19.5.2022. 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST plans to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our FOOD BANK , on 27th May,2022 , by launching a novel Bank ………. 
Instead of a celebratory  function, the Food Bank decided instead to use this  money to gift a 
GAS CYLINDER AND A TWO BURNER BASIC STOVE to 10 poor ethnic goan families who are still using  firewood to cook their meals and as they cannot afford a Gas Cylinder & stove or do not have the required documents 
These10 families have been identified in the following Talukas:- 
☆ Canacona – 2 families
☆ Marmagoa  – 2 families 
☆ Salcete – 2 families 
☆ Bicholim – 1 familiy
☆ Quepem – 1 family 
☆ Sanguem – 1 family 
☆ Dharbandora – 1 family . 
These families are either suffering from disabilities, are  HIV + , widows and  lonely senior citizens 
But why is our NGO helping them ? 
A few weeks ago, OUR NGO obtained through the good offices of HPCL , a number of  domestic cylinders  at a very reasonable  price under  the ” EXEMPT CATEGORY” with alot of free accessories, without any deposit or any extra paper work strictly for the use of the FOOD BANK AND SHELTER HOMES. 
Previously Commercial cooking gas cylinders were being used and this was very very expensive. 
However, within 2 days of recieving these domestic cylinders, we noticed  that our FOOD BANK  was receiving huge quantities of freshly cooked food, resulting in all our SHELTER HOMES getting sufficient food without the need to cook and thus the consumption of cooking Gas  dropped . 
Simultaneously,our volunteers in rural Goa, involved in the outreach programs of obtaining  Disability Certificates & FREE UDID cards, encountered many ethnic Goan families struggling with their cooking due to lack of Gas cylinders. 
Also our other old time volunteers top reported that many such Ethnic goan families cant afford A Gas Cylinder and a stove. 
On one hand  our NGO is blessed with Gas Cylinders, unused at the moment as  daily, fresh food sufficient for all our Shelter Home inmates is received 
ON the other hand many  poor goan families are  struggling to cook their meager meals. 
It disturbed me and my team ……and thus was born the idea of a much needed “GAS CYLINDER BANK”. 
We at STREET PROVIDENCE believe that it is “Only in giving and giving that we will receive our Blessings” . 
Whilst these 10 poor  families cook their food daily, surely they will bless our NGO and those words of Blessings which come out of their mouths and hearts will bring an abundance of blessings on our NGO . 
After our sojourn on earth, irrespective of all the wealth we have accumulated,  only BLESSINGS,  GOOD DEEDS and GOOD WISHES follow us to eternity. 
We have plans to provide Gas Cylinders and stoves to another 90+ such Ethnic poor goan families . 
But we need your help to make this possible. 
Please support this Gas Cylinder Bank Project in any one of these ways: 
1. Pay for the purchase of a new basic gas stove,regulator,pipe and one cylinder. 
2. Commit to refill a cylinder  for a fixed period of time in the taluka you stay .  
(Our NGO will be requesting HPCL dealers to support these poor goan families in getting their refill once the payment is ) 
3.While you are enjoying  celebrations like birthdays, wedding anniversaries etc, bring  joy  to our ethnic goan ladies who are struggling to cook with fire wood, by donating a Gas Cylinder and a stove. 
4. Forward to your family & friends and motivate them to help the less privileged so that they also will receive  blessings and good wishes from the recipient. 
Kindly note that this project is solely for  the poorest of the poor ethnic Goans…..  widows,  POOR persons suffering from mental/ physical with disabilities, POOR  HIV + persons    POOR old and abandoned parents and senior citizens who don't possess any means of income, cannot afford a Gas Cylinder, have no income and live  in rural Goa . 
Recommendations will not be accepted as 90+ families have already been identified by our volunteers in the course of their visits to such POOR homesteads during the course of the many outreach programs. 
Grateful to all those who will reach out to our  impoverished brethren! 
This Gas Cylinder Bank will not and can't accommodate requests for those working as maids , security guards , gardeners etc in your homes as they are having a source of income because they are working and having a job . 
Please support our NGO. 
You get 50% rebate under section 80G of the 
INCOME TAX act, once you donate to our NGO. 
We accept only CHEQUES / NEFT with your pan card copy . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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