26.4.2022 7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA , accepts into our home Mr John Agnelo , who is homeless,  from Chicalim Health Centre , on last Saturday. 
Incase any one recognizes him please let me know. 
Lost toes on one foot and the other foot too has a few toes cut . 
Needs cleaning and bandaging everyday as its a bit messy . 
Claims to have :
☆ a brother in UK 
☆ a sister in Mumbai who is a professor 
☆ a brother in Pune. 
But looks like he lost his way and ended up living in the fruit market,  Vasco as he got hurt on one leg a few months back and then he got hurt on the other leg. 
He was admitted into CHICALIM Health centre about 10 days back. 
Dr Anil treated him and understood that to get better he requires a shelter home . 
Our shelter home was the choice :
as it's free , 
we have facility for such medical cases,
he will get fresh food , 
clean environment and 
company of other men,
plenty of rest for both feet to recover. 
Claims he has some friends in Vasco . 
If gone back to the streets then the wounds can get complicated and might fester. 
Plus last few days it's raining in Goa so chances are there his wounds will get wet . 
Dr Anil organized all the paperwork , police noc , medical discharge and his medication. 
We drove to Chicalim , put him in our car  and within few minutes we moved out of the hospital straight to our home . 
Looks to be bit educated and talks well . 
Wishes to stay till his wounds are healed and then go back to where he came from. 
Thanks to Dr Anil for not discharging him and sending him away but getting Mr John Agnelo to a shelter home to recover. 
Everyday we are practically helping such men to get off the streets of Goa and into our shelter homes. 
Each request is sad , depressing and deserving . 
The homeless are in need of food , clothing & shelter. 
We thank all our benefactors, well wishers , 
staff, Government officials, doctors, etc who support the homeless In getting help to the homeless to restart their life . 
If you know such homeless people
( priority men) who require help to get off the streets let me know. 
We will Explain the procedure and let you know how to proceed . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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