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26.11.2022. 7pm IST 
This is a case of missing person but no one is going to search him due to chronic case of being a person with disabilities. 
Once totally suffering from mental disabilities and living in the vicinity in GMC  for over two years in inhumane condition,  today totally set free and on the road to speedy recovery permanently. 
We as a society fail to bring relief to such deranged people even when we see them daily in our work place and that's the saddest part of today's world  
And I and my team members too at times just walk away as we are over loaded at times. 
Incase any one recognizes him please get in touch with me on 8380097564. 
Mr Atharv is from Pune and on 10.10 22 we had got him off the streets and into the IPHB supported by Old Goa Police station. 
Link attached below. Of the day we picked him 10.10.22 
Within just 45 days of good treatment at IPHB,  today what did not happen for 2 years, is there for all to see and Give Thanks to God . 
Attached a 30 sec video. 👇
It's not going to be easy both for him and our care givers as there will be numerous trips to IPHB for evaluation and assessment till the medication gets into his system. 
As of now he is relaxed and calm and just adapting to the others in the Hone . 
For how long I can't tell ? 
But our NGO got him off the streets and relieved him from the bondage that he was suffering from. 
Every day he would be just lying in the vicinity of GMC talking to himself,  eating what was given to him and night time would sleep in the small temple under the banyan tree and this went on for years . 
At STREET PROVIDENCE we just don't admitt such Persons with disabilities into the IPHB HOSPITAL , but we go beyond our duty and get them rehabilitated by admitting them into our shelter homes where they are cared and loved. 
And those who recovery fully stay back and work as care  givers . 
That's how our NGO  success rate is so high which encourages us to take in more such chronic cases who otherwise would be still In bondages. 
We require your prayers, blessings and donations as we continue our service In Goa towards the homeless and the people suffering with disabilites. 
One big shout of appreciation and thanks to the IPHB Doctiors for entertaining such requests of ours and giving us service and support as we pick up and bring many many such cases especially late night to IPHB. 
Please let's try to compassionate and considerate to persons with disabilities who are homeless. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


24.11.2022. 7 PM IST 
Another Goan lady and her goan husband both suffering from disabilities could have ended up missing and lost , but now admitted in our ladies & gents shelter homes. 
A Very sad , complicated yet real life incident. 
Man is Polio by birth and living on and off with his wife but mostly in the last 30 years has been staying on the streets of Panjim . 
Wife is having mental disabilities and due to abandonment from the husband her mental stress has taken her into major mental disabilities. 
Have two adult children daughter & son 
As youngsters both children went through poverty and as such the girl studied till 6th std and from 12 years has been working to educate her brother. 
Daughter got married at 18 years and today has a 12 year old girl who is in 6th std . 
Recently the son borrowing money managed to get a job on the ship. 
Daughter , Son & mother from childhood has been staying with their aunt. 
Today the aunts son has got married and has his own family and their  house is very small. 
Married Daughter stays on rent in another small house and tried endlessly to look after the parents but just not working out . 
Father wishes to sleep on the streets. 
Mother consumes and chews tobacco last 15 years and as a result her psychiatric medicines are not having any effect . 
Shouts, roams semi naked,  moves here and there, abuse & destructive at times . 
Aunt and the nephew are pushed to the wall . 
Daughter can't  handle the mother too. 
Such type of ladies usually just start walking and walking and reach who knows where and no one from the family will be interested in searching them as they are just too frustrated,  tired and stressed in such scenarios. 
We were approached by the daughter a few weeks ago to help in rehabilitation of the mother. 
But during the conversation I understood the father is homeless and living on the streets for 30 years . 
I was really upset that the daughter is desperate to help her parents inspite of poverty and all the troubles and hardship she went through from childhood. 
Today this Goan husband & wife are provided food, clothing,  shelter in different Homes . 
We have taken both of them into our shelter homes. 
Father is very happy. 
Mother since she is on medication will take time to get back to normalcy which may be on 9 to 12 months. 
And we usually tend to think and comment that all street people are outsiders. 
A couple of more such cases are reported to us and if not rehabilitated will one day end up missing or even abandoned. 
It's a terrible life to go though if your parents are both suffering from disabilities and if you are living in poverty. 
We are trying out level best to take in and provide food clothing shelter and medications but your support as a benefactor is required. 
If you come across such poor and abandoned ladies sufferings from mental disabilities and require rehabilitation please advise the closet  family members to take them to the IPHB @ Bambolim and start their medication . 
If rehabilitation is required please get in touch with us on 8380097564. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


23.11.2022. 7pm IST 
If you are concerned about how and why people go missing or are taken advantage by unknown elements on the streets then this will shed some light to understand. 
Read slowly 
Today we accepted a young goan married abandoned lady having medium physciatric issues. 
This young goan lady and her elder sister both married husbands who are not from Goa . 
Father expired and looks like they have no own house in Goa. 
Two years back this young goan lady husband went back to his village, put his phone off and has just disappeared. 
Mother & this young girl stay in the brother in laws house. 
But due to this failed and abandoned marriage this young goan lady has gone into mental stress and developed some mental disabilities. 
Her sister and her husband are steady with small jobs. 
Now,  it can be this young lady is frustrated and keeps hitting the mother , threatens to kill her , runs away from the house,  roams the streets. 
Police have been  picking her up quite often and calls the brother in law who has tried endlessly to help her, both by taking her home and trying to get her to take her medication. 
Few weeks back late night I received an SOS from a PSI who was too frustrated trying to help this young lady as she was violent,  aggressive and uncontrollable and was burnt on her one side due to roaming and sleeping on the streets in panjim . 
I myself got her admitted with her mother into IPHB late night and assured that she will be taken into our shelter home. 
The sister and her husband have small child and the child gets very frightened of this young lady once she starts  getting out of control. 
Such unruly behavior can cause alot of mental trouble to this small child and I have seen such small children living in the same home with such violent ladies developing mental characteristics. 
Now this is where we step in . 
The sister & her husband just are not ready to take her in as they have reached a limit. 
If WE were not aware of this case surely this young goan lady would either be back on the streets, again might be harrased and taken advantage off or surely would just start walking to no where or board a bus or train and reach anywhere out of Goa. 
And who is responsible ?
Who will you and i blame ?
Who will search her ? 
Such cases are daily being reported to our NGO either by the Police or through the government hospitals primarily of our own local goans who the own family members can't take care off due to financial constraints. 
In 9 to 12  months this young goan lady will be such a changed and renewed person with her medication that no one including her sister will belive that she is the same lady . 
Our service is primarily catering to such poor, abandoned, unwanted people ( primarily goans ) suffering from all types of mental, physical & intellectual ( if we can manage) disabilities. 
So next time you come across in your vicinity such cases please advise them to see a doctor and start administering medication to the patient. 
If rehabilitation is required we can surely help as such cases take time to recover and a clean ,  peaceful and loving environment is the only solution. 
I am saying again and again , there is a big crisis building up due to mental disabilities and more & more local Goans are reaching the streets and becoming homeless and then just disappear. 
All Government departments like Police , Health , Women & Child , IPHB ,  along with NGOs who fight and ahout about Women related issues need to come togther ASAP . 
Government grants to such shelter homes like ours,  need to be released in time otherwise no one will be able to rescue, rehabilitate and take in such abandoned homeless poor Goan women ( & men ). 
♡♡♡ Big thanks to entire Doctors @ IPHB Bambolim for all the good treatment they give to such poor abandoned people and the interest the institute takes in admitting and treating such cases . 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848.


22.11.2022. 7pm IST 
SOUTH GOA MP MR. FRANCISCO SARDINHA & BENAULIM MLA CAPTAIN VENZY VIEGAS were present for the innaugration of our 3rd IN HOUSE Physiotherapy centre @ our Cavelossim home yesterday for our friends who are ” homeless “. 
Attached a 4 min video . 👇
It was a touching moment after the cutting the ribbon and the presentation, that both elected representatives sat down and had a lunch with our friends who are ” homeless & suffering from Disabilities “. 
South Goa MP was kind enough to accept our invitation and be present at 12 pm dot . 
We started late as the innaugration at QUEPEM took time to get over 
South Goa MP spent a good 20 minutes with two of our friends who recognized the MP as they are from his village. 
Cpt Venzy Viegas has berm associated with us right from 2019 even before he was an elected representative and I felt happy that inspite of his tight schedule,  he attended the innaugration and had a meal with our friends. 
The purpose of Physiotherapy for the homeless is that most of them enter our shelter homes with physical disabilities as well as alcohol related issues. 
And if they are senior citizens with physical  disabilites or with amputations then before they get bedridden we need to keep them standing and walking . 
Once they get bedridden it's a big trouble to the care givers . 
Just to make a point ” all our friends are not  having any voting card as most of them don't have even their own basic documents “. 
Our FREE  3 Physiotherapy centre's will enable our friends to get over their pains , irritations,  Joint troubles, their muscular issues,  etc. 
In all 8 shelter homes, the Cooks, care givers , utility staff , compounders , male nurses , watchmen , etc. are all from the streets and we need to keep them fit and fine as we can't afford 
to hire outside staff . 
We have many more projects lined up in the coming year and with an capacity of 140 men & 60 women,  all our man power will be drawn from these 200 friends. 
While most homes suffer from man power we @ STEEET PROVIDENCE have gone the reverse . 
We have gone to the streets, accepted all those who require rehabilitation and a hand to start a fresh, treated them in case they had any medical issues , cared for them and today we DARE TO DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE. 
I tend to look 2 years FUTURE  if I wish to start any new project for the homeless & the poor & work on getting / acquiring / training MANPOWER. 
For me ” It's about TEAM WORK & TRUST in the STAFF & my Friends ( homeless ) “. 
I understand that a small % have issues or can't understand how I manage,  but the TRUTH is 
” I do my Part , God does his part & my operation manager Sapnesh Salgaonkar & his team takes care of the implementation “. 
Thanks to Mrs Brenda who has been associated with this home from the time we started in 2018 and for always helping and attending my call in case of emergency and getting my request attended and sorted out irrespective of the time , the request or the situation. 
Again our office is in Sangolda , and it's more than 70 kms one way to this home and that's where we require Mrs Brenda in times of emergency. 
Her Daughter , Miss Raisa is a professional Physiotherapist who will be providing the services to both ladies & gents from both our shelter homes in Cavelossim. 
♡♡♡ Big thanks to two important volunteers : 
☆ 1. John Baptist ( Margao ) for taking care of all the arrangements for this innaugration and for also driving our Ambulance with these friends of mine to hospital over the last 3 years . 
☆ 2. Orlando Mesquita ( Benaulim ) who could not make it but who has been helping us in this Home and other homes from the time we see up operations in South Goa was back in 2018. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


21.11.22. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA innaugrates our 2nd Physiotherapy centre @ QUEPEM for homeless street men today at 10 am . 
♡♡♡ Honourable Minister for Social Welfare , Mr Subhas Phal Dessai was kind enough to be present and do the honors of cutting the ribbon. 
Also present were: 
♡ Chairperson of Quepem Municipal Council,
♡ Mrs Suchita Shirvaikar,
Zilla Parishad Member of Rivona , 
♡ Mr Suresh Kepekar &
Our Physiotherapist Mrs Oshin 
Homeless people mostly suffer from all types of disabilities and we accept and care for all types of homeless Irrespective of their disabilities including HIV ,TB , chronic Psychiatric patients , alcoholic & drug abuse women & men. 
We have experienced and seen how due to excess alcohol or due to amputation or due to genuine disabilities from birth , these homeless men are suffering and in pain and they at times just can't be all the time on pain killers . 
I saw this many years ago but I was helpless until last year when I myself was in terrible pain and was given two options : pain killers v/s physiotherapy. 
I choose Physiotherapy and today I am fit and fine all due to a Physiotherapist named Dr Ashton who got to the root of the problem and found the solution. 
And it struck me ” if I being absolutely healthy and normal can be treated with Physiotherapy then I should give the same service to these abandoned homeless people in all shelter homes. 
Today The Honourable Minister , Mr Subhash spent over a good 1 hour + at our home and interacted with the men here . 
He even shared a small breakfast with my friends ” the homeless “. 
The Minister shared his views, his thoughts and his sentiments with all of us and heard a couple of my friends stories and at one point I saw a tear in his eyes  
We expressed our desires to The Minister and he was kind enough to assure my friends 
” the homeless men ” all of his support . 
♡♡♡ I thank then entire team consisting of
☆ Sapnesh Salgaonkar – our operation manager ,
☆ Akash Pednekar – an Electricity Dept Employee but after duty , stays full time in this home taking care of my friends ” the homeless ” 
☆ Akshay Dessai – our full time staff at this home,
☆ Manoj Pokle – a clinical psychologist who has also stays full time in this home
for putting in alot of effort to see that the Physiotherapy centre was set up as well as organizing  this entire function today. 
This shelter Home is 70 kms away from our office at Sangolda and it's just next to impossible to travel up and down for each and every requirement. 
It's all about TEAM WORK & Motivation. 
♡♡ Thanks to the supplier Mr Bhavesh for meeting the deadline and supplying the equipment . 
Attached a 4 min video although the sound may not be clear and a few pictures of the innaugration today. 👇
Infact , after this innaugration we innaugrated  our 3rd Physiotherapy in House Centre at Cavelossim at 12,30 pm  , which we will upload tomorrow. 
The purpose of my life is to help some one get out of his trouble . 
It was a dream to provide free Physiotherapy to all my friends ” the homeless ” in all our shelter homes. 
And I have not let this one dream dissolve. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


19.11.22. 7 PM IST 
Another poor  Goan elderly man Mr James from Vidhya Nagar Margao admitted into our Shelter home. 
♡♡ Big thanks to Mr SHEIKH ZEMIR , a lab assistant from New English School for helping James get off the streets. 
And not to forget Mrs NICOLE from BORDA who actually was the main person behind JAMES getting off the streets and who even bought that wheel chair for him . 
Well JAMES is a stubborn bachelor with a big attitude and was just living in pathetic condition outside the residence of MR SHEIKH ZEMIR in VIDHYA NAGAR , Margao 
For over 15 days people  would give him food and he was just there on the road. 
Nicole was kind enough to buy and give him a wheel chair and he would be living on the wheel chair for many days. 
About 2 weeks ago,  James was so bad that SHEIKH ZEMIR moved him to District Hospital Margao and got in touch with me through whatsapp only and we advised and guided him the procedure which he followed. 
Continously last few days , ZEMIR has been following up with me and updating me strictly through whatsapp only . 
I mean who will go out of their way daily to keep track of a poor old unclean homeless man . 
Anyway today JAMES was discharged from DISTRICT HOSPITAL Margao and we admitted him into our home . 
He can't even stand but demanding to be left on the streets as he does not wish to stay in a home. 
I mean see the attitude. 
We require more people like SHEIKH ZEMIR in GOA to help such homeless people get off the streets and into hospitals without we getting involved. 
There are huge costs and alot of time involved in rescuing homeless people which is next to impossible for us at times for each and every request . 
James legs had swollen up , wounds with pus , weakness coupled with diabetes. 
It's going to be tough caring for him as he needs daily dressings plus his diabetes needs to be controlled. 
Like I said In my posts few days back ” the poor  goan people reaching the streets and turning homeless is increasing “, which is people like James. 
Lots needs to be done quickly before things get out of hand. 
♡♡♡ Big thanks to District Hospital Margao for admitting,  treating and helping James in the these few days and not discharging him without informing SHEIKH ZEMIR . 
Actually government hospitals are the places where most of the homeless can be rehabilitated and cared for . 
Government needs to think seriously how to solve the homeless especially the local Goans living on the streets due to various reasons and to link such homeless people to shelter homes. 
Once again if you see such homeless people in Goa pls contact the local police station and send me details through whatsapp on 8380097564. 
We operate strictly through whatsapp only for everything and anything on 8380097564 so please avoid calling. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


18.11.22.  7 PM IST 
The RIGHT TO FOOD is a basic human right but ironically the Director of FOOD & DRUGS ADMINISTRATION, BAMBOLIM  and the FSSAI, Bambolim are yet to realise this. 
The number of  homeless and Hungry are increasing alarmingly in Goa. 
I am frustrated , disappointed,  upset and disturbed at how the FDA & FSSAI , Goa is permitting wastage of excess edible food daily.  
We at STREET PROVIDENCE  have done our best to partner with FDA & FSSAI, BAMBOLIM, but the powers that be are not intrested. 
On 14 10.22 we held a silent protest at Azad Maidan panjim against FSSAI BAMBOLIM 
Subsequently on  27.10 22, FSSAI BAMBOLIM held a press conference / stake holders meeting to address this issue of wastage of edible food  which we  have been fighting  for alone for the last so many years . 
The Press covered this event and attached is a 30 second video of the FSSAI DIRECTOR. Lots of talk at meetings but the outcome is yet to be seen. 👇
The FSSAI under the SAVE FOOD , FEED FOOD INNIATITVE is bound to have a HELPLINE NO ,  without which this launch held last month is of no value , ” BUT THERE NO HELPLINE NUMBER ” & the silly part ” I brought this point to the notice of AN IMPORTANT EMPLOYEE of FSSAI & he coolly asked me CAN WE USE YOUR NO AS THE HELPLINE NO ?” 
On 28.10 22 our NGO resigned as a food partner from the  FSSAI INITIATIVE and a email was sent to the authorities to this effect. 
On 17.11.22 , FSSAI BAMBOLIM releases the minutes of the meeting,  does not send us a copy but mentions STREET PROVIDENCE in the minutes as the Recovery Agency  despite being aware that STREET PROVIDENCE has resigned in desperation. 
In the press conference , Director, FDA, says there are 3 Recovery Agencies in Goa but does not name any one. On being asked queries by those who attended that meeting on 27.10.22,  she says that names of Recovery Agencies   will be informed  later . 
In the minutes dated 17.11.22 , besides the name of STREET PROVIDENCE  , no other Recovery Agent is mentioned. 
Obviously none exists in reality except on the FSSAI website. 
If  they did exist, then why were they not called for the meeting on 27.10.22 ? 
I am sure FSSAI will bring some non Goan food recovery agencies and say see we have food recovery agencies now. 
The minutes of the meeting states that our NGO did not attend the meeting . 
Yes, we did not attend the meeting,  but we  emailed the Director,FSSAI well in advance informing her of the futility of attending the meeting in the absence of an Agenda . 
Were the other 2 recovery agencies invited ? 
Why did they not come for the meeting on 27.10.22 ? 
Obviously there are no other Food recovery agencies in Goa . 
Strangely today, 18th November, 22 during my conversation with the IMPORTANT EMPLOYEE 
of FSSAI about the above minutes, his reply ” WE WILL CALL ANOTHER MEETING NEXT MONTH & DECIDE WHAT TO DO ” is a clear indicator of the confused attitude towards the FSSAI INITIATIVE. 
That means FSSAI is justing wasting time doing nothing . 
In the last 4 years no NGO from GOA has joined this initiative and today AFTER THE LAUNCH is done, FSSAI is  searching for FOOD RECOVERY PARTNERS and yet to put out the HELPLINE NO & yet to give the names and nos of FOOD RECOVERY AGENCIES registered in Goa to collect extra food . 
Food banks and food recovery are not done at press conferences & at meetings . 
Its done at the ground level with foot soldiers. 
So basically :
Food wastage will go on  & the hungry will have to wait for a meal daily. 
So we as a Shelter Home may be forced to reduce or cap our intake as food costs is more that 50% and that makes the homeless reach the streets . 
Add The garbage dumps growing bigger and bigger . Why ? 
Today there is more than 10000 tonnes of garbage at a dump in South Goa . 
If, 4 years back iSHARE FOOD , SAVE FOOD INITIATIVE was started by FSSAI BAMBOLIM across Goa would not the  wet garbage be reduced? 
No one cares and no one is bothered about :
☆ the poor ,
☆ the environment 
☆ the hungry 
That's what is troubling me . 
We are ready to pick :
☆ 5000 kgs / 5 tonnes extra food daily 
☆ 72000 kgs / 72 tonnes a month 
☆ 8640000 kgs / 8640 tonnes a year 
& daily feed 15000 meals through out employees and staff
But Director of FSSAI is not listening to me neither is she interested in understanding how to save good food from being wasted. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848 

NOTE :If you require the copy of the minutes to tally what I am writing please whatsapp me .I will send a copy .


16.11.22. 7pm IST 
The most disappointing and sad part of a homeless person life is when that person is suffering from disabilities and coupled with old aged & with multiple other sickness. 
It' literally kills that homeless person from inside as the homeless suffers especially if there is any physical disabilities, any limbs are amputated, any veins issue which stops the blood circulation, etc . 
If the homeless person is suffering from other health issues like  pressure , Diabetics, heart , etc along with some mental disabilities then it's like 7 to 8 tablets a day. 
Last 6 months we have been running FREE  Physiotherapy sessions @ Dr Gail and Mrs Ditosa Memorial Medical Clinic Sangolda and we have and are treating close to 50 such homeless people from our 5 shelter homes in North Goa. 
Lots and lots of improvement especially in the old and bed ridden homeless people. 
Couple of stroke related homeless people are standing and walking slowly. 
I can see their expressions both in their body language and in their daily routine. 
These 50 homeless people are happier, brighter, active, healthier,  etc . 
And so after 6 months of running our 1st Physiotherapycentre in North Goa , we are starting 2 more such Physiotherapy centres in South Goa ie in Quepem & Salcette Talukas . 
We have a big men's home with a capacity of 80 men in Quepem Taluka . 
We have another men's home with a capacity of 30 men and a women home with a capacity of 20 women both in Salcete Taluka . 
Both these Physiotherapy centres are in-house centres focusing primarily on our homeless street people and the INNAUGRATION is on 21.11.22. 
It's more like hiring a Doctor to visit our homes and we are providing basic equipments & clean infrastructure. 
We have basic equipment at the moment to start both these new Physiotherapy centres in QUEPEM & SALCETTE Talukas . 
We require donations/ funding / support to pay the Physiotherapist Salary / Fees for atleast one year on a fixed monthly basis. 
If you are part of a cultural club , association, friends circle , etc then please do consider this appeal for a cause of the treatment of the old and homeless people requiring Physiotherapy. 
If any Company can support these Physiotherapy centres under CSR , it will be really nice and rewarding to our service towards the homeless. 
We can even add a name in memory of a loved one to both these Physiotherapy centres incase the expenses are taken care off. 
Rescuing and rehabilitating the homeless people or people with disabilities is easy but treating them and caring for them is not easy . 
One require deep pockets to pay the bills. 
We offer you 80G exemption on your donations. 
Remember both these Physiotherapy centres for the homeless are being innaugrated on 21.11.22. 
At Quepem Taluka at 9 30 am 
At Salcete Taluka at 12.00 pm. 
YOU are invited but with prior confirmation so that you can see how we care for the homeless, the old aged and people with disabilities incase YOU WISH TO FUND THESE PROJECTS 
God Bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


13.11.2022. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA runs as of date, 8 shelter homes for the homeless and for the people with all types of disabilities with a total capacity of 200 people. 
As of date we are taking care of 150 such homeless and people with mental disabilities. 
☆☆☆ ” 2 Sheets attached in compressed form “. 
All types of people with all sicknesses are taken care for in our homes including HIV Men & women. 
It always looks to many out there that mostly the homeless are OUTSIDERS / NON GOANS . 
But in our shelter homes 60% are Goans and that's the most sad and shocking part . 
And the no of poor Goan people knocking on our doors is rising and thats a big concern. 
Old aged Homes cater mostly to those who pay the fees or those who come from families. 
But the poorest of the poor who are just homeless reach no where besides the streets and finally end up in our shelter homes . 
Last week we rescued and took in a Goan mother and son who is studying in Std 10th who have been living on a street/ bus stop for over a year . 
Coming week we have a Goan husband and wife who actually have no Home of their own being rescued and taken into our homes. 
In the coming years there is going to be a BIG BIG ISSUE with poor goans turning homeless and just reaching the streets. 
It's a social problem caused due to :
☆ Price rise
☆ Inflation 
☆ Unemployment 
☆ Alcohol 
☆ Compact families who don't or can't look after the parents 
☆ Sibling having mental issues and no one to look after and administer them their daily medication. 
Life is changing and it's changing fast due to the urbanization and commercialization. 
Another big worrying issue is ” old aged Homes are plenty but man power is a big issue plus the price rise making it impossible to take in the homeless free of cost “. 
So basically the homeless and the poor are increasing but going no places besides the streets. 
We too at times feel the heat as expenses are rising and donations are gradually slowing down but then some NGO has to take care of the homeless and the poor with disabilites and that is STREET PROVIDENCE . 
Everyday we ask for God's Grace and favour to rescue & rehabilitate the poor homeless street people and those with mental disabilities. 
Benefactors have been very supportive and thats the beauty of our rehabilitation program. 
The Government too has been supportive through various Departments and we appreciate the support given silently but consistently. 
At our shelter Homes,  we take in all types of homeless people irrespective of the sickness and the disabilites. 
Very rarely we refuse admission and even if refused we try to adjust later once treated either at the District Hospital or at the IPHB. 
Caring for the homeless is the most difficult task as all come with various complicated sickness and diseases and this program of our ie rehabilitation is a success only due to TEAM WORK & THE STAFF who work silently and systematically day in and day out . 
With close to more than 19 full time staff including 7 drivers it's a mammoth bill to pay at the end of the month towards Salaries. 
It's going to be Christmas Season very soon and it's the time of the year when gifting and donations reaches a peak. 
♡♡ Please do support us ( no clothes please ) in any way you can. 
Very soon our capacity will touch 200 homeless poor people and we will need your help through donations / blessings/ prayers & support. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


10.11.22. 7pm IST 
WE @ FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR, SANGOLDA, GOA for over 5 years have been consistently feeding Poor people through various systems and methods. 
This is how we do it . 
We run 5 systems :
☆ 1. We daily collect extra cooked food from various factories amounting to 150 to 300 kgs for our 8 shelter homes and rest for the poor .
☆ 2. We have installed 15 fridges in Police stations and public places fetching us 100 kgs daily events at times going upto 200kgs .
☆ 3. We purchase daily dry food items like Bread , paratha , fruits & eggs and feed on streets & public places including villages. Varies daily between 200 to 400 such meals 
☆ 4. We have installed fridges as FOOD SPOTS in certain villages where we drop extra cooked food and these volunteers in turn feed the poor local people in that area – we have 5 such spots.
☆ 5. We also distribute dry ration kits in rural areas of Goa on a monthly basis
But still there are huge no of poor families in need of food and the best way to reach them is through the FSSAI INNITIAVE- ” Save Food , Feed Food “. 
We have 6 teams across Goa ready to feed close to 2000 poor people daily extra cooked food In rural villages . 
We can increase and will be increasing the teams by another 20 and as such we intend to reach 15000 people daily with the extra cooked food of close to 5000 kgs . 
But WILL THE FSSAI BAMBOLIM get their act together and get this extra food to the poor and hungry in rural Goa ? 
We have the :
☆ Experience in running food banks, 
☆ Poor People who require this food in rural goa,
☆ Logistics to move 5000 kgs daily ,
☆ Manpower to move 5000 kgs daily ,
☆ A professional set up and kitchens across Goa,
☆ Commitment to feed the poor. 
But we are lacking the resources to collect daily 5000kgs of extra cooked food which is daily dumped in the bins. 
But FSSAI BAMBOLIM is not showing any interest besides press conferences and press release and self proclamation that we are going to feed the poor through the registered agencies which are just 2 as we have resigned. 
On 14.10.22 , we took a two hours silent strike with 10 homeless men at AZAD MAIDAN Panjim. 
On 15.11.22 , we will be taking another silent protest,  this time with 25 homeless street men. 
It's High time , FOOD WASTAGE is reduced and FSSAI BAMBOLIM is suppose to stop this food wastage ASAP. 
Please do save food and let's all work together to feed the hungry in Goa . 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848