1.8.2022. 7 Pm IST 
A smile says it all . 
Rajini Shirodkar a goan  homeless abandoned woman In our shelter home  today smiled after 4 long years of what I know her and seen her . 
Rajini was  brought to our shelter home by Anjuna police exactly 4 years back . 
Quite moody & complicated. 
Always aggressive due to her being abandoned by her family which I could always sense. 
Has a family in Arpora – Nagoa area but no one is searching for her I can state and no one is Keen to take her back. 
Today was the day for Physiotherapy session for women and this elderly abandoned lady Rajini was treated failing which her joints would be getting stiff . 
Rajini had a fall in our ladies home a few weeks back and had a broken hip. 
GMC was kind enough to admitt her , treat her and look after her inspite of being poor & homeless and without an attendant at her side. 
I am visualizing the pain she must be going through after the fall. 
Rajini today felt much better once her physio session was over. 
Today our NGO is trying to put up a full fledged PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTRE @ Dr Gail and Mrs Ditosa Memorial Medical Clinic, Sangolda, Free of cost for the poor , bed bound , homeless people and those witn disabilities along with transportation of a full fledged fully loaded Ambulance donated by SBI. 
But the Physiotherapist don't come free . 
We pay them a charge per person per session a little less then the prevailing market rate . 
And that's a huge bill per month to take care off . 
Rajini is surely a mother to 2 of 3 children. 
Would any of us reading this post like to see their own mother suffering from pain . 
I come without emotions and feelings towards people in our  shelter homes but I will not deny any homeless person medical aid and facilities just like I would provide to myself and my family. 
I pray and hope the SOCIAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT, Goa who is sitting with my application moves the file and gives me the grant which is a State Government scheme for NGOs like us who are looking after close to 60 such PWDs and old abandoned senior citizens. 
And we have license/ Registration Certificate from the Social Welfare Department to look after PWDs and yet so much of time delay,  excuses and discrimination. 
And we are celebrating 75 years of Independence. 
Poor , homeless, bed bound and Pwds care nothing about any celebration but they want basic health care facilities in their old aged and the Social Welfare Department is giving me all excuses. 
Infact on Wed 3.8.2022,  our NGO will be sitting outside the Social Welfare Department panjim for one hour with 5 wheel bound homeless PWDs highlighting the pathetic approach to our application for a grant for the state scheme to set up a Physiotherapy centre . 
Remember when u sit on a Chair in a Government office you are there to serve the poor and needy. 
Not to just take your Salary and make the others dance up and down. 
Karma will catch you and your family. 
If the CM of Goa is really having time to celebrate India's 75 years of Independence them please CM , clear our file and release our grant which is for the benefit of such poor homeless abandoned old citizens & Pwds. 
Once again it's really happy to see a smile on the face of Rajini Shirodkar with just one session today of Physiotherapy. 
Within this month end I cam assure you that RAJINI will be back to walking upright by herself. 
You can help us to help such old abandoned homeless people. 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848