31.7.2022  6pm IST 
Help our NGO, Street Providence Goa , to raise funds to this treat this goan homeless abandoned senior citizen man from losing his entire leg . 
Francis Alfonso is from panjim and he has a very complicated story which is very difficult to believe and understand.
His left foot has 4 toes amputated and the gangrene is threatening to move up if not treated properly and quickly. 
Few weeks ago there was a video of him on various social media platforms. 
He was is at that time in an old aged home in St Estevam. 
2 months ago as the lady who called me LUIZA sounded suspicious and not very open and I knew there was more than what meets the eye and I did not feel like helping him which made LUIZA get Francis into that old aged home. 
But GOD had different plans for FRANCIS ALFONSO @ Street Providence. 
Well Francis himself abandoned his wife , mother & 2 children for over 10 years . 
4 months ago he landed in Goa and LUIZA admitted him into GMC as that leg had gone bad. 
After discharge he was sent to LUIZA sister house for a few days. 
But then he needed a place and LUIZA was trying her level best but no one entertained her requests including me as the presentation what LUIZA was showing was not matching with reality . 
Fr ABREU gave a letter and LUIZA admitted this man FRANCIS into the old aged home at 
St Estevan but did not sign the admission papers. 
And went back to PUNE . 
Now it's a very expensive matter to treat such people and some one has to foot the bills . 
For 30 to 45 days the old aged home tried their level best but the wounds were beyond repairs in a old aged home . 
I had sent a message to the old aged home thru Adv Gawas to admitt him into a Government hospital but they did not pay heed. 
10 days back , Francis was given a few Rupees put in a rickshaw and asked to leave/ go /vacate the home as the wound were beyond liveable in that old aged home . 
Remember Street Providence is the only NGO able to take in such horrific cases FREE OF COST 
So once Francis was on the streets, what will he do? 
Goa Police @ Margao police station found him / or he reached the station. 
Seeing his pathetic condition,  PSI Yash Raikar @ Margao Police station was kind enough to listen to him and attempt to help him . 
Psi Yash called me and with the 2nd sentence of describing the man I knew it was FRANCIS. 
I requested Psi Yash to admitt him into district hospital margao as that leg was oozing and assured to accept him into our home once stabilised. 
District hospital Margao was kind enough to keep him inside for 5 days and treat him and did a good job. 
Now on the phone sitting in Sangolda if I could coordinate and convince the police to admitt FRANCIS into the hospital then the same thing a few days earlier the old aged home could have done. 
John Baptist our volunteer @ Fatorda was daily following with FRANCIS in the hospital. 
Yesterday we discharged him and took him home, thanks to Akshay who did the needful. 
You reading this conclude and let me know who is at fault here ? 
Francis told me today on the phone he made a mistake and he is totally at fault and is not interested in troubling his family any more . 
Francis will be looked after for the rest of his life free of cost . 
None of our shelter homes have in-house nurses or professional care givers like how old aged homes have. 
Nor do we charge fees or expect any fees from such abandoned people. 
But we accept many such cases through the police/ hospitals  with cuts , wounds , amputated, incapicated, insane,  etc . 
We require your help through donations to get medical help as there are daily dressings to be done for FRANCIS at Margao and he is housed at Quepem and he can't be sent on a bike or bus as that leg is oozing . 
Also there will be medication , dressings , hospital trips , consultations,  diet , etc to attend to Francis to avoid loosing his leg . 
You small donation can play a big part  In helping this lost, rejected  confused, abandoned , elderly senior citizen goan man to start life again. . 
He realised his mistake. 
We are the one stop last home for such highly complicated cases and we accept but thru the police or if the truth is told while admitting . 
I tried to avoid taking Francis in but God was sure he would be cared for at our NGO . 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848