3.8.2022. 4 pm IST 
On the occasion of India 75th Independence day, our homeless in all our shelter homes @ Street Providence Goa , are coming forward to donate blood and be a part of this Independence day in a unique way . 
We have planned many drives in our 6 shelter homes between the 4th to 12th of August 22. 
Our trustees and Staff will also be donating blood in this drive . 
Something unique when one thinks and hears about homeless people donating blood. 
This is a small gratitude from our homeless people to all our Benefactors, Government of Goa and all the different departments of the Government who has been supportive to our shelter home rehabilitation program. 
For many months I was contemplating getting these homeless people to give back to Society. 
I had emailed Director of DHS inquiring whether they could blood group all our homeless people but no reply . 
I then decided to approach Mr Varun Albuquerque who responded quickly 
We thank Varun Albuquerque from Victor Hospitals for responding to our request open heartedly and got the grouping done of all our homeless people. 
Most of the times we look down,  condemn , ignore , curse , abuse , walk away,  deprive the poor and homeless street people as we consider them not contributing towards society. 
But very soon the homeless In our shelter homes will be life savers from 1.11.22 by donating blood . 
Once this blood drive gets over , for 3 months these homeless can't give blood . 
But on completion of 3 months time period , from these blood drives & with an expected capacity of 200+ homeless in our NGO , our homeless people will be ready to save many many lives Subject to their health parameters. 
Am excited to introduce this unique service of gratitude and thanks giving from our homeless shelter home people to our benefactors & various Government departments, who have supported our rehabilitation homes project for the homeless street people. 
All human beings including HOMELESS are  having certain amount of value and self respect. 
Just because some one is dirty, unclean, hungry, sleeping on the streets we should not ignore and condemn. 
Give then time and encouragement and they will come back to bless you . 
Once again HAPPY 75th Independence day . 
God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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