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24.2.2023. 7pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA has been taking care of homeless street people both ladies & gents last 5 years with majority of them suffering from mental disabilities and alcohol & drug abuse .
Never ever in the last 5 years, we were able to all meet togther for any single occsssion.
But On 30.1.2023 on the launch of our Book , close to 140 of the 160 inmates made it to the venue with too much of difficulty.
As of 30.1.2023 these pictures were taken at the book launch at old Goa.
These homeless people are housed in 8 Homes across Goa.
☆ 5 Homes in North 
☆ 3 Homes in South

☆ 4 Homes are for men 
☆ 4 Homes are for women 
Of the 160 homeless & people from families who we care for :
◇ 90% of the 160 inmates are psychiatric patients 
◇ 60% of the 160 are goans, both men & women 
◇ 80% of the women are local goans 
80% of the 160 inmates are having no one in the world and will be life long with us. 
◇ 10% of the 160 are paying us a small amount from their monthly dole.
◇ 15% are totally on wheelchair or bed bound 
◇ 10% of the 160 are educated & can write / read
It's not the same feeling in running these Homes compared to 2017.
The expenses are gone up leaps and bounds and that is a big big issue.
Our NGO is sustaining one part because of the food bank fridges which is huge blessings and one of the best initiatives to feed the homeless and the people with Disabilities in our homes. 
Of late the shelter homes are running in deficit and this has started last 6 months  
Generous benefactors have been the backbone of our NGO but the price inflation and the price rise is driving all calculations hay wire .
Understand running 8 homes monthly means every month we HAVE  to pay the :
¤ Rents of 8 homes 
¤ Electricity & water bills of 8 homes 
¤ Salaries of care givers in 8 homes 
¤ Salary of 3 Physiotherapist 
¤ Monthly maintenance of 8 homes 
¤ Medicine for 160 inmates in 8 homes as 90% are psychiatric in nature
¤ Petrol bills 
¤ Toiletries & personal hygiene needs 
¤ Cable TV bills 
¤ Internet bills as all Homes are on CCTV
Plus there are hidden and unwanted expenses which pop up and that can be paid later but have to be paid. 
Government funding to date is only 1 ladies home in the last 3 years for 10 ladies. 
Philanthropic funding is for 60 homeless men last 3 years @ 1500 a month. 
Rest we depend on donations and that is not matching with the inflation.
The stress is mounting and my hair is turning GREY.
We were expecting CSR funding this year but last minute it did not materialize. 
Government funding too for the other homes is not sure as of date .
As I write this post I have many many thoughts running in my mind and one of them is converting 1 or 2 homes to people who can pay for rehabilitation so that the other homes can be  run for the poor & homeless. 
Other option is to stop taking new homeless people of the streets which are mostly out goans.
Too many poor goan people SILENTLY CRYING who are suffering from mental disabilities and we can't just walk away or refuse rehabilitation. 
But I can't manage the expenses either .
If this post touches you and you are In a position to help the homeless and those with disabilities in our homes please contact me on 8380097564.
Quite often in the last 5 years people asked me this one question ” HOW DO YOU MANAGE ?”.
Well, till I could manage I managed , but now recession is cropping in coupled with inflation and more poor goans CRYING SILENTLY asking for help to live in our shelter homes. 
Your donations qualify for income tax exemption under section 80G of the I.TAX act .
Your LENTEN support can make  huge impact to the homeless In all our homes in Goa.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
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23.2.2023. 7Pm IST
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA HEARS the SILENT CRIES of this 70+ years old goan lady married but abandoned by her late husband many years back from Cuncolim due to not being able to bear a child .
This 70+ year old Goan lady was thrown out / left her husband Home many years back when her husband was alive as he used to harass her and hit & torture her due to not being able to bear a child. 
For many years was staying alone on rent in cuncolim and was not allowed to enter the ancestral home. 
A years back she started staying with her married sister & her sister husbad in Curchorem who is also old like her and they both are sick and unwell .
The sister & husband  too has no children and they are afraid that anything happens to them than there will be more issues hence they approached our team for full time rehabilitation.
Mr Akash Pednekar our volunteer from our QUEPEM home has taken alot of trouble in understanding this lady problem and hearing her SILENT CRIES.
With all the rejection and torture and loneliness  she has gone through, this Goan lady has turned a bit psychiatric and just a two days ago we took her into our home and same day got her assessed at IPHB as its been years she has not taken her medication.
Even as I write this post , she is PHYSICALLY CRYING as she wants her sister but the sister can't look after her anymore. 
These are SILENT CRIES which we hear @ our NGO & the only solution we have is full time rehabilitation till they are alive. 
No one is listening and having a plan to these CRIES OF OUR OWN LOCAL POOR GOAN WOMAN even at village level .
Not sure if the Government has a plan for tacking these rising SILENT CRIES of Our POOR GOAN LADIES suffering from mental disabilities.
More focus needs to be shown on this particular sector of THE SILENT CRIES OF POOR GOAN WOMAN & HOMELESS WOMAN.
Such services are full time and takes alot of hospital trips , medication , human touch, care givers to be motivated all the time,  nutrition, etc 
And mind you, our NGO provides all this FREE of cost depending only on The Grace of God ie  through Public donations & Government grants.
Its THE SEASON OF LENT & we @ Street Providence are committed to provide free rehabilitation and accept another 40 more such Goan poor ladies CRYING SILENTLY. 
But we need your support through your donations as very soon we will be housing 200 such poor homeless people both men & women who 70% are goans suffering from mental disabilities.
Let's make this LENTEN season a reason to bring a smile on that poor goan lady face or the homeless woman on the streets who has been silently crying due to poverty, sickness especially mental disabilities, loneliness, discrimination, abandoned due to not being able to bear a child , old aged,  etc. 
We can together turn THEIR CRIES into SMILES .
Your donations qualify for income tax exemption under section 80G of the I.TAX act .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


Its THE SEASON OF LENT & we @ Street Providence are committed to provide free rehabilitation and accept another 40 more such Goan poor ladies CRYING SILENTLY. 
But we need your support through your donations as very soon we will be housing 200 such poor homeless people both men & women who 70% are goans suffering from mental disabilities.
Let's make this LENTEN season a reason to bring a smile on that poor goan lady face or the homeless woman on the streets who has been silently crying due to poverty, sickness especially mental disabilities, loneliness, discrimination, abandoned due to not being able to bear a child , old aged,  etc. 
We can together turn THEIR CRIES into SMILES .
Your donations qualify for income tax exemption under section 80G of the I.TAX act .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
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22.2.2023. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA HEARS THE SILENT CRY of this goan woman suffering from mental disabilities from Cumbarjua constituency and admits her today into our rehabilitation Home.
Poor family background,
2 unmarried elder brothers expired due 2 alcohol,
One sister married in Pune, has in laws 
aged 80+, stays in a 1BHK with her husband and their married son & both her in laws,
Girl studied only 5th std.
In Such a scenario it's impossible for the married sister to take her younger sister to her flat at Pune.
So then what?
Who is responsible for this young goan lady?
◇ State Government ?
◇ Social Welfare Department ?
◇ Proverdoria ?
◇ Local MLA ?
◇ Relatives ?
◇ Neighbors ?
◇ Shelter homes ?
Taking psychiatric medications for 15 years but last 1 year after her bro death, no one to give her medication and care for her .
Her cousin brother has been helping her but then he too has small children and goes to work. 
This goan girl wanders around and once off medication looses her nerves and starts fighting and getting aggressive. 
Suffers from bi- polar plus other mental disabilities .
Has been admitted into IPHB quite a few times but that does not solve the actual problem as once discharged from IPHB same story starts again .
From her childhood due to extreme poverty, a lot of fun and taunts were thrown on her making her feel unloved and unwanted in society resulting in low confidence & self esteem with no desire to study in school. 
Lack of education , coupled with exteme poverty, death of the father in her teen age , alcoholic brothers, no love and care from society. 
This is a receipe for MENTAL DISABILITIES and depression and these SILENT CRIES are coming daily from MANY MANY Goan ladies across Goa especially in Villages.
This is a life long admission and even if I want her to go away after a few months , who will accept her ?
Like this Goan lady CRYING SILENTLY,  we are currently caring for 46 such ladies of which 36 are Goan ladies and of these 36 Goan ladies 32 ladies are absolutely having no one to look after them or no one to Call a FAMILY.
I have alot of these 160+ people to look after for the rest of their life and its a HUGE HUGE RESPONSIBILITY & Commitment.
Today I can say more than 100+ such Goan ladies are CRYING SILENTLY and no woman activists or woman Social workers are raising these issues on social media and trying to find permanent shelter for such woman 
And in the coming months these 100+ Goan ladies Crying silently will increase leaps & bounds.
Its THE SEASON OF LENT & we @ Street Providence are committed to provide free rehabilitation and accept another 40 more such Goan poor ladies CRYING SILENTLY. 
But we need your support through your donations as very soon we will be housing 200 such poor homeless people both men & women who 70% are goans suffering from mental disabilities.
Let's make this LENTEN season a reason to bring a smile on that poor goan lady face or the homeless woman on the streets who has been silently crying due to poverty, sickness especially mental disabilities, loneliness, discrimination, abandoned due to not being able to bear a child , old aged,  etc. 
We can together turn THEIR CRIES into SMILES .
Your donations qualify for income tax exemption under section 80G of the I.TAX act .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


21.2.2023. 7pm IST 
The Silent cries of Our poor Goan women who are homeless or who are poor & suffering from mental disabilities are increasing by the day and my ears are getting filled with requests for rehabilitation and a place to be cared for .
✝️✝️ Tomorrow we enter 40 days of LENT ✝️✝️
And during these 40 days of LENT , our NGO has resolved to take into our ladies Homes 40 ladies ( & men into the men's home  ) who are silently crying due to being abandoned, harrassed, starved , ill treated or who because of mental disabilities are unwanted by their loved ones .
You too can take a LENT resolution in the following ways:
◇ 1. Identifying such poor deserving womem who are silently crying due to genuine reasons.
◇ 2..Verifying the facts of these silent cries of such goan woman or homeless street woman.
◇ 3. Following up with their admission through proper channels and necessary paperwork 
We have finished all the celebrations like :
☆ Christmas 
☆ New Year 
☆ Purple Fest 
☆ Valentines day 
☆ Carnival 
& many other festivals of all religions. 
What about the Silent cries of the last and neglected goan woman suffering from mental disabilities or physical disabilities and no one to go for help and just being abandoned on the streets.
There are many such Silent cries from poor Goan woman but we fail to hear them compounded with the facts that there are no FREE SHELTER Homes for women with disabilities around in Goa .
We are currently taking care of 46+ women with severe mental disabilities of which 80% are goan in our 4 shelter Homes for ladies in Goa.
We can take in another 40 more ladies who are silently crying and No one is interested to hear .
We might require atleast 2 more homes to meet the demand. 
But funding is a big  issue and in the last two months we have actually gone slow on taking In women into our shelter homes , infact we admitted only 1 lady in the last two months. 
Now I can't refuse admission as every day requests are coming. 
My conscience is troubling me but at the same time funding is taking a hit .
During this LENTEN season you can attempt to help us as we attempt to take in 40 homeless ladies or poor goan ladies suffering from mental disabilities and who are crying silently. 
We have hired additional manpower and women work force to our shelter home program and if needed be we will be taking in more work force.
But we require your support to pay the bills. 
We all need to come togther to help these poor women who are silently crying due to genuine reasons especially those suffering from mental disabilities and coming from extremely poor families being either WIDOWS or DIVORCED .
Let's make this LENTEN season a reason to bring a smile on that poor goan lady face or the homeless woman on the streets who has been silently crying due to poverty, sickness especially mental disabilities, loneliness, discrimination, abandoned due to not being able to bear a child , old aged,  etc. 
We can togther turn THEIR CRIES into SMILES .
Your donations qualify for income tax exemption under section 80G of the I.TAX act .
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


20.2.2023. 7pm IST
A goan dangar ( herdsman) farmer lost 42 goats exactly 1 year back as his herd reached the railway track and the moving train mowed them down @ Canacona.
Link attached of last year 👇👇
Over the last few months our NGO raised funds through few generous benefactors and purchased 30 adults goats .
Exactly after 1 year , today the herdsman as a sign of gratitude, offered me two small kids 
( young ones of goat ) .
Photo attached. 
The adult 30 goats have re produced young ones over these few months and now the young ones are about 20 in nos .
We drove very early this morning and picked up these baby goats as the herdsman would have come on a bike to hand them over to us. 
It just feels good to be part of the life of this poor goan herdsman during those crying days when he saw with his eyes all those mowed down goats .
♡♡♡ Thanks to the benefactors who donated these goats as well as Sanju from Dharbandora who helped us purchase these goats over a few months and Mrs Sharon fron Canacona our volunteer for all the support .
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


18.2.2023.  7 pm IST
Look Look Look what GOD has done in just 6 months to this Goan man , Mr Alfonso from Panjim who once was such a mess that even I refused to help him.
But you 1st must read our post on what happened to him 6 to 8 months back in the below link 👇👇
A horribly wrong case which started from Kuwait, to Gmc , to various police stations, to an old aged home in St estevam , to being on the streets of Margao, then district hospital margao & finally our shelter home last 6 months. 
We are avoiding showing you his foot when we took him into the shelter home as its not proper to view as it had blood , worms,  pus and flesh torn apart with dirty smell. 
Was on a wheelchair for over 2 months , could not control his bowels so was on a pamper, had to be cleant, bathed, cared for continously. 
Today Mr Alfonso has stabilised , his diabetics is totally under control, foot has stopped rotting and the smell & oozing FOOT  totally stopped, no more emergency night trips to hospitals.
Mr Alfonso drove Mr Akash Pednekar nuts for 3 months Aug, Sept, Oct as his whole foot was just not healing and his diabetics would jump up and down.
One day I drove to QUEPEM in frustration & gave him a sound and loud piece of my mind. 
His mind was totally disturbed as he was lost and was disappointed at trusting the wrong person over his family in KUWAIT .
Everyone before our NGO was just finding him a burden and that rejection and stress was driving his mind crazy resulting in his diabetics at times even going up to 500 + .
But after that shouting I had with him, where I had assured him that we will look after him  permanently no matter what is his physical state,  then only his mind was at peace .
Sometimes one loud shout with dire consequences and threats are needed to make such men get up from their slumber understanding that they either follow instructions or get lost .
Smooth talking and baby sitting at times don't work. 
He regretted leaving his wife & 2 children years back, he even agreed to sign all his papers in his wife favour and he that night asked God to forgive him for the stupidest thing he did by abandoning his family and his mother. 
The moment he let go and asked for forgiveness and was assured my me and my team that he will stay with us permanently, that healing and transformation started. 
Everything, belive me,  all his issues just started subsiding and things got back to normal. 
The complaints from Akash stopped , hospital trips at late night to control his diabetics stopped, the man who daily would dress that smells dirty wound stopped complaining, the oozing and pus subsided and life turned BEAUTIFUL for Mr ALFONSO and all who cared for him in our Quepem home .
Today he uses a sock on that leg as a precaution but that oozing FOOT is 90% better than what it was 6 months back. 
Adv Shailesh Gawas is the only person who saw him 8 months back when he made the video in the old aged home on St Estevam and later when Adv saw him end of Jan' 23' at a function  Adv Shailesh Gawas could not believe what he was seeing 1st hand.
Today Alfonso is incharge of daily medication to 33 men @ Quepem home and he does this service systematically and with commitment and love .
His mind is totally occupied with his responsibility that he last lost track of his pain, sickness, loneliness,  etc .
Mr Alfonso today understands that because of his ability to forgive whoever he has hurt & disappointed and ask for forgiveness, his life is a blessings to him and these 33 homeless men suffering from mental disabilities. 
No one ever will believe that this is the same ALFONSO who just 8 months back was such an idiot that no old aged home wanted to take in & even I refused initially to help. 
But God's ways are different.
God planned to get him to my home and today I have an extra hand only sorting , dispensing and providing daily psychiatric medications 3 times a day to 33 homeless street men suffering from severe mental disabilities. 
This is our CARNIVAL & our fun frolic & revellery where lost cases are today alive, kicking and active .
We thank God for enlightening Mr Alfonso to grab that life line and forgive and start life again @ the age of 60 years only which has made everyone life easy in our rehabilitation Home. 
WE DARE TO DREAM and get the job done with the Grace of God.
These types of cases are very expensive to treat and time consuming as visits to doctors and hospitals are never ending stories plus the medicines which are prescribed are to be bought. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


14.2.2023. 7 PM IST 
I received a call  from the SBI  manger  incharge of CSR funding and the caller says ” I want to give away a donation under CSR “.
Before i can even say ” OK ” , he says ”  it's for a primary health centre, please recommend “.
The irony is that  I am running shelter Homes and in need of monetary help and this gentleman  is asking me to recommend a PHC to be a recipient of their CSR funding.
CSR funding from SBI is not small change and no hanky panky and time wasting .
Highly professional and quick service. 
Well our association with SBI Bank started last year when the bank under CSR activities donated a full fledged Ambulance worth more than 14 lacs to our NGO.
Mr Kamat is the CSR manager and quite often we keep in touch for many topics. 
So the day I was asked to recommend a PHC my 1st suggestion was PHC @ Casarvarnem. 
How many know or heard of this place ?
Mr Kamat insisted on 3 names and I insisted on only this name .
Within two hour flat,  Mr Kamat called and Said 
” Thank you “.
I asked him ” what happened “.
He was emotional and Said ” Your recommendation fits the bill under CSR , this PHC urgently requires support for the service of the society “.
Within 10 days, SBI got everything organized and the function was planned for 13.2.2023.
On 12.2.2023, Mr Kamat called me early morning inviting me for their SBI CSR function which did not make sense to me .
I mean SBI is a giant giving away their CSR funds and I am a small speck in front of SBI .
Usually no one will share their stage with others that too on a CSR function.
It turned out that Senoir SBI officials requested Mr Kamat to invite me for their function.
But when I attended,  I Understood that every one was emotional ie SBI officials, Dr Damodar the Doctor in charge of this PHC & myself.
You can actually see the difference  between rural infrastructure v/s city/ urban infrastructure. 
Usually no one goes to the most rural areas to address such issues and what SBI did was worth writing about so that incase any other institution wishes to give away funds under CSR, they can always get in touch with me for recommendations as my service with the homeless takes me to the remotest and most in need of help locations.
Infact Dr Damodar almost held back his tears and was thankful for the recommendation which resulted in the PHC receiving from SBI  electrical,  medical and other equipment worth lacs of Rupees  which was urgently needed for use  at this PHC .
This must be the  oldest and  remotest PRIMARY HEALTH CENTRE and Dr Damodar travels daily from Porvorim to this PHC .
This PHC needs additional  help and upgradation ASAP.
I feel humbled that  Shri. Arvind Kumar Singh, Chief General Manager,  Maharashtra Circle & 
Shri. Bikash Basumatary,  Deputy General Manager, Goa & other  senior officials from SBI requested my presence at their CSR function and they even gifted me a nice gift and allowed me to speak at their function besides inviting me to be on the dias.
Our work with the homeless and street people takes me across the entire Goa and I know all the health Centres and Police Stations across Goa .
Very often our NGO addresses small issues at the above places and we do the best we can to donate what we can to make things easy for these government officials running these departments. 
And subsequently I am condemned or riducled. But this does not matter,as I know the benefit we get from these two departments in the rehabilitation of the homeless street people. 
But this CSR grant  @ Casarvarnem PHC is huge and I am proud that my suggestion to a bank like SBI was accepted,  implemented and was worth every penny spent. 
Attached a few pictures of the event. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


13.2.2023. 7pm IST
In our last 5 years of rehabilitation, we have taken this irritating and one of the most stubborn man, 4 times into our shelter home from the streets. 
Raju Das is a chronic alcoholic man with severe wounds on leg and suffering from slight mental disabilities. 
From 2019 we have been taking care of him and once better he leaves the shelter goes back to Calangute, begs, drinks , falls on the streets and as usual Mr Suddesh Mayekar picks him up and requests us to help. 
Attached 2 small videos 👇👇
Usually once a person leaves our home we avoid taking them back.
Each time he enters our home for rehab his medical condition is worse than what is was the previous time .
On 27.4.22 we took him in for the 4th time and his foot was Smelling with worms and all flesh in bad state. 
Could not stand, walk or even use the washroom. Totally bent and using a walking stick.
Picture attached. 
His full lower part was very stiff and he would crawl on his buttocks. 
Totally arrogant, stubborn, rude and uncooperative.
Physiotherapy was the only solution but then how do we get a 6 .6 ft tall man who cant even stand from our Assnora home to our physio centre at Sangolda ?
To compound the care givers troubles he would purposely urinate etc just to irritate us .
Many times we had to use strong arm tactics to use the washroom as it was a nightmare. 
Taking him to hospitals for dressings , IPHB for assessment and to the Physiotherapy 3 times a week was very difficult and stressful for all in the shelter home. 
But we had to make him stand and walk come what may including strong arm tactics otherwise no care giver was going to clean him every day non stop .
All our efforts and tough ways finally paid dividends .
RAJU started exercising after the physio session and the Physiotherapist did a wonderful job treating him .
Since he was getting better we shifted Raju to our shelter home cum Physiotherapy centre which is in house at Cavelossim and today 
RAJU DAS  is walking upright fit and fine .
The billion$ question is how long will he stay?
I am definitely never ever going to take him back incase he leaves the shelter home. 
I had enough of this crap and it's not easy for any of us be it the manager, the caregivers,  the drivers or the other inmates in the home to live with such terrible person who takes pride in drinking,  falling down, getting all wounds and then asking for help but once in the home refuses to follow rules and regulations. 
He just refuses to be clean and tidy  
Even to have a bath we have to use strong arm tactics .
With today's count at 160 plus ➕️ and nos rising its very difficult. 
Plus if something goes wrong in the shelter home due to his stubbornness then NGO gets a bad name. 
For those reading this post , physiotherapy is the only solution for chronic alcoholic cases who have drank so much that all their muscles and flesh has withered away and the joints are so stiff that they can only crawl to move around. 
No Physiotherapy centre  will entertain such terrible and horrible cases where patients legs are with wounds and that too for free or even at a discount fee .
We @ Street Providence handle daily many such difficult cases and most of these cases once recovered as a sign of gratitude stay back on mutual agreement to work in the home and care for the others. 
We too are human beings and our fellow care givers can't be pushed all the time.
We can help those who help themselves  
But Raju Das has crossed all limits.
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


11.2.2023. 7Pm IST
Rehabilitation @ Street Providence for the homeless people is a place where we care for people with mental & physical disabilities. 
The most difficult part in any shelter home for the people with Disabilities is their health & well being.
Our 3 Physiotherapy centre's takes care of the physical health of these homeless people suffering from physical disabilities. 
Attached a 2 mim video 👇👇
These 3 Physiotherapy centre's are at :
◇ 1. Sangolda
◇ 2. Cavelossim 
◇ 3. Quepem
We have 4 very good Physiotherapist at the above centre's.
And why do I say VERY GOOD .
Most of the homeless street people with physical disabilities come with wounds, broken limbs, no body presentation,  uncivilized in their habits, at times with slight skin infection, body odour , and various other issues which you and I may not be facing in our life .
And belive me , it's not easy day after day touching and dealing with them .
But these 3 lady Physiotherapist ie 
☆ 1. Miss Charmaine @ Sangolda 
☆ 2. Miss Raisa @ Cavelossim 
☆ 3. Mrs Oshin @ Quepem,
The 4th Physiotherapist is :.
☆ 1. Mr Ashton @ Sangolda ,
treat of them with complete care & compassion.
Its amazing how most of our homeless ladies & gents are improving leaps and bounds with Physiotherapy. 
♡♡♡ Street Providence is thankful to the Social Welfare Department,  Government of Goa for providing a grant to 2 of our Physiotherapy centre's ie Sangolda & Quepem.
Its a feeling of being supported by the Department that makes us take into our shelter home some of the most complicated cases of disabilites including stroke related people .
Our Sangolda center takes care of our inmates from our homes in the north:
☆ Guirim – 2  ladies homes 
☆ Calangute – 1 ladies home 
☆ Porvorim – 1 men's home 
☆ Assnora – 1 men's home 
Our Cavelossim centre takes care of our inmates from our  Homes in the south :
☆ Cavelossim – 1 men's home 
☆ Cavelossim  – 1 women's home 
☆ Our QUEPEM centre takes care of our inmates from the quepem home only .
It's with all humility I and my staff @ Street Providence thank Honourable Minister for Social Welfare,  Mr Subhash Faldesai for Innaugrating our Sangolda & Quepem Physiotherapy centre's and his Department for allocating two grants to 2 of our 3 Physiotherapy centre's. 
The entire department of Social Welfare, starting fron The Director,  asst Directors, officers, etc are very understanding & co operative in the entire last 6 months of we applying for the grants for the Physiotherapy centre's and seeing that the funds are given within the shortest possible time with the least amount of we running after the Department. 
With huge nos of old homeless people in our homes, it was necessary to have Physiotherapy sessions else the most of bed ridden people will rise quickly and its not possible to take in incapicated homeless. 
But these Physiotherapy centre's make everyone life comfortable and lively .
There is so much joy when we see how the homeless person say a few months/ year before was brought on a wheel chair/ stretcher but after Physiotherapy within say 6 to 9 months can stand, balance and walk with ease .
The short video will explain a little more .
Its these little moments of joy that make all of us @ Street Providence DREAM
WE DARE TO DREAM, that any homeless person with physical disabilities/ bed ridden or stroke related person, with Physiotherapy can and should walk again un aided.
Whatever I write looks easy and nice but belive me most of the homeless street people with physical disabilities when brought to the Sangolda Physiotherapy centre from our 5 north Goa homes have to lifted from the ambulance and Wheeled into the centre and then Wheeled out back to the ambulance. 
The Quepem & Cavelossim Physiotherapy centre's are inhouse centre's so the physical movement is very minimal.
We require your help in taking care of the Physiotherapist salaries as the Grant for the salary is Rs 10000 per month per centre which adds up to Rs 20000 from the Department but our combined monthly bill is Rs 60000.
We add Salt to the lives of these homeless people suffering from physical disabilities and bring them into the light once they complete their 6 to 9 months of Physiotherapy. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380p97564 / 7020314848