26.5.2022. 10am IST 
FOOD BANK FOR THE POOR SANGOLDA celebrates our 5th anniversary on 27th May. 
* Food Bank Goa : This is a story about Goa-based non profit making org 'Street Providence' which is successfully having its “Food Bank” service for the needy. 
What exactly do they do? 
Watch this video.*👇
From a single fridge at chogm road Sangolda way back in May 2017 we are still running Goa's only organized and recognized food bank. 
Pre covid things were perfect with close to 
300 volunteers. 
38 fridges 
1500 to 2000 kgs food daily being picked. 
Last 2 years of covid disrupted the incoming of food and things really slowed down  
Last 3 months things are beginning to pick up but not what it was pre covid. 
Thanks to Goa Police @ Various police stations who have opened their doors , we now have close to 9 such police stations having our fridges. 
These fridges are open 24 × 7. 
Plus our fridge on Chogm Road Sangolda is also open 24 * 7 
List attached in this post of the fridges at police stations . 
All you need to do is drop your food in these fridges either in food grade plastic bags or silver foils . 
No need to disturb my sleep by calling at 1 am or 2 am asking where to drop food or where is the fridge. 
We also have fridges which are open 
8 am to 7 pm at :
☆ Siolim
☆ Old goa
☆ Nerul 
☆ Mandur 
☆ Velim 
A small video attached of our plans to generate food to feed the poor in the coming months in the above link . 
The day the Commissioner of FSSAI / FDA at Bambolim Goa decide to get their act moving,  that day we will be able to pick up anything between 10000 kgs to 20000 kgs of good extra cooked food and feed 30000 + people . 
This food is always available at :
☆ Factory canteens 
☆ Institutional caterers 
☆ Institutional canteen contractors 
☆ Restaurant chains 
☆ Bakeries 
☆ 5 star hotels 
The FSSAI / FDA department only needs to instruct the above that extra food should be donated to the food bank . 
The advantage of having a running food bank in a state like Goa is keeping the wet waste which reaches the garbage plant under control. 
As a small NGO we are doing the best we can during the  5 years to feed the poor and reduce the wet waste . 
But the costs are rising and we can't bear these huge costs. 
FSSAI / FSA should quickly look into this as this SAVING FOOD , FEEDING FOOD is a good inniatitve by Central Government under the directions of our Honourable Prime Minister , 
Mr N Modiji. 
But then everything concerning the poor and hungry either moves very very slowly or does not move at all with plenty of excuses . 
Prices are rising,  inflation is up , poor are getting poorer but food wastage can be addressed if the Government wishes. 
We as the service provider are ready to feed thousands of people in Goa , only thing required is support from The Commissioner of FSSAI / FDA Goa and their officials. 
Chief Minister of Goa , has been kind enough to mark a note to The Commissioner of FSSAI / FDA about the extra food going to the food bank from factory canteens,  institutional caterers,  etc 
Even the Governor of Goa is donating every week 100 freshly cooked meals to our food bank. 
Hoping that this message reaches the officials at FSSAI / FDA at Bambolim and alot of extra food being wasted is routed to our food bank to feed the poor and needy which otherwise is just or might be wasted and end up in the wet waste. 
Once again I thank all our :
♡ Volunteers both past & present,
♡ Food benefactors ,
♡ Fridge benefactors ,
♡ Press personal of various medium,
♡ Staff who daily pick the extra food, 
♡ Various Government officials ♡especially the FDA 
& Now Goa Police for installing the food fridges. 
Without your support , our food bank program would not have completed these 5 years of service in Goa . 
God bless you all
Donald Fernandes 
8380097564 / 7020314848