27.5.2022. 3pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA gets back into perfect shape,  Mr Ashish Dubey , who just 6 months back was on the verge of dying . 
Look at the picture and the video attached. 
We picked Mr Ashish Dubey in mid Nov 2021 from the Subway of GMC. 
If you click on the below link you will get the details of how he was on that day ⬇️ 
His full head ( back skull ) was completely stitched due to may be an accident or a fall and he might or was operated and after discharge since he was homeless or abandoned by his friends reached the subway of GMC in a very sorry state. 
I can't imagine the pain and suffering he must have gone thru during those days he was sitting in the subway at Gmc  
The dust , the heat , the hunger , plus it was winter, the flies and top it all the frustration of being lonely and rejected. 
Surely he must have had other thoughts as well. 
We were informed and we picked him . 
But within 2 days we had to readmitt him into GMC as his stitches had opened out and alot of things were oozing out . 
Doctors at GMC stabilized him and then we
re admitted him into our home . 
Daily dressings, cleaning of that stitches, numerous trips to GMC & IPHB as he was losing his mind . 
He was initially very weak and had no control of his bowels and also had alot of pain in his head . 
Had to be fed and bathed as he had lost it completely. 
But then slowly the care givers started getting success as he started using the washroom, the medication started working on him,  he started feeling good , would eat , sleep,  have bath etc all by himself. 
Today Ashish Dubey is a perfect man . 
Attached a small video . 👇
Does alot of small jobs in the home and with a smile. 
No complaints at all from the care givers. 
If any one recognises him please get in touch with us . 
We feel happy in our homes when such pathetic men once left to die or just abandoned on the streets of Goa are later back to their normal beings and stay back to look after the other men who come either in similar condition or worse than that into our homes  
Its not a joke nor is it easy dealing with men who can't control their mind and at the same time have no control over their toilet movements. 
Besides they get violent and then have to fed , bathed, clothed and cooled down . 
Only when you see God in the poor and downtrodden and neglected you can do these services. 
Otherwise it just empty noise and advice to others. 
Its getting tough and difficult of late. 
Too many requests to get people of the streets. 
Expenses are rising as everything is going up and that's a big concern. 
With 120+ homeless men & women in our 6  shelter homes , most of whom are persons witn mental Disabilities , it's a big responsibility at times. 
Today only I was going thru the records and close to 80+ of our inmates are on different types of medications 💊. 
Our April 22 medication bill from Anthila pharmacy was Rs 40000 plus. 
And these medicines generic in nature so the Costs are 30 to 40 % lesser which we buy from Antilla 
Imagine if we had to buy these branded medicines , it would be even more. 
It's not an easy and peaceful service to look after the homeless and sick. 
Motivation levels need to be higher than yesterday. 
There is no glamor and fancy stuff in this service. 
All of our team members have that special gift to pick , clean,  shave , bathe , do the dressings , take them to hospital,  feed them at times , stay with them . 
Donations and blessings play a very important part in our shelter homes for such people. 
Easy to bad mouth , spoil the name,  hit below the belt , criticize without knowing facts , gossip etc . 
God only knows the stress levels I go thru daily . 
But that's now part of my life and my family . 
Thanks to all our well wishers , benefactors,  supporters,  volunteers and staff . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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