STREET POVIDENCE is presently sheltering the homeless men and women in EIGHT Shelter Homes across Goa. Of these FOUR are dedicated to the cause of distressed women and the other FOUR are sheltering the men from the streets. Majority of the residents are mentally or physically challenged. It is a herculean task looking after them but our care-givers are doing their utmost to rehabilitate them.

Home in Porvorim

Our first Shelter Home started in December, 2017 from a private Benefactor. Situated in Porvorim Baixo it can shelter 10 men.

Home in Assonora

Our Shelter Home in Assonora has the capacity to house 30 men. Situated on the Assonora hilltop we are using the premises of the St. Michael’s Church since 2018, through the good offices of the Church Committee.

This shelter Home for men has the capacity to house 30 men. Belonging to the FMCK Sisters it is situated in the south Goa village of Cavelossim. With ample space around the Home the men are encouraged to do gardening and other outdoor activities

Our Quepem Shelter Home was inaugurated in January, 2022. It has the capacity to house 80 men. Belonging to Mr. Simon Noronha the Shelter Home is on a long-term lease.

This women’s Shelter Home is located in Calangute village. Belonging to the FMCK Sisters, it can accommodate 12 women residents. There is ample space around the Home for outdoor activities.

This is among our latest Shelter Homes. Situated in Guirim it belongs
to the Fatima Sisters. Also, it is meant exclusively for distressed women
and can accommodate 12 women residents.

Feeling the need to house more homeless and distressed women, we approached the FMCK Sisters for accommodation. This is our 4th Shelter Home for women. It is situated in Cavelossim opposite our Men’s Shelter Home. Part of the residence will be used to house 12 women.

This Shelter Home on the top floor of a residential House belonging to Lawrence & Aura Fernandes is exclusively for women in distress. Situated in Guirim, it can accommodate 20 women.

Chorao Shelter Home for Homeless Women – Solely meant for women sufferring from Autism, dimentia and other genetic disorders. We have a capcity to accomodate 10 such women.

The Candolim Shelter Home belonging to the FMCK Sisters has the capacity to house 10 residents. It was inaugurated on 18th September, 2023 by the Archbishop of Imphal, Manipur His Grace Dominic Lumon.