23.5.2022  7pn IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA presents you a TOTALLY  changed homeless , abandoned & sick man 
Mr Rakesh , from UP , who once upon a time on 3.2.2021 was so weak that he could barely walk. 
During peak covid 19 wave ,  our NGO took in alot of homeless people. 
Rakesh was one of them. 
Attached a small video of Rakesh . 👇
One day in late Jan 21 , i received a call from District Hospital Mapusa, saying a young boy needs rehabilitation. 
Our team met Rakesh and belive me , he was too weak , skinny,  on a caterer , undernourished and totally lost and dazed . 
We took him into our shelter home as if he was  discharged he would be back on the sheets and that could be very costly to his life . 
Initially it was very very difficult stabilizing him . 
We even got him operated for hernia. 
His one hand was bent and his all movements were very slow and not in tandem . 
But the care givers and our team members took great pain in looking after him . 
Numerous trips to hospitals and back. 
Numerous tests and reports . 
Slowly he started getting better . 
Medication,  nutrition , love and care started working for Rakesh . 
Rakesh put on weight , started doing small chores in the house and started taking responsibility of bathing and cleaning up other men just like he was bathed,  fed and cleant. 
Good young boy . 
Never trouble or never attempted to run away once better. 
Few days from now we will be sending him Home to his village in UP as that's what he intends to do . 
He wants to start life afresh . 
A tailor by profession that's what he says. 
He also wishes to come back and serve in our NGO looking after the other men who daily enter our homes from streets, hospitals,  police stations, etc . 
Once they go home very rarely any one comes back to help us and that's okay . 
We have surely missed many many such cases as not all the times such homeless people are brought to our NGO notice . 
Today it's very scary and expensive looking after such people. 
We have close to 120+ men & women, in our 6 homes either abandoned,  sick , Old , mentally & physically challenged, etc . 
Scary because the nos are increasing on the streets of Goa 
Expensive because inflation is at 16% and everything is just going up . 
There is going to be a big crisis for the homeless street people in Goa soon . 
We are still accepting the homeless but there is a huge running cost . 
We thank all our benefactors for the support month after month,  year after year . 
Its all about GRACE & SOWING . 
Gods Favour is what I depend on . 
This service is not possible in today's time if One can't see God in the poor . 
God no matter what you call him is in the poor and only the poor . 
More homes and more NGOs are required to fill the gap . 
One thing I must appreciate and say :
” GOVERNMENT OF GOA , through various or practically all departments are very co operative & supportive to our NGO “. 
Government funding is only for one home at the moment. 
Since most of the homeless don't have any ID & valid documents , getting grants from the government is a pain . 
Lots of paperwork and documentation required. 
But we will do the best we can to keep accepting such people like RAKESH . 
No one who comes to our NGO through the right procedure will be denied a place to stay , Food to eat , medication and rehabilitation. 
Please support our NGO. 
You get 50% rebate under section 80G of the 
INCOME TAX act, once you donate to our NGO. 
We accept only CHEQUES / NEFT with your pan card copy . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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