7.7.2022  8pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA , supported by quick response of Goa Police @ Fatorda Police Station gets this homeless injured man Mr Hemant Badlani off the streets of Fatorda Goa.. 
Hemanat Badlani about 60 years , has a broken hand and was discharged from the District hospital last week and was on the streets. 
Same time the robbery happened at the church In margao city. 
Naturally homeless will be targeted and pressurized to move some where else. 
But there is no SOMEWHERE else on the streets and that too in this non stop rain . 
To Hemant blessings he reached the home of Adelino Lourdes Fernandes who is the owner of Lorenzo Photo Studio, looking for food.
Mr. Adelino Lourdes Fernandes saw that Hemant was actually lost and was hungry for a meal which he gave him and inquired if he requires a place to stay which Hemant Said yes . 
Mr. Adelino Lourdes Fernandes called me and followed the instructions. 
Within 5 min Fatorda Police reached the home of Mr  Adelino Lourdes Fernandes & picked up Hemant and took him to the police station. .. 
PSI Mr Yogesh Gaonkar from Fatorda Police Station contacted me and we agreed to shelter  him . 
Infact PSI Yogesh was keen to see that this homeless man got a roof over his head. 
But on getting his basic medical examination done , it was observed that his parameters were not conducise to admit in the shelter home and so for 3 days he was re admitted into the hospital 
Yesterday he was discharged and our Volunteer John Baptist picked him up and admitted him into our shelter home. 
Just incase any one knows him or his family . 
Says he is from Worli , Mumbai . 
In pain and in alot of stress which is understandable. Can't speak clearly . 
One kind elderly goan gentleman Mr Adelino Lourdes Fernandes's few minutes concern for Hemant was enough to get him off the streets of Goa in this non stop rain. 
There are many many such homeless stuck up on the streets in this non stop rain . 
You reading this post can help us to help them get to our shelter homes which are across Goa . 
A few minutes , along with your willingness to follow our instructions and a supportive Goa Police is all that is required to get us to shelter the homeless In Goa . 
We just can't be available all the time on the streets physically lifting homeless. 
We have Goa Police @ many Police stations ready to help the homeless to get off the streets. 
You , we & Society together can work together provided there is willingness to help those on the streets. 
Please support our NGO generously. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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