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15.4.24. 7pm IST 
We @ Street Providence are collecting old  clothes which one does not need so that we can give it to the poor and reduce the load on the garbage dumps.
From 15.4.24 to 15.5.24 for the entire 30 days we will run this drive.
Once monsoon starts for the next 4 months we will not be accepting any clothes.
There is a charge in the form of a donation when we collect your clothes of Rs 5000 for every 30 clothes you give away even if it's in good and new condition.
We will pick the clothes from your door step and we don't have any drop of points.
All clothes are compulsory sent to a laundry before we give it away to the poor.
One needs to understand ” we are in need of donations/ funds to run our shelter Homes and that's why this project of collecting your clothes with a donation.”
If you just want to give away your clothes without a donation, then we can't accept, as our shelter homes are not in need of clothes.
If you wish to cut the load on the garbage bins then this project is for you otherwise we just complain about garbage menace.
If you feel that the poor can be clothed with your good clothes with your donation then this project is for you.
Many will question ” why should we give away our VERY GOOD CLOTHES & pay for it to be taken “.
Well i have explained the reasons above so I hope it's understood.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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13.4.24. 10 pm IST 
The most difficult part at a shelter home for the poor with mental disabilities & other disabilities is “NON STOP HOSPITAL checkups & follow ups”
Many must be always assuming & concluding that running a PROFESSIONAL NGO is all about an easy life where one only collects donations, social media posts , and making publicity.
Believe me, shelter homes for the poor with disabilities is a service &  it's very stressful, complicated, requires complete concentration and very very expensive, both in transportation & manpower.
Summer time is the most difficult season as the heat gets to the nerves of those suffering with disabilities.
Daily we have to trips to hospitals :
☆ Minimum 5 inmates  per day to
☆ Maximum 12 inmates per day.
To move so many people to hospital we require that many cars as the homes are scattered and at times sickness are contagious that only one patient can be transported per car.
》Some are on wheel chair
》Some are on Pampers 
》Some are suffering from mental disabilities along with either TB or HIV.
Take example today 13.4.24
12 inmates taken from 5 shelter homes to different hospitals today.
Along with these inmates, 5 drivers and 8 staff have to accompany them.
Our monthly petrol costs is above Rs 1 lac per month as we not only run 10 shelter homes for the poor with disabilities but we run a huge food bank where we Daily collect 100s of kgs of food to feed 1000s of meals.
With a staff of 60 + and rising,  we have a huge salary bill to take off monthly & its a big responsibility to fulfill.
Since all our homes are rented – monthly rent.
At times the costs are mind boggling for a small NGO as ours.
But we are always keeping our doors open to take in the poorest of the poor goans.
We had taken all our inmates early March 24 to DHS requesting for GOVERNMENT DOCTORS to visit our homes.
They assured to get back in 1 week . Today it's 6 weeks.
Then when I write hard facts and practical points Ministers and bureaucrats get upset.
But this is the reality that THE CONCERNED DEPARTMENTS are not concerned towards the poor goans suffering from disabilities and turning homeless.
At this Rate of hospital trips happening daily in this heat , we are going to all go nuts and it's time to hit the streets as THE DIRECTOR of DHS is yet to reply to our letter ” whether we are going to get GOVERNMENT DOCTORS to visit our homes or not ? “.
If yes then from when and if no then let us know.
Sitting quite does not serve the purpose but only when we hit the streets then everything moves.
Till then we are forced to run these non ending hospital trips.
We require your support in whatever way you can to help us provide relief to those in our homes.
If you go through our face book page or our website Daily, you will see how many friends in our homes are daily date wise taken to hospitals.
This is the least we can do to the poorest of the poor goans by taking them to hospitals daily to ease their pains and misery.
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God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
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11.4.24. 10 pm IST 
Through our GIVING AWAY BANK ,  STREET PROVIDENCE  GOA recently gave away a huge qty of Talcum powders to people below poverty line of different brands & of different sizes
And this is just the start / beginning.
We are continously receiving so many different items in excess of what is required for our homes and that's why we are starting another bank- GIVING AWAY BANK.
In a few days from now we will update you the reason for starting this GIVING AWAY BANK.
But at the moment we are highly favored by GOD to be able to daily give away to the poor so many things which even I at times can't imagine how and why it happens in our NGO.
We gave away all these TALCUM powders that you see in the link and in the picture to an NGO who works with people below poverty line be it In slums or just those suffering from poverty.
We are looking for more NGOs who wish to be associated with our various banks so that whatever resources we are having in our banks can be distributed to the poor and needy.
Even old aged Homes and other shelter homes can be associated with our GIVING AWAY BANK as we have items to be used for the poor and needy including fresh food on a daily basis.
We are able to run so many banks due to our strength which LOGISTICS & MANPOWER.
Our friends in the shelter homes suffering from mental disabilities are put to work in most of the banks as that's one way to decrease their medication intake and keep them totally occupied.
In our GIVING AWAY BANK it's all hard work of 
》Collecting items
》Storage in our warehouse 
& then distribution.
But that's my basic principle:
Give & it shall be given unto you,
Good measure , pressed down,
Shaken toghter & running over ,
Will be poured into your lap.
Usually we only collect collect & then throw out.
But there are so many poor people below poverty line who might just need things which you might have.
We are that link – but there is a cost which the donnor has to bear.
These small gestures towards those below poverty line are transferred to the donnor through spiritual blessings.
We @ Street Providence are a testimony to so many spiritual blessings coming our way that this is one of the reasons we are always adding more and more projects.
We thank so many silent donors who keep donating in many ways to our various projects/ Banks and in return they get spiritual blessings.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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10.4.2024. 10 pm IST
Today we admitted one young goan unmarried girl who is suffering from severe mental disabilities and has only a bed ridden parent who can't move out of the bed.
Situation is so complicated that this girl has been difficult to manage and keeps walking around the village and is highly vulnerable to exploitation. 
She is a long term patient of IPHB & has been endless admitted, treated, discharged, back to streets, again picked up, admitted @ and life goes on.
Since only 1 parent is Alive and that too bed ridden and she is the only child adds more misery to the existing situation.
Relatives are supporting but in due course once that single parent hits the bucket its going to be very difficult for this young girl.
How long will the relatives run around ?
This young girl is like 7 to 8 years on Severe psychiatric medication from IPH , which she avoids taking once discharged from hospital as there is just no one to give her the daily medicine, which further complicates her recovery.
Very aggressive by nature which can be due to no parents love or just rejection from society or many old hurts which makes her aggressive.
We still have another 27 such psychiatric ladies to be admitted into our home either who are admitted into IPHB for treatment or who we have recommended to take treatment at IPHB so that they are stabilised.
It's difficult, sad, complicated, frustrating , heart wrenching to see our poor goan ladies/ girl turning or turned fully psychiatric with no freaking future or no government shelter homes to allow them to live in dignity.
Slowly such chronic cases of mental disabilities will not respond to medication and that will further complicate their rehabilitation.
It's all going wrong for the poor and the vulnerable.
The Hon CM of Goa needs to address this issue else mark by words ” in a few months max in 2 years you will find people with psychiatric issues roaming on streets with choppers and sticks “.
Already one city in Goa is having so many homeless people imagine if they turn psychiatric you will find it very difficult in this city to even move our house.
We are committed to helping as many poor goans suffering from mental disabilities by providing relief & rehabilitation especially the 27 poor ladies who we have committed to take in.
Your support is what drives us to take in many poor goans with mental disabilities and vulnerable to being exploited if on the streets.
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God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
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9.4.2024. 10 pm IST 
If you ever visited Navtara Restaurant @ Panjim market , Goa in the last 10 years, you would have observed an elderly poor goan lady always in unclean attire shouting, abusing and very destructive right on the footpath and mostly in the corner.
( I am not quoting her name nor her picture, let's see how many know who I am referring too)
Well , there are Angel's @ Goa Police.
I am sure most of you living in an around panjim city would have seen her and last 8 years of our NGO , every month one or two calls would come to rehabilitate her.
Immediately I would call Panjim Police station but always excuses and nothing much to expect as the lady is & was a hard nut to crack as she was too complicated to handle.
But that was all the past.
Until just a month back, there was New INSPECTOR of PANJIM Police station appointed, our good friend & who is also a good friend of the poor & homeless, INSPECTOR VIJAY CHODANKAR.
I one-day brought up this topic of this lady & within 2 days INSPECTOR Vijay got his team to do the needful.
PSI  Mr A.Khan was given the responsibility and although they took more than 12 hours and lots of manpower and huge amount of paper work, this elderly goan lady was admitted into IPHB I can say for the 1st time.
This should have happened 10 years back.
Rain , sun , winter – sleeps in abandoned vehicles or on the streets, not sure about her daily bath & other hygiene.
But very very unclean and unhygienc.
If it was not for ANGELS ie , 
The INSPECTOR Mr Vijay Chondankar &
The PSI Mr A. Khan
this elderly goan lady would have still been on the corner of NAVTARA , Panjim Market.
Well it does not stop here .
IPHB initially refused admission inspite of a Magistrate Order as the lady refused to be admitted.
I mean no person with mental disabilities will evey accept they are suffering.
Anyway after admission into IPHB , the lady would have been back out after 15 days.
But this is what I wish to highlight ie 
70 residents around Navtara Restaurant put their signature on a appeal stating that the lady should be sent to a shelter home once ready for discharge & this was addressed to the :
Local MLA,
Mayor , Corporation of city of Panjim,
INSPECTOR Of Panjim Police station,
I assume and i am sure :
☆ 1. The  INSPECTOR of Panjim Police station wrote to the IPHB that once discharge of the lady is ready please hand over this lady to the Police to place In a shelter home. 

☆ 2. May be even The Local MLA & THE MAYOR and the Corporation endorsed these views
Because as of date This elderly lady is not on the streets of Panjim which means she is in IPHB taking treatment.
This is why I called the two police officials ANGELS.
In the last few years, most of the Inspectors are not too co operative towards poor homeless people on the streets suffering from mental disabilities as there are no designated government homes once discharged from IPHB.
So basically it's a waste of time , manpower, paperwork, where even if picked up and put into IPHB, once discharged it's back to the streets.
But since we have a good relationship with both The INSPECTOR & The Sub INSPECTOR, this elderly lady will be rehabilitated either in our home or at Provedoria. 
That the State will decide.
But Like this elderly goan lady @ Navtara , I am aware of 100's such cases across Goa & it's high time Society takes a lead to reach out to such poor people living a horrible life.
Just imagine 70 residents put pressure on their Local MLA, Corporation and the police with their letter and what did not happen in 10 years, happened quickly.
☆ 1. We as Society expect The Police to do the rehabilitation of people on the streets but we need to know POLICE don't have such homes.

☆ 2. NGOs like us expect the Police to pick up such people and get them into IPHB for treatment & then send them to us , but that never happens.

☆ 3. The State assumes that NGOs like us will go on taking such cases off the starts but without grants it's just not going to happen.

☆ 4. Ultimately its these poor vulnerable goans who suffer as all of us fail them.
To all those who wondered where this elderly goan lady disappeared ” well she is in IPHB “
If anyone knows her family please do let me know.
We are on stand by to take into our home as and when she is discharged from IPHB but to be routed thru the Police.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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6.4.2024. 10 pm IST 
Mamlatdar of Sanguem Taluka,  picks up an elderly Goan man Mr Santan Dsouza, who was living on the main road @ Bendwada, Sanguem in a total unhygienc condition on 4.4.24 @ 11am .
Sir Pravind Gawas , is the Mamlatdar of Sabguem Taluka & being a kind man , he noticed this dirty and unclean man living right on the main road without food and sanitation.
The Mamlatdar , stopped his car , put Santan into his car , took him to his office, cleant him up and got him a bath with decent clothes and wrote an official letter to The Sanguem Police to place him in a shelter home.
Sir Pravind Gawas called me and requested to help which we agreed on the spot.
Last few days, I know that many people saw him but non stopped even The Police saw him but due to no official Government notified homes, Mr Santan was just ignored and left to fend for himself.
It's good for all Government officials like Talathis, Mamlatdars , Deputy Collectors, Police Inspectors to learn HUMANITY from this Mamlatdar Mr Pravind Gawas and to come forward when such poor goan people or homeless people are seen living in miserably condition.
Its also a good eye opener for The officials @ :
☆ 1. Women & Child Department,
☆ 2. Social Welfare Department &
☆ 3. Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Department,
to have notified shelter homes because non of the above are having designated shelter homes for the homeless either with disabilities or without.
It's very strange that after 48 hours no one has come forward from Santan family to search him or to lodge a missing report.
For Many who say ” goans are not homeless ” please smell the coffee as the no of goans on the streets today will be between 500 to 1000.
The Government of the Day is not addressing this issue in the way it should be handled and my fear is that in the coming year or two there will close to 10000 to 20000 poor people living on the streets of Goa.
SANTAN is okay last 2 days , quite , not speaking much which might be due to mental disabilities or shock of being unwanted from his family.
We appreciate The Mamlatdar of Sanguem for all his support towards picking up an unclean man in his car from the streets and using his power to see that this old homeless man reaches a shelter home in quick time.
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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5.4.2024. 11am IST 
Today we admitted a poor goan senior citizen psychiatric lady into our home.
Above is the link when we admitted the daughter.☝️☝️
She has only 1 daughter who is also psychiatric, who we had admitted a few weeks back into our home from the IPHB & the daughter is a BSc Graduate,  but both mother & daughter are suffering from PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA. 
》To some it will sound frightening, 
》To some it will sound sad,
》To some it will sound disappointing,
》To some it will sound irritating.
But this is the reality of life for those poor goan ladies who come from extreme poverty , coupled with high level of extreme mental disabilities, and a highly neglected area from the state which refuses to address this issue. 
Why I am saying the state refuses to address?
Well it's the duty of the state to have:
☆ 1. Shelter homes for such vulnerable section of society ie LADIES with mental disabilities or
☆ 2. To fund homes like us who are doing the work of the state.
It's time some one files a PIL in the HIGH COURT as the no of cases are rising beyond control and every day we are requested to rehabilitate.
But each and every department is just passing the buck and closing their eyes towards this burning issue ” NON AVAILABILITY OF SHELTER HOMES FOR POOR GOANS WITH DISABILITIES “.
Very soon in a years time you will find many such GOAN people ROAMING across the state if homes are not started by the government & then these goans are called and labeled as outsiders. 
Imagine in a small asbestos roof home, with no proper sanitation as their wash room is outside the home, an educated girl and her mother are staying and both are suffering from chronic mental disabilities.
Help should have reached them 5 years back but then ” this is reality “.
I thank IPHB for many reasons:
☆ 1. For Admitting both the mother & daughter ( after we stepped in ) without a care giver into the institute.
☆ 2. For treating both the mother & daughter perfectly well.
☆ 3. For not discharging both in a hurry.
☆ 4. For discharging the daughter 2 weeks back 
☆ 5. For discharging the mother today.
It means alot our NGO as well as to the family. 
If only IPHB gives such support daily to such poor goan ladies we are ready to take in as many as are available who just don't have any family support back Home.
If the CONSULTANT DR @ IPHB had not referred them to our NGO 2 months back , they would still be living in suffering and misery in that small asbestos house without much medication and help.
We today have still 28 such ladies either in the IPHB or waiting to get admitted into IPHB, who we have committed to provide rehabilitation once Stable in the mind and fit to be admitted into our home. 
No matter what i write and what I grumble and fight about, we see pain, suffering, disappointment, lost hope daily through our interactions with many poor goan families suffering from mental disabilities and just no silver lining on their horizon.
Its difficult but one day we will have to stop accepting more admissions.
Both Mother & daughter have been endlessly admitted into IPHB Last so many years, treated,  discharged, sent home, again loose their mind , again same story.
But now this AGONY has been finished once and for all.
Both mother & daughter will be given the best care and infact daughter last few days is showing good signs of recovery.
We feel happy and satisfied to work and care for the poorest of the poor and its a different feeling to see them smile, talk,  reply, do their own stuff. 
Giving life back to a person with chronic mental disabilities is a big challenge and we have mastered this ART.
All we require is funds and donations.
If you know such poor goans in poverty suffering from chronic mental disabilities and just living a horrible and pathetic life please be free to contact me through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
We will surely attempt to help rehabilitate.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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1.4.2024  7pm IST
♡♡♡ An IAS officer, Sir Sanjit Rodrigues, Secretary of Factories & boilers, Government of Goa, Altinho, Panjim Goa , puts his good intentions into a program where daily 100's if not 1000 kgs of cooked factory food in Goa can be routed to feed the poor and hungry.
Today our NGO implements a project of collecting extra cooked factory food from factories @ Verna Industrial Estate to feed the poor, under our FOOD BANK program which is ONE OF THE ONLY IN INDIA.
At our FOOD BANK program We are blessed to have dynamic pair of  government officials who understood hunger & food wastage @ Factory and Boilers department.
This dynamic duo is:
Mr. ANANT PANGAM, Chief Inspector. 
When i put forth hard facts and a fool proof project how to reduce cooked food wastage which I can say is daily a huge qty of may be 
3 to 5 tonnes and that too only from Factories across Goa, Sir Sanjit Rodrigues IAS, Secretary, decided to support &  implement the same as a service based project and not under any Government project.
With a young dynamic Chief Inspector 
Mr Pangam under The Secretary, Mr Pangam put his heart and mind into getting the 10 top most factories in Verna Industrial Estate to support this initiative.
It took about 4 to 5 month to get :
☆ Documentation, 
☆ Paper work, 
☆ Approval from various levels in each of these 10 big factories ,
☆ Etc
And finally today 1.4.2024 , we started this fresh cooked extra factory food collection from :
The remaining 5 factories will be starting after another 7 to 10 days.
Once all these 10 factories start donating, we are sure to receive 400 to 500 kgs of food daily.
It's a big big savings to our shelter homes in South Goa as with this food, we can provide meals 1st in our 3 Homes & remaining food will be daily provided to those poor children suffering from HIV & TB in the vicinity of VERNA Industrial Estate. 
This project will run the entire year & we are doing our little bit to ease the pain of the hungry, the homeless, the abandoned, the sick.
After all We just celebrated EASTER & besides the messages and wishes , 
” EASTER is all about giving LIFE to others “.
Its a wonderful feeling to have got this  project up and running on the very next day after EASTER .
And we pray that more government officials across all departments take a clue from Factories & boilers dept , who are going beyond their call of duty in reaching out to so many daily suffering for want of a meal.
It's always wonderful when Government officials agree to work for the betterment of the society.
To ease the pain and suffering of the poor & needy, each and every government servant needs to understand that one needs to be SINCERE to their position/ job / chair and only then will our STATE & COUNTRY be progressive and all citizens will be happy and not just follow blindly orders which are to please the higher ups.
The man behind the actual implementation of this FOOD BANK program of FACTORIES donating their extra canteen food is Sir ANANT PANGAM who has taken ALOT , I mean ALOT of trouble to put all these 10 big companies into a system which today has seen the implementation come to pass.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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30.3.2024. 5pm IST 
✝️ Good Friday commemorates Jesus Dying on the cross to bear our pains , sickness, sins.✝️
Jesus took our cross upon himself.
A kind hearted Doctor who is also the H.O.D of a Government hospital in GOA , pays a few bills of our poor goan homeless psychiatric inmate who  we recently  admitted for complicated medical issues in this particular ward.
And I got thinking how, what , why etc.
Imagine just because we are from STREET PROVIDENCE and it's our inmate who is a Goan homeless, The H.O.D went an extra step.
But what about more poor goans with disabilites & the homeless who require finance in hospitals when admitted and there is just no one at times to pay their bills say for diapers, certain medicines which have to be bought from outside, etc.
Last so many years I have been roaming around with our inmates in most of the government hospitals and I see hear understand how poor people be it goans or homeless fail to raise resources due to poverty for small small stuff like pampers, diapers , at times medicines which are not available in the hospitals due to many genuine reasons.
To partially solve this issue even if it's a small drop we are starting a new project HEALTHCARE SUPPORT BANK for the poorest of the poor Goans with disabilites & homeless in 3 major Government hospitals in Goa which will be on a daily basis 7 days a week / 30 days a month/ 365 days a year.
This is our plan : 

☆ 1. Daily budget we are going to spend Rs 10000.   Of which its divided in these 3 places :
 》GMC Rs 5000 daily 
》District hospital Mapusa Rs 2500 daily 
 》District hospital Margao Rs 2500 daily

☆ 2. We have our team member in all 3 hospitals networking with many health care personnel so we are aware who is the most deserving. 

☆ 3. Each and every request will be daily scrutinized before we pay the bills
Funding ?
☆ 1. Since we run a DIAPER BANK where we collect alot of unused diapers, Pampers, Sanitary pads, we will route this to our 3 sets of team member  to distribute in hospitals.
☆ 2. Since we run a MEDICAL EQUIPMENT BANK where we collect alot of second hand walkers, sticks , water mattresses, etc we will route these items to those who might need in incase of emergency through our hospital team member in each of the 3 hospitals.
☆ 3. For medicines & other bills we will Pay the bills from our NGO.
Many people often wish to do charity for the poor in kind and we will offer this platform to pay medical bills directly to the pharmacies where such medicines are purchased.
Simultaneously one can donate to our NGO towards this HEALTHCARE SUPOORT BANK and we will provide the bills if needed. 
Since we run so many banks @ Street Providence we will channelise those products or services in our MANY BANKS  towards the poor goans suffering from disabilities and the homeless once admitted into the above 3 hospitals.( on patient to patient Basis ) 
It's my little form of giving back to society for the good health I am experiencing inspite of so many projects being run by us.
If you and your family are blessed with good health then HEALTHCARE SUPPORT BANK is one place where you can say “THANK YOU GOD”.
If you have more than enough of resources and are looking for good health then HEALTHCARE SUPPORT BANK is where you can support poor goans in need of medical support by donating for a cause which will surely earn you and your family uninterrupted GRACE & BLESSINGS from GOD.
It's always good to invest in the poor especially those with disabilities & the homeless and those who can never ever come back to help you but who will always be grateful towards help provided to them during their difficult times especially in hospitals.
We all celebrate functions like birthdays, anniversary, get togther, re unions etc and these bills usually run into lakhs if not thousands.
So on your special day , you can book with us in advance the amount you wish to spend in the hospital for the poorest of the poor to feel that joy and happiness.
But per day if we manage to get a benefactor to foot these bills of Rs 10000 towards this project, then one will surely experience God's blessings on your family which we can call as SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS. 
One can also purchase cartoons of :
Diapers, Sanitary pads, Pampers , Under pads etc. and hand over to us to distribute in these 3 above hospitals.
If anyone has any unused medical assistive aids one can also donate to our NGO to be used for this project.
Main point is those poor goans or homeless in need of rehabilitation and care after treated in the hospitals will be rehabilitated for few weeks in our homes before they are fit and fine to go back to their livelihoods.
It's a different concept never ever thought , looked into , visualized &  implemented so querries & doubts will crop up in minds .
Be free to whatsapp me all such querries on 8380097564.
But like our so many other innovative and running banks/ projects, I am sure this too will be a success due to your support both in kind and through your donations.
Tomorrow is Easter and we can live the spirit of Easter for the full year by supporting this.  HEALTHCARE SUPPORT BANK project which in turn brings life to the poorest of the poor.
Once again HAPPY EASTER to all of you 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


27.3.2024. 11am IST 
We Come to the end of 2 occassions :
Lent and as well as The financial year 23-24.
“Remember that Lent & Ash Wednesday 
are just not about putting away bad things.
It's is more about creating good things 
and helping the poor & the needy,
being kind to people & much more “
This post is about ” how you can help us “.
We are continously being approached by many genuine poor goans for rehabilitation & all the requests are either people with :
☆ Mental disabilities 
☆ Drug abuse 
☆ Alcoholic addiction 
☆ Stroke related 
☆ Absolute poverty and hunger
These are most of reasons why we are contacted
But the issue is resources on a continous basis.
If we refuse admission ➡️ we are accused of being greedy for only asking donations and not taking in the poor goans & homeless suffering from disabilities. 
If we accept admissions ➡️ we need to look into the bills which keep mounting, which is currently the issue.
We have close to 60 ladies & 110 men In our 10 homes in Goa of which 135 are suffering from disabilities and of which most are goans.
Our current capacity is 240 beds but we can't go above 180 as our calculations go haywire and we are not getting much commitment from any Government departments about our grants.
We have another 29 goans taking psychiatric treatment in the hospital who we have committed to rehabilitate.
We have many poor goan families in need of dry ration, basic medications, etc & they are so poor that they don't get help from the authorities.
That's where we step in to help them in a little way.
From 1st April 2024 , we are putting up a team to visit all 3 major government hospitals daily for an hour only helping the poorest of the poor ( priorty goans ) either with medications which they need to purchase at times or with diapers/ pampers as at times they just can't afford.
We are seeing to much despair, heart breaking situations, hunger in poor goans Homes, too much of mental issues with poor goans.
But belive me, too many poor goans are turning homeless due to mental disabilities which is the major issue today in Goa.
And we are entering Summer season with temperatures expected to be higher than expected.
If you are in need of any tax benefit before 31.3.24 then we offer you 80G exemption on your donation through our NGO.
If you feel that this LENTEN season you can do more for those who are suffering from hunger & homelessness with disabilities then now is the time to get in touch with us and donate for a cause.
Easter is about bringing that life to some one in need of your blessings through your donations.
Those who are the happiest are those who do most for the others.
Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.
Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord,
and he will reward them for what they have done
Helping one person might not change the world,
But it could change the world for one person. 
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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