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21.7 2024. 11am IST 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA distributed close to 1008 dry ration kits during this heavy monsoon days between 7th to 17th July 2024.
We thank the benefactor SANGAT GURUJI for entrusting us with these 6.5 tonnes of dry ration which was given to us to distribute to the poor.
We brought in many NGO / Individuals/ etc to help us in the distribution across Goa & I made sure that we covered all sections of society.
We thank 
☆ 1.Hassan Khan – Muslim Social trust ,Vasco.
☆ 2.Mahesh Govekar  – Zindagi Ngo , Panjim .
☆ 3.Anita – Udant NGO , Chimbel.
☆ 4.Sr Fatima – FMCK , Old Goa.
☆ 5.Sr Deepti – Presentation Society, Vasco.
☆ 6.Richard – NAB , St Cruz.
☆ 7.Savio Coutinho – Margao.
☆ 8.John Baptist – Fatorda.
☆ 9. Akash Pednekar – Curchorem.
☆ 10.Shawn – Bambolim.
☆ 11.Francis – Lupin Foundation Pernem.
☆ 12.Devu – cumbharjuha.
The above teams distributed to :
》1. Widows & senior citizens – 100 families
》2. Hiv Patients – 150 families.
》3. Poor goan & slum jeweller's – 100 families 
》4. Poor goan families – 50 families
》5. Poor families – 50 families 
》6. Blind children – 25 children
》7. Sanitation workers – 100 families. 
》8. Poor Goan ST  – 50 families 
》9. Poor goan – 100 families 
》10. Orphan children – 25 families
》11. Poor Goan Dalit / Harijan – 100 families
》12. Poor children ST community – 50 children 
Rest for homeless street people @ Street Providence shelter homes.
It was a Grace of God that the dry ration was donated to us and we were able to send it across in these heavy rains to hundreds of poor families in collaboration with the above individuals/ NGOs
Our back office team headed by Sapnesh Salgaonkar and his drivers and loaders made sure the logistics and distribution went as per the plan.
Usually when distribution of such huge quanity of ration bags is given to hundreds of families the head of the NGO likes to click pictures and claim credit.
But at this distribution you won't find a single picture of me or my staff as we just sat back and allowed the NGOs & individuals to do their work.
It's all team work over 10 days in this heavy down pour of non stop rain and rain.
We thank Mr Nelson Rodrigues for recommending our NGO to SANGAT GURUJI volunteers which enabled such a huge qty of dry ration ie 1008 bags or 6500 kgs to reach the poorest of the poor in Goa.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564 .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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18.7.24. 8pm IST
Help us raise funds to provide a decent living area which includes a front door , flooring & a roof to avoid their house falling down, to this ETHNIC poor goan widow & her son who is on dialysis.
If you are :
unhappy with your job,
disappointed with your home,
feeling down as you got no friends,
complaining about everything in life,
These links is what you should click on and watch how our poor goans live at times and they just can't grumble as no one is there to listen.
Clint & his mother are from Mandur and due to genuine medical reasons he lost his kidney and had to undergo dialysis.
From being a drummer in a reputed band his world collapsed and all his savings got exhausted.
Their house is very very small which is like say 3*4 Sq mts in dilapidated state & a 2*2 Sq mt which is a kitchen & attached washroom which is Equally more dilapidated. Its not shown on any video as it's too too bad to show.
The worst part is their only access is their front door but the water has seeped into the frame and white ants ate up the frame leaving the front main door unusable.
Top it all huge bandicoots have been entering their front door at night as they could not afford to repair the frame of the door & a plastic was tied to keep the rain water from entering the Home. 
We come across MANY such ETHNIC GOAN patients in hospitals who come for dialysis and our staff ANNA GRACIAS meets them daily & the worst case scenario is reported to us. 
Daily ANNA distributes through our HEALTHCARE BANK , free diapers, at times 
medicines etc to such poor ETHNIC GOANS and she spotted CLINT & his mother.
Early this week Arturo Dsouza our volunteer followed up with the details that ANNA provided and met the family.
Immediately we sent a envelope for this month living expenses and bag of dry ration.
Mother gets rs 2000 as dole which they survive on and neighbour's help quite often.
Today we got on the job and repaired the frame of the door by putting a new frame.
Tomorrow the door will be screwed back on the frame and their nightmare of bandicoots entering their house will be a thing of the past.
To avoid their house getting further damaged due to the rains & to increase their living area , a shade / shed Is to be put up of metal ASAP.
We have assured them that coming week we will put up the shade / shed and that will enable them to move out a lot of their things and their room becomes bigger and better to live in.
Their tiled roof needs urgent repairs once the rains subside which we will do for sure.
We have assured this family that every month we will provide a bag of dry ration and an envelope which is for their monthly expenses.
We appeal to you to donate to us as we wish that the house has a shade/shed either through :
》Monetary Donations,
》New metal sheets,
》Metal columns 
》Floor tiles 
If any one is a fabricator and can provide free services we will be happy
There are many poor ethnic goans suffering from Dialysis and have no support at all besides rs 2000 that government gives as and when it feels.
We have compiled a huge data base and we are requesting monthly support to such families as that's the only way to help them.
We will upload case to case such genuine ethnic goans suffering from DIALYSIS & in need of Help and we will help them in due course of time.
We once again thank you all for support shown over the years to our ngo through your donations,  prayers and blessings.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you all.
Donald Fernandes 
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16.7.24. 8pm IST
We have compiled DATA of a huge huge no of ETHNIC poor goans suffering from DIALYSIS , 
in need of Help in the form of living expenses & this no is increasing.
But how did we find/ reach / meet these particular poor goans suffering from DIALYSIS ?
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA runs a HEALTH CARE SUPPORT BANK in hospitals where we help the poorest of the poor.
Daily our one dedicated team moves around in hospitals distributing diapers to the poorest ETHNIC goans as well as at times we provide free medication which is not available in stock.
Our staff sits and talks to such poor Ethinc goans and collects alot of info which is shared with another volunteer.
This volunteer then visits these poor ETHNIC goan families suffering from DIALYSIS back in the villages and most of these goans are so poor and penniless that it's heart breaking to belive.
Many many people tell me GOA HAS NO POOR
》Well when u drive an SUV,
》When u use private hospital for treatment,
》When u eat in expensive restaurants,
》When u buy branded clothes,
》When u bribe to get your work done,
》When u have the latest gadgets,
Then you will never ever see poor ethnic goans.
You can only see the poor in hospitals.
And that what we do.
Daily our teams are in various Government hospitals.
Dialysis eats away the megere earnings of these poor ETHNIC goan to an extent that death is the only solution as nutrition is too expensive when the family member is on DIALYSIS.
We are looking to start free homes for the poorest of the poor ETHNIC GOANS so that atleast their last few years can be lived in dignity and they get proper nutrition & company of fellow human beings.
We are also looking for donations or rather monthly commitment from individuals directly  towards such poor ETHNIC goans once we provide you the details.
No need to route through our NGO.
We will tell you who is in need of your monthly donations and you can give directly. 
Most of the poor ETHNIC GOANS are surviving only on the monthly dole that they get from the social Welfare department which is rs 2000.
Two sickness – MENTAL DISABILITIES & DIALYSIS , can happen to anyone, even to the rich and powerful & both these are the top sickness today in India.
So be careful don't destroy ones health.
If you are blessed abundantly and are well off and you are motivated and your conscience tell you ” Help our ethinc poor goans ” then you should get in touch with me through whatsapp.
Give life to those suffering poor ETHNIC GOANS from DIALYSIS and receive Grace of God as well as prayers and spiritual blessings from the one you and your family are helping.
We will be uploading a few such terribly sad & heart wrenching suffering of poor ETHNIC GOANS on dialysis and we have adopted them but we require the resources to provide them.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
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13.7.24. 8pm IST
FOOD BANK SANGOLDA GOA collects 16000 kgs of  freshly cooked food costing Rs 24 lacs in the last 3 months from Verna Industrial Estate. 
Project supported by : Inspectorate of Factories & boilers dept, Government of Goa. 
》Factories donating food : 7 as of date 
》Average daily food collected : 250 kgs
》Meals per day fed with this food : 600 meals 
》Wastage per day due to spoilage : 50 kgs
》Total fed in the last 3 months = 45000 meals.
》Cost of food collected = Rs 24 lacs @ 150 per kg.
Food collected in the last 3 months from 7 Factories in Verna :
》April 24 = 5 tons
》 May 24 = 5 tons
》June 24 = 6 tons 
We sincerely thank the management & owners of the following companies for the food donation last 3 months :
☆ Commscope 
☆ Microlabs 
☆ Marksans
☆ Siemens 
☆ Lupin
☆ Sanofi
Any factory/ industry having minimum strength of 250 to 400 employees is surely daily wasting 25 to 30 kgs daily of extra cooked factory food 
as most factories run their staff canteen through canteen contractors & no canteen contractor will ever cook less to bring to the factory canteen.
For many years I took this concept to various Government departments but all refused to even understand the gravity of the environmental damages done to food wastage.
One beaurecrat Mr Sanjit Rodrigues, IAS, Secretary of Factory & Boilers, Government of Goa understood exactly what I was trying to do.
The Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers, Government of Goa, Mr Anant Pangam, was kind enough to put this project into reality as he too understood the meaning of hunger & poverty.
And rest is there for you to see in the link.
We are moving this concept out of Goa very soon to states where we run shelter homes.
It's going to be Challenging as no factory Willingly will want to give away extra cooked factory food due to one fright – food poisoning.
For that we have a stamp paper agreement where by any food poisoning issue is the responsibility of the food bank or our NGO.
India is criminally wasting hundreds of tons of good Cooked nutritious food daily and I am waiting when The Hon Prime Minister of India introduces a law to ban food wastage and encourages food banks to feed the poor.
Leave your comments in the link and let us know what are your views.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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11.7.24. 9pm IST
Once on a wheelchair, today Walking & climbing steps with ease.
It's all about willingly to be challenged even when the situation tells you it's impossible.
At Street Providence impossible is just another word in the dictionary once we made up our mind to make it possible.
TB in the Spine was the diagnosis of this elderly homeless man Mr Vishwajeet when we admitted him into our shelter home from DISTRICT HOSPITAL MAPUSA about 2 years back.
When one has TB in the spine the following are the symptoms : 
》local pain, 
》local tenderness, 
》stiffness and spasm of the muscles, 
》a cold abscess, 
》gibbus and a prominent spinal deformity.
With two superb Physiotherapists on board ie 
Dr Ashton & Dr Chairmaine , the repair or rather treatment of this homeless elderly man 
Mr Vishwajeet was taken up systematically & with monitoring of all his parameters.
At Street Providence it's always about challenges as that is what makes life interesting.
If Vishwajeet was not put on physiotherapy, he would have been bedridden , on a pamper, excess weight, extra care giver to bath him & clean him.
Today through our 140 cctv cameras in all our 11 homes, everything is monitored and everyone has to deliver. NO EXCUSES .
It's not easy dealing with bed ridden patients especially when they are suffering from TB.
We have quite a good no of TB patients in our NGO & its challenging to care for them.
Initially Vishwajeet was difficult to handle as he was convinced that he will never ever walk.
Added to that he was on atleast 12 + tablets which was adding to other issues.
In the last 7 years we have assisted huge no of wheel chair/ bed bound/ stroke affected men & women to get back to their feet so that they can use the washroom by themselves & Have a bath by themselves.
Vishwajeet speaks very less and one has to strain one's ears to understand what exactly he is conveying. 
We feel happy & satisfied that the entire team right from our manager , house incharge , caregivers , Physiotherapist, fellow inmates all played their part in making Vishwajeet believe he can & will walk again. 
Till today we don't know anything about Vishwajeet and it makes no difference to us as he is happy just enjoying his old age by being able to walk by himself.
We have an exclusive set up for such men & ladies who are suffering from such complicated sickness and this home caters to such people who are not from the streets. 
With more than Rs 20 lacs worth of physiotherapy equipment at hand we are ready always to accept all difficult & complicated patients who are bedridden and need inhouse treatment. 
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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10.7.24. 8pm IST
A senior citizen,
A widow with no living children,
A broken home due to Sunday rains,
A concerned MLA, who responded quickly.
STREET PROVIDENCE provides a warm bed , food & accommodation. 
This is Smt Shobavati Parwar ( ST ) from Parwarwada, Curchorem, Goa.
Sunday 8.7.24, the deluge brought her little mud house crashing down, may be 10pm.
MLA Nilesh Cabral on the ground to take stock of the damages at 10.30 pm
Our team at Quepem, Mr Akash Pednekar was contacted late night at 11pm , who agreed to shelter her in the morning once the paperwork was taken care off.
Monday 9.7.24, Smt Shobavati brought into the shelter home by Curchorem police at 1pm.
Tired , stressed, lonely,  unsure what her next step Is going to be.
She is grateful that the MLA helped her on the night her house fell down.
If there are any such goan widows whose house has collapsed and are in need of home , we are ready to shelter.
All admissions through the local police station with other documents to be taken care off.
We have enough space to accommodate as many widows or elderly people whose house has been broken down by the last few days rains.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 


7.7.2024. 8pm IST 
Help us to provide dry ration to the children & families in Manipur.
It's over a year, Street Providence started working in Manipur in the aftermath of the violence which erupted.
Right from June 23 – March 24 , WE : 
☆ 1. Sent , 4 trucks , ( 32 feet each ) of relief material from Goa to Churachandpur via Mizoram.
☆ 2. We bought alot of relief material in & around Assam & Nagaland and delivered into Imphal & Kangpokpi.
☆ 3. Sent Our team to Manipur on 6 trips 
☆ 4. Purchased huge qty of medicines from Delhi and sent it to Churachandpur & Kangpokpi via Assam & Nagaland. 
☆ 5. Adopted 110 school children and arranged their school fees.
☆ 6. Started our 1st shelter for poor homeless men with disabilities in Imphal 
☆ 7. Even have a small registered office In Manipur for all our relief & rehabilitation services that we provide along with The Archdiocese of Imphal. 
And we undertook so many under small projects.
All this was possible due to generous benefactors from Goa , India & across the globe.
We are now keen to start a women shelter home for ladies with mental disabilities in Churachandpur district.
For men we have a home in Imphal .
We are being requested to consider starting homes in more districts as there Is a considerable no of people suffering from high anxiety and stress which can lead to mental disabilities in due course of time.
We are also aware that the economic situation is not improving and the poor are left to fend for themselves to sustain their livelihood.
Last month there was a massive hailstorm leaving a couple of thousand  homes damaged.
In June 24 , we received an SOS , from a boarding school in Singat asking for dry ration for as many as 75 + boys which we arranged through a benefactor BRIAN by purchasing in Churachandpur itself.
Attached a small link of this dry ration donated to the school. 
This is the same school which did not have electricity during Oct 23,  when our team visited this area.
And this was the same BRIAN who donated funds to fix their lighting system.
Imagine the school had 500 children at that point of time, + 250 – 300 people in the school premises as refugees and absolutely no electricity for hours togther. 
Infact electricity was only in the day with just a few bulbs in the school and two bulbs in the camps as the electricity capacity was for 200 children but the total capacity of people was 800+ at times.
At night the children would study with candles and mobile light.
Today BRIAN has committed dry ration for 6 months and counting.
Another leading restaurant chain in Goa has committed dry ration for another school for initially 3 months which will be purchased in Churachandpur itself.
We are asking for donations to provide dry ration like Rice , Dhal , edible oil , Atta , Salt.
School system is alot different as compared to Goa namely: 
》1. No mid day meal is provided like in Goa.
》2. Education is not free , all have to pay fees.
》3. Economy is down so parents are unable to do much.
》4. Most schools also double up as boarding as that's the only way to keep the children secure & encourages them to study & in the boarding it's safe.
》5. Schools & relief camps will be at times within the same complex.
It's all complicated for the poor and for those poor little children who have to study to go ahead in life.
We are not sending this year any trucks from Goa as its too stressful & we got many other projects coming up in Goa & Maharashtra.
Incase you are having a function then please think about these poor children across different schools in Manipur who have seen alot of troubled days last 1 year and put aside a little from this function.
I am not here to discuss politics or anything related to politics.
We are here as relief workers and you can also play a part just like you played last year.
One can pay the supplier directly ( tax exemption not possible) or donate to our NGO & we will pay the supplier (tax exemption provided under 80G).
Whatever may be the donation it should be monthly as it easier for us to manage & its easier for the donor to plan the donation.
If you feel the pinch in Goa due to the inflation & complain then just stop for 30 seconds.
In Manipur , especially in the hills , everything is much more costly  than what you and I find expensive in Goa.
Your support in these difficult times to the children in Manipur will surely fetch you & your family peace of mind as well as spiritual blessings.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


5.7.2024. 10 pm IST 
DIAPERS BANK @ STREET PROVIDENCE, GOA, distributed 400 + Adult diapers pkts = 4000 pcs,
( 10 pcs / pkt ) between 1.4.24 to 30.6.24 , to poor people in Government hospitals. 
I have been taking poor patients to different  government hospitals over the last 7 years  ie 
PHC / UHC / DISTRICT HOSPITAL & GMC & it's visible how people suffer especially when facing poverty.
Diaper Bank was conceptualized with this aim to bring a little relief to poor patients who feel the pinch of buying diapers.
We identify the most poor & needy patients in specific wards and give 5 Pcs of diapers to such patients.
No pictures & no video. 
We have a full time staff employed who every morning visits the poorest of the poor & concludes who requires diapers for that day .
By 4pm in the evening, our car drops these adult diapers packets to our staff who then takes about 90 minutes to go around distributing these diapers.
All details are listed Down for the day by the staff which includes:
☆ Name of the patient 
☆ Bed no
☆ Ward no
☆ Address 
☆ Type of sickness 
Parallelly surprise checks are done to ascertain which patient has got the diapers for the day.
We keep these 5 Pcs of diapers on the bed of the patient but a record of the daily diapers distribution is also handed over to the nurses.
You too can donate your unused diapers to our DIAPER BANK. 
Or you can donate to our bank account any amount you wish, especially on your special functions like birthdays/ anniversaries/ etc.
The blessings that these poor people give spiritually is worth more than one can expect.
Remember functions are only for the near & dear ones.
Some reduction on your function towards diapers goes to those who you never know or who you will never meet. 
Even I will never ever know who are all these patients who our staff has distributed these 400+ pkts in the last 3 months. 
But I know it is reaching the poorest of the poor as these poor patients sometimes message or WhatsApp me to say thanks. 
Each packet costs between rs 275 – Rs 300.
It's not much but to those poor patients it's a saving on the day they receive these 5 pcs of Diapers.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564/ 7020314848


25.1.2024. 7pm IST
Call it destiny or anything you wish.
Bed ridden goan father ,
Mother expired ( goan )
Only adult child is suffering from severe mental disabilities.
No one to take care as a result roams endlessly on the streets , shouting and abusing as well as throwing stones or hitting passerby. 
Then gets a hammering, gets insulted and mocked, may be even slapped or abused.
And we are talking about a Goan girl aged 32 years who we admitted recently into our home.
Presently her father's sister ( aunt ) is standing in for her but it won't be Long as aunt children have migrated and very soon either Aunt will migrate or give up on her as aunt too will grow old.
Another LIFE LONG admission & again I have to be responsible for her as long as she lives, as father will not ever able to look after her due to he being bed ridden.
If this goan girl is not kept in a shelter home might end up on the streets and become uncontrollable leading to her becoming a vagabond and ultimately might get used or even commit suicide due to the stress and disappointment of being unsound.
Mental disabilities is getting bad to worse and we all need to work together especially where our poor own Goans are suffering due to poverty.
We are daily flooded with requests to take in so many poor goans either on the streets or suffering from mental disabilities and having no one to provide care at home. 
Coming Feb 24 end our 11th shelter home will be innaugrated in Goa and by December 2024 we should have 18 – 20 shelter homes in Goa with a bed capacity of 360 to 400 only for those suffering from mental disabilities. 
That's the magnitude of this problem and we are working on a war footing to face this problem.
Your support is what we ask either through your prayers, wishes, donations , etc
In a few days from now , we take in a one of the most complicated cases I ever handled in the last 6 years – goan poor lady amputated in both legs, wheel chair bound and suffering from mental disabilities. 
All queries through whstsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


8.2.2024. 9pm IST 
An IAS officer who understands poor goan and homeless people suffering from mental disabilities and who has the heart to hear their cries and do what is most required.
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA, Thanks Shri Subhash Chandra ( IAS ) Secretary Social Welfare dept, Government of Goa who has  brought cheer and light to our men's shelter homes by approving schemes and grants for the homeless goans in Goa inspite of these goans not having valid identification for the grants to be released to our Homes.
Most of the homeless who we take in are ethnic Goans both ladies & gents who are suffering from mental disabilities and for reasons best known to them are actually having no identity in their possession.
But all of them are patients of IPHB with some of them having registration nos as 16000 to 25000 which means they are patients of IPHB last 25 to 30 years.
Usually Goa Police finds such psychiatric patients on the streets and admitt them in our homes.
Some are recommended by the Local MLA , Local Sarpanch as they are a disturbance in the society.
To avail of any Government grant under Social Welfare ie 
》for the individual with disabilities or 
》for the shelter homes,  
the documents required are Adhar card and disability certificate. 
Last 6 months our application for running camps in our shelter homes to make the adhar cards for our inmates is pending at The Planning & Statistics Dept, Porvorim.
Only after the Adhar card Is generated then we can apply for the Disability certificate which is another 2 to 3 years.
We have been providing FREE REHABILITATION to so many poor ethnic goans in our men's homes last 6 years without much grants to these men.
Why ?  Because no identity no grants.
We have been having major issues at IPHB in acquiring disability certificates to avail of grants.
But 8 months back, Mr Ajit Panchwadkar took over as The Director of Social Welfare dept and alot of changes has happened especially towards the poor goans suffering from disabilities and on the streets.
We have a home at Assnora for men funded under Jeevan Jyot covering 10 men with disabilites @ Rs 2500 per month and we had managed to acquire their documents after many many years of running around .
We put in another file for our Cavelossim men's home under the same state Scheme called ” Jeevan Jyot “, which is for 10 inmates only @ Rs 2500 per inmate per month.
Nothing big and fancy but atleast something better than nothing.
We submitted the file of 10 men with disabilites without any identification but added valid IPHB prescription for over two years of each individual.
Director was a bit apprehensive whether it will clear the committee for approval.
I explained to Ajit Sir, told him, let me know who and which point this file is rejected.
Rest I will take care and manage , but please accept the file, which the department did.
File accepted, cleared the rounds and approved.
To our blessings , The Secretary has signed the order and that paves the way for running such shelter homes inspite of the inmates not having valid identification.
In another move towards poor Goans with disabilities staying in our shelter homes having no valid identification but only valid IPHB prescriptions ” The Hon Chief Minister of Goa ” has clearly instructed The Social Welfare Minister of Goa , to provide DDSSY benefits to all our GOAN inmates only with A valid IPHB prescription.
All these facts can be verified from all the above names I have mentioned in this post.
” THE LAST POOR GOAN suffering from disabilities MATTERS TO the  GOVERNMENT “.
We are happy that after a very long time a Dynamic , hardworking & down to earth Director, Shri Ajit Panchwadkar is heading the Social Welfare dept and our poor goans suffering from disabilities are getting some benefit from this government.
The hardworking Trio @ Social Welfare of :
♡♡ Minister : Shri Subash Phal Dessai ,
♡♡ Secretary : Shri Subash Chandra &
♡♡ Director : Shri Ajit Panchwadkar, 
are indeed a booster dose to all the problems that we were facing once a upon a time in our men's shelter homes.
Today our NGO has grants from Social Welfare Dept for :
☆ 2 Physiotherapy units &
☆ 2 Jeevan Jyot homes ( 10 men per home @ 2500 per month) 
all approved by The Social Welfare Secretary 
Mr Subhash Chandra who I only met once may be 2 years back in his office and that meeting to I was very upset & aggressive as nothing was ever moving in Social Welfare towards our NGO.
Usually IAS  officers don't entertain requests for grants from NGOs that easily and they try to waste time and create unnecessary hurdles and paperwork so that NGOs get frustrated and go away .
Shri Subash Chandra ( IAS ) , Secretary, Social Welfare dept , Government of Goa, has shattered that way of working and today we feel blessed that some one in the Secretariat is concerned about Our poor goans on the streets suffering from mental disabilities. 
I hope Hon Minister of Social Welfare, Shri Subash Phal Dessai and Director Shri Ajit Panchwadkar keep approving our continous new proposals towards the Welfare of our poor goans on the streets suffering from mental disabilities. 
Our inmates capacity is increasing from 240 to 500 and that means more resources and more grants need to be given to us.
Street Providence is continuously working towards ending Hunger and Homelessness in Goa and only with The Government support we can carry forward.
I hope the way The Social Welfare dept works, right from the Minister to the Secretary to the Director will be emulated by other Government departments so that ” THE LAST POOR GOAN suffering from disabilities MATTERS TO the  GOVERNMENT “
Otherwise I will hit the streets and highlight the injustice and services denied to The poor goans suffering from mental disabilities and the Homeless.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848