17.4.24  8 pm IST 
GMR Goa International Airport Ltd ( MOPA ), approves Street Providence as the NGO for disposal of lost and found items.
Today the CEO GMR & our NGO signed a contract for this project.
In the picture attached L to R
♡ Sir Arvind Gawas retd IPS
♡ Sir Bosco George retd DIG IPS
♡ Mr R V Sheshan CEO GMR
♡ Sir N J Reddy , Retd Wing Cmdr
Both Mr Gawas & Mr Reddy are Security heads at MOPA & without both of their support , this would not be a reality.
It's only Through God's Favour that our small NGO was selected / chosen among so many other NGOs in Goa to be appointed as a sort of recovery agent to dispose off all the lost & found as well as confiscated items which don't get approved at the check in counters at MOPA.
And this was due to TWO retired IPS Goan police officers, we were able to be given this opportunity.
Sir Arvind Gawas, retd IPS is the security head of Airport Security @ MOPA and he one day called up another IPS officer Sir Bosco George, 
(ret DIG) who is our full-time volunteer inquiring if our NGO is keen to dispose off the lost & found items.
We agreed and from late December 23 we started picking up twice / thrice a week from MOPA these items at our costs.
We hired warehouses and Segregating goes on weekly.
We get alot of goods which we use for our shelter Homes like Jam , Masada powder, coconuts , syrups, etc. 
We also get alot of Talcum powders, knives, scissors, nail cutters , sports items, etc which we give away free to the poorest of the poor
We get lighters which we sell / attempt to sell.
There are also chargers/ cables / power banks / perfumes / gadgets / batteries etc.
Some items are directly disposed off or burnt to ashes.
One good thing about this contract is ” we are entitled to sell all the items and use the proceeds for the homeless people who we rehabilitate “.
Sounds and looks very lucrative.
But lots of hard work of picking up at short notice with own transport and own labour.
Segregating is the biggest hurdle as all items are mixed up.
Storage is another cost which one needs to bear.
But we feel happy that 70% of these items as of last 4 months are going to the poorest of the poor FREE OF COST even though we can sell it and make a few extra bucks.
Only the lighters we are selling at discounted rate in bulk to recover our pick up and other costs. ( no negative comments pls ).
So next time you forfeit your valuables at the check in counters at MOPA remember some poor person will be using it and also spiritually thanking and blessing you.
We are in the process of opening 4 new shelter homes between May to July &  resources and running such homes, always to be planned well in advance especially the funding.
And through this contract alot of small small daily needs of our homes are met and that's called GRACE OF GOD.
Daily we provide 5 to 6 candid powders to poor patients in Government hospital through our HEALTHCARE SUPPORT BANK, which comes through this project
Every month we give away 400 to 500 pcs of Talcum powder to the poor rag pickers , Sanitary workers, etc.
Its amazing how GOD in his WISDOM keeps his FAVOUR non stop on our NGO inspite of so many battles that I daily go through last 7 years running some of the most complicated & complex projects intertwined that alot of people keep asking me ” how do you manage the bills “.
My answer is this :
12 years ago i met a man ” BJ ” , who i assumed was crazy , but BJ was just giving and giving and I learnt from BJ that only in giving you will get.
( for those who know who I am referring to will vouch for BJ ) .
Thats why in most of our projects we are always giving to the poorest of the poor without expecting them to give me back.
On Coming Sat we share with you another project where GODs Favour has brought down another 20% of our shelter home costing on a major expense / overhead.
All querries if any on the above lost and found items strictly through whatsapp messages only on 8380097564.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848