2.7.2022. 8 PM IST 
The Dr.Gail and Mrs. Ditosa Memorial Medical Clinic,  Sangolda @ Street Providence Goa  started ( a soft launch for) Physiotherapy sessions, FREE of Cost for homeless street people under the guidance of Dr Ashton last 15 days. 
Despite the incessant downpour, the Physiotherapy sessions were conducted  for 2 hours a day and 40 inmates were examined and a treatment plan for each inmates was put in place. This included hands on treatment and rehabilitation exercises to be done at home.   
Homeless street people being subject to malnutrition, substance abuse and rejection  suffer from serious mental illness in addition to  debilitating physical disabilities. 
Patients suffer from the following medical conditions:- 
☆ Low back pain
☆ Osteoarthritis of the  knee
☆ Frozen shoulder
☆ Joint stiffness
☆ Trapezitis 
Neurological conditions exist like :- 
☆ Hemiplegia, 
☆ Hemiperesis post stroke, 
☆ Acquired demyelinating Syndrome, 
☆ Diabetic neuropathy etc . 
Presently the Physiotherapist bring along their own basic equipment. We are awaiting the delivery of basic new equipment that has been ordered . 
From amongst the patients requiring physiotherapy, a couple of men are unable to walk properly and need to be brought on  wheelchairs  to the Centre. 
But we believe that with the combined treatment of  Physiotherapy and exercise done daily at home, they will be able to use their limbs soon.  
The health condition of the female patients is a bit more complicated. Most of them are above 45 years of age  with severe pain in their bones and joint, in addition to mental illness.  
Our NGO strives to walk the extra mile ……. we  not only rehabilitate the street people but also ensure a holistic approach that considers their physical,emotional, social and spiritual well being. 
We strive to provide them  the best health facilities like we do for ourselves and our family members. 
Last year at this time,  I was in severe pain and dependent on a  high dosage of expensive pain killers to get me through the day. 
I tried out treatment at many Physiotherapy Centres. 
Finally, Dr Ashton the Physiotherapist, was the man who fixed the issues permanently. 
The hands on  treatment  and exercise plan provided by Dr Ashton  for two months  helped me recover. 
I realised that like me  there must be  many such homeless people in our shelter homes in pain and dependent on pain killers. 
That's when  this  DREAM of our own PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTER took shape , and today this centre has manifested thanks to The ALMIGHTY who inspired a kind hearted  Goan gentleman to  fund the entire renovation and upgradation of this 150 Sq Mtr structure . 
However we need to pay the Physiotherapists 
( we have lady & a gent Physiotherist) to provide these services to our homeless street people, and I am grateful that  the Physiotherapists offer their services at a discounted rate to our NGO. 
If you understand pain and suffering and if this message touches you then please help us reach out to the homeless who require these  Physiotherapy sessions. 
Physiotherapy can make a huge difference and simple interventions can radically improve their health. 
Its time to reconsider  and make some lives better.  They are counting on you for  your HELP. 
Please support our NGO. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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