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13.3.2023. 7pm IST 
One Goan man Mr Winston Collaco from Margao turned GOOD SAMARITAN towards an abandoned homeless sick goan man Mr Jose Pereira and got him off his misery and pain from the streets to our shelter home 
Well 15 days back I got a request of Mr Jose living in pathetic conditions in a broken down balcony to be shifted to our home. 
Seeing his condition I requested the caller turned good SAMARITAN Mr Winston Collacco to call 108 and follow the procedure . 
The leg was oozing with worms and maggots and smelling and only professional help was the way out . 
The abandoned man had met with an accident many years back and had a rod inserted into his leg . 
Due to covid and then being old and homeless he did not follow up at the hospital and that wound turned septic and gangrene. 
And this balcony was his home for over 2 years in the vicinity of Margao police station. 
In the last 5 years of our rescuing & rehabilitating homeless people I have never ever seen such commitment & follow up like I saw from Mr Winston. 
He called 108 and got the man lifted from the streets. 
Winston went to District Hospital Margao but they directly sent to GMC where Winston too reached. 
Got Jose Pereira admitted N Doctors had to amputate his leg as the gangrene had spread. 
Paid for the attendant for over a week @ rs 1500 a day, plus bought diapers and other medication and saw to it that Jose was well taken care off. 
Winston was behind my back to rehabilitate him which I had assured him. 
In between these 14 days I will be FRANK , I had and got upset with WINSTON as I had some doubts in my mind
Etc . 
But quietly we did our private investigation and we understood the meaning of the word GOOD SAMARITAN. 
Today we accepted the Mr Jose into our home and Mr Winston has agreed to help us in the future in whatever way we require help to foot the bills of this man . 
Mr Jose is on a caterer and on a pamper and its going to be difficult but not impossible to stabilize him as his parameters will have to be under control all the time. 
Our experience in amputated people is ” 1st 6 months endless trouble and hospital trips till that wound gets dry and the bandage is removed”. 
LENT is also about reaching out to the LOST & HOMELESS & I feel bad & ashamed for doubting the clean intentions of Mr Winston in helping this poor abandoned homeless goan Man Mr Jose Pereira. 
Even my Wife got upset with me saying ” why are you making the admission difficult for them ?”. 
It's just that there are so many requests coming for such homeless abandon goan people that at times own family members are just looking to dump their own parents on the streets and keep coming up with fictitious stories and I always need to be careful as later on unwanted issues and distant relatives pop up for signatures and death Certifcate. 
When living on the streets no one bothers. 
I feel proud that Winston is inspired by our work and attempted and succeed in getting this homeless goan man right from his being in that balcony, to the hospital and today to our home. 
You must see the you tube link attached with the post 👇 
A TRUE SAMARITAN in this season of LENT. 
Many times people call and expect me to run around and if we don't they get angry and upset. 
It's next to impossible to attend as we are really stretched for man power but we can guide the caller how to proceed and surely we can rehabilitae once ready for admission after all medical examinations and paper work 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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9.3.2023. 8pm IST 
We all read and heard about International Women Day being celebrated yesterday across Goa.
At Our 4 Women shelter homes for homeless women & women with mental disabilities it was a Sad Day & A Happy Day .
A Sad Day as two of our shelter homes are yet to receive the grants for the year 21-22 and we are almost entering 23-24.
Infact yesterday I met the top most Senior Government official of the department for over an hour and explained in simple words that without FUNDS it's going to be very hard to keep these two homes open post April 24.
To put my pains across, we have planned a visit to this TOP most senior Government official cabin on 20.3.2023 with more than 20 such homeless women to present before the top official the different  types of homeless Goan women with disabilities we care for.
And I have fixed this trip on 20.3.2023 yesterday itself so that everyone knows and sees how much trouble we go through in taking care of the last section of the society & by early April some hard decisions will need to be taken if grants not released.
The irony in this Department is THE No 1 & No 2 are both WOMEN and yet I am made to go up and down with no consideration for the work we do with the homeless and ladies witn disabilities.
What's the point in our NGO being declared 
THE BEST NGO in Goa in December 2022 ?
The Top official was very assuring and understanding about our genuine issues of funds but then I can't go on caring for these homeless Goan ladies without the Government funds/ grants.
So don't be surprised to see 20 homeless Goan woman with serious disabilities on 20th of this month in the most powerful place of Goa where the entire Government functions from.
The HAPPY DAY was when for the very 1st time in their lives 10 homeless women from our shelter home at Calangute with severe chronic mental disabilities were invited for a FREE LUNCH at a RESTAURANT ” ROCK CAFE ” @ Calangute by the owner Mr FELIX & his family.👇
Out of this 10 ladies,  7 have never ever eaten at a restaurant all their lives and of the 10 ladies,  9 are Goan homeless ladies with mental disabilities & 2 of these ladies were on Pampers.
Felix is my good friend last 25 years and his restaurant is running last 28 years and the invite to bring over 10 homeless ladies was with one rider / condition ” please I hope they will be well behaved and not go out of control ? “
And right enough, all the 10 ladies were up to the mark.
His Daughter , Miss NARUSHA played perfect host by attending to the needs of these ladies during the lunch today. 
NARUSHA being an upcoming MODEL could have just avoided being with these ladies today but no , she stayed the entire Lunch and got talking to them as a sign of support & Concern to these homeless women.
Such invitations to the last section of society is a big boost to EMPOWERING WOMEN especially on INTERNATIONAL WOMAN DAY. 
These woman may be down and out due to their circumstances but bringing a small cheer to their faces speaks volumes of FELIX & His family
Well know Social Worker Mr Suddesh Mayekar too was present at this lunch with these homeless ladies. 
One never knows what hold good in future for each one of us and with mental disabilities on the rise , we all need to be nice to those suffering from mental disabilities especially if one is a lady and is homeless. 
God Bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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7.3.2023. 7pm IST
Sarpanch of Chinchinim & panch members get togther and gets off from the bus stop one Goan senior citizen man who has been staying for some years with all his belongings including a bed and mattress at this bus stop, into our shelter home. 
The man is from the village but has some issues and was seen residing at the bus stop for months if not years and its very strange no one took time to stop and help him .
10 days back ie last Sunday, I was asked to help.
PI Of Cuncolim was contacted and togther with the panchayat members the man was admitted into district hospital margao for stability and care.
Yesterday we accepted him into our shelter home with all the required paperwork completed due to the inntiniative of the Sarpanch of Chinchinim and the panch members.
》 The Inspector of Cuncolim gave his letter,
》MLA of Velim gave his recommendations,
》Sarpanch of Chinchinim gave his letter &
》The Parish priest gave his letter
Why all these letters ?
Well tomorrow if some relative pops up and files some missing case or kidnapping case saying you have confined my brother in your ngo then what ?
When on the streets the family is not bothered.
Parish priest letter was taken so incase he dies 
( this man is Catholic) in our home in the future , funeral can be done in the church otherwise we have had issues in the past for burial as burial was refused as no one knew the person in particular.
MLA & Sarpanch letter is required as these elected representatives need to know where their voters are cared for and how they can play their part in the future in case of any medical issues arising as the NGO at tines can't foot all the bills at hospitals. 
POLICE INSPECTOR letter is required as tomorrow any accusation like kidnapping, human rights violation etc can be put on the shelter home. 
Today people are UNGRATEFUL towards shelter homes service towards their own relatives dumped on streets and bus stops.
Paper work is very important and I am sure the Sarpanch & his panch members must be grumbling under their breath at the way we made them get all these documents ready before the man was admitted.
We as a Society are heading towards difficult times regarding the homeless and people with disabilites on the streets and NO GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT in GOA is having any CLUE / IDEA / PLAN to address this increasing trend of homeless Goans on the streets. 
It's a good sign and I feel happy that THE SARPANCH & panch members literally got behind  me to get help to this goan homeless man and I made them follow the procedure from their end so that they understand the difficulties involved in rehabilitating such homeless goan people .
Today we are running a losing battle against homelessness on the streets of Goa .
All , I repeat all government departments are just pretending that they are unaware of our own goans on the streets requiring help and no one is attempting to address these issues. 
☆ The Ministers 
☆ The Secretaries
☆ The Directior of the departments 
☆ Even the employees of various government departments, etc 
are least bothered about the homeless issue in Goa right at this moment concerning the Goans.
To top it all there are no government designated shelter homes and small NGOs like Street Providence is doing the work of the Social Welfare & Women and Child Department in providing shelter and care for free. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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7.3.2023. 8 pm IST 
 We @ STREET PROVIDENCE have been celebrating WOMEN's DAY in a different manner for the last 4 years , which actually has impacted in practicality numerous poor goan homeless women suffering from disabilities & we have heard THEIR SILENT CRIES. 
We have opened 4 FREE shelter homes in 4 years in Goa for homeless and poor goan woman suffering from mental disabilities, CRYING SILENTLY and more such homes are planned but the funding either from Women & Child Department or CSR funding is not reaching our 
We have 2 excel sheet & 2 collage of over 40+ such homeless women & women with mental disabilities CRYING SILENTLY last 4 years and we stand with their cries and don't only show SYMPATHY but we PHYSICALLY care and WIPE THEIR TEARS on a daily basis.
Infact OUR NGO celebrates WOMEN's DAY practically EVERYDAY.
Please go through the excel sheet slowly and understand the numerous mental sickness that people usually suffer from.
The hair on your hand has to stand once you read the excel sheet along with this post. 
The EXCEL SHEET will enlighten you what deadly combination of mental disabilities women are suffering from at the same time and how today our NGO has a FULL WARD equivalent to any Government psychiatric institute, but we @ Street Providence are providing free service without any funding from Women & Child Department or social welfare department. 
Only one women home has been given the grant for the year 19-20 , 20-21, 22-23.
21-22 grant not yet given for this one Home. 
And we have 4 such homes.
Last many years I am rattling my brains understanding how celebrations for different functions are really having any meaning and direct impact on the topic chosen for that particular function?
After going through the pictures of the woman in our homes which are numbered and the corresponding excel sheet which are also numbered which will tell you the serous nature of their mental disabilities,Please decide if you can sponsor one such lady for a year on a monthly basis. 
These ladies can be some ones mother,  daugher , sister,  aunt , relative etc 
And we have all age groups in this excel sheet
This ladies are not looking for jobs in your homes as maids or care takers so please don't even think of asking .
80% of the women in our homes are GOANS which is the worrying and disturbing factor and the nos. are rising and we are the only NGO hearing their SILENT CRIES & doing the best we can to take them into the homes. 
We need your help till THE NEXT WOMEN's DAY so that the actually meaning and true sense of the women's day percolates down to this last & neglected section of the society  & after one year you can proudly put your collar up and feel the true meaning of WOMEN's DAY. 
All donations qualify for INCOME TAX EXEMPTION UNDER section 80G
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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6.3.2023. 7pm IST 
CIVIL SUPPLIES DEPARTMENT, GOVERNMENT OF GOA, provides free ration to our NGO starting this month.
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA thanks Civil Supplies Secretary, Mr Sanjit Rodrigues, IAS , Government of Goa for linking our NGO to the Department and as such enabling the poor and the homeless people in our homes to avail of central government scheme of free food grains.
Usually we have heard in Goa all negative stuff about the Civil Supplies Department in the last few months. 
But here we have the same Civil Supplies Department going out of their way and ensuring that our NGO is part of the scheme where by free food grains reach the poorest of the poor and the homeless @ Street Providence.
And the man who got this scheme to my notice is non other than Sanjit Rodrigues, Civil Supplies Secretary. 
Late Jan 2023. I was waiting in the secretariat to meet the Social Welfare Secretary along with the Mayem MLA over some issues.
It was during this waiting period that the Civil Supplies Secretary was entering his office and observed I was waiting and asked me to enter his cabin.
We have never ever formally met before neither was I sent with a recommendation.
As I entered his cabin he had an important meeting so I sat and waited for his attention which he was kind enough to give me.
I inquired about any free ration applicable to shelter homes which he brought to my notice that such a scheme is actually existing for a long time and frankly speaking I was not aware off.
Secretary was kind enough to link me to the concerned officials and from there on two Civil Supplies officials were kind enough to help us witn the paperwork and without hassling and any time wasting.
I appreciate the support from the Civil Supplies department  :
☆ Mr Sanjay Parab, UDC @ HQ Panjim &
☆ Mr Bhanu Goltekar , Inspector @ Mapusa
for the quick paperwork in moving the file and the inspection and documentation.
The officials @ CIVIL SUPPLIES Mapusa were kind enough to update us regularly about our RATION CARD & finally with 3 weeks we were eligible to get free food grains from the nearest ration shop.
Today we picked up 265 kgs rice allocated for 53 homeless people @ 5 kgs each, which will be supplied monthly free of cost. 
Infact the Civil Supplies Inspector after his inspection donated a few bags of rice In Feb 23  which he bought as he was moved seeing the type of people we take care off.
Although we currently care for about 160 homeless people, some are yet to get their adhar cards , where as some have their adhar cards registered already in their own villages and as such we submitted 100 adhar cards of the homeless but the system which is online accepted only 53 adhard cards.
Our monthly requirement of rice is almost 
1000 kgs a month on lower side but we THANK GOD that we are now getting 265 Kgs FREE RICE from the Government of Goa just because of one IAS officer Mr Sanjit Rodrigues who took the time to invite  me into his cabin, listen to me and connect me to his Department. 
I wish the other IAS SECRETARIES @ Goa Secretetarit too provide such services through their power that they hold in their capacity towards the homeless and the hungry in Goa to our NGO.
It feels great to know that such a good GOAN IAS officer EXISTS @ Secretariat Goa who understands about the troubles and issues our NGO goes through daily to PROVIDE FREE – food, clothing,  shelter & medication to the poor , homeless & the hungry at our shelter homes and our food bank programs. 
If you run free shelter Homes / orphanages/ etc. In Goa than please do approach the Civil Supplies Department at Panjim.
Imagine in the last 5 years we were unaware of the Free scheme of Food grains but it's never too late to be part of this Scheme .
♡♡ Thank you so much Secretary, Mr Sanjit Rodrigues, Civil Supplies Department,  Government of Goa for the support.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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4.3.2023. 7pm IST
Our NGO hears the SILENT CRIES of another very poor goan lady suffering from severe mental disabilities & physical disabilities who we have admitted into our Shelter home from a city in South Goa.
This young lady is about 38 years, suffering from Disabilities from 2015 approx and mother married her without telling the groom.
Within 15 days trouble started and husband threw her out. 
Mother expired a few years back and her only married brother is desperately trying his level best to care for her.
But this is where the most trouble starts .
Whenever the brother is married and tries to help the sister with disabilites especially in the same house , the sister feels insecure due to the wife.
Wife feels husband is caring more for the sister than the wife.
The pattern is same.
This trend I have experienced with so many such goan ladies who are rehabilitated in our homes who have been thrown out both by the husband's and can't be cared for by the brother.
And it's not easy even if you and I feel and think otherwise. 
You will only understand this once you are that family and one has to choose between the wife & the sister .
Becomes very difficult for the husband  / brother to decide who is the priorty whether the wife or the sister. 
Finally the man too gets into depression & stress.
In this case, the goan brother is working with a simple job and has a wife.
The troubled sister is creating a big issue 
The brother and his wife and their relationship is not bearing any fruit with all this madness and stress of the sister.
The goan lady with disabilites just roams around and is vulnerable to exploitation or even being taken advantage off .
Often admitted into IPHB but then discharged and the same story.
Such cases require REHABILITATION & CARE which is not available for FREE for the poorest of the poor and finally such cases end on the streets of cities and then you have sensational headlines with blame put on this Department & that officer.
There is no support facility, short stay home , mid way home in Goa by The Central Government or The State Government for such genuine cases of mental disabilities. 
Everyone in the Government is failing this section of Society and I am fed up of this madness happening last so many years .
That's WHY STREET PROVIDENCE was started.
Without Government aid or Government run shelter homes for ladies & men with mental disabilities, naturally the streets are piling up with homeless people. 
This Goan lady throws stones on public, talks non stop to herself , disoriented at times, stressed and violent in nature because she does not take her medication in time.
Poverty is understandable but poverty with a family member suffering from both mental & physical disabilities is not a joke .
A very Small house and that top divided into 2 rooms – one for the sister & one for the brother. 
Another such admission where this woman will be a long time inmate as without proper food and timely medication, she will always be troubling and roaming around the city .
Very soon WOMEN INTERNATIONAL DAY will be celebrated. 
But is INTERNATIONAL WOMAN DAY going to make any difference to the woman like this goan lady or like the 45 + homeless ladies in our home or so many such goan ladies suffering from homelessness & disabilites ?
In GOA , those celebrating INTERNATIONAL WOMAN DAY even thinking about the troubles that our Poor Goan woman suffering from mental disabilities and turning homeless on the streets having a plan to tackle this rising issue for 1 year till the next WOMAN INTERNATIONAL DAY is celebrated?
FEST , PROGRAMS , BIG PROJECTIONS & ASSURANCES are not taking the poor goan people with mental disabilities anyway .
The situation in the ground is something else.
Ask me and I will tell you more .
We @ Street Providence need your help and donations to tackle this mammoth giant as we are totally getting frustrated and disappointed with the lackluster attitude of the government authorizes in regard to poor goan woman CRYING SILENTLY .
This WOMAN INTERNATIONAL DAY partner with our NGO as we are the only FREE SHELTER HOME in Goa for WOMAN CRYING SILENTLY with DISABILITIES & We can work together and turn these CRIES into SMILES
Our plans are big and achievable but support is required. 
God bless you
Donald Fernandes 
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3.3.2023. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA HEARS the SILENT CRIES of this old lady who is a senior citizen and suffered a major accident, now abandoned in the government hospital on a wheel chair.
Few days back received a call from DR ANIL big boss of CHICALIM HEALTH CENTRE requesting shelter for an abandoned senior citizen lady.
1 min video attached of Dr Anil .👇👇
Looks like the lady a few months back possible being on the streets of Goa met with a serious accident and was admitted and operated on GMC.
Rod / plate inserted in her thigh/ leg and mumbled that she was from VASCO.
After operation GMC transfered to CHICALIM HEALTH CENTRE & for a month she has been treated and cared for.
Since she can't stay in the hospital more longer she needed shelter and Home to stay. 
Yesterday we picked her up from Chicalim Health Centre and admitted her into our home. 
Tired , stressed , under nourished,  lonely,  upset , lost & in pain due to the operation .
Possible might be suffering from mental disabilities but not talking much which is but natural for anyone in her place as she is homeless and unwanted by her family .
Can be some ones  mother, grandmother, sister , aunt , relative but today she is CRYING SILENTLY as this is the situation she has reached may be  due to poverty or just old aged & abandoned.
Wheel chair bound and on a pamper plus totally weak and sick .
It's LENT season and it's a great feeling of opening our doors to take in such horrible and terrible cases during this LENTEN SEASON. 
I really can't FAST when I can see so many homeless women ( & men ) in pain, sickness , unwanted mothers, mentally challenged woman just living in oblivion and in lost times and no one to even stop and care for them INSPITE of empty homes which should be opened and used for such people. 
This is my LENT.
THE SUFFERING CHRIST I see on a day to day basis on roads, bus stops, streets,  gardens,  hospitals, etc .
You too can experience a JOYFUL LENT 
Many will ask Is Lent joyful?
It's will be a surprise to many people but the season of Lent is meant to be joyful. “For the joy set before him Jesus endured the cross” 
(Heb. 12:2). Jesus taught us to look our best when we're fasting not because we'd be miserable and should pretend to be happy!
For me these 160 + homeless people in my 8 homes is my Cross.
And everyday I am called to CARRY this CROSS and most of the times It's JOYFUL .
Sometimes its frustrating and stressful as motivation levels drops.
You too can celebrate this JOYFUL season of LENT by supporting us through your donations as we care for such numerous homeless people daily, suffering from Disabilities & abandoned in GOA.
We offer you income tax exemption on your donations under SECTION 80g of the ITAX act.
Please visit out website 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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2.3.2023. 7pm IST
Silent cries of this senior citizen , ( Punjabi by birth) aged 73 years, homeless man living @ porvorim bus stop last 1 year,  opp Delfino super market on the NH 17 caught the eyes and hearts of two senior citizen Goan  men from the same locality resulting in the homeless man getting off the streets yesterday morning.
Mr Goldy as he calls himself was picked up by our NGO in early 2019 and was cared for till early 2020.
During the lockdown he left our home as he was getting frustrated after being dexotified for alcohol and that urge to drink grew which made him leave the home.
Attached a few pictures.
Link attached of the rescue 👇
Entire 3 years right from Mar 2020 till date he has been living and sleeping on the streets and for over 1 year he has been living on the bus stop on the NH 17 porvorim.
Quite a few people called me asking to rehab him but some how things did not connect. 
These two Goan gentlemen from the same locality Mr Trevor Pereira  took a lot of trouble calling me regularly as well as convincing Goldy to get off the streets in the last month.
He was supported by Christopher 
I went myself to get Goldy of the bus stop  along with Our manager Mr Sapnesh Salgaonkar and the Dysp @ Porvorim SDPO Mr Vishwesh Karpe too was present with his cops and we got the old senior citizen Mr Goldy off the streets .
Weak , old, tired,  malnourised,  unclean,  Smelling from no bath and unclean clothes with slight symptoms of mental disabilities. 
I asked him why did he not come back to our home?
His reply was ” I made a mistake and could not take the courage to face you “.
So many people stop at the signal including the local MLA. Sarpanch and panch members and other ministers and politicians but all ignored him and that includes me also .
I tried twice about 6 months back talking to him but he just pretended he did not revognise me so I too took offense at his attitude and moved on.
Speaks fluent English and has a big attitude is how Goldy can be described.
We all citizens including the Goa Police should attempt to reach out to such homeless people and see how best they can be helped to a rehabilitation Home. 
We feel satisfied to have got this senior citizen ay the bus stop at Porvorim off the streets and into a shelter home .
Practically everyday we are on the ground doing the little we can day & night 24*7 to bring that smile on the people who are CRYING SILENTLY.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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1.3.2023 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA last 3 months has been going through many many serious issues concerning rehabilitation programs in Goa.
But there is something called MIRACLES .
☆☆ And this is MIRACLE NO 1.
As we don't own any property all our shelter homes are rented and dealing with landlords is at times beyond my patience.
About 3 months back it looked from my view that it's time to shut 4 homes as we just could not manage the landlords.
Homes were put on notice with immediate effect.
Inmates were moved out to other running homes and there was many thoughts going through my mind.
Most will remember the Margao shelter home episode a few years back. 
I was under too much pressure.
But I did not want to create any unwanted situations but I told GOD ” its your problem you solve it , I am just doing my little service & these are your people from the streets “.
Entire December 22 & January 23 , we stopped taking admissions from the streets as we just did not have space because I have decided to close some Homes so why take more people.
Quite often due to jealousy or back bitting, public or people close to the landlords instigate unwanted details against us.
Basically all just YAP but totally empty to get down to the ground to help the homeless.
I was holding my EGO & adamant that I will not compromise my feelings while the landlords had their own doubts about the issues which reached their ears and minds. 
We were getting too many requests to take in homeless and we just went on giving excuses.
Along with this one issue of landlords there were other two major issues and these 3 problems put togther could have been a good time to pack up the REHABILITATION PROGRAM & go.
But something was telling me GOD HAS BETTER PLANS , hold on don't give up.
I knew I was in a STORM and if I fight the STORM I would drown and die so the best was to move along and navigate the STORM till THAT CALM WEATHER comes along. 
Work went on as usual with the existing homeless in our Homes and on 19 th Dec 2022 our NGO was declared as the BEST NGO in Goa.
And no one except my wife knew the pressure I was going through.
Our NGO was planning to launch a book of our work in the last 5 years in December 22 and we approached Bosco George IPS @ Goa Police to write the fireword which he consented.
Cardinal , Rev Fr Filipe Neri Ferrao on 12.12.22 also sent his message for the book which really boosted my spirits.
Attached that letter with this post. 
Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas from Ranchi Diocese too gave his message for the book.
That was a relief that God had better plans for our NGO but my landlords issue was not reaching any conclusions and I am in that STORM.
Numerous programs and projects were planned and executed during these turbulent 3 months including a trip to the most difficult part of India to set up shelter Homes for the homeless with disabilites which should start 1st April 2023.
By mid February 2023 the landlords understood the frustrations I was going through and I now knew that THE STORM HAD SUBSIDED & THE CALM HAS STARTED.
Hence on Ash Wednesday we released our poster that during the 40 days of LENT, our NGO is attempting to take in 40 homeless people CRYING SILENTLY especially the women .
Well in the 7 days of LENT , we have taken in 9 people ie 2 ladies & 7 men suffering from mental disabilities & from the streets who are homeless.
All our Homes are back to normal and GOD has worked in his ways inspiring the landlords to sort out all issues as we all work for the Glory of God and not for the individual collar .
This is nothing short of a MIRACLE from which I have learnt how to fight STORMS without losing my peace of mind and trusting God to fight my battles. 
The MIRACLE NO 2 & 3 I will share in a few days from now.
God has to fight my battles as these homeless people are not related to me and franky speaking I AM THE LEAST QUALIFIED PERSON WITH THE MOST MINIMUM PATIENCE working towards the REHABILITATION OF THE HOMELESS WITH DISABILITIES. 
Those who read this entire post and those who know me and my work will surely understand what I just wrote. 
Its the most difficult service to look after homeless people suffering from Disabilities and that too FREE OF COST with numerous STORMS daily hitting me .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


28.2.2023. 7pn IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA @ our rehabilitation homes take utmost care of the medical conditions of all the inmates. 
Daily there are hospital trips either to the District Hospitals or GMC or IPHB in 4 wheelers only. 
Also daily in North Goa every morning Physiotherapy sessions @ our Clinic at Sangolda. 
All these services require transport and vehicle. 
Today from 4 homes, we had 6 inmates going to hospitals, in 4 different vehicles and 6 inmates were brought for Physiotherapy from 2 homes and taken back to the Homes in 4 wheelers. 
And all these 12people are GOANS & abandoned and homeless. 
☆ Patient 1
Goan boy on psychiatric medication developed some skin disease from Assnora home 
☆ Patient 2
Goan boy, wheel chair bound, alcoholic , on a caterer and screwing up the care givers life, plus on psychiatric medication from assnora home. 
☆Patient 3
Goan senior citizen homeless man , spitting blood , alcoholic, taken from quepem home to TB hospital panjim 
☆ Patient no 4
Goan homeless lady , on psychiatric medication brought from Cavelossim women Home to IPHB Bambolim 
☆ Patient no 5 
Goan 70 years old lady abandoned by her only son , taken to District Hospital Mapusa for severe pain in her knees 
☆ Patient no 6
Goan married, abandoned by her husband,  highly dangerous and suffering from severe psychiatric issues taken to IPHB. 
Plus the inmates for Physiotherapy are brought from the Assnora home and Guirim home. 
Moving so many people on one day up and down is not an easy job and requires planning and 
co ordination plus extra man power to  accompany the patients as they can't be entrusted alone or at times they require assistance in hospitals. 
Full day at times gets over running around these hospital trips and half day goes in the Physiotherapy sessions. 
And this happens everyday except Sunday. 
Just imagine the no of Goans turning homeless & abandoned with psychiatric issues. 
And its rising slowly but silently and no one is focused on this sector as caring for mental disabilities is the most difficult services to handle. 
That's why one will rarely see advertisements for homes for people with mental & physical disabilities. 
Running around and caring both for their physical needs and medical issues are time consuming and very STRESSFUL Always . 
Most of the homes are far away from the Hospitals and transportation is only by 4 wheelers with attendants. 
I always insist to the staff ” treat each and every person in our homes as our own family members and see that the get the best medical facilities as they are suffering from disabilities and they are helpless in life and depending on us for help and treatment “. 
But it's a service we provide 24*7 , last 5 years inspite of various obstacles we face . 
Your support is welcome in any way. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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