5.4.2024. 11am IST 
Today we admitted a poor goan senior citizen psychiatric lady into our home.
Above is the link when we admitted the daughter.☝️☝️
She has only 1 daughter who is also psychiatric, who we had admitted a few weeks back into our home from the IPHB & the daughter is a BSc Graduate,  but both mother & daughter are suffering from PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA. 
》To some it will sound frightening, 
》To some it will sound sad,
》To some it will sound disappointing,
》To some it will sound irritating.
But this is the reality of life for those poor goan ladies who come from extreme poverty , coupled with high level of extreme mental disabilities, and a highly neglected area from the state which refuses to address this issue. 
Why I am saying the state refuses to address?
Well it's the duty of the state to have:
☆ 1. Shelter homes for such vulnerable section of society ie LADIES with mental disabilities or
☆ 2. To fund homes like us who are doing the work of the state.
It's time some one files a PIL in the HIGH COURT as the no of cases are rising beyond control and every day we are requested to rehabilitate.
But each and every department is just passing the buck and closing their eyes towards this burning issue ” NON AVAILABILITY OF SHELTER HOMES FOR POOR GOANS WITH DISABILITIES “.
Very soon in a years time you will find many such GOAN people ROAMING across the state if homes are not started by the government & then these goans are called and labeled as outsiders. 
Imagine in a small asbestos roof home, with no proper sanitation as their wash room is outside the home, an educated girl and her mother are staying and both are suffering from chronic mental disabilities.
Help should have reached them 5 years back but then ” this is reality “.
I thank IPHB for many reasons:
☆ 1. For Admitting both the mother & daughter ( after we stepped in ) without a care giver into the institute.
☆ 2. For treating both the mother & daughter perfectly well.
☆ 3. For not discharging both in a hurry.
☆ 4. For discharging the daughter 2 weeks back 
☆ 5. For discharging the mother today.
It means alot our NGO as well as to the family. 
If only IPHB gives such support daily to such poor goan ladies we are ready to take in as many as are available who just don't have any family support back Home.
If the CONSULTANT DR @ IPHB had not referred them to our NGO 2 months back , they would still be living in suffering and misery in that small asbestos house without much medication and help.
We today have still 28 such ladies either in the IPHB or waiting to get admitted into IPHB, who we have committed to provide rehabilitation once Stable in the mind and fit to be admitted into our home. 
No matter what i write and what I grumble and fight about, we see pain, suffering, disappointment, lost hope daily through our interactions with many poor goan families suffering from mental disabilities and just no silver lining on their horizon.
Its difficult but one day we will have to stop accepting more admissions.
Both Mother & daughter have been endlessly admitted into IPHB Last so many years, treated,  discharged, sent home, again loose their mind , again same story.
But now this AGONY has been finished once and for all.
Both mother & daughter will be given the best care and infact daughter last few days is showing good signs of recovery.
We feel happy and satisfied to work and care for the poorest of the poor and its a different feeling to see them smile, talk,  reply, do their own stuff. 
Giving life back to a person with chronic mental disabilities is a big challenge and we have mastered this ART.
All we require is funds and donations.
If you know such poor goans in poverty suffering from chronic mental disabilities and just living a horrible and pathetic life please be free to contact me through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
We will surely attempt to help rehabilitate.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 /7020314848