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STREET PROVIDENCE GOA is helping for FREE, poor People with Disabilities in rural Goa to acquire their Disability Certifcate & then their UDUD . 
Month of April 2022 was our 2nd month that we are providing this FREE service across Rural Goa through this project . 
Attached below in the link is what we did in March 2022.
Attached in an excel sheet the villages we covered right in the interior of Goa . 
Inspite of the many many unwanted hurdles and troubles we are providing this FREE service. 
It's Hot & humid in Goa yet, 1 set of our field officers are doing a fantastic job by going door to door and filling up forms or rectifying the forms. 
Then another set of back office staff are taking telephonic appointment for their assessment at various hospitals and uploading details on the portal. 
Then another set of staff physically pick these PWDs up from their homes and transport them to the designated hospitals for their assessment FREE OF COST in our Jeep & Ambulance and 
re drop them home. 
After which our Field officers see that their DISABILITY CERTIFCATE once ready reaches their hands . 
Last our back office team follows up on the UDID CARD being generated by uploading this disabilities certificate back in the portal. 
Lots of co ordination and strong connectivity is how I can sum this up . 
Superb support from all the Government officials particularly from the staff at the hospitals who go out of their way to give the assessment appointments. 
Small example of how much effort goes into this project .⬇️ 
As reported by our team handling this project for April month there was a few Pwds appointment at District Hospital Mapusa. 
But on the day of the appointments the respective machine was down and needed repairs and it would take a few days for repairs but different PWDs had their appointments lined up for their assessment. 
These Pwds were from Bicholim taluka . 
So on the day of the assessment,  Pwd was  brought to Mapusa , but machine down so taken back home by jeep. 
Next day taken for the GMC for the assessment by jeep. 
Third day taken again to GMC to pick the report and again dropped back to Bicholim. 
Fourth day brought to Mapusa again from Bicholim with the report and then Disability Certifcate issued at Mapusa hospital  
You can imagine if we were not providing these free services would the family member of these poor PWDs undertake these visits in the heat and with the current public transport ? 
In the month of April 2022 , we covered talukas :
☆ Dharbandora 
☆ Sanguem 
☆ Bicholim 
Our team in the month of April met 43 families ,
Our team  undertook 40 trips to various Hospitals,
Our team generated 18 Disability Certifcates
Our NGO is the only one who has undertaken this task with 300 such Pwds who were stuck up in the system for many months for many reasons , primarily being transportation to designated hospitals for the assessment. 
But why did our NGO decide to undertake this complicated, tiresome and difficult project for people with disabilities ? 
Since most of our shelter homes have PWDs and they too require these Disability Certifcate,  we thought why not provide this FREE service to our poor Goans in rural villages since we have acquired alot of such certificates & UDID Cards for the homeless with Disabilities in our homes and we know the system very well . 
Attached a small video of the importance of a UDID card and a few testimony of those who we have provided free services. 
For those two to three people who created false rumors on social media we are charging Rs 4000 to make a UDID card , please take note 
” This is FREE SERVICE “. 
I am not disabled but our entire team members understand the pain , trouble , problems that People with Disabilities go through daily, that's why 80% of our inmates in our FREE shelter homes are people with disabilities. 
Those shouting for years and claiming on social media that they are working for PWDs should have atleast started one free shelter home for the homeless Pwds . 
Disability issues are not only in Panjim city but it's spread all over Goa especially rural Goa which most of them shouting have never ever reached and never ever worked for the PWDs where their presence could have made a big big difference. 
Our next post on this topic of RS 4000 being charged to make a UDID CARD  , will be explained in detail how much JEALOUSLY & ENVY some highly educated people have and how they tried their level best to stop this project. 
If you are looking for a platform to work for the poor and those with Disabilities then u reached the right NGO. 
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God bless you 
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