29.7.2022. 8pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA gets help to this injured,  homeless and hungry young man from the Subway just outside of GMC . 
KRISHNA as he says his name  has been staying for over 5 to 6 days in the subway outside GMC Bambolim. 
2 days back the usual SPOTTER , Mrs SUZETTE ADVANI ( who has a eye for spotting such people in this subway ) informed me that a poor homeless man is there in the subway. 
Our team member investigated and confirmed the same but due to other prior works we could not get him off that sub way . 
Yesterday we stopped our other works and got help to KRISHNA. 
108 was quick to respond. 
Gmc was kind enough to take him in and treat him . 
We requested to keep him for a day on drips as we are really up to our necks . 
Gmc agreed but looks like late last night KRISHNA again sneaked out of GMC . 
Today at 11 am we went to discharge him but he was not on his bed. 
Douglas searched around GMC and spotted him . 
By that time he had completely dirtied himself again. 
Without wasting time he was picked up and taken to Assnora home where he was cleant and bathed. 
The wound is a huge one on his buttocks / thigh . 
Attached a small video of 2 min 👇
At 1 min 17 sec in the video you can see his big  wound on his thigh 
Looks like from BANGALORE as he keeps mumbling I want to go to BANGALORE. 
It's going to be a long road for him and a complicated case for us to treat . 
One is the wound , then is his toilet movements, then is his mind which needs treatment. 
Possible, but difficult, both requiring manpower to look after him and endless trips to GMC for treating that wound & IPHB for his mind . 
Going to be an expensive case for our NGO with numerous trips to hospitals. 
Its a non ending service 24*7 ,  30 days a month,  365 days a year . 
Too many homeless & too many losing their mind either to alcohol , drugs , depression,  stress , family issues, love affairs . 
Every single day we get requests . 
Some we attend,  some we ignore as we just can't be every where all the time . 
Public too needs to do their part by calling the 108 & the local police. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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