2017 was a very important year for STREET PROVIDENCE. The first Food Bank Freezer was started in Sangolda at the residence of our Founder Trustee.

Local people, Hotels, Eateries, Factories, Canteens and Wedding Halls donate excess edible food. The response is overwhelming and in a short span of time STREET PROVIDENCE installed 40 freezers all over Goa, 3 in Karnataka and 1 in Maharashtra.

Every Freezer is manned by a group of Volunteers who decide the best way to distribute the food depending upon the needs of the poor people in that area.

Food is either given from the freezer directly to the needy or is heated up in individual kitchens, put in disposable food grade containers and distributed. Volunteers also carry heated food to bus stands and and at sites where the poor live in their hutments and serve hot meals to them.

Individual families are encouraged to deposit excess edible food in a food freezer close to their homes.

How the Food Bank works

Location of FOOD BANK freezers in Goa.