23.10.2021   11am IST 
DIRECTORATE OF HEALTH SERVICES , ( DHS ) , PANJIM, GOA,  today vaccinated 44 men with various disabilities in  two of our Shelter  Homes. 
As India crossed the 100 crore mark in vaccinations against COVID 19, I realized that support towards vaccination of the homeless and disabled was non forthcoming. 
I got in touch with  the Revenue Minister last month and Mrs Jennifer Monseratte connected us to  the concerned officials and constantly followed up through her staff. 
STREET PROVIDENCE is grateful to DHS , and  the  entire team of Doctors who vaccinated 44 men with physical and mental disabilities . 
♡♡ Thanks to Dr Nixon and his team from Chinchinim PHC , who vaccinated 11 such men at our Cavelossim home . 
♡♡ Also thanks to Dr Yogesh and his team from Colvale PHC , who vaccinated 33 such men at our Assnora Home . 
Having vaccinated the residents of our Shelter Homes, few are still remaing in the other homes, Street Providence is  now looking forward  to helping upto 10,000 People With Disabilities get vaccinated  incase they have not done so. 
Physically and mentally challenged,  disabled , bed ridden  and home bound persons and residents of Old Aged homes, Rehabilitation homes and Shelter Homes who have not been  vaccinated till date, or cannot go to the vaccination centre , due to lack of transport or support , may contact me on 8380097564. 
Street Providence NGO has tied up with DHS , thanks to Dr Rajendra Borkar , Chief Medical Officer, District Immunisation Program , DHS , for providing vaccination to  People with Disabilites and otherswho are yet to take the vaccine and might not yet be vaccinated . 
Our job is to mobilize those with disabilites who are yet to take the vaccine and inform the PHCs etc. 
Dr Borkar has instructed all the PHC , UHC , CHC and Government hospitals in Goa to consider vaccinating such people  in case they are  not vaccinated. 
♡♡ Very grateful to Dr Borkar and his team at DHS for the support including Dr Lalita & Dr Anu. 
Our NGO will provide the transportation cost incase there is a need for transportation especially in far flung and remote places in Goa. 
No one understands People with Disabilities like our NGO as we  have close to 100 of them living in our 5 Shelter Homes. 
Surely there will be People With Disabilities in Goa who due to genuine reasons might not be able to receive the vaccination  . 
Please look around your locality , city , village and  incase you know anyone left unvaccinated. inform your local  PHC , UHC , CHC or the government Hospitals  or contact me at  8380097564. 
Please motivate the unvaccinated people in your locality  in case they are reluctant to take the Vaccination for various reasons. 
We thank The Foundation for releasing a Grant towards this project of Vaccinating The Disabled ( if required at their homes ) and help  bear the cost of the Transportation . 
This is an initiative by Street Providence to help the Disabled and Home bound. 
Join us in our fight against COVID 19. 
We are giving back to Society especially the poor, people with disabilities , bed ridden,  thru this drive,  what we have received from our benefactors. 
For all clarity or queries pls whatsapp me on 8380097564. 
God bless you so much 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848