10.4.2024. 10 pm IST
Today we admitted one young goan unmarried girl who is suffering from severe mental disabilities and has only a bed ridden parent who can't move out of the bed.
Situation is so complicated that this girl has been difficult to manage and keeps walking around the village and is highly vulnerable to exploitation. 
She is a long term patient of IPHB & has been endless admitted, treated, discharged, back to streets, again picked up, admitted @ and life goes on.
Since only 1 parent is Alive and that too bed ridden and she is the only child adds more misery to the existing situation.
Relatives are supporting but in due course once that single parent hits the bucket its going to be very difficult for this young girl.
How long will the relatives run around ?
This young girl is like 7 to 8 years on Severe psychiatric medication from IPH , which she avoids taking once discharged from hospital as there is just no one to give her the daily medicine, which further complicates her recovery.
Very aggressive by nature which can be due to no parents love or just rejection from society or many old hurts which makes her aggressive.
We still have another 27 such psychiatric ladies to be admitted into our home either who are admitted into IPHB for treatment or who we have recommended to take treatment at IPHB so that they are stabilised.
It's difficult, sad, complicated, frustrating , heart wrenching to see our poor goan ladies/ girl turning or turned fully psychiatric with no freaking future or no government shelter homes to allow them to live in dignity.
Slowly such chronic cases of mental disabilities will not respond to medication and that will further complicate their rehabilitation.
It's all going wrong for the poor and the vulnerable.
The Hon CM of Goa needs to address this issue else mark by words ” in a few months max in 2 years you will find people with psychiatric issues roaming on streets with choppers and sticks “.
Already one city in Goa is having so many homeless people imagine if they turn psychiatric you will find it very difficult in this city to even move our house.
We are committed to helping as many poor goans suffering from mental disabilities by providing relief & rehabilitation especially the 27 poor ladies who we have committed to take in.
Your support is what drives us to take in many poor goans with mental disabilities and vulnerable to being exploited if on the streets.
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God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848