21.10.2021  7pm IST 
This post is about how we @ STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA can put use the manpower in our homes ( 70% are people with disabilities) to the best possible use. 
Read on 👇
☆ 1. We have grown Oxygen Generating Plants in our men home in Cavelossim and are selling the same. 
Last month we did a small trial and all plants got sold within a few days . 
You can only order thrrough whatsapp on 8380097564  and we deliver at your door step. 
Not possible to visit as the men are suffering from disabilities and we can't take any chance in this home with Covid around. 
Prices attached in the poster 
☆ 2. We are selling COCOPEAT / COCONUT FIBRE. 
It's a natural fibre extracted from the husk  of the coconut . 
Used in the growing of plants and trees. 
Our men with disabilites, physically do this on a small machine/ scrapper  by scrapping the coconut husk on this small machine . 
Keeps them healthy, active and occupied. 
Price Rs 100 kg with door delivery. 
All natural and no mud mixed . 
☆ 3. We had taken a field for Vegetable Cultivation in Carmona , and again the men with disabilities from 8.9.2021 have been leveling,  cleaning and planted the field under the supervision of Our Volunteer Mr Orlando Mesquita from Benaulim . 
And this is a few of the Vegetables harvested today. 
☆ 4. In our ladies homes , paper bags in 3 sizes are made and ready for sale. 
▪︎Small size  .50 paisa 
▪︎Medium  .75 paisa
▪︎Big rs 1 
They are also making rugs / door mats of cloth for the door steps and other items of cloth which will be sold later . 
☆ 5.  Few of the homeless men with mental disabilities are so used to collecting and handling dry garbage  while being on the streets,  we understand that without that dry garbage, they can't be happy or rehabilitated. 
Its like a natural therapy for them. 
So to cater and tap these men capabilites and keep them active and happy,  we are collecting dry garbage as specified below :
▪︎Hard plastic 
▪︎Soft plastic 
▪︎Pet plastic 
▪︎Newspapers & magazines 
But we are not going to come to your home to collect only dry Garbage . 
You need to order / buy either :
☆ Plants 
☆ Coco Peat 
☆ Vegetables 
☆ Dairy products ( this is what I do for a living )
( Poster attached with prices ) 
And we will take Upto 5 kgs Dry Garbage from you per order from your home . 
The dry garbage needs to be clean and not wet , soggy and in dirty surroundings that we have to collect it individually  . 
Needs to be packed and kept ready in one place. 
Inflation, high fuel prices , drop in donations , coupled with other issues puts pressure on me running our NGO where 99% inmates are looked after free . 
Food, stay , hospital trips , medicine , clothes , toiletries, etc ALL FREE, NO CHARGES 
We are already having 100 such ladies and gents and very soon adding 3 more homes to take in another 200. 
Funding is required on a daily basis and its best to make all these inmates work for some economic benefit to our NGO. 
Please don't compare prices as it's like your donation towards these men & ladies with disabilites who are 50% Goans and either totally homeless or families are too poor to look after them at home. 
Balancing my Job with the NGO is not an easy task with everything rising daily. 
I am sitting with huge lady power & manpower in our homes. 
If anyone got a project to implement IN OUR HOMES ON JOB BASIS pls let me know. 
We too can earn a few Rupees and the men & women can be engaged and occupied. 
Remember these are mostly 70% people with mental disabilites and high mood swings . 
One day they will work next two days excuses. 
But life has to go on. 
We require your support and help to reach out to them who are HELPLESS & homeless & poor people with disabilities. 
Support us in whatever way you can. 
Donate generously to our NGO. 
We offer you 50% exemption under 80G on your donations. 
Donations only through cheque /NEFT along with your pan card copy . 
Twitter : @streetproviden1 
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848