16.8.2022. 7pm IST 
Once working on the Cruise liners , but last 2 years + living on the streets of Vasco and had a terrible accident resulting in a broken leg which is quite bad . 
Admitted this middle aged Goan lonely man into our shelter home , Mr Lionel Lobo 
♡♡♡ Thanks to Mrs Aggima from Carmona who helped this goan man reach our home . 
Lionel claims he is homeless and has no one and was begging to survive on the streets of Vasco right from Jan 2020. 
Says he used to work on cruise liners till 2013. 
Some where early July 2022 , he and his friend were sitting at the Vasco bus stand at night and a bus went over his leg . 
He lost consciousness and was admitted in GMC where he was operated upon. 
Mrs Aggima was also with her husband in the same hospital when Lionel narrated his story and Aggima got in touch with me . 
This is about about 2 weeks ago. 
I assured both Mrs Aggima & Lionel that I would help. 
Thanks to Dr's at GMC who I was in touch with continously seeing that this man was not just discharged as that would be very bad for Lionel recovery. 
One thing I can proudly say ” whenever I call any Government Doctor from the hospital and confirm that our NGO is surely taking an abandoned homeless to our home for rehabilitation,  the Doctors believes me and that particular patient surely reaches our home “. 
That's the respect our NGO has earned. 
All happens over the phone. 
Our NGO walks the talk and not just promise to take and then back out. 
Otherwise how are so many homeless ending up in our shelter homes ?. 
Last week Lionel was shifted back to Chicalim health centre where as usual Dr Anil big boss of Chicalim health centre got all Lionel paper work done including the police noc as he was admitted into GMC with an MLC. 
Attached a small video .👇
On Sat 13th we admitted Lionel into our shelter home . 
He can't walk or move alone. Totally incapicated. 
Lionel needs a full time attendant to have  bath, use the washroom, get up from the bed , to even change his clothes and is on a pamper. 
Got alot of stories which might be true but I can't believe. 
If any one recognises him please let me know . 
Can be genuine homeless and disowned by family or can be thrown out due to alcohol . 
But I am not judging  
Our NGO will care for him till he recovers. 
It's not going to be easy . 
He is in pain and discomfort , weak and stressed due to his being lonely, abandoned & now with a broken leg. 
There will be endlessly trips to the Hospitals,  bandaging, cleaning of his leg plus Physiotherapy once the cast is removed. 
Practically every day we are accepting such homeless and abandoned people either from Hospitals or from the Police Stations. 
It's not easy admitting daily homeless people  but some one has to take in these desperate homeless who otherwise will be on the streets. 
If any NGO is providing such services then please get in touch with all the Government hospitals, IPHB & all the major police stations & support the homeless who might need a place to stay and food to eat . 
As a rule , incase we can't manage any homeless we re-admitt that homeless to the hospital where the admission cane from or back to the Police Station. 
We don't just transfer the homeless to other shelter homes as anything can go wrong . 
We require your support in any way you can . 

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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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