28.7.2022. 7pm IST 
From being crawling on the streets for over 6 months before we picked him up ,  to being on a wheel chair for 3 months, to being able to stand slightly after another 6 months, to now being a full fledged gardener is not an easy task for this senior homeless citizen Mr Bahadur a Nepali lost and lonely in Goa . 
♡♡♡ Thanks to our in house Physio therapy sessions @ Dr Gail and Mrs Ditosa Memorial Medical Clinic , Sangolda,  where  Dr Ashton is  treating alot of our homeless street men, the change is there to present to the world. 
Bahadur was totally a wreck in Jan 2021. 
Could not stand , no control over his toilet habits,
Crazy in his mind , irritating and stubborn but yet the team took care of him . 
Lots of trouble in those early few months . 
Some where in Nov 21, he decided to go back to the streets is when I had a hard and loud talk which convinced him that his future is bright in our shelter Home. 
I could literally see him back on the streets begging and loitering if I had let him go that day . 
That talk opened his eyes to reality and from early Jan 22 he has been doing a wonderful job at our Assnora home which is all rock and stone . 
He actually would sit for hours doing up the landscape and the garden inspite of it being  rocky and hard rocks. 
For more than over a month he has been brought 3 times a week for Physiotherapy to our Clinic at Sangolda and that has worked wonders for him . 
Last few days he is at my place in Sangolda doing up my garden and I really can't imagine that this old dirty crawling man has transformed into such a handsome,  strong old man full of life and motivation. 
He teaches alot of other men suffering from disabilities how to detoxify in the garden by doing gardening. 
And that is very healthy and natural, ie putting your hands in soil while gardening. 
Talks absolutely little but does great work @ 70 years age which is difficult to believe and beat . 
I can't express how joyful it is to see the fruits of our service to the homeless In Goa . 
It's amazing and satisfying that one elderly crawling abandoned alcoholic man who refused to get off the streets today is totally transformed with just one loud shout and some tough talk . 
We walk the talk no matter how severe the person medical condition is at the time of admission. 
95% time we succeed in getting the best out of these homeless abandoned people. 
This has been possible due to the benefactors who month after month,  year after year have been blessings us . 
An very complicated, expensive and round the clock service but the results are sure shot and achievable. 
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