14.8.2022. 11am IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA requests for professional help to help this goan girl who is on the streets for over 6 years . 
Mother died at 6 years 
Was in government shelter home till 18 years 
Father died at 13 years
Brother desperate to help her but …. 
In the Last 6 years :
stayed in all the Homes for women in distress in Goa ,
Stayed with our NGO atleast 5 times in 4 years ,
Stayed in IPHB for atleast 2 full years in total of the last 6 years either through self admission or Police order ,
Stayed in homes of lady Police officers. 
But keeps running away and going to the streets again and again . 
Our NGO will be the only home ready to accept her again and again as she needs help and help very badly . 
Well known by :
All women activists who handle such cases
All Police stations in North Goa 
All NGOs dealing with women in distress
All hospitals. 
Usually found staying and sleeping at :
Cremation grounds,
Bus stops,
Outside hospitals ,
Isolated and lonely hill tops, 
Rejected and turned away often by alot of shelter homes including ours as she just refuses to stay after 2 to 3 days of admission. 
Girl is from TIVIM & lets call her ” BLESSED ” & 
2 years back there was a social media post where she wanted some one to build her house . 
Lots of comments and ideas but I did not comment and within 3 days that euphoria died down and within 7 days she was forgotten by 100's of those who commented on her plight and back on the streets . 
Usually calls me ever alternate night after 
12 O clock  which made me block her long time back . 
She today and last 6 years requires professional help and not a house but a loving mother who can wipe off all that hurts, rejection and troubles. 
Till a few months back I too was avoiding taking back BLESSED into our home. 
Medicines don't work on her. 
She got many many other issues all rolled up and if any one is really keen to work with her then take this post & this back side picture of hers and show it to any CONSULTANT Dr at IPHB .
They will explain you her file .
She is that well know at IPHB.
No need to even ask or tell her name. 
Last few weeks I am thinking of how to help her. 
Like her there are a couple of other girls with the same symptoms ” medicine just does not work”. 
The freaking law is also complicated which adds more danger to looking after such cases . 
But they can't be just roaming on the streets and being vulnerable to danger . 
With Folded hands I request not for money but for help from ladies, aunties, nuns , brahma Kumaris , any females who can help . 
If we Crack this one case we can help atleast 4 more such cases where these ladies are unable to get medical help for their sickness. 
Today I am determined to go to any extent to help ” BLESSED ” who I did not like many years ago when I 1st took her in . 
I always thought negative about her . 
For me looking after Physiatric cases,  stroke cases,  broken bones and bedridden cases of homeless people is now easy. 
The challenge is now to get help to such people who no one wants and no medicine can be given. 
If I take in only cases which can be solved or helped then it's not right on my part. 
I have to swim against the tide. 
God will ask me ” why did you not take the difficult and complicated cases ” ? 
At times I feel only ” spiritual help can break her ” 
Please forward this posts to people who are professional capable and might be willing to help this girl ” BLESSED ” to over come her agony of being unwanted at this young age @ 23  years only . 
For parents like me and you reading this posts 
” please take care of your young girl children and attend to their little needs and requests “. 
The world is not what it used to be when you and I grew up 
Too much danger out there and once the damage is done then it's useless to cry. 
Please any communication on this post only through whatsapp only on 8380097564. 
Please prayer for this young goan girl and let's belive she is set free permanently from her troubles. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848