Ending Hunger

FOOD BANK has installed 36 food freezers across Goa. Fresh edible excess food collected from Canteens, Eateries, Hotels, Caterers & Bakeries is kept in these freezers. Excess food from Individual homes after family functions can also be placed in the freezers. Our volunteers heat up the food and serve the poor and the under privileged in that area. People in need of a meal can also access the freezer and avail of a free meal.

Our freezer locations :


STREET PROVIDENCE provides Breakfast to the relatives of patients at the Goa Medical College and the IPHB in Bambolim.

It was brought to our notice that many relatives of patients who come from distant villages to the GMC and IPHB Bambolim cannot afford to have all their meals at eateries in proximity to the hospitals.

As a humanitarian gesture, STREET PROVIDENCE has taken up the task of serving breakfast on a daily basis to these people every morning. Relatives of patients as well as the labour class around that area come and avail of this free breakfast. The response is overwhelming and from the first day itself we are catering to over 100 people.

Benefactors can sponsor the Breakfast at Rs. 1,500/- per day for 100 people.


STREET PROVIDENCE provides nutritional food to children diagnosed with HIV.

Good nutrition can have several benefits on a HIV +ve patient.
It can:

  • Improve the overall quality of life by providing nutrients that the body needs.
  • Keep the immune system stronger so the disease can be fought better.
  • Help manage HIV symptoms and complications.
  • Process medications and help manage their side effects.

Keeping this in mind we at STREET PROVIDENCE have volunteered to help the poor HIV +ve children. We identify such children and provide them rations on a monthly basis to help them have nourishing food.

Our Ration Bag includes:

  • Rice – 5kgs
  • Moong – ½ kg
  • Masoor Dhal – 1 kg
  • Dates – ½ kg
  • Sugar – 2kg
  • White Jaggery – ½ kg
  • Oil – 1 litre
  • Tetrapack milk –
    10 satchets of 200ml each
  • Peanuts – ¼ kg
  • Chickpeas – ¼ kg
  • Wheatflour – 2 kgs
  • Green/white grams – ½ kg
  • Glucose biscuits – ¼ kg

Benefactors are encouraged to donate these rations or money is accepted towards the purchase. Many HIV+ children have benefited from this noble scheme.