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30.4.2020 8am IST 
7000 Eggs donated by A BIRTHDAY BOY to feed the hungry .
1000 ROTIS / NAANS being served daily with a plan to go upto 5000 ROTIS / NAANS very soon .
FOOD  BANK FOR THE  POOR , SANGOLDA, Goa has been feeding 1000 freshly cooked meals a day from the time the lockdown started and a few days back we were working on a plan to reduce the cost , stretch the resources and go on feeding till SEPTEMBER END .
For the last 7 days , we started , preparing & serving 1000 ROTIS / NAANS daily and slowly we have reduced freshly cooked food. 
Serving freshly pre cooked meals always bring to mother EARTH , wet and dry GARBAGE and that's what I cant go on with .
But while giving ROTIS / NAANS we require to give something , an accompliment. 
Something dry , not contributing to the wet garbage, trying to reduce plastic , packaging etc .
We thought how about giving 
☆1 EGG
☆2 BANANAS on different days .
1 DAY , one accompliment with the ROTIS / NAANS .
Now our actual cost of each NAAN / ROTI is Rs 5 .
So 2 NAAN / ROTI = Rs 10 .
Any Accompliment cost rs 5 .
For Rs 15 we can feed a plain filling meal/ snack / whatever you call it to about 2000 people daily WITH THE GRACE OF GOD.
We plan do cook about 5000 ROTIS / NAANS in the coming weeks daily. 
I am yet to post this on social media but my mind is working on how this feeding will run .
How to get rs 30000 a day , either through donations or through material. 
Two days back , Rakesh from GUIRIM calls us saying his birthday is on 1.5.2020 and he wants to buy and give us something to feed the poor .
I request him to sponsor eggs and he quickly says YES .
RAKESH sows 7000 eggs directly into this feeding plan and that is an indicator for us that GODS FAVOUR IS UPON US .
We are purchasing all the raw material like 
☆OIL , 
☆SALT …Etc..
to make the NAANS / ROTIS and are getting it made in BICHOLIM.
To make 1000 NAANS / ROTIS a day for 7 days we require 400kgs of FLOUR .
Exactly the day we started, AN elderly NUN/ SR , from a religious congregation from KHORLIM, MAPUSA, inquired whether they can pay our grocery Bills as they too would be feeding the hungry in the SPIRIT as they are really old . 
And believe me , the flour for this 1st lot of ROTIS / NAANS for the 1st seven days, were paid directly by the NUNS / Sr to the supplier.
Another sign that , GODS FAVOUR is on this food plan .
Message / Request / Appeal .
☆1.Support us for Rs 15 a day to feed two ROTIS / NAAN + accompliment. 
☆2. You can buy & pay for the raw material anyway in GOA , we will pick it up, 
Like :
☆3. Celebrate your functions knowing that your donations are going to the poorest of the poor in Goa .
☆4. We accept your donations either through cheques/ NEFT / CASH/ KIND .
We offer you INCOME TAX EXEMPTION under section 80G along with your PAN CARD NO .
As usual all communications through WHATSAPP only on 8380097564 .
Send me a message and I will reply quickly. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848


23.4.2020 6 pm IST
FOOD BANK  FOR THE POOR, SANGOLDA ,GOA distributed dry ration today at Bibeagal Ambaulim , Quepem, Goa for about 30 GOAN POOR FAMILIES
We received a request from a lady 2 days back , Mrs VIVICA , from that area , who volunteered to even distribute and organize the people. 
On Thursday, Mr Prakash & our care giver , Mr Hemant left porvorim with approximately 300 kgs of ration at 7 am .
Thanks to SAMARTH from our SAN JOSE DE AREAL Food bank who dropped in to help us.
The IMPORTANT POINT is , this entire material of ration was distributed in reused bags and their own utensils. 
We did not give ration away in new plastic bags . We requested the people to bring their own bags along .
In this way , we have saved plastic bags from being wasted and dumped Into garbage bins. 
We surely are keen to offer more ration till end of 31.5.2020 to our local SENIOR GOAN FAMILIES in any part of Goa provided we get local support from that village .
Full month of MAY 2020 , we @ FOOD BANK will distribute dry ration daily to our LOCAL POOR SENIOR CITIZENS OF GOA across different villages if there is a requirement and we have stock.
Already one section of volunteers are feeding cooked meals daily across GOA to labour class and street people as well .
Another section is feeding and taking care of 100+ destitute homeless people which we are rehabilitating in our 8 homes across GOA free of cost. 
Only for the month of MAY , WE REQUIRE DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS to work with us either : 
☆To feed the homeless and street people .
☆To identify goans who require dry ration .
☆To support us in our rehabilitation homes and volunteer with our care givers , but you need to have your own car and bike with a valid license .
We are not giving any certificate or letter to take home .
This is a service to the poor needy hungry old homeless sick abandoned. 
We are not offering any salary or paying for the expenses like fuel .
If you have time, energy , good health , if you want to feel good then it's time to hit the streets and be a blessing to the least fortunate. 
You will work in your own city / village .
If anyone is interested please get in touch with me on WhatsApp only 8380097564.
No calling , I will not be able to entertain your calls .
Attached a few pictures and a video 
Your support is required in prayers , wishes & blessing .
We are a registered NGO , and we offer income tax exemption under 80 G on your donations. 
We operate only through WhatsApp on 8380097564.
God bless you all 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848

STAY HOME…..STAY SAFE ” Only Move out if Necessary “

18.4.2020 8 pm IST
” Only move out if necessary “
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA, GOA networks with Goa Police @ SDPO PORVORIM & within 24 hours delivers ration to infected kids in SOUTH GOA, delivered by Goa Police personal. 
From Nov 2017 we have been providing dry ration and ( only this month slightly delayed In south GOA ) will continue as it's a commitment, to about 50 infected families.
( 25 donated by food bank Margao & 25 donated by street Providence Sangolda)
On 16.4.2020 we received a SOS message from MAHESH GOVEKAR from Darpan Goa, which is a reputed NGO requesting for ration 
I said yes immediately but was really tied up with alot of other supplies. 
I sent a message to SDPO PORVORIM , DYSP Edwin Sir asking if they could help out in logistics. 
2 min Dysp replied, ” DONE “.
17.4.2020 , 6 PM, Goa police personal from porvorim police station, hands over ration , direct to the kids and families in the presence of MAHESH , which is a big relief for us at FOOD BANK as it saved us alot of time .
Attached a video & a picture of Mahesh Govekar with the police personal @ Goa Police.
Many must have received a message two days back , about 100 families requiring ration near GOA border.
Here again thru networking with our good friend, volunteer & benefactor , Mr SEQUEIRA who used his network in that area , we managed to get help across without much confusion and ration has reached on 18.4.2020 by 2 pm 
If any one needs more information on this topic, please get in touch with me thru WhatsApp 8380097564
Remember we all want to help, but only those with travel passes / permits can move .
And at times your travel pass / permit is not valid beyond a certain boundary/ area.
Simply getting out of your home , can land you in NO MAN LAND and that can lead you TO QUARANTINE for 14 days. 
Food Bank has a food bank fridge in that village / area, so we are familiar with that area .
If you want to help in any way with the list of items that the message was carrying , let us know, we can accept it here and hand it over through our volunteer on the next trip .
We @ Street Providence always uses local logistics available in that area while providing relief be it COVID , FLOOD RELIEF, MEDICATION , FOOD , etc.
Through Our 3 years of service to the poor , hungry, needy , homeless across Goa , & the borders of MAHARASHTRA & KARNATAKA, we have acquired many volunteers who come with their contacts who work in different GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS.
These contacts make our work easy in areas where we cant reach and be present in person .
Support us in your prayers, wishes and blessings 
We provided you 80G income tax exemption on your donations but with your pan card no .
Let's keep in mind and prayer for the CM , the collectors , the police , the doctors, nurses , sanitation workers , all and so many feeders, who day and night are working round the clock to bring relief to so many poor , sick, hungry abandoned, homeless people in this COVID situation. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848

Street Providence Trust Goa Takes You Through Our Entire Day

17.4.2020 5 pm 
Street Providence Trust Goa takes you through our entire day and think how you can make an impact in the life of someone if you are ready to go that extra mile and live an exciting life .
Car 1
7.00 am Orlando our volunteer in south GOA , son brings 3 homeless men from cavelossim home to margao for a check up .
7.30 am of which 1 is taken by car to IPHB Bambolim and 2 are dropped at Hosipicio Margao.
Car 2
8 am Edward goes to bring 3 homeless men from Assnora home and takes AMIT ( the boy with a hole in his stomach ) to REMANSO hospital Mapusa, to take off his catheter and for a check up .
Car 3 
9 am Rajesh takes 2 homeless men from Edward car and goes to IPHB as they have their appointment today. 
Car 2 
After check up , collects food from 3 restaurants and reaches porvorim with AMIT by 11.30 am 
Car 1 
Reaches back to margao by 11am from IPHB , picks up the other 2 homeless men from hospico and drops them back at cavelossim home by 12 pm.
Car 4 
Prakash leaves SANGOLDA at 11.30 am with cooked food for south GOA for 200 people and returns back at 3 pm .
This is his daily trip.
Car 3
has returned back with 2 homeless men from IPHB at 12 pm and later at 2 pm drops all 3 men back to Assnora home and returns to porvorim by 3.30 pm.
In between each person medicines and follow up , what doctors said , extra is conveyed to me on phone. 
In between calls for ration and our regular food distribution starts. 
For Rs 35 , you can now feed a homeless hungry person a good meal through STREET PROVIDENCE.
This is where we daily feed on Goa .
11.30 am south GOA 200 meals sent. 
1.00pm Margao 53 cooked meals pkts.
1.00 pm Panjim 60 cooked meals pkts.
1.00 pm Calangute 50 cooked meals pkts.
5.00 pm 150 sliced breads/ cake in Mapusa
6.30 pm Mapusa 25 cooked meals pkts.
7.00 pm porvorim 50 cooked meals pkts 
7.00 pm margao 50 cooked meals pkts 
8.00 pm sernabatim 50 cooked meals pkts
8.30 pm porvorim 50 cooked meals pkts thru SDPO Porvorim. 
This goes on ….
some calls for ration, 
some calls for medicine , 
some for rehabilitation. 
Remember STREET PROVIDENCE daily feeds and looks after full time 100 + homeless street people in our homes , 3 meals in addition to medications, toiletries, etc . 
These are the weakest section of the people. 
Midnight upto 12.30 am , at time police will call and bring a homeless man as there is no place to shelter him and we oblige. 
From 22.3.2020 till date we have admitted 9 homeless men thru GOA Police and all are healthy inspite of the virus .
At close to 
A. 1000 meals daily cooked food distributed across Goa .
B. 100+ homeless people to look after and solve their issues and mind you our homes are scattered across Goa .
C. 8 cars minimum need to have petrol and be in running condition .
D. Daily minimum 100 kgs ration is given away free .
E. Keep an eye on paper work and accounting procedures. 
F. Etc etc 
That's what I call exciting life and our daily routine, quite often. 
And this has been going on even before the lockdown as we used to move 2000 kgs food daily thru the food bank all over Goa from may 2017.
Now since everything is shut , the food bank FRIDGES are not getting food .
For all the care givers at STREET PROVIDENCE who were once homeless, hungry , sick, left on the roads abandoned, it's a NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE .
They know the actual meaning of hunger and poverty .
Please support us in your prayers, wishes and blessings. 
We provided you 80G income tax exemption on your donations but with your pan card no .
Most families comprise of 4 to 5 members. 
And there is a lockdown. 
Think about Street Providence and how you can help us.
God bless you.
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848

Introducing Mr SAPNESH SALGAONKAR our old faithful.

15th April, 2020 

Food Bank For The Poor , SANGOLDA, Goa , presents you a young Goan Man , Mr SAPNESH SALGAONKAR from Khorlim , Mapusa , looking to save his job and feed his parents, wife and 2 very small kids .

SAPNESH is a sales person and sells
Lite butter ,
Frozen Whipping cream non dairy ,
Cooking cream non dairy,
Chocolate Slab,
Chocolate cake premix.

His stocks reached GOA on Saturday and Monday was the lockdown last month .

Sapnesh has been with me right from 2014, when every afternoon he would be serving food at Mapusa bus stop to poor hungry men during his lunch break .

This was much before we started the food bank or street Providence Trust.

SAPNESH is the only 1 person who has consistently and sincerely worked in feeding the poor , picking the homeless street people up & taking then month after month to hospitals without demanding or asking for a salary.

Sapnesh is a tough man , both in his body and in his words and hands .

Always, he has and is , correcting me whenever i go wrong and ready to go that extra mile in helping any homeless person irrespective of the time .

Never will he talk behind my back or try to make trouble for me by instigating others but will always be the 1st to sort out misunderstanding as we have so many boys in the home with different thinking, different mind frame , etc.

Lots of people who joined me after SAPNESH tried to create a rift between SAPNESH and me but some how I had faith in SAPNESH and he never got enticed in that game.

Today, sad to say all those who tried to disturb SAPNESH working with me , have all disappeared inspite of being paid fantastic salaries which SAPNESH never felt bad about .

Today Sapnesh is my competitor in our professional careers as he works for a company which sells RICH LITE BUTTER where I work for a company which sells VIMAL LITE BUTTER .

But still our compassion for the poor , hungry , homeless street people is what binds us together.

Sapnesh has his own customers and I have my own customers for our sales .

We maintain a total professional approach in our careers and never do we doubt that either of us will cut into the other customer base .

Today SAPNESH asks you to support him in the products he sells and he Is ready to deliver to your homes, restaurants, bakeries etc , else it will get spoilt and the loss will be to much to bear as he had ordered the goods.

SAPNESH can be contacted on 9823795699 0r 8380077564.

Incase you are doing home baking then these are a few raw material you can purchase and try various dishes at home.

You can call 9823795699 Sapnesh for all your queries and he will answer and deliver you .

I am blessed,
1. that I liquidated all VIMAL stocks before the lockdown started.
2. My company Vimal Dairy paid my entire March Salary on 31.3.2020
3. Yesterday my company paid my bonus .
4. My company , Vimal Dairy , without doubt will pay my salary till the lockdown is on .

Remember serving the poor is good , but we need to take care financially of our families 1st especially when we have aged parents and young children .

In my last 7 years of AGAPE , not social service, I have seen , people closing down their business , leaving their jobs, abandoning their families and helping the poor and needy.

Its absolutely wrong.

Our families are 1st and then everything else.

I am glad I held my job otherwise it would have been very difficult to feed my 3 kids and wife.

Plesee support SAPNESH through this post .

God bless you
Donald Fernandes
8380097564 / 7020314848


If I had 1 Crore rupees donation

( no negative comment and discussion, if you can , you too feed whoever I cant .)
God is showing the way .
11.4.2020 1pm IST
FOOD BANK for the poor Sangolda Goa has been feeding as usual across GOA daily .
We are now buying prepacked meals in these place @ rs 40 a meal.
  • Calangute 50 nos
  • Mapusa 25 nos
  • Porvorim 100 nos
  • Margao 150 nos
We are buying daily 100 sliced breads.
We get baked and distribute freely 1100 sliced cake everyday .
Also we get and distribute boiled eggs and boiled potatoes daily.
Besides all 100 plus inmates in our rehabilitation homes are fed 2 square meals. Ie 200 meals in our homes itself.
Everyday we get free 200 meals worth of food from GIVE FOR GOA whuch is alternatively fed in san Jose de areal & velim in south GOA.
So we are feeding daily approx 700 / 800 mourhs fresh cooked food.
Hope AVELINO DESA from DRAGS PANJIM , gets this message and calculates properly .
He had posted why I cant feed 100 people, a few days back on social media.
50 % of all food is fed to goans and rest to kids and migrants.
  • Vijay feeds in SALIGAO, arpora , calangute .
  • Caroline in assagao, tivim
  • Joaquim at mapusa bus stand
  • Sapnesh at KHORLIM & ansabhat
  • Elaine at Velim
  • Samarth at san jose de areal
  • Roy in margao
  • Sophie in margao
  • A, lady in porvorim
  • Cecilia in panjim
  • Goa police personnel in different parts of porvorim SDPO.
Numerous places daily we drop ration .
On coming Tuesday we are distributing 1000kgs rice and 1000 kgs atta through a group of local boys in south Goa towards relief to our goan poor families who are too afraid and backward to ask for help.
Mid next week in north GOA again these group of boys and girls will distribute 500 kgs rice and 500 atta again to our local goan families.
Street Prividence is asking your support with folded handed to :
  • Give us cooked meals
  • Give is dry ration
  • Sponsor a pre packed meal
  • Donate to our trust .
We offer you INCOME TAX EXEMPTION under SECTION 80G along with your pan card no .
No, we dont have LIVE videos to show that we are feeding but anyone can check with the places where we feed daily.
By 15.5.2020 we @ street PROVIDENCE are attempting to provide free basic ration and basic medication to 10000 goan poor families across entire Goa without creating LIVE VIDEOS all the time .
I sincerely thank CM OF GOA , for the effort he is putting in in helping all sections of society.
Thanks to Goa Police personnel, Doctors, Nurses , sanitation workers, multiple people who are feeding , benefactors, volunteers, who are working continuously to help all those in need .
Big thanks to BOTH COLLECTORS OF GOA for supporting STREET PROVIDENCE through numerous transport passes in both north and south GOA and enabling us to supply food, medication and pick and rehabilitate homeless street people.
This is the time to put aside all issues , EGOs, differences, politics, arguements etc .
Its the time to live HUMANITY .
Once again support STREET PROVIDENCE and be assured your every penny is going to the poorest of the poor in GOA priority now is OUR POOR LOCAL GOANS.
All queries, questions, thoughts , ( but not discussions ) through WhatsApp only on 8380097564.
I will 100 % reply.
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes
8380097564 / 7020314848