12.8.2022. 8pm IST 
A mentally deranged middle aged goan lady who has been living on the streets in Goa for many years today admitted into our shelter home. 
Very sad state of affairs for the woman. 
The Disability Can be inherited ? 
Married many years ago , has an teenage son but something went terribly wrong which resulted her being back at her mother house. 
Very difficult to blame her or her husband. 
( So no adverse comments please ) 
What is very surprising to me and irritating me now is that ” this lady was a nuisance to a religious institution in the village “. 
Very sad that instead of just trying to shoo her away , she shlould have helped by this religious institution to get into a permanent shelter home. 
And this has been going on for the last 3 -4 years around that institution. 
To this lady blessings , the local unit of SSVP took up her matter with me with the consent of her family 3 months back . 
2 months back , this woman was picked up by the local police and escorted to IPHB Bambolim and the CONSULTANT Dr was kind enough to admitt her for over a few weeks without an attendant as we had assured that once discharged she would be rehabilitated in our NGO. 
Two ladies from the Local unit of SSVP accompanied her while admitting her into IPHB. 
Today we took her in and one SSVP lady member today along with her family member came to our office for admission. 
Not sure how much she must have been harassed on the streets as she used to be very destructive but then she has lost her mind . 
She must have taken alot of abuses, shouts , insults, may be even physical assault from the Locals as such people are defenseless and weak and society usually gets upset with such behavior . 
Can't speak very well and clear. 
Coming from poorer section of society . 
Such cases are really sad and depressing to visualize and think about, but today no one wants to take in such cases FREE of cost citing 
” costs can't be met if we take free “. 
Then how is our NGO admitting so many such cases FREE of cost. 
Like I said earlier ” God dwells in poor people and not in stone structures “. 
We are the only NGO in GOA taking in practically every alternate day one such homeless person either with physical disabilities or mental disabilities . 
And we as a very small NGO can do it free in the  last 5 years , so also the bigger institutes can take in atlesst 3 to 5 of such cases . 
It's my belief and my FAITH in God that our NGO can do this work even if there are costs and inflation is high . 
Just because the poor and marginalized can't afford fees does not mean they have to live a life on the streets in all the suffering and torture. 
And we are entering 75th year of Independence. 
But these poor people with disabilites are yet to get Independence from their troubles and society is turning their back on them . 
Today our NGO is filing that GAP all alone in Goa and its a big struggle to arrange funding for food, clothes,  medication, staff salary ,  rents of our homes, electrify & water bills , etc. 
But being a fighter, I will not give up . 
And then you get a small section of society which takes objection to our style of asking for donations especially since we use only  social media platform's. 
Our additional 3rd women Home should be ready before month end 
4th ladies home should be operational 1st week of September. 
Both togther we can accept 30 to 40 such ladies. 
Please look around in Goa and see if there are such poor abandoned ladies suffering from mental disabilities on the streets. 
Get in touch with your local police station and also update me through whatsapp on 8380097564.   No calling please. 
I assure you , our NGO will help to rehabilitate, provided you follow the instructions and system. 
We are not going to run here and there. 
The system is there,  all you require is to communicate and follow instructions. 
No ladies should be living a screwed life on the streets of Goa especially as we celebrate
75 years  of Independence. 
Please support our NGO. 
You get 50% deduction / rebate under section 80G of the INCOME TAX act, once you donate to our NGO. 
” Terms and conditions for availing this 50% varies on your Gross Total Income while filing your returns ” 
We accept only CHEQUES / NEFT with your pan card copy . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848