these so called FOOD RECOVERY AGENCIES do exist we would like to see them collect and distribute 200 – 500 kgs of food which we are ready to give them daily from our food banks. 
If not, maybe this food could be dropped at the  FSSAI office, Bambolim, to sensitise the authorities to the amount of fresh edible food going waste thanks to their apathy and arrogance. 
Is anyone really  interested in the welfare of the poor., needy, hungry and the environment which is being destroyed everyday due to tons of good cooked food being dumped into the garbage ? 
When will the FSSAI / FDA Director,  Bambolim understands that more than 5000 KGS of fresh  cooked factory food is wasted daily. 
Sitting in an air conditioned office insulates the FSSAI/FDA Officers from the stark reality of hunger and malnourishment. 
But, Madam, the HUNGER INDEX RANKS do not lie! 
Step out of your Office and take a peek in the lanes outside and have a look at the hungry parents and their malnourished children. 
We are foot soldiers working on the ground in touch with the hungry and you  FSSAI Officials are white collared people. 
Running Food Banks is not an easy and cheap service. 
We have an official license FROM FDA/ FSSAI to run a food bank. 
We also have 3 full fledged kitchens across Goa to assist our volunteers in feeding the poor . 
Manpower  is required daily to collect and distribute this food and this comes at a price – their salary. 
A very high standard of quality control and hygiene is maintained during collection and  distribution and  food unfit for human consumption is directed to  the animal farms. 
But on the brighter side, we thank all those kind hearted and generous persons who day after day drop their excess , fresh edible food In our fridges consistently since the last 5 years . 
You may never meet those malnourished children and their families but your efforts go a long way in alleviating their hunger.  
On their behalf we thank you sincerely for your generosity. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


3.12.22. 10 am IST 
☆☆☆ A very Happy Feast of St Francis Xavier to one and all ☆☆☆ 
Our NGO started off as a FOOD BANK, but today offers numerous other services to the poor, needy , homeless & those suffering from disabilities with the food bank the most important service as hunger knows no boundaries. 
Today sermon @ Holy Mass at 7am delivered by
Fr BONIFACIO FURTADO in Konkanni at OLD GOA was very touching. 
Whatever was preached at today sermon is what is exactly we do at our NGO. 
One should go thru the YouTube and hear his sermon. 
I being a Roman Catholic and a follower of Christ , I need to walk the path the Jesus Walked. 
Recently Pope Francis released a document 
Which means ” PREACH THE GOSPEL ” both in words and deeds. 
At Steeet Providence its about the deeds which is primarily feeding the poor through our FOOD BANK last 5 years & taking care of the homeless through our REHABILITATION HOMES besides numerous other services to the downtrodden. 
Pope Francis explains the we all need to get involved in the lives of the poor , the sick , the downtrodden. 
And the best way to touch the lives of the poor is through food , clothing & shelter. 
As a registered Food Bank, we offered free breakfast at the NOVENAS of St Francis Xavier @ old goa on 30th Dec. 1st Dec & 2nd Dec with the support of Navtara Restaurant and through the kind service of our volunteers Mr ARTURO D'Souza & his wife and Mrs Ana Gracias who were serving the breakfast. 
A small link attached of the feeding at old goa during the novenas . 👇
Running Food Banks is not an easy and simple service. 
We have an official license FROM FDA/ FSSAI to run a food bank and that keeps the officials away from troubling us as we are within the law to provide these free feeding services. 
Once again thanks to alot of people who have been dropping their extra cooked food In our fridges last 5 years and a big thank you to our benefactors. 
Once again A Very Happy Feast of St Francis Xavier to one and all. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


2.12.2022. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE provides the best health facilities in all our shelter homes to our friends 
( the homeless ) and I am sure we are doing the best we can inspite of being a very small NGO . 
Our NGO has set up 3  Physiotherapy units, 2 units are in house units in South Goa and 1 unit is at our registered office in North Goa & the most severe cases of physical disabilities in our homes is being tackled on a war footing. 
It pains me to see some one bed ridden or some one on a wheel chair or some suffering from Stroke and those just getting incapacitated. 
Thanks to all our benefactors who made these 3  Physiotherapy centre's a reality &  the Social Welfare Department Government of Goa, I am all pumped up to go all out to get each and every friend of mine in the shelter home up , standing,  walking if not running. 
We have INTRODUCED A TILT BED &  5 of our shelter homes have one TILT BED each . 
SO what is a TILT BED & for whom is it ? 
Tilt table ( BED ) is a padded table in the size of a single bed, that can be elevated from horizontal position to vertical position. It serves as an integral part of therapy for physiological and psychological accommodation to an upright position. 
It is used in a therapeutic setting for physiological accommodation to upright position, facilitate early weight bearing,  and cardiovascular conditioning. 
Early weight bearing is essential to facilitate proprioception in the joints. This promotes quicker adaptation to an upright position. The patient also gets used to postural pressure changes (hypertension/hypotension). 
It also helps to improve the psychological state of mind of a bedridden patient who has not been standing for months or years. 
With proper guidance and training a tilt table can be used to promote early standing which  helps for rehabilitation of walking in the later stages. 
As an added bonus it can be used as a regular bed due to its size and shape. 
One particular friend of mine in the shelter home has and can't stand up alone for years and whenever he is strapped to this TILT BED he is like smiling and happy & excited. 
We are ready to give these TILT BEDS out strictly on SECURITY DEPOSIT which is fully refundable to any person who requires to use this ” only on the recommendation of a registered Physiotherapist with a valid prescription “. 
We have a good no of these TILT BEDS and they are available at our points in :
☆ Porvorim 
☆ Quepem
☆ Cavelossim 
We are working on a high speed to reach out to as many as possible suffering from all types of disabilities and Physiotherapy is one of the means to bring relief to a person who just walk or stand up right. 
These TILT BEDS are usually not available easily and many MOBILITY BANKS which give equipment out to use don't provide these TILT BEDS as its very expensive . 
We have attached a video of how the manual TILT BED works . 
Also added a picture of our physio session at our 3 Physiotherapy centre as well as 3 of our friends in one frame strapped to the TILT BED. 
It's just inner joy I get watching all these Physiotherapy sessions on the CCTV in all our units how the PHYSIOTHERAPIST come faithfully at their designated time and with love,  care and compassion perform their sessions and leave . 
Mind you 70% of our friends in all our shelter homes are suffering from mental disabilities and 90% are homeless and abandoned and the Physiotherapist are really a blessings to them. 
Incase you know anyone who is in need of mobility and is bed ridden then these TILT BEDS can be used STRICTLY ON DEPOSIT BASIS. Which is fully refundable. 
Please do forward this message to such families. 
As usual we operate through whatsapp message only on 8380097564. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


1.12.22. 7pm IST 
We are the only Shelter Home in Goa ( may be even India ) taking in same blood people from same families in pairs of Mother/ son, husband/ wife etc, suffering from multiple disabilities, 
bed ridden & sickness and that too absolutely FREE of COST . 
We @ Street Providence Goa are accepting and caring for all types of homeless people and goan people from families suffering from all types of disabilities but having no actual families to look after & care for them . 
Infact we have already 2 or more family members from the same family in our shelter homes, which otherwise both will be on the streets. 
We have 5 such combinations of same family members in our shelter homes. 
☆ 1. Brother & sister ( non goans ) 
☆ 2. Mother & son ( Goan ) 
☆ 3. Mother & daughter ( Goan )
☆ 4. Husband & wife ( Goan ) 
☆ 5. Mother & Son ( Goan ) 
■ Case 1 
Both are suffering from mental disabilities and are middle aged and homeless. 
Mother & father both dead . 
■ Case 2
Mother :  Polio & bed ridden .
Son :  depression & mental disabilities .
No house of their own & father died long time. 
■ Case 3
Mother : mental disabilities 
Daughter : mental disabilities 
Both are chronic & severe Cases to handle. 
This case is sad as mother lost her mental balance looking after the daughter .
No father from childhood. 
■ Case 4 
Husband : suffering from Polio
Wife : suffering from mental disabilities 
Living on the streets. 
■ Case 5
Mother :  Infected & mental disabilities 
Son : studying in school 
Father abandoned along time back when young
House totally broken down. 
Were Living & studying on the streets. 
Ever heard of even other types of Homes taking in such combinations FREE OF COST ? 
Usually such poor and genuine cases are ignored for, as rules and regulations are quoted. 
For us,  it's FIGHTING AGAINST THE TIDE & taking in such most difficult admissions is what drives us. 
God has been kind to me with all our requests always being blessed by you Benefactors who are always inspired by God to support our NGO. 
Although we are small in size and all our homes are rented,  yet we can DREAM BIG by taking in any genuine request irrespective of the sickness, age, etc . 
God gives all of us EQUAL GRACE and does not discriminate while showering his blessings on us all. 
But when such poor homeless people suffering from mental disabilities knock on the doors for shelter then do we reply and attempt to take them in ? 
Is rehabilitation only about those who can afford the fees? 
See the no of closed homes in Goa which could have been used for rehabilitation of the homeless & the poor . 
The homeless and those suffering from mental disabilities are increasing quickly & silently but we as an educated society is just not looking at this point but rather looking at the other side which is paid and those who can afford the fees. 
It's getting really tough and tiresome for our own local goans and the homeless on the streets especially for those suffering from disabilities to live a simple and secured life . 
If there are any such genuine poor goan family members suffering strictly from any types of disabilities in need of rehabilitation and care then let us through whatsapp on 8380097564. 
We will study case to case and decide. 
Has to be :
Poor local ethnic goan & ( not from across border)
Suffering from disabilities &
No other family members who can care for  them 
This service of caring for the homeless & people with disabilities ( especially mental disabilities) is not a easy, simple and cheap service. 
We require daily help, blessings, prayers and donations as practically daily admissions happen both into our homes and from our homes we admitt daily to various Hospitals 
Reaching out to the poorest of the poor is 
A DREAM WE DARE TO DREAM irrespective of the sickness or the costs Involved . 
We operate strictly through whatsapp only on 8380097564 only for all your queries 
God bless you so much
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


29.11.22. 7pm IST 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR, SANGOLDA GOA is serving free breakfast at the Novenas of St Francis Xavier, Old Goa on Wed., Thursday, Friday ie 
30th Nov, 1st Dec & 2nd Dec between 
7 am till 9  am or till breakfast stock last. 
Our NGO celebrates our 5th Anniversary on 1st December and since the last two years we just could not do much due to lockdown. 
♡♡♡ Thanks to our Food Partner , M/ s NAVTARA group of Restaurants,  owners Mr Carlos & his Son Aditya for the support shown to our food bank in the last 5 years. 
This 3 days breakfast is being discounted by NAVTARA and alot of trouble will be taken to move the breakfast for the next 3 days to old Goa . 
We still Have to take care of the bills but the discount is what reduces the bill. 
Logistics too have been borne by NAVTARA . 
♡♡♡ Big thanks to Goa's well known SOCIAL WORKER Mr ARTURO D'Souza from St Cruz who agreed to handle the distribution and serving of this breakfast for 3 days along with Mrs Ana Gracias & Sudeep Dalvi & others . 
Due to our other priorities of the Shelter homes I am not sure whether I or my trustees may make it but we are just delighted to be part of feeding the poor, hungry & those in need of a light meal for the next 3 days at OLD GOA. 
♡♡ Thanks to Goa Police @ Old Goa Police station for the support. 
♡♡ Thanks to our operation manager Mr Sapnesh Salgaonkar for the co ordination. 
For any one wishing to support this service please whatsapp me on 8380097564. 
Try to limit the calls . 
Its an all GOAN AFFAIR for the next 3 days of serving free breakfast at old Goa. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


28.11.2022. 7pm IST 
This Goan boy , studying in Std Xth ( 10 ) , till a few weeks back was living on the streets till we rescued him and his mother , today has the desire to complete his Std Xth ( 10 ) but our shelter home is 25 kms away from the School and there is no connecting public transport between our home and the school. 
About two weeks back we rescued this young goan boy and his mother who has a life threatening sickness as well as mental disabilities from the streets and started caring for them in our women & men's Home separately. 
Next day of the rescue was his 10th Std board MCQ exam & the examination hall was about 20 kms away from the shelter Home. 
We hired a PILOT ( hired motorcycle ) to drop him and pick him as we did not want to stress him further. 
Of course I knew before taking both into the shelter home that His education and schooling was going to be a big cost to our NGO but some one had to rescue & rehabilitate both of them and keep them togther as the mother is used to the son & son to the mother & separating them at this stage will be absolutely cruel on my part. 
Today the regular classes started and we had to hire THE PILOT ( hired motorcycle ) to drop him to school and bring him back . 
School starts at 8.30 am and gets over by 
1.45 pm. 
There is absolutely no other way a young child can travel 25 kms one way to school other than going on a PILOT ( hired motorcycle). 
We require your support for approx 4 months of the remaining school days that this young goan boy needs to go to .( ie DEC , JAN, FEB , MAR ) 
The cost is Rs approx 16000 a month for him to be dropped and picked up . 
We don't require this money at one time but it can be given every month so that one is not overburdened with the amount . 
Our NGO really can't take the hit of this huge amount of transportation as we are really tied up with many many projects and our homeless friends are now are above 150 in all our shelter homes. 
Expenses are rising and at times we too feel the pinch but sometimes even if I want to refuse a rescue & rehabilitation my conscience does not permit me . 
And mind you alot , I mean alot of well known people,  rich and powerful people from this area have seen this mother and son living on the street but due to they being abandoned may have concluded that there is no use of helping them . 
It's the Festive season of Christmas and it's nice to help some one who you don't know. 
Of course you can always meet the young lad one day in the shelter home once you agree to take care of this transportation expenses . 
Plus he was just today telling me on the phone that he is weak in MATHS , HINDI and requires tuitions. 
So that cost plus other expenses only a parent will understand whose child is in STD Xth ( 10 ). 
Imagine the boy knows he has ABSOLUTELY no one in this WORLD , no relatives both sides and a mother who might not make it much longer due to her sickness. 
He has to study to survive. 
But the GROUND is not even existing to play. 
Many shelter homes were contacted before we approached to step in. 
Most  refused, some gave silly reasons, some  only wanted the boy and not the mother . 
We immediately Said YES , We will care for both mother & son. 
We DARE TO DREAM rather than just walk away . 
Your little support monthly can make a huge difference in the life of this young goan abandoned ( by his father at very early age ) boy and whose mother just can't take care of herself leave alone the son. 
And those who think that our own Goans are not homeless, please read this message again. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


26.11.2022. 7pm IST 
This is a case of missing person but no one is going to search him due to chronic case of being a person with disabilities. 
Once totally suffering from mental disabilities and living in the vicinity in GMC  for over two years in inhumane condition,  today totally set free and on the road to speedy recovery permanently. 
We as a society fail to bring relief to such deranged people even when we see them daily in our work place and that's the saddest part of today's world  
And I and my team members too at times just walk away as we are over loaded at times. 
Incase any one recognizes him please get in touch with me on 8380097564. 
Mr Atharv is from Pune and on 10.10 22 we had got him off the streets and into the IPHB supported by Old Goa Police station. 
Link attached below. Of the day we picked him 10.10.22 
Within just 45 days of good treatment at IPHB,  today what did not happen for 2 years, is there for all to see and Give Thanks to God . 
Attached a 30 sec video. 👇
It's not going to be easy both for him and our care givers as there will be numerous trips to IPHB for evaluation and assessment till the medication gets into his system. 
As of now he is relaxed and calm and just adapting to the others in the Hone . 
For how long I can't tell ? 
But our NGO got him off the streets and relieved him from the bondage that he was suffering from. 
Every day he would be just lying in the vicinity of GMC talking to himself,  eating what was given to him and night time would sleep in the small temple under the banyan tree and this went on for years . 
At STREET PROVIDENCE we just don't admitt such Persons with disabilities into the IPHB HOSPITAL , but we go beyond our duty and get them rehabilitated by admitting them into our shelter homes where they are cared and loved. 
And those who recovery fully stay back and work as care  givers . 
That's how our NGO  success rate is so high which encourages us to take in more such chronic cases who otherwise would be still In bondages. 
We require your prayers, blessings and donations as we continue our service In Goa towards the homeless and the people suffering with disabilites. 
One big shout of appreciation and thanks to the IPHB Doctiors for entertaining such requests of ours and giving us service and support as we pick up and bring many many such cases especially late night to IPHB. 
Please let's try to compassionate and considerate to persons with disabilities who are homeless. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


24.11.2022. 7 PM IST 
Another Goan lady and her goan husband both suffering from disabilities could have ended up missing and lost , but now admitted in our ladies & gents shelter homes. 
A Very sad , complicated yet real life incident. 
Man is Polio by birth and living on and off with his wife but mostly in the last 30 years has been staying on the streets of Panjim . 
Wife is having mental disabilities and due to abandonment from the husband her mental stress has taken her into major mental disabilities. 
Have two adult children daughter & son 
As youngsters both children went through poverty and as such the girl studied till 6th std and from 12 years has been working to educate her brother. 
Daughter got married at 18 years and today has a 12 year old girl who is in 6th std . 
Recently the son borrowing money managed to get a job on the ship. 
Daughter , Son & mother from childhood has been staying with their aunt. 
Today the aunts son has got married and has his own family and their  house is very small. 
Married Daughter stays on rent in another small house and tried endlessly to look after the parents but just not working out . 
Father wishes to sleep on the streets. 
Mother consumes and chews tobacco last 15 years and as a result her psychiatric medicines are not having any effect . 
Shouts, roams semi naked,  moves here and there, abuse & destructive at times . 
Aunt and the nephew are pushed to the wall . 
Daughter can't  handle the mother too. 
Such type of ladies usually just start walking and walking and reach who knows where and no one from the family will be interested in searching them as they are just too frustrated,  tired and stressed in such scenarios. 
We were approached by the daughter a few weeks ago to help in rehabilitation of the mother. 
But during the conversation I understood the father is homeless and living on the streets for 30 years . 
I was really upset that the daughter is desperate to help her parents inspite of poverty and all the troubles and hardship she went through from childhood. 
Today this Goan husband & wife are provided food, clothing,  shelter in different Homes . 
We have taken both of them into our shelter homes. 
Father is very happy. 
Mother since she is on medication will take time to get back to normalcy which may be on 9 to 12 months. 
And we usually tend to think and comment that all street people are outsiders. 
A couple of more such cases are reported to us and if not rehabilitated will one day end up missing or even abandoned. 
It's a terrible life to go though if your parents are both suffering from disabilities and if you are living in poverty. 
We are trying out level best to take in and provide food clothing shelter and medications but your support as a benefactor is required. 
If you come across such poor and abandoned ladies sufferings from mental disabilities and require rehabilitation please advise the closet  family members to take them to the IPHB @ Bambolim and start their medication . 
If rehabilitation is required please get in touch with us on 8380097564. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


23.11.2022. 7pm IST 
If you are concerned about how and why people go missing or are taken advantage by unknown elements on the streets then this will shed some light to understand. 
Read slowly 
Today we accepted a young goan married abandoned lady having medium physciatric issues. 
This young goan lady and her elder sister both married husbands who are not from Goa . 
Father expired and looks like they have no own house in Goa. 
Two years back this young goan lady husband went back to his village, put his phone off and has just disappeared. 
Mother & this young girl stay in the brother in laws house. 
But due to this failed and abandoned marriage this young goan lady has gone into mental stress and developed some mental disabilities. 
Her sister and her husband are steady with small jobs. 
Now,  it can be this young lady is frustrated and keeps hitting the mother , threatens to kill her , runs away from the house,  roams the streets. 
Police have been  picking her up quite often and calls the brother in law who has tried endlessly to help her, both by taking her home and trying to get her to take her medication. 
Few weeks back late night I received an SOS from a PSI who was too frustrated trying to help this young lady as she was violent,  aggressive and uncontrollable and was burnt on her one side due to roaming and sleeping on the streets in panjim . 
I myself got her admitted with her mother into IPHB late night and assured that she will be taken into our shelter home. 
The sister and her husband have small child and the child gets very frightened of this young lady once she starts  getting out of control. 
Such unruly behavior can cause alot of mental trouble to this small child and I have seen such small children living in the same home with such violent ladies developing mental characteristics. 
Now this is where we step in . 
The sister & her husband just are not ready to take her in as they have reached a limit. 
If WE were not aware of this case surely this young goan lady would either be back on the streets, again might be harrased and taken advantage off or surely would just start walking to no where or board a bus or train and reach anywhere out of Goa. 
And who is responsible ?
Who will you and i blame ?
Who will search her ? 
Such cases are daily being reported to our NGO either by the Police or through the government hospitals primarily of our own local goans who the own family members can't take care off due to financial constraints. 
In 9 to 12  months this young goan lady will be such a changed and renewed person with her medication that no one including her sister will belive that she is the same lady . 
Our service is primarily catering to such poor, abandoned, unwanted people ( primarily goans ) suffering from all types of mental, physical & intellectual ( if we can manage) disabilities. 
So next time you come across in your vicinity such cases please advise them to see a doctor and start administering medication to the patient. 
If rehabilitation is required we can surely help as such cases take time to recover and a clean ,  peaceful and loving environment is the only solution. 
I am saying again and again , there is a big crisis building up due to mental disabilities and more & more local Goans are reaching the streets and becoming homeless and then just disappear. 
All Government departments like Police , Health , Women & Child , IPHB ,  along with NGOs who fight and ahout about Women related issues need to come togther ASAP . 
Government grants to such shelter homes like ours,  need to be released in time otherwise no one will be able to rescue, rehabilitate and take in such abandoned homeless poor Goan women ( & men ). 
♡♡♡ Big thanks to entire Doctors @ IPHB Bambolim for all the good treatment they give to such poor abandoned people and the interest the institute takes in admitting and treating such cases . 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848.


22.11.2022. 7pm IST 
SOUTH GOA MP MR. FRANCISCO SARDINHA & BENAULIM MLA CAPTAIN VENZY VIEGAS were present for the innaugration of our 3rd IN HOUSE Physiotherapy centre @ our Cavelossim home yesterday for our friends who are ” homeless “. 
Attached a 4 min video . 👇
It was a touching moment after the cutting the ribbon and the presentation, that both elected representatives sat down and had a lunch with our friends who are ” homeless & suffering from Disabilities “. 
South Goa MP was kind enough to accept our invitation and be present at 12 pm dot . 
We started late as the innaugration at QUEPEM took time to get over 
South Goa MP spent a good 20 minutes with two of our friends who recognized the MP as they are from his village. 
Cpt Venzy Viegas has berm associated with us right from 2019 even before he was an elected representative and I felt happy that inspite of his tight schedule,  he attended the innaugration and had a meal with our friends. 
The purpose of Physiotherapy for the homeless is that most of them enter our shelter homes with physical disabilities as well as alcohol related issues. 
And if they are senior citizens with physical  disabilites or with amputations then before they get bedridden we need to keep them standing and walking . 
Once they get bedridden it's a big trouble to the care givers . 
Just to make a point ” all our friends are not  having any voting card as most of them don't have even their own basic documents “. 
Our FREE  3 Physiotherapy centre's will enable our friends to get over their pains , irritations,  Joint troubles, their muscular issues,  etc. 
In all 8 shelter homes, the Cooks, care givers , utility staff , compounders , male nurses , watchmen , etc. are all from the streets and we need to keep them fit and fine as we can't afford 
to hire outside staff . 
We have many more projects lined up in the coming year and with an capacity of 140 men & 60 women,  all our man power will be drawn from these 200 friends. 
While most homes suffer from man power we @ STEEET PROVIDENCE have gone the reverse . 
We have gone to the streets, accepted all those who require rehabilitation and a hand to start a fresh, treated them in case they had any medical issues , cared for them and today we DARE TO DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE. 
I tend to look 2 years FUTURE  if I wish to start any new project for the homeless & the poor & work on getting / acquiring / training MANPOWER. 
For me ” It's about TEAM WORK & TRUST in the STAFF & my Friends ( homeless ) “. 
I understand that a small % have issues or can't understand how I manage,  but the TRUTH is 
” I do my Part , God does his part & my operation manager Sapnesh Salgaonkar & his team takes care of the implementation “. 
Thanks to Mrs Brenda who has been associated with this home from the time we started in 2018 and for always helping and attending my call in case of emergency and getting my request attended and sorted out irrespective of the time , the request or the situation. 
Again our office is in Sangolda , and it's more than 70 kms one way to this home and that's where we require Mrs Brenda in times of emergency. 
Her Daughter , Miss Raisa is a professional Physiotherapist who will be providing the services to both ladies & gents from both our shelter homes in Cavelossim. 
♡♡♡ Big thanks to two important volunteers : 
☆ 1. John Baptist ( Margao ) for taking care of all the arrangements for this innaugration and for also driving our Ambulance with these friends of mine to hospital over the last 3 years . 
☆ 2. Orlando Mesquita ( Benaulim ) who could not make it but who has been helping us in this Home and other homes from the time we see up operations in South Goa was back in 2018. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848