27.4.24. 11 am IST 
MNCs & big Factories @ Verna support & join hands with our Food Bank Sangolda to feed the hungry, the homeless & those suffering from sicknesses & disabilities in Goa , by donating their extra fresh canteen food daily.
FOOD BANK SANGOLDA , recently blessed our 1st Refrigerated Food Bank Truck , with a capacity load of 2000 kgs &  with a minimum temperature of minus 2 degrees.
What started from a single fridge as a food bank in May 2017 , to this refrigerated food bank truck in April 2024 , is a big achievement for our NGO & its just something unbelievable for me to even go back and think how it all happened .
♡♡♡ His Eminence , Cardinal Filipe Neri Ferrao blessed our 1st such  refrigerated food bank truck at his residence last saturday during the heavy rain which Goa experienced, in the presence of :
1 Sir Sanjit Rodrigues IAS,
2.Sir Bosco George retd DIG IPS,
& our Trustees, benefactor, Staff & volunteers.
This food truck was flagged off by The officials of LUPIN & IFB at a simple program in the factory premises of LUPIN @ Verna in the presence of Sir Bosco George retd DIG IPS. 
With the addition of this truck we now are able to collect close to 2500 kgs daily of cooked extra food from the existing capacity of 500 kgs which was our earlier daily collecting in our Eco cars.
1 kg = to 3 meals of food .
( 20% to 30 % is to be considered as wastage due to spoilage of food at any food bank ).
From earlier feeding 1200 meals daily on an average we are now gearing up to feed 6000 meals of food as this truck is fully refrigerated and we have now collecting fresh canteen food daily in Verna Industrial Estate from 10 big factories.
If we can save cooked food from reaching the bins then our environment too will be less stressed.
Just go thru these figures in Goa of good food getting wasted & reaching the dumps ie :
》Daily 15000 kgs
》Monthly 450000 kgs 
》Yearly 5400000 kgs 
Shouting and highlighting this issue is not going to solve this problem. Its should be action.
We can reduce this issue with this 1st truck by  collecting extra cooked food ie :
》Daily 2500 kgs 
》Monthly 75000 kgs
》Yearly 900000 kgs 
We can also feed with this food after spoilage :
》Daily 6000 meals 
》Monthly 180000 meals
》Yearly 2160000 meals .
If we add more food trucks the above statistics change.
So where is this cooked extra food available in Goa to feed the poor ?
☆ 1. Factory canteen 5000 kgs 
☆ 2. Casinos 1000 kgs 
☆ 3. Caterers 1000 kgs 
☆ 4. Wedding venues 2000 kgs 
☆ 5. Bakeries 1000 kgs 
☆ 6. Restaurants 1000 kgs
☆ 7. Starred Hotels 2000 kgs 
☆ 8. Fast food joints 1000 kgs 
☆ 9. Others 1000 kgs .
We have 1st targeted the factories at Verna Industrial Estate and that too only 10 factories in the initial round.
From 1.4 24  @ Verna Industrial Estate we are daily collecting 240 kgs of good warm freshly cooked extra food from 5 factories.
And believe me , our food costs in 3 shelter homes in South Goa has reduced almost 80% in these 27 days which is a huge huge saving to a small NGO Like ours.
Once we start the other 5 factories we are sure to reach 500 kgs of food only in these 10 factories put togther.
The CM of Goa should give some time to my full proof , practical and concrete proposal how we are already reducing wet waste in Goa and if we get more support we can reduce daily 10000 kgs of extra cooked food reaching the bins.
10000 kgs daily = 3000000 kgs Monthly or
10 tonnes daily = 300 tonnes Monthly. 
Once again a pat on our back as we are the 1st NGO  :
◇ In GOA to start a registered food bank Fridge,
◇ In INDIA to install fridges in POLICE Stations,
◇ In India to get food weekly from The Governor,
◇ In India to install fridges in factories,
In Goa to have a fully refrigerated food truck.
We thank : 
♡ 1.God for the all the favours showered upon us 
♡ 2.The Government of Goa for the silent support,
♡ 3.The hundreds of BENEFACTORS who have stood with us last 7 years,
♡ 4.The Trustees, staff, volunteers , well wishers.
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God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848