29.4.24. 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA admits two young Goan girls suffering from severe mental disabilities into our Women shelter Home in the last few days.
One girl is from ST community & one girl is a goan Muslim.
Both cases are very sad and disturbing.
The ST girl is a case of taking off her clothes and roaming around anywhere and everywhere.
Anyone roaming without clothes indicates a very very high level of severe mental disabilities. 
Family is trying but she refuses to take medication and does not listen to the elderly mother.
The other girl has been locked in her house for the last 10 years or so and even her one parent is suffering from mental disabilities.
This girl is not educated much as she has been suffering from disabilities at a very early age and not sent out at all last 10 years.
Both girls have only their mother alive and both are having only one brother each.
Both brothers from each family are struggling with manual jobs to look after their respective mother and sister.
You can imagine the amount of stress & disappointment for the last so many years that both families are going through with no solution in sight.
Both respective mothers are just growing old and both respective brothers need to get married and move along in life.
Many times we hear of unnatural deaths or suicides and without knowing we just condemn and pass nasty comments.
Recently two brothers were found dead.
I was shocked to see all horrible comments and Condemnation.
The problem is MENTAL DISABILITIES is rising and rising fast and its next to impossible if you are poor , to live with this sickness either as a patient or as a relative.
With the two girls admitted we are yet to now take in into our homes another 24 such goan ladies/ girls who are either admitted into IPHB / or we have recommended to take treatment at IPHB.
We are doing this service purely on humanitarian grounds even though it's the government job to care and have homes for people with disabilities.
We have no high expectations from THE Women & Child Dept officials , as they are pretending that there are no poor goan women in distress.
The poor goan ladies who we take into our homes are In a delicate & critical stage of their life such that one day / sooner or later they will be thrown out and that makes them homeless as the siblings are too poor and stressed to look after such people due to poverty.
We take in only the most complicated & highly chronic cases as that's one of the way to reduce homelessness of our own goans as no government department is even having any plan to tackle this rising issue.
I am praying that the New Department started from 1st April ie EMPOWERMENT of PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES addresses the issues of shelter homes for persons with mental & intellectual disabilities systematically and works hand in hand to solve poor goan peoples issues.
It's really getting tough to refuse admissions to such genuinely poor goans who if not admitted into a home and cared for will either be roaming on the streets or on trains just endlessly moving up and down or will be taken advantage off due to their inability to understand their sickness and helpless to fight back.
But on the other hand we need to raise resources continously as its not a cheap and easy service of caring & rehabilitating the poor goans especially girls/ ladies suffering from severe mental disabilities. 
All support is welcome and we request you to walk with us, because as of today we hold the hands of 60 plus goan ladies suffering from mental disabilities in our homes.
And soon this no.will be touching 90 poor goan ladies all suffering from severe mental disabilities and with absolute no family back home to care for them .
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God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848