13.4.24. 10 pm IST 
The most difficult part at a shelter home for the poor with mental disabilities & other disabilities is “NON STOP HOSPITAL checkups & follow ups”
Many must be always assuming & concluding that running a PROFESSIONAL NGO is all about an easy life where one only collects donations, social media posts , and making publicity.
Believe me, shelter homes for the poor with disabilities is a service &  it's very stressful, complicated, requires complete concentration and very very expensive, both in transportation & manpower.
Summer time is the most difficult season as the heat gets to the nerves of those suffering with disabilities.
Daily we have to trips to hospitals :
☆ Minimum 5 inmates  per day to
☆ Maximum 12 inmates per day.
To move so many people to hospital we require that many cars as the homes are scattered and at times sickness are contagious that only one patient can be transported per car.
》Some are on wheel chair
》Some are on Pampers 
》Some are suffering from mental disabilities along with either TB or HIV.
Take example today 13.4.24
12 inmates taken from 5 shelter homes to different hospitals today.
Along with these inmates, 5 drivers and 8 staff have to accompany them.
Our monthly petrol costs is above Rs 1 lac per month as we not only run 10 shelter homes for the poor with disabilities but we run a huge food bank where we Daily collect 100s of kgs of food to feed 1000s of meals.
With a staff of 60 + and rising,  we have a huge salary bill to take off monthly & its a big responsibility to fulfill.
Since all our homes are rented – monthly rent.
At times the costs are mind boggling for a small NGO as ours.
But we are always keeping our doors open to take in the poorest of the poor goans.
We had taken all our inmates early March 24 to DHS requesting for GOVERNMENT DOCTORS to visit our homes.
They assured to get back in 1 week . Today it's 6 weeks.
Then when I write hard facts and practical points Ministers and bureaucrats get upset.
But this is the reality that THE CONCERNED DEPARTMENTS are not concerned towards the poor goans suffering from disabilities and turning homeless.
At this Rate of hospital trips happening daily in this heat , we are going to all go nuts and it's time to hit the streets as THE DIRECTOR of DHS is yet to reply to our letter ” whether we are going to get GOVERNMENT DOCTORS to visit our homes or not ? “.
If yes then from when and if no then let us know.
Sitting quite does not serve the purpose but only when we hit the streets then everything moves.
Till then we are forced to run these non ending hospital trips.
We require your support in whatever way you can to help us provide relief to those in our homes.
If you go through our face book page or our website Daily, you will see how many friends in our homes are daily date wise taken to hospitals.
This is the least we can do to the poorest of the poor goans by taking them to hospitals daily to ease their pains and misery.
All communications strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848