January 2024 Mission

Rescuing Homeless Goan Women
with Mental Disabilities

In a commendable initiative for January 2024, STREET PROVIDENCE is dedicated to rescuing homeless Goan women, specifically those grappling with mental disabilities. Collaborating with The Social Welfare Department, Women & Child Development, and the Goa Police, we aim to eradicate homelessness, emphasizing the importance of collective responsibility.

Since our inception, our mission has steadfastly focused on ensuring no individual languishes on Goa’s streets.

We implore every responsible citizen to join our cause. Should you encounter homeless women, especially those facing mental challenges, sleeping in the open, please reach out to us.

Together, we can create a safer and more compassionate community.


STREET PROVIDENCE Is a rehabilitation center for the people on the streets who are neglected, sick, drug addicts and alcoholics. It functions as a registered Charitable Trust.

STREET PROVIDENCE is involved in picking up homeless men, housing them in designated homes and providing them food, clothing, medical treatment and rehabilitating them to stand on their own feet.

STREET PROVIDENCE has an ambulance to transport the needy to hospitals.

STREET PROVIDENCE is supported by and works with Goa Police, Goa Medical College (GMC) and numerous volunteers, as well as various other organizations.

For more information : 83800 97564 / 70203 14848  (WhatsApp Messages Only | Strictly “NO Calling” )