11.4.24. 10 pm IST 
Through our GIVING AWAY BANK ,  STREET PROVIDENCE  GOA recently gave away a huge qty of Talcum powders to people below poverty line of different brands & of different sizes
And this is just the start / beginning.
We are continously receiving so many different items in excess of what is required for our homes and that's why we are starting another bank- GIVING AWAY BANK.
In a few days from now we will update you the reason for starting this GIVING AWAY BANK.
But at the moment we are highly favored by GOD to be able to daily give away to the poor so many things which even I at times can't imagine how and why it happens in our NGO.
We gave away all these TALCUM powders that you see in the link and in the picture to an NGO who works with people below poverty line be it In slums or just those suffering from poverty.
We are looking for more NGOs who wish to be associated with our various banks so that whatever resources we are having in our banks can be distributed to the poor and needy.
Even old aged Homes and other shelter homes can be associated with our GIVING AWAY BANK as we have items to be used for the poor and needy including fresh food on a daily basis.
We are able to run so many banks due to our strength which LOGISTICS & MANPOWER.
Our friends in the shelter homes suffering from mental disabilities are put to work in most of the banks as that's one way to decrease their medication intake and keep them totally occupied.
In our GIVING AWAY BANK it's all hard work of 
》Collecting items
》Storage in our warehouse 
& then distribution.
But that's my basic principle:
Give & it shall be given unto you,
Good measure , pressed down,
Shaken toghter & running over ,
Will be poured into your lap.
Usually we only collect collect & then throw out.
But there are so many poor people below poverty line who might just need things which you might have.
We are that link – but there is a cost which the donnor has to bear.
These small gestures towards those below poverty line are transferred to the donnor through spiritual blessings.
We @ Street Providence are a testimony to so many spiritual blessings coming our way that this is one of the reasons we are always adding more and more projects.
We thank so many silent donors who keep donating in many ways to our various projects/ Banks and in return they get spiritual blessings.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848