5.7.2022. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA has been helping Persons with Disabilities ( PWDs) in entire Goa to acquire their Disability Certificates for FREE as well as their UDID Cards in the last 4 months . 
♡♡♡ Thanks to an generous goan gentleman for taking care of all the expenses involved in this project and reimbursing the costs monthly. 
Today with great satisfaction we added and we were successful in generating 101 UDID Cards for these people without charging a single rupee from the persons with disabilities. 
Our field officers,  back office staff , drivers and operation manager did a wonderful job of covering 300 families across 11 talukas and : 
☆ went door to door filing up forms, 
☆ rectifying forms, 
☆ Uploading details on the portal , 
☆ Taking an assessment appointment when required,  
☆ Driving those who could not make it to the nearest hospital for their assessment, 
☆ Picking up their Disability Certifcate, 
uploading the Certifcate on the portal ,
☆ And finally getting them their UDID CARD 
I had seen this issue a couple of months back where thousands of PWDs were unable to generate their UDID card due to genuine reasons and decided to start the service through our NGO. 
Whatever service our NGO undertakes,  its always a project what has never been done before and we do it consistently . 
With the rains in full swing we have down sized the services as the field work is over and now most of the PWDs require an assessment at the IPHB to acquire their Disability Certifcate & UDID CARD . 
♡♡♡ Big thanks to a lot of Government officials at the welfare department and back office staff &   Doctors at the :
☆ District Hospital Mapusa, 
☆ District Hospital Margao 
☆ IPHB & GMC. 
who without their guidance and support this project would not have reached this far in just 4 months which included the hot summer and the raining month of June . 
Of the 300 PWDs we had approached :
☆ 101 have got their UDID CARDS 
☆ 38 have got their Disability Certifcate 
☆ 96 PWDs are yet to get their assessment done and are awaiting their appointment. 
A complete chart attached with this post . 
It's about 80% strike rate and that's a plus point for our NGO . 
The project cost was Rs 12 lacs + but we at the moment have kept the expenses as of date at under Rs 4 lacs . 
Once again we reiterate that never go by what social media says especially on this topic where alot of genuine citizens called me on 27.3.2022 and asked / inquired/ gossiped / accused me of charging Rs 4000 from poor PWDs to make the UDID Card. 
Not an easy project at all . 
Lots of co ordination, back office communications , logistics,  planning and networking. 
Easy to spoil and accuse our NGO . 
But very difficult to implement and run such a project which is non government funded. 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848