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30.9.2023. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA opens up our home to one of the two sisters from Verna who were both bed ridden & last week were  admitted into hospitals as their 76 year old mother was too weak to further care and nurse them.
For those who missed the matter refer to the above link .
Joseph Fernandes , our Volunteer, from Aldona was contacted by Melissa, that these 2 sisters plight was very bad.
I was informed by Joseph to help.
Arturo was sent to verify and understand the gravity which was reported as bad , sad & pathetic..
Arturo D'Souza, our Volunteer was instrumental in getting this matter of these poor Ethnic Goan sisters ( Gaude Samaj ) highlighted after I summarized that we can't pick them directly without treatment and getting them stabilized.
Arturo,  Rama , Xencor , Pratima , all genuine Goan activists got together and admitted both sisters ONE into GMC & ONE into District Hospital, Margao and these 4 of them did the best they could to see that they were admitted & treated
Not an easy task as this is difficult & complicated services as all the running around had to be done by these 4.
Some Social media comments were not in good taste.
Today One Sister was discharged & we being the only home who had initially volunteered to help them , kept that commitment and admitted into our home one sister.
Attached a link of the discharge today 
Her mother did the paperwork as per our norms and requested our NGO to provide care and shelter.
Totally bed ridden with high diabetes , wounded leg , amputated foot , etc.
Can't put her foot down at all as  blood will ooze out.
Had to be carried on a stretcher into the house from our ambulance. ( video attached).👇
That's the severity of this poor goan lady from Verna.
We require one full-time nurse to be with her, which we have employed plus there are going to be Hospital check ups and assessments.
Expenses are going to mount as this not an easy case to handle.
The second sister is still at GMC & if we services are required we will also provide care & rehabilitation provided the family requests us and does the paperwork.
We @ Street Providence are continously & daily providing this type of free care & rehabilitation to so many poor Goan people in our 9 shelter homes FREE of cost.
Government is helping but not enough and that's the big issue at the moment.
Of the 170+ inmates about 120 are goans and 90% are on medication with daily hospitals trips for assessment & follow ups.
Caring, treating & rehabilitation of the poor people is not a joke especially if bed ridden and those with mental disabilities.
Easy to make jokes, doubt integrity and pass condemnation but just try helping only 1 such bed ridden poor Goan and you will understand how the health system is gone for a freaking toss especially if one is poor , uneducated,  old , penniless and no influence 
We @ Street Providence are ready to help as many as there are such poor Ethnic goans with full time care & rehabilitation.
Very important to highlight such cases continuously so that the Government gets up from their deep slumber towards these poorest of the poor Goans.
It's good that our genuine goan activists took up this matter and today that hard work and trouble has brought joy and peace to their elderly goan mother who was at so much peace.
We even Volunteered to provide care & rehabilitation to the mother as and when she makes up her mind. Offer is open & valid all 24 hours 
Street Providence is committed to providing free care, medical facilities, rehabilitation, etc to our poor Ethnic goans across the state especially those who are struggling to survive in this materialistic world.
Your support is what we ask to run the homes with all these complicated health issues of these poor Ethnic Goan people.
We operate strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564 .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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27.9.23. 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is in need of these items which can be 2ND HAND but usable.
☆ Televisions.         ☆ Activa bikes 
☆ Water purifiers.    Washing machines 
☆ Tables.                  ☆ Gas stoves
☆ Ceiling fans.          ☆ Ovens 
9 running free shelter homes for the poorest of the poor and those suffering from all types of disabilities. 
3 new homes starting in the coming months.
Most of our shelter homes rehabilitate poor people with mental & physical disabilities.
Alot of hospital trips so bikes are convenient.
A couple of bedridden patients in all homes and at night electricity fails so taking them to washroom is an issue hence inverters a must. 
Television is the only entertainment for people with disabilities and we are always in need of Televisions as most of the Television we have are second hand and outlived their life.
Water purifiers as all our homes are connected to public water supply and since most of the inmates are on psychiatric medication, Pure and clean drinking water is something which is important to good life of these patients.
Gas stoves are always being over used and knobs keep going or rust keeps accumulating on the stoves .
Plus a few other house hold items are in the poster which we are badly in need of.
Again I repeat ” all these items can be 2nd hand and we are ready to accept as long as it is in perfect working condition and we haven't to repair it and then use it “.
All communications through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


26.9.2023. 7pm IST 
Help us reach 10000 new Blankets for our MANIPUR RELIEF. 
Collected 3500 as on date,  6500 needed. 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA had started a NEW BLANKET drive on 6.9.23 for the displaced poor people In relief camps in Manipur and within 20 days we have reached 3500 blankets.
In the 2nd truck which left on 16.9.23 , we sent 2500 blankets.
As of 26.9.23, we have bought additional 600 blankets through donations received and 250 new Blankets have been donated by so many wonderful BENEFACTORS through our collection centre's in Goa.
All put togther 3350 blankets, plus 150 new Blankets are to be collected from different benefactors / couriers are on the way.
We still are in need of 6500 more new Blankets to reach the target of 10000.
Our next truck leaves on 16.10.23 ( approx ) and the winter should set in by mid Oct to early Nov and 55 k + poor people are still in camps across so many district's
If you require help in purchasing blankets do let me know as we have bought bulk 2000 blankets and these blankets need to be paid for.
Bulk quantity are always at a discounted rate.
Across Goa we can have different points where the NEW BLANKETS :
◇ 1. can be dropped incase you are purchasing or
◇  2. you can hand over the donations to our NGO and we will purchase the blankets or 
◇ 3. you can purchase the blankets and whatsapp the bill to us in Goa only and we will pick it up or 
◇ 4. You can order through online and get it delivered to our address.
Let's all try a little to provide some warmth to those thousand of poor people In relief camps be it :
☆ Infants
☆ Little children 
☆ Young children 
☆ Mothers 
☆ The old and elderly 
☆ The bed ridden & those with disabilities.
Winter in Manipur touches anything between 
5 to 8 degrees, with some places even going down to 1 to 2 degrees depending on the area.
And these people in camps are those who ran away from their homes without anything so 100% the winter is going to be a big source of worry to all in the camps.
Infact during our team 2nd visit to Manipur between 28.8 23 to 6.9.23 , to distribute the 1st truck which we had sent earlier , all the people who our volunteer Joseph met insisted on 
1 thing only ” BLANKETS FOR THE WINTER “.
That's why we started this BLANKET DRIVE.
This above link will explain how life is in the camps in Manipur and how our Volunteer spent 6 full days in Churachandpur and mind you during those 6 days there was firing and fighting in Churachandpur yet Joseph our volunteer went about doing his distribution of relief materials. 
Once again we need to get 6500 new Blankets before 15.10.23 to send in our 3rd truck to Manipur to those in the relief camps. 
Please do help us to reach 10000 new Blankets.
All queries , suggestions & views strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


25.9.23  10am IST
The poor Ethnic Goans are getting poorer , impoverished and loosing our big time on free health care.
No one is bothered.
The whole freaking system is out of order and gone for a toss.
Even an NGO like us is treated like as if we are no one in hospitals at time.
We are only considered & wanted when there are abandoned goans or poor homeless in hospitals that need to be rehabilitated and shifted out of a hospital to a shelter Home to free up the beds.
Otherwise stand in line for hours.
Besides District hospital Mapusa & IPHB we are not considered for any genuine requests for the huge no of poor Goan & genuine homeless people we rehabilitate and that's why last 2 months we are going very very slow.
These two sisters who you see from Verna were actually brought to my notice few days back by Joseph Fernandes our volunteer. 
Immediately I got Arturo Dsouza to send medicines and grocery and investigate the matter.
Original video attached when Arturo went 1st day to provide medicines and dry rations and study the whole matter.👇
He reported facts and details which made me shiver as their medical condition was beyond our NGO capacity & the only solution was stabilizing them in the hospital before we took them in for rehabilitation.
I requested Arturo to take Rama, Xencor , Pratima ,Sanjay and highlight this through Social media so that elected representatives are held accountable for their own failures in their own constituency to such poor ethnic goan people.
There are a huge huge no of such pathetic and sad cases daily coming to us for help & rehabilitation but the frustrating part is ” medical support / treatment at hospitals “.
By highlighting this issue, at least for few days things will fall in place at the hospitals.
Check out right today in GOA as you read this post if any home will accept both these ladies as in what medical condition they are suffering?
You will get only one answer ” STREET PROVIDENCE “.
And we were ready to look after them but provided their treatment is done properly by the hospital as well as in the future.
Infact the elderly mother was told by Arturo that we will rehabilitate but we needed to get them admitted 1st and that why the GENUINE ACTIVISTS were asked to step in so that they too get to do such genuine hard and difficult service besides just shouting and taking press conferences.
And not only them but many more such genuine cases of poor ethnic goans are requiring help to access free health care and Better life.
Health Department should assure us better respect towards our NGO.
There has to be better co ordination between :
Goa Police, Women & Child Department, Health Department & IPHB if the poorest of the poor Ethnic Goans like these two sisters have to access better health care and be proud that the State Cares for these Poor ethnic goans.
We are in the process of opening atleast 3 more homes for ladies in next coming month as the requests are so many.
But in future its good if GENUINE ACTIVISTS highlight such pathetic and sad cases as and when THE LOCAL MLA refuses to help.
And once the Local MLA refuses or just washes their hands off , then activists should step in.
Once activists steps in an exposes the plight of the suffering ethnic poor goans and shows rhe truth then the LOCAL MLA should not threaten the family for speaking the truth.
Either the LOCAL MLA helps or just sits quite but no threatening and trying to suppress the feelings and emotion of the poor and downtrodden.
Making videos is not enough by the activists but they need to put pressure on the authorities to see that the videos that they put materilse so that we can only step in when rehabilitation is required after perfect and proper medical treatment. 
Most of the times :
☆ 1.We have to pick such people, 
☆ 2.Take to hospitals,
☆ 3.Stand in line  for hours ,
☆ 4.Do all the tests with our stretched manpower,
☆ 5.If admitted, keep our care giver,
☆ 6.Arrange for blood, 
☆ 7.Buy the Diapers & medicines ,
☆ 8.Once discharged take to our homes, 
☆ 9.If they get sick , call 108 and send again our caregiver to the hospital and stand in line,
☆ 10.If the patient dies, pay to get a doctor's certificate & police pressurize not to do a 
post mortem as their whole day gets wasted,
☆ 11.Use our car to transport to the morgue,
☆ 12. Then pay for the funeral and make those arrangements. 
FREAKING SYSTEM ” looks like all these are my relatives “.
This is the State problem not the NGO problem but that's how we work daily , monthly and yearly.
We are already having close to 175 such people and we are getting overloaded. 
So before you ask me or think ” why did I not help both these ladies “, well one lady is critical and the other lady has sons, so we can't get entangled in such issues as they come from families and then other Complicated ACTIVISTS end up blaming us to extort money as if they have shelter homes, should they expire without medical treatment.
We as an NGO just can't go and pick anyone just because they are sick and poor but there has to be a system by The Authorities which gives us a shield incase things go wrong else CUPABALE HOMICIDE.
We specilizes in only REHABILITATION not PR & ACTIVISIM and we try to follow the law and work within the framework of the law.
Too many COMPLICATED people out there claiming to have FILES on everything, anything & sundry by making trouble for GENUINE NGOs and daily press conferences.
Please put your time and effort daily in helping such ethnic goan poor people to a better life and see how blessed one feels.
Once again we will rehabilitate and care for both these sisters in due course of time once treated and only at the time of discharge.
Both are immobile, on Pampers and one is totally blind so there are going to be huge costs & one requires daily Physiotherapy to kill that pain, which we provide in our shelter homes for ladies.
Some one on social media got too excited asking to share their bank details.
If both are on the bed for months and their own children are not looking after the mother imagine who will get their money and how will the money from the bank reach these two ladies ?
We have made all arrangements and are on stand by to directly move both to our shelter homes ONLY & ONLY after the required paperwork is done by family and authorities.
Heartbreaking and frustrating for such poor & lonely ethnic goans in Goa.
Your support to our NGO to help such cases is what drives us to carry on doing the best we can In rehabilitating these ethics poor goans.
It's difficult, stressful, complicated and requires dedication & commitment but yet it's POSSIBLE to care to for such genuine ethnic poor goans
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


23.9.23  9am IST
We hear this beautiful phrase ” Beti Bachao beti padhao ” but we will show you how our Women shelter homes in Goa actually do it.
Pictures attached of the creativity of a goan young girl & a young goan married abandoned woman.
Our system of providing rehabilitation has harnessed their creativity to make them believe that they are capable of being accepted in society even though they are on psychiatric medication. 
The Young goan girl is just 27 years and last 12 years has been diagnosed with many complicated mental issues.
Mother died when she was very young , father died at the age of 17 years and last 10 years she has been looked after by the uncle but he too is growing old.
Admitted endlessly into IPHB in the last 10 years but no one back home to look after her and give her medication on time so same routine ” admitt into IPHB,  stabilised, discharged, after few weeks again admitted into IPHB etc.
Her daily medication is nothing less than 10 tablets a day so automatically she will feel sleepy & drowsy. 
But she has a hand for drawing and coloring and thats where our rehabilitation program of having 
an Occupational therapist , a Vocational trainer,  a Physiotherapist & an art teacher comes into effect.
Today this young goan orphan girl enjoys her life by relating to those problems she is going through by her drawing.
There is a message in her drawing and that only a few will understand what this young goan girl is going through and has gone through.
She is much at peace,  but recovery is still far away and any time she just explodes and gets uncontrollable.
The second lady is a married goan woman abandoned by her husband and disowned by her own father & brother who live in utter poverty
Mother & 1 sister committed suicide due to this girl being admitted for long time in the IPHB and unwanted by her husband due to her mental illness. 
Used to cry, go into a shell , slit her hands often due to frustration, etc.
No one ever knew she Has a good hand at Needle work & crotchet.
For over 5 years taking psychiatric medication.
Kept in IPHB for close to 2 years and it was a mere coincidence that this matter was brought to my notice 3 years back.
We kept her with some nuns but often she would slit her hand or attempt suicide which made her unwanted everywhere she stayed.
Very unreliable those 3 years back.
2 years back had a long chat with her and made her understand that there is life beyond her understanding and that it's time to move ahead as she has some one at Street Providence who will care and take care of her, provided she stops slitting her hands.
We introduced her to many many skills and she picked up each and every skill taught.
To our blessing and her blessings she learnt and picked up ” needle work , crotchet , flower making ” and today her medication is just 4 psychiatric tablets per day as to 7 tablets about 3 years back.
Very dedicated and responsible lady 
Last 2 years she has not slit her hands nor has shown any signs of attempting to commit suicide. 
Today she is a cook in the home and does all her jobs assigned with responsibility and dedication but every month is taken to IPHB for a monthly check up.
There are many,  I mean many , may be hundreds of such young poor goan girls/ Abandoned ladies who are either disowned by the families due to poverty and compounded by their mental illness or are just not having anyone to look after them due to their mental illness.
They're routinely brought by the police to IPHB, admitted for 45 days, stabilised, discharged , goes back home, don't take medication on time, again police admitt into IPHB, and the cycle goes on .
You know why?
Because GOA does not have Government shelter homes / half way homes / mid way homes for these people.
But to organize events and programs in the cities especially, there are funds.
Young young children / youngsters as young as 22+ are developing mental disabilities and parents don't know how and where to treat them.
Girls/ ladies/ females are the biggest losers in the fight against mental disabilities in Goa &
Beti Bachao beti padhao is not anyway close by to this section of society.
Mid way Homes are the need of the hour , Government grants,  government support is the need of the hour.
It's all VERy weVERY LESS what we are getting through grants that both Women and Child Department as well as Social Welfare Department are disembursing to our NGO but the budget of events are huge.
Infact our grants given in 2022 has been calculated in 2006 when :
Petrol was rs 45 per litre &
1 Dollar $ to 1 Rupee was rs 46 
Today petrol is 96 and $ is 83
We @ Street Providence are doing the best we can to live PM dream of Beti Bachao beti padhao as this girl and this lady are surely some one daughters and just because of their mental Disabilities their lives should not be any less.
It's a desperate situation for hundreds of such goan ladies/ girls to survive with their mental disabilities and being unwanted especially those who come from poverty.
We now run 5 such women shelter homes in Goa with 2 more women shelter Homes planned in the next month only to address the issues of BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO.
It's a very complicated and expensive service caring for people with disabilities. 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


21.9.23. 10am IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA wishes all our HINDU brethren A Very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.
We also have GOOD NEWS during this Festive season and that is ” our Application to set up a shelter home for those POOR people with disabilities in Manipur has been approved and temporary license granted, all with a few days “.
Took a couple of days short holiday especially as we were up to our necks on Saturday , when we flagged off our 2nd relief Truck to Manipur at 
10 am & In the evening at 4.30 pm we innaugrated our 5th women home.
Good news Is YOUR SMALL NGO from GOA is now having recognition in MANIPUR & the Government of Manipur through Social Welfare Department has accepted our application to start shelter homes and even granted our NGO a 6 months temporary license to rehabilitate poor people with all types of disabilities in Imphal as the work to upgrade the shelter home has started.
♡♡♡ Thanks to The Archdiocese of Imphal for the big floor of 300 sq mtrs , ground & logistical support in getting this shelter home project up & running.
But 1st read this link 👇
This is data by the authorities on 1st Sept
So much pain , anxiety and uncertainty in the camps. 
There is and will be huge demand for rehabilitation which I had foreseen 3 months ago that's why we had applied for a license for starting rehabilitation homes for poor people with disabilites in Manipur.
Things will get even more difficult once the winter sets in which is 2nd week of October starting, with temperatures going to vary between 1 to 5 degrees.
But there is HOPE and we @ Street Providence along with you our benefactors carry along that HOPE.
Our 2nd truck should be in Churachandpur by 26th Sept and our team should be there by 30th September.
With the winter setting in and the trouble still going on its only going to get tough for the poorest of the poor, like small children, infants , young mothers , elderly people and those with disabilities.
It's not easy raising resources month after month
MOTIVATION is the key.
☆ 1st from my side – my MOTIVATION Is really high as I bring along 8 years of relief work experience & if I quit now then I become a failure.
☆ 2nd from your side – you the BENEFACTORS have stood by me last 3 months during the MANIPUR RELIEF program.
Benefactors only donate generously when there is MOTIVATION. 
We @ Street Providence are grateful & thankful for the support.
If You are not further MOTIVATED to donate for a genuine cause then alot of poor people lose out due to hunger & homelessness.
For us @ Street Providence , with the SHELTER HOME license being issued is a VERY GOOD NEWS but not to put our collar up,  but to be even more helpful in many district's of Manipur through MORE medical assistance, dry ration, relief trucks , clothing and a couple of more shelter homes in other districts.
We are the ONLY GOAN NGO in MANIPUR working on the ground last 3 months in many many fields supported by THE ARCHDIOCESE OF IMPHAL & now by The Social Welfare Department, Government of Manipur. 
♡♡♡  To all our benefactors ” this is possible due to your support & blessings “.
To our team members:
♡ Bosco George ( Ret IPS )
♡ Adv Caroline Collaso 
♡ Arturo Dsouza 
♡ Fr Clifford Castellino 
♡ Joseph Fernandes 
Your effort , risk and commitment to represent STREET PROVIDENCE In Manipur during these stressful days is well appreciated by all our fellow Goans & our benefactors.
A big ” OBRIGADO “
To my Advisor on Manipur Relief :
♡♡ John Shilshi ( Ret IPS ) , Your advice 3 months back was accurate and spot on.
To the Archdiocese of Imphal :
♡♡♡ Thanks for tolerating my pressure and all the support , Our BENEFACTORS stand with the poor people in the relief camps.
Our 3rd truck is planned for 2nd week of October which is only carrying New blankets.
We ask you to please support the poor people numbering thousands of them in relief camps through this NEW BLANKETS drive which our NGO is conducting.
For those who can't purchase new Blankets do whatsapp me and i will help you to purchase the New Blankets as we have ordered in bulk.
We are working on many projects in Manipur just to bring that little HOPE to so many infants, children, young mothers , elderly and those who are suffering with disabilites and your support as a benefactor plays a big part in this HOPE which our team members convey during the distribution of the relief material in the trucks which we send from Goa.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


17.9.23. 7 pm.  IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA yesterday evening at 4.30 pm ie 16.9.23 innaugrated our 5th women shelter home for poor women suffering from Dimentia,  Parkinson's, Downsyndrome and Autism in CHORAO,  Mayem Constituency.
Overall in Goa its our 9th shelter home. 
♡♡♡ Mayem MLA , Mr PREMENDRA SHET, was The Chief Guest and he innaugrated this home besides being punctual at Sharp 4.30 pm.
Mr Shet is more of a compassionate man towards the issue of people with disabilites than an MLA and we generally take his help when we don't get help from the Social Welfare Minister in emergency.
♡♡♡ Fr Jose Estricio, Parish Priest of Chorao blessed this home in the presence of Sr Rufina Toscana, Sr Rebecca , Sr Edith and others .
A link of our innaugration. ☝️
Autism , Downsyndrome , Parkinson's and Dimentia are sickness / disabilities which require special care and rehabilitation.
No one usually ventures into such rehabilitation homes as its not an easy task as huge no of care givers are required along with dedication,  Commitment and love for such people.
We have tapped, trained and nurtured such care givers who are trained as Semi Nurses.
These young nurses are trained at a Nursing institute in Daltonganj diocese for over 12 months and then have joined our NGO.
♡♡♡ We thank The Provincal of Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima, Sr Rufina Toscana for opening up their 2nd home to our rehabilitation program of caring and rehabilitating poor homeless women & women with mental & intellectual disabilities. 
Last year 15.9.22 , our 1st home with Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima was started at GUIRIM which is still taking care of 12+ ladies with mental disabilities with Sr Edith incharge backed up by our Care Giver cum nurse.
Exactly after 1 year we have strengthened that bond with Fatima Sisters and that resulted in this 2nd home being put to use for ladies with disabilities.
It's going to be Challenging and not an easy ride but the effort is worth the trouble.
This home is situated in the convent and we have rented 4 BIG NEW rooms on the 1st floor to care for 10 ladies only with 2 care givers incharge of this home.
This is a STREET PROVIDENCE PROJECT supported & collaborated with Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima.
Once this woman home settles down we will be starting a similar home for poor men suffering from Autism , Downsyndrome , Parkinson's and Dimentia.
The Social Welfare Department & The State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities have to provide QUICKLY a long term solution in Goa to so many poor and underprivileged GOANS suffering FROM MENTAL & INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES especially Autism , Downsyndrome, Parkinson's and Dimentia.
The State is not doing enough in the rehabilitation part and that's why we have to step in as an NGO and start 9 homes as of date with another 2 planned in the coming months.
Goa is having a huge % of people with disabilities but sadly there are no Government shelter homes specializing in rehabilitating poor people with mental & intellectual disabilities.
We are the only registered NGO with the Social Welfare Department & Women and Child Department having close to 200+ beds for ladies & gents and we have close to 175 such people in our 9 homes providing free rehabilitation to 90% of our inmates.
Only PROVEDORIA which is an autonomous body fully funded by the Government of Goa has more beds than us, but in the sector of caring & rehabilitating people with disabilites we are the only NGO in GOA With 200 beds at hand & the no of beds being added is going up.
Its a request and it will be wonderful if :
THE STATE COMMISSIONER FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, Considers our services just like PROVEDORIA and treats our NGO on par or to some extent with PROVEDORIA as the expenses are mounting and the requests for rehabilitation is increasing.
Everything costs money and its big time expenses running free shelter homes which is actually the job of the State.
It's a headache, stressful , complicated, tough to care for FREE towards  people with disabilites.
If we convert these 200 beds into fully paid facility we can comfortably be at peace as people are ready to pay a price to rehab their loved ones with disabilites but then where do the poor and underprivileged with disabilites go ?
On the other side, the bills keep mounting and pathetic and genuine poor goans keep crying at our office for help & assistance in rehabilitating their loved ones.
WE DARE TO DREAM BIG  inspite of being a very small and young NGO .
Once again A BIG THANK YOU to our BENEFACTORS who stand quietly yet consistently in our projects across Goa & INDIA.
Without the love & support , given by the BENEFACTORS,  we would not be where we are in such a short span of just 6+  years.
Also thanks to The Government of Goa for the support through various government departments but that supports needs to be 
re evaluated and upgraded ASAP as we are in 2023 and the grants been given to us are devised & calculated in 2006 when :
$ to a Rs was 45.31 and 
Petrol per litre in 2006 was Rs 43.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


16.9.23. 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA, 2nd relief Truck to Manipur, was flagged off today from St Diogo Church Compound Guirim. BARDEZ , GOA. 
♡♡♡ Thanks to all the wonderful BENEFACTORS who have generously supported our MANIPUR RELIEF from 26.6.23.
( if you open the link you will get the entire program including our nurses from Jharkhand performing a welcome dance & our little feliciation of Sr Fatima & Sr Vandana for being our shelter home partners for over 6 years ).
♡♡♡ Rev Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas was kind enough to bless this 2nd truck &

♡♡♡ Ex CM of Goa & MP ,South Goa Mr Francisco Sardinha flagged off this truck.
Close to 5 churches from GOA collected material for Street Providence MANIPUR RELIEF in kind which was sent in this truck.
Also 3 Schools as part of Teachers Day Program avoided flowers & gifts and contributed in kind towards MANIPUR RELIEF towards Street Providence. 
Our VOLUNTEERS across 19 collection centre's across Goa of which 10 such collection centre's are run by FMCK nuns, did an awesome job in assisting STREET PROVIDENCE in collecting so much of material for the displaced people in Manipur. 
This 2nd truck contains:
☆ 2000 + New blankets,
☆ 720 tins of food stuff
☆ New socks
☆ Baby food 
☆ New ladies inner wear. Etc.
( Excel sheet attached with details.)
Close to 500 boxes & bags are loaded in this truck.
Very tiring & difficult task in getting these boxes and bags sorted , classified, organized , listed down, packed & loaded into the truck , but our homeless men & ladies did a wonderful job.
We break for a few days due to Ganesh festival as we are all tired & stressed out 
Our BLANKET drive towards MANIPUR RELIEF is going on and we still require 7800 more NEW blankets to reach 10000 blankets.
Winter will be SEVERE in the relief camps so please support our drive in whatever way & capacity you can.
For any help & assistance in purchasing NEW BLANKETS please whatsapp me on 8380097564 and I will oblige & assist you in purchasing your NEW BLANKETS towards MANIPUR RELIEF. 
Calling please avoid as its too much traffic to handle on my phone.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


12.9.2023. 8pm.IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA 5th shelter home for the women with disabilities and our 9th home overall in Goa is all set for the innaugration on 16.9.2023 @ CHORAO , Mayem Constituency. 
This women home will focus on providing care and rehabilitation to ladies suffering primarily from Autism & Downs syndrome and Parkinson & Dimentia run by our NGO.
At Chorao , there is a beautiful newly constructed old aged home run by ” Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima ” & we have been graciously given 4 big rooms in one wing on the 1st floor to run this rehabilitation home to house comfortably 10 ladies & 2 care givers.
Our association with ” Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima ” officially started 1 year back on 15.9.2022 @ one of their homes in Guirim which was not used and today that home cares for 10 homeless ladies suffering from mental disabilities.
This will be the 2nd home from the ” Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima ” being used to serve the poor ladies suffering from disabilities, operated and run under Street Providence Goa. 
As a principal, our NGO does not own any property in our name but we only use rented homes to run our rehabilitation program, as I believe WE COME WITH NOTHING & WE TAKE NOTHING.
♡♡♡ Mayem MLA , Mr PREMENDRA SHET has consented to be The Chief Guest &

State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities,  Mr GURUPRASAD PAWASKAR has consented to be the Guest of Honour.
♡♡♡ We @ Street Providence , BLESS Sr RUFINA TOSCANO, Provincial of Society of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima, for opening not one home but two homes in Goa towards the care & rehabilitation of the homeless street women & women with mental & intellectual disabilities.
Today our NGO has successfully been able to Collaborate & work with two CRI congregation in Goa, caring & rehabilitating  the homeless street people and people with mental & intellectual disabilities. 
☆ Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima – with 2 homes  &
☆ Franciscan Missionaries of Christ The King 
( FMCK ) – 3 homes ( shortly 4th home starting ).
Lay people working and operating shelter homes in CRI congregations  across INDIA is always and is considered IMPOSSIBLE. 
But in GOA , we have successfully been doing just the opposite – ITS POSSIBLE. 
When my thoughts about the poor , the hungry, the homeless, those with mental disabilities, etc match those who have taken vows to serve such sections of society then, HOMES TAKE SHAPE.
To address the issues in Goa of all types of disabilities – mental, Physical & Intellectual there is a permanent and a long term solution ready.
All CRI congregations in GOA should be encouraged to open / start only 1 home per congregation taking in 10 people with disabilites and see how quickly hundreds if not thousands of people in Goa are benefitted.
THE SOCIAL WELFARE MINISTER OF GOA & STATE COMMISSIONER FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES , should take advantage of this existing infrastructure ASAP and see that government grant / aid is allocated to beat the rising numbers of people with disabilites in Goa.
Goa has a time bomb which has exploded & that is ” huge no of people with disabilites”  but yet no one has noticed or is bothering to even talk about this issue on a practical & on the ground basis as there are no SHELTER HOMES.
I had foreseen this issue about 7 years back and systematically and professionally I have gone about with our trustees and team members setting up such rehabilitation homes in Goa , Jharkhand and now Manipur.
In the last 6 months so many young and poor goans families are daily/ weekly approaching our office for rehabilitation & care and most of these requests are genuine, yet horrible & pathetic in nature.
16th morning our 2nd truck leaves for Manipur &
16th evening our 5th women home innaugration.
Please keep do praying for us and send us your blessings through your prayers as we go about doing our services to the poorest of the poor when the authorities avoid to do their part.
All admissions into this 5th home is strictly through Street Providence office at Sangolda.
All Queries & suggestions only through whatsapp messages on 8380097564 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


11.9.23. 7Pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is sending the 2nd truck with relief material to the displaced people in Camps on 16.9.23 at 10 am , which will be flagged off from St Diogo Church Compound , Guirim, Bardez, Goa.
♡♡♡ A big thanks to all the generous benefactors who have donated in Kind and through NEFT / Cheque towards a genuine cause.
BISHOP Theodore Mascarenhas will be present to bless this truck.
Member of Parliament,  Shri Francisco Sardinha has consented to Flag off the truck.
We have two special invitees on this occasion of the 2nd truck leaving to Manipur who mean alot to our women shelter home project in Goa.
♡♡ Sr Fatima SuperiorGeneral & Sr Vandana both FMCK nuns.
Truck is carrying as of today close to 10 tonnes worth of relief material but it will increase as the days go by.
Relief material is very focused in this truck :
☆ Cerelac & lactogen crts 
☆ Tiger / Parley G biscuits crts
☆ Stationary 
☆ Ladies & children inner wear 
☆ Blankets 
☆ New sleeping mats 
☆ Second hand toys in perfect condition.
It's been wonderful to receive so much love & support in our MANIPUR RELIEF project, towards the displaced people in the camps.
Our 4 member volunteer team will be leaving on 28th Sept to distribute this truck as well as to over see the other relief projects we have undertaken across so many fields in Manipur 
For those who can make it to the innaugration you are most welcome.
Nothing will be accepted in the truck on that day as all crts / bags / etc are labeled and tagged the previous night so it's not going to be possible to accept anything in this truck on 16th morning.
Your querries / suggestions and views will be welcomed through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848