15.10.2021  1pm IST 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR, SANGOLDA, GOA attempts to feed 1500 meals to the poor , hungry , homeless on World Food Day . 
Tomorrow is World Food Day ie 16.10.2021 
World food day is celebrated to appreciate :
☆ 1. The amazing food we eat &
☆ 2. To tackle World Hunger . 
We take point no 2. 
We @ Food Bank , Sangolda , were the 1st  organized, registered and recognized Food Bank across entire Goa for over 4 years and counting. 
Pre Pandemic we would daily collect :
1500 kgs of food and 
feed 4000 + meals through our 
150 volunteers by installing 
38 fridges across Goa . 
Pandemic changed everything. 
But now we are daily feeding 500 such people across a few places in Goa . 
On World Food Day , through our few active and hard working Volunteers, we are attempting to feed 1500 meals. 
Each meal costs Rs 40 and you can buy these food coupons across from All NAVTARA Restaurant Outlets in Goa and drop them in the box which is on their Counter and whatsapp me the same on 8380097564. 
Or you can donate to our NGO . 
All donations qualify for 50% exemption under Section 80G of the I. TAX Act. 
POVERTY & Hunger is on the rise  in Goa koor . 
On World Food day ie 16.10.2021 , please support alot of people who feed the poor daily in different parts of Goa & the World. 
The best way to feed the poor and hungry is to start a food bank fridge and collect extra food from Bakeries,  hotels,  Caterers,  wedding halls , etc and move this food out to the hungry and needy. 
But 1st register the food bank with all the authorities. 
The pandemic and the huge inflation has created alot of issues with extra food not being available as everywhere awareness is created to cut cost and wastage. 
But that is bound to happen  
We @ The Food Bank For the Poor , Sangolda , Goa , post 1st & 2nd Wave , are trying daily to pick as much as extra food is available and feed the 100 + homeless people who we rehabilitate in our shelter homes plus feed the hungry through a few fridge banks which are open . 
We require your support as we attempt to feed 1500 meals tomorrow on World Food Day across Goa . 
Most of us may not be able to physically go out into the poverty stricken places and feed due to the fear of Covid , but you can feed through our volunteers and play your part on World Food Day through your donations. 
Support us in whatever way you can. 
Donate generously to our NGO. 
We offer you 50% exemption under 80G on your donations. 
Donations only through cheque /NEFT along with your pan card copy . 
Twitter : @streetproviden1 
As usual strictly no calling , only thru WhatsApp on 8380097564. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848