The harsh winters in Manipur unleash a relentless chill that spares no one, particularly impacting vulnerable populations. Children, infants, the elderly, and the infirm bear the brunt of these frigid months. For infants, their fragile immune systems are further compromised, leading to increased vulnerability to illnesses. The elderly, with weakened resilience, often struggle to cope with the biting cold, risking health complications. The infirm face limited mobility, exacerbating their discomfort and isolation. It’s a grim season where communities rally together, seeking warmth through shared fires and support, amidst the unforgiving Manipuri winter.

Street Providence has initiated a compassionate drive, collecting blankets to aid the less fortunate residing in shelter camps within riot-affected regions. This selfless effort aims to provide warmth and comfort, offering a glimmer of hope during challenging times. Join us in making a difference.

We’ve established collection points in several towns and villages throughout Goa. (See poster to the right) This initiative will run until 30th September, 2023 with a goal of gathering 10,000 blankets.

In lands where once they thrived so free,
Now marred by strife, a tragedy we see.
Their own hands sowed discord’s bitter seed,
Now nature’s wrath, a reckoning indeed.

But in our hearts, compassion takes its stand,
To lend a helping, guiding hand.
For it’s not too late to heal, to mend,
To be the shelter, the steadfast friend.

Let’s rise above, extend our grace,
Restore their world, in this sacred space.
For in unity, we’ll find the way,
To chase the darkness and bring the day.