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27.3.2023. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is in need of the following medical equipment and furniture. 
As we close this financial year and as we are approaching the end of LENT season, we request your kind support to our shelter homes. 
We will be opening more Shelter Homes in Goa  and at the moment today we are housing close to 165 ladies and gents in our 8 shelter Homes with 65% being goans. 
The no. of requests are increasing and very soon the 5th women shelter home will be started. 
The current need of the hour is :
◇ 》 fowler beds , rexin mattresses & Rexin pillows as the no of bed bound and bed ridden gents are increasing, we are also caring for many old aged homeless men & women , 5 stoke related men , 17 elderly bed ridden and amputated senior citizens who are also suffering from amputation and mental disabilities as well. 
By July end 2023 ,  we will be caring for close to 200 homeless people and poor goan people with 
both mental & physical disabilities. 
Your support to this post will reduce our burden to a great extent. 
The requirement in this post need not be new but we can also accept second hand provided the material is in usable condition and not old, rusted and not fit for usage. 
Your donations qualify for income tax exemption under Section 80G of the act 
Please do forward both the post & the poster to your near and dear ones if you can. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


25.3.2023  7 pm IST 
As part of the Food Bank program we @ FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA distributed to different sections of society approx :
☆ 9300 pcs pf Kit Kat 2 F chocolate &
☆ 1390 pcs of instant Cup noodles 
Both these items are from NESTLE company and were donated towards the food bank, which had 2 months before the expiry date . 
Usually such huge quantity gets expired and in turn its thrown out into the dumps. 
KitKat 2F :
◇ 1500 pcs to District hospital mapusa for the inmates @ 2 pcs each 
◇ 2000 pcs to District hospital Margao for inmates @ 2 pcs each 
◇ 2500 pcs to Sanjay school all 3 units for the children with disabilities @ 2 pcs each 
We also distributed to poor goan school children in 5 government primary schools in Mayem & Sanguem constituency to total 900 children 
☆ Kit Kat 2F : 1800 pcs @ 2 ,pcs each 
☆ Cup noodles : 900 pcs @ 1 pc each 
We also distributed to HIV children in rural slums 350 children through ZINDAGI NGO :
☆ Kit Kat 2 F : 700 pcs @ 2 pcs each 
☆ Cup noodles : 350 pcs @ 1 pcs each 
For 140 poor children through UDANT NGO :
☆ Kit Kat  : 280 pcs 
☆ Noodles : 140 pcs 
Our volunteer John gave away 2 pcs each KitKat @ the Margao Garbage yards for over 250 daily wage workers who segregate & collect Garbage.
Lots of joy and excitement on the children faces and the inmates in the Hospitals  
We covered the two main hospitals so that the entire staff is reminded that our NGO takes care of homeless people who might need a place to recover once discharged from hospital. 
We reached out to 400 rural school children In
Mayem Constituency in 3 government schools with the help of The Local MLA Mr Shet who himself came along with our team members with Kit Kat & noodles. 
At Sanguem , with the assistance of Minister for Social Welfare,  Mr Subhash, we reached to 500 school children in 2 Schools. 
Infact we went right into the most rural school of Goa in NETRAVALI where 260 students study as well as to 240 students @ Curdi Sanguem 
The trip from Sangolda to Netravali one way was 95 kms , quite long but worth the trip. 
Traveling from Sanguem town to Netravali is about 30 kms one way enroute through refreshing greenery and forest Cover. 
Two of our food bank partners ie Udant & Zindagi Ngos too were requested to distribute Kit Kat & noodles to Slum children & HIV infected children respectively. 
If any food manufacturing company or any FMCG distributors in Goa have excess packaged food to give away before expiry date then please contact our FOOD BANK. 
We work with the poorest of the poor & the most deserving sections of Society in Goa. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 /7020314848


22.3.2023. 11am IST
A young 23 years old Goan boy suffering from mental disabilities having no one and refused admission into the hospital because of no attendant, beaten up on the streets somewhere in the coastal areas due to his own fault , admitted into our home today.
Today is Gudi Padwa which signifies the start of the traditional The Hindu New Year and this young goan boy got second chance of life on this GUDI PADWA day .
Time and time again I am saying ” poor goan people & street people witn mental disabilities are not treated & admitted at the hospital as they are not having any attendant to stay with them “.
Infact I have attached a link of my journey in rehabilitating poor people with mental disabilities and the challenges faced and what I have written in this post is what I have shared in the 30 min documentary video 👇👇
This goan young boy stays in a village and has totally lost his mind and as such is troubling the locality as he is not taking his medication as he has no one.
Friends/ Villages got together and took him to IPHB but was given medication and refused admission as there was no attendant to stay with him.
I can surely say that the local police too must be aware of this matter but since he has no one , once treated at iphb he will again be on the roads so why waste time getting a MAGISTRATE ORDER. 
Since refused admission the friends came back and the boy walked from IPHB to St Cruz and by that time he started acting weird which I can say looking at his back that he was beaten up badly.
Whoever did this may not be aware he is going through mental issues.
After the beating he got he was sitting quietly till SHAWN observed him and got to the bottom of the issue. 
It was say 9 pm who called me . I advised SHAWN to call the cops.
Shawn called the cops but they did not turn up for over two hours as they were understaffed and they had other important issues at hand.
Finally I sent Shawn , the no of SP north Goa and police arrived.
Now police should have done a medical and got him either to our home or admitted to either IPHB or GMC.
At 2 am early morning they asked Shawn to take him to my home which is not right. 
Since it's 2 am, Shawn dropped him at GMC assuming he would get treatment for his marks on his back and would pick him in the morning at 8 am & bring him to our shelter home.
But 8 am again this boy went missing and for two full days SHAWN and his friends searched in many many places till they found him.
Finally this morning of Gudi Padwa we accepted this young goan boy into our Home and got him to the IPHB for an assessment which they have prescribed more than 6 psychiatric tablets to be given to him.
Imagine the humiliation , rejection, Hurts , abuses, insults, torture and everyday begging for food to survive. 
Father is dead, younger sibling in the hostel,  Other brother missing for months , mother is working out of Goa to feed the family and this boy has been hamnering the mother due to his mental disabilities. 
I have complained to DISABILITY COMMISSIONER that these issues need to be sorted out quickly and we need a permanent solution to the problem of the poor goan people and the homeless people suffering from mental disabilities not getting treatment & admission into the IPHB.
It's a losing battle for such poor goan people suffering from mental disabilities if there are not admitted into MID WAY / HALF WAY homes which Is the only suitable place for such fully troubled persons with chronic mental disabilities either due to generic or due to alcohol and drug abuse. 
Just few days back we read about a few cars , bikes set on fire by a senior citizen lady from Corjuem, suffering from mental disabilities now admitted into IPHB.
This lady we tried helping to rehabilitate way back in early 2019 but she refused help today it will be a chronic situation of disabilty .
We provide free rehabilitation to any one who is poor and having no one and we provide free food clothing stay & medication to such people suffering from all types of disabilities but it's FREE only if the person is actually homeless and having no one.
Your support is required to fight this long losing battle of homelessness & poor goans on the streets suffering from severe mental disabilities.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


22.3.2023. 10am IST
11 Goa Police stations accept close to 50000 kgs of food to feed the hungry in Goa in 1 year.
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA GOA thanks Goa Police as a department for opening up their premises and allowing food bank fridges to be installed in their stations so that excess food can be deposited in these fridge to feed the poor.
February 2022 to January 2023 we have installed fridges at 11 Police Station in Goa.
We also have 14 fridges in other places to accept food .
And during these last 12 months all these 11 Police stations have got close to 50 tonnes or 50000 kgs of good food saved which otherwise would have been wasted and thrown out.
We have fridges installed at these stations 
☆ North Goa :
Calangute, Panjim , Mapusa , Anjuna 

☆ South Goa :
Colva , Margao , Fatorda , Cuncolim , Sanguem & Quepem , Verna.
The best performing police stations for accepting extra cooked food daily is :
Panjim & Mapusa 
Both being big cities and togther these two fridges daily give us an average of 70 to 100 kgs.
Running shelter Homes for the homeless is not a easy task as Food costs are huge and expensive.
The Food bank fridges was a good way to bring down the costs of food for the rehabilitation homes we run and that's how our NGO has managed to sustain the shelter homes last 5 years.
If you Google, Food bank fridges in police stations in India , you will only find the answer GOA.
Today the police personnel at these 11 police stations can use these fridges to also store their water bottles and have cool chilled water during the summer days.
Our NGO has always worked closely with the Goa Police in accepting homeless people 24*7 last 5 years and its that goodwill generated that you will find FOOD BANK FRIDGES in POLICE STATIONS only in Goa.
We will be now taking this CONCEPT across other states of India as we are starting shelter homes for the homeless & persons witn disabilities in many states for the poorest of the poor.
Prior to these food bank fridges being installed in Police Stations,  we had installed Free water purifiers in all the 25 police stations as a small gesture to the welfare of the police Personal as well as the public who visit the stations.
And i were criticized and ridiculed.
And i took this criticism positively as I had a long term plan for the homeless In Goa.
Over the last few years, we have given away 
》 5 second hand air conditioners , 3 new Photo copying machines,  6 new printers , and many other items for the welfare of the police stations and the police personnel say total costing on the whole Rs 3 lacs.
In one police station we even got our homeless men to build and renovate toilets for the police.
Today just calculate for a year how these same Goa Police contributed back to our NGO :
◇ 50000 kgs food @ rs 200 kg = Rs 10000000
Rs 1 crore.
Daily to feed 1 person in the shelter home costs minimum rs 150 per day.
On an average last year we had 150 inmates.
To feed these 150 inmates this is the cost:
◇ 150 nos *rs 150 *30 days *12 months = Rs 8200000 ( Rs 81 lacs )
Plus the daily extra cooked good food which is collected in all fridges after we send to our homes is given away to feed the homeless In other parts of Goa.
But inspite of that good rapport we have with the Goa Police , yet I am disappointed with the homeless issues going on the streets of Goa and the Goa Police needs to be more supportive towards getting these homeless off the streets and to our shelter homes.
Once again I thank Goa Police as a Department for supporting our NGO especially by allowing food bank fridges to be installed in their premises.
The most wonderful part of this food fridges in police stations is this :
1st fridge installed in Quepem Police Station 
Till date hardly any food deposited here.
I am yet to personally meet Mr Pednekar , the PI,
But because of this fridge other fridges were set up .
If you have extra food please pack it up in food grade plastic bags or silver foils and drop it in the fridges at the police stations.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


20.3.23. 6pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA accepts today another poor & lonely unmarried Goan man suffering for the last 30 years with severe mental disabilities.
Infact his IPHB registration no is 18000 odd  which indicates he is a long time patient taking psychiatric medication.
The man in the picture attached Is approx 50 years old and from the age of 12 to 14 he has been diagnosed with SCHIZOPHRENIA & other other complicated mental issues. 
Educated just 4th standard .
All these 35+ years his mother was taking care of him and last few months she expired due to old age.
He has another sister in the house also suffering from mental disabilities and two other sisters who are senior citizen & married.
Both sisters are having children and their husband's are aged and they are getting sick themselves which makes life difficult for all.
The man is aggressive and abusive by nature as he does not take his medication and his food intake is very less and erratic. 
Quite often he is hit , made fun off , insulted and humiliated by his fellow villagers as he can't talk clearly due to his disabilities.
With all this troubles and hurts he justs gets very angry with the world and walks away for days making his sisters search high and low for him.
In such scenario what would any family do ?
Either just live with the stress till death, ignore the brother who is uncontrollable or find a shelter home which will accommodate him.
That's what STREET PROVIDENCE is about.
At times we are aware of such goans missing and these are usually those who are persons with mental disabilities and keep walking away as that's one of the symptoms of a mental sickness.
And at times families are so stressed that they just can't do much to stop this walking issue.
We take in such poor goan people with severe mental disabilities before they just disappear walking and end up in another state in some shelter Home or are usually found dead .
Homelessness is increasing  due to rise in cases of  MENTAL DISABILITIES & we at STREET PROVIDENCE are working on a reverse model of taking in such extreme cases of mental disabilities before they reach the streets which can further deteriorate ones mental health. 
During this season of LENT , ie in the last 30 days, we have taken in 17 such homeless people & goans suffering from severe mental disabilities into our homes.
Everyday we are flooded with requests for help & rehabilitation and we usually reply and attempt to rehabilitate provided the paperwork is in order.
Not an easy service of taking care of so many homeless and poor goan people with mental disabilities both ladies & gents. 
We daily require to raise resources to meet the expenses as admissions are non stop and lined up in the coming days .
You can also support our work through your donations as 90% of our homeless street people in all our 8 shelter homes numbering close to 165+ are provided FREE FOOD CLOTHING & MEDICATION of which 125+ are on pchystric medication.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564/ 7020314848


19.3.2023. 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA HEARS the SILENT CRIES of this POOR Goan lady suffering from PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA & we take her into our women shelter home.
And that means permanently this goan lady is my responsibility till i am alive or till the shelter homes are operational.
Why permanently  ? Read on .
The lady aged 42 approx  has been suffering from chronic PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA and is un married from rural part of Salcete .
All these years her late mother had been looking after her till her death a few months back .
Now her only living sibling is her widow sister who herself is suffering from physical disabilities with just one EYE , without a job and no children.
So her sister has to look after herself by going to work daily as a daily wage worker and that too if she gets work. 
To top it all this lady suffering from PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA walks away if left alone so she is locked up in the house and then she starts shouting if locked up and if not locked up starts walking away endlessly. 
This is the 2nd such admission of PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA among ladies we are caring for.
Not easy to handle ladies suffering from PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA but we are doing the best we can to help our poor goan people before they reach the streets and are fully put of control with mental disabilities. 
For those who don't understand how homelessness is increasing please read the post again. 
Many many such cases popping up and out of frustration and desperation family members just give up on their own blood members as its next to impossible to look after one self forget the sibling with mental disabilities especially if you are poor and lonely. 
Poverty and mental disabilities is like a curse to such poor families and no one helps or can help except SHELTER homes for Free as its impossible for this family to pay rs 30000 fees charged by homes which are in Goa.
Once this PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA lady reaches the streets or just walks away, chances are there she might be exploited by unscrupulous elements and then pregnancy issues and more problems on hand to sort out.
In this SEASON OF LENT we have decided  to get help to another 40 ladies out there CRYING SILENTLY  by rehabilitating them in our ladies shelter homes and we are working towards this goal. 
You too can play your part in this LENTEN SEASON by recommending such poor goan people suffering from mental disabilities and those homeless living on the streets of Goa and getting them to our shelter homes with the required paper work.
You can also support our work through your donations as 90% of our homeless street people in all our 8 shelter homes numbering close to 165+ are provided FREE FOOD CLOTHING & MEDICATION of which 125+ are on pchystric medication. 
This Goan lady can be adopted by you incase you can foot her monthly bills as its a Sad and poor case of being born in poverty with severe mental disabilities @ 42 years and with just one sister who herself is a widow with one eye and no job and fixed source of income.
We provide you income tax exemption under SECTION 80G On your donations 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


18.3.2023. 7pm IST 
An honest  goan senior citizen finds a huge excess amount in his E COMMERCE account which he understood was hacked and so one day changes his password and decides to give this excess amount away to a cause.
This senior citizen approached the police stating he has excess money in his E COMMERCE ac which needs to go back to the person who hacked his account. 
Police usually have received complaints of people loosing their money by hackers but here the hackers got their own taste of their medicine.
Anyway since the Police were unable to do much the honest senior citizen approached me asking for suggestions how to utilize this amount ?
I gave many suggestions but one was accepted.
The senior citizen wished that this can be utilized to the welfare of A PARTICULAR GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT and so we ended up purchasing these 100's of  PHOTO COPYING Bundles of Papers.
We @ Street Providence Goa will be giving close to 27 units of A PARTICULAR GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT across both districts a few bundles of these PHOTO COPYING paper and also requesting each OFFICER  to do more than what they are doing towards our goan homeless and poor goans suffering from disabilities in their jurisdiction by getting them to our shelter homes.
It's going to be a SCOTCHING SUMMER & the homeless especially those suffering from disabilities need help with food shelter clothing & medication.
The best people to get help to the homeless are this PARTICULAR GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT and this goodwill gesture is only to remind that STREET PROVIDENCE has shelter Homes both for men & women across both districts of Goa.
Next week we will me moving all these 100's of bundles across Goa
Last we need to appreciate this senior Goan honest citizen who tried to return the excess amount which did not belong to him & when he realized that it was not possible, he decided to give it away for a worthy cause to our NGO who in turn decided to give it to this PARTICULAR GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT. 
Sounds strange this post ?
Honesty is a VIRTUE and HONESTY can be acquired but it has to be CULTIVATED. 
What Would you too do if you had excess amount in your E COMMERCE ac ?
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


16.3.2023. 7pm IST 
When the Department concerned does not show interest in their own projects listed on their own web site of how to save food from going waste , then what is the next solution ?
One of India's biggest Food Bank network collaborates with our NGO @  Food Bank for the Poor Sangolda Goa to distribute to the poor and needy packaged food manufacturered by MNCs well before the expiry date of the products in Goa
Usually big brands manufacture packaged food and it's distributed through the FMCG distributors
What happens when these goods are not sold on the shelves of shops & Supermarkets ?
It goes back after expiry date to the distributor and then to the depot and it's thrown out into the garbage.
Food bank for the Poor Sangolda Goa was started way back in 2017 on a small note with just 1 fridge running for over 6 months .
Saving of food can be looked from two angles basically through this post.
☆ 1. Freshly cooked food 
☆ 2. Packaged and manufactured food products.
◇ 1. Today daily we pick and accept 400 – 500 kgs of fresh cooked food through our Food Bank fridges installed across Goa and through our Food collection from factories. 
Monthly we collect around 14 to 15 tonnes.
Freshly cooked good extra food has to be moved out as quickly as possible which we have been doing non stop last 5 years.
◇ 2. Packaged and manufactures food products is a bigger area of food wastage in India and today we have an opportunity to enter this sector all because of One of India's biggest Food Bank network collaborates with our NGO @  Food Bank for the Poor Sangolda Goa.
We feel that every month in Goa itself close to 20 to 30 tonnes of packaged and manufactured food is being thrown out into the garbage.
Today we received close to 
◇ 230 kgs of KITKAT 2F @ 9360 pcs
◇ 156 kgs of Maggi Cup Noodles soup@ 1248 pcs.
This is just the beginning and we will be distributing this  :
▪︎to children in rural parts of Goa ,
▪︎ to children suffering from HIV
▪︎ to children suffering from disabilites.
We are aware of more such stocks reaching our food bank in Goa and what the Department could have done all this while is being done by our NGO today by the Grace of God .
This leading Food Bank Network based in Delhi is yet to personally meet me but the amount of work our food bank has been doing last 5 years has caught their attention and in GOA the Department is sleeping doing absolutely nothing to save food from being wasted.
Its a SHAME that all our requests, Applications, explanations, hard work last few years is just ignored due to EGO of the Director and we wait for the new Director who will be taking over after the current Director retires in a few months from now.
In the mean time i personally feel SATISFIED & HAPPY that a leading Food Bank Network in INDIA from Delhi has entrusted our FOOD BANK @ STREET PROVIDENCE to avoid packaged food from going waste and given us an opportunity to feed the poor, needy and deserving in Goa.
No matter how many obstacles I faced to put this packaged food project from becoming a reality with the Department, that effort did not go waste.
Today we are ready to accept monthly 10 tonnes of packaged and manufactured food items into our FOOD BANK and we can feed many many children & our poor goan people who just might feel that SOME ONE CARES for them.
If any food manufacturer in Goa or surrounding areas of Goa read this post and wish to feed the poor and needy instead of throwing out their manufactured food products please get in touch with me on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


15.3.23. 7pm IST 
This post is about me holding on to my job , rehabilitated homeless men getting a small livelihood and economically empowering ladies who are victims of violence & trafficking . 
◇ 1. For those who are unaware , I have a full time Sales job in the dairy & non dairy sector and I work with Vimal oil & Foods Ltd in Goa for the last 13 years and that's where I provide for my family through my job. 
Good company to be associated with and that too 13 years & counting without a break. 
Having a full-time job & running a complex operation @ Street Providence NGO is not an easy task at all especially in last 5 years of our NGO being started. 
◇ 2. Alot of our inmates are rehabilitated from alcohol & but still need a place to stay as they are not good to start life alone in the world as they might fall down again. 
But they need activity to keep their mind occupied and to build up their motivation and communication skills . 
◇ 3. There is a 25 year old NGO known as ARZ in Vasco city who rescues trafficked women & women in violence  & economically empowers such ladies who are victims of violence & trafficking to stand on their feet . 
ARZ has started a small factory where these ladies work and they manufacture toilet roll & tissue paper in addition to other products. 
To generate sales to keep my job and to also support these ladies I have started Home delivery across Parts of Goa especially areas where my men's shelter homes are situated of Vimal products & tissue paper and toilet rolls. 
Delivery is Free to your door step. 
We are covering these talukas with deliveries  : 
☆ Bardez & Tiswadi  3 times a week
☆ Quepem, Salcete , Mormugao 2 times a week 
☆ Bicholim once a week. 
This is just a CROSS PROMOTION and nothing else to keep me , my homeless rehabilitated men & the rescued trafficked women going as we need to survive in this highly competitive world. 
Your support in purchasing from the charts attached with this post makes a huge impact to so many of us both at Street Providence & ARZ. 
You can order through whatsapp messages on 8380077564 and if there are bulk orders without the PROMOTION Items then a competitive wholesale rate can be worked out on full cartoon of  both dairy & non dairy products on 8380097564 preferably through whatsapp only. 
In the following weeks I will be promoting through home deliveries items/ products made by poor simple people suffering from all types of disabilities again with CROSS PROMOTIONS . 
Our NGO understands the marketing issues faced by poor goan people suffering from disabilities and we will promote such items very soon. 
Those who manufacture usually can't market and those who market are not manufacturers on a whole. 
Please do store these charts and forward to your near and dear ones this message along with the charts . 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


14.3.23. 7pm IST 
What I am going to share with you is a fact and there are huge no of such cases and it's rising but the LAW is the issue to them reaching no where .
3 senior citizens ladies and their only brother.
◇ One sister bed ridden 
◇ One sister abroad married 
◇ One sister leg heavy bandaged and looks after the bed ridden sister 
Brother is 55 years heavily drinking and falling on the streets in different parts of TISWADI TALUKA.
3rd sister walks 1 step to ours 5 steps due to a chronic leg issue.
Everyone sees this man but no one knows what and how to go about. 
So ?
Police are called, who at most times come see and go away or at times pick him up and take him to IPHB.
At IPHB he is given medicine and sent away .
If he has to be admitted into IPHB there are 3  ways :
▪︎ 1. Through the police 
▪︎2. Through the family .
▪︎3. Through influence 
¤ 1. If police admitt him with a Magistrate Order which takes an entire working day , plus a 4 Wheeler and 4 cops and this costs the state. 
After picking him up cops have to take him to the nearest government health center and assess him to know if he is suffering from mental disabilities. 
If yes , a letter is issued and cops proceed to the Magistrate office if it's day time .
Magistrate gives order and then cops proceed to IPHB.
Initial assessment is done and IPHB sends to GMC for scanning,  xray etc 
After all these tests Cops come back to IPHB & admission takes place.
All the above takes minimum 8 to 10 hours.
If the man is picked up in the day it's okay as Magistrate might be in the city but if picked up at night then cops have to go to Magistrate home which may be in different city.
Again costs involved of car and manpower. 
Knowing the history of this man in particular, COPS usually will not go for the Magistrate Order. 
Why ?
After a few months of treatment and discharge, he is back on the streets in the same condition as the sisters can't manage him and he has no MID WAY HOME or any FREE SHELTER HOME for his recovery and rehabilitation except our homes. 
And in this case it is happening for years. 
But at times MAGISTRATE ORDER is not easy to get Since he has family.
¤ 2. If the family has to admitt him into IPHB, its impossible for both the sisters as one is bed ridden and one can't walk .
Friends and relatives just don't want to get involved. 
If we are called which many times such cases come to us , it's very risky as such cases the men are highly intoxicated and totally blown out of their mind and God forbid the man dies in our custody before reaching the hospital, then what ?
Few weeks ago ” a Russian roaming half naked totally unsound mind died in the custody of the police ” but since it's the police it's understood , but if it's in the car of the NGO then what. 
Such cases usually turn pathetic from alcohol to weed and then to synthetic drugs and finally either dead on the streets or totally blown out of the mind and becomes a zombie.
Quote often we get involved and take such cases our selves to the IPHB and on case to case basis do the best we can to admitt into IPHB.
On discharge we take to our shelter home after finding the relatives who make an affidavit for their admission.
Best such example from TISWADI taluka was late  CHRISTMAS FATHER who once upon a time was totally unwanted by all authorities but once he entered our home the transformation was beyond our dreams. 
3. It can also be that these same Police to get rid of him off the streets permanently due to pressure and influence of the POWERFUL finally get a MAGISTRATE ORDER and get him into the IPHB where he will be there for months if not years but will never be normal till his death as now from alcohol he has progressed to weed and Even synthetic drugs .
The LAW states that you can't force anyone to get off the streets just because we see them on the streets and the LAW also states that this man can refuse to take treatment and admission at IPHB and can't be forced, so he just walks out.
But where ?
There are so many such men in our homes from such EXAMPLE  given and I have gone back and tracked each and every admission and realized that most of the inmates in our 8 homes are permanently on psychiatric medications.
Cases of such EXAMPLE  can be repaired if all AGENCIES sit togther like :
☆ District Judges & JMFC
☆ Goa Police
☆ Disability Commissioner 
& our NGO 
Why our NGO ?
Well our NGO in Goa is the only such shelter home registered with all licenses (but no government funding) running MID WAY / HALF WAY homes for such people with mental disabilities FREE OF COST for the poorest of the poor .
And I am not a pchyistrist nor a doctor, I am just a lay man doing the little I can to bring a little smile on the face of these people suffering from Disabilities. 
Before our NGO started this service, Goa Police & other government agencies did not have options or choices to send the poor for rehabilitation FREE of COST suffering from mental disabilities so either they remained a trouble on the streets till they died or they got permanent membership in the IPHB.
If any one who has read this long post got any suggestions/ ideas / views or can come up with a solution to ending people living with mental dismal on the streets please let me know.
This post is to enlighten all that please take care of your loved ones as Mental disabilities is not to be taken lightly and If not addressed in time you can be living a difficult life on earth.
Trust me I am upset with what I am seeing and going through daily :
◇ Mothers crying 
◇ Sisters desperate 
◇ Wives cheated 
◇ Husband's & brothers unable to take care  of their loved ones 
So many requests daily for rehabilitation. 
We are committed to help and rehabilitate.
God bless you so much
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848