23.4.2022  6pm IST 
We all talk about mental health and its importance, especially in pandemic times but many of us do very little about managing it or improving it on day to day basis. 
According to the WHO, mental health is “a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” 
Stress is one of the reasons behind poor mental health and workplace stress, bereavement, separation, financial problems all could contribute to it. 
In children and adolescents, mental health issues have significantly increased possibly due to rise electronic communication and digital media, according to research. 
There are a number of measures one can adopt to bring down the stress levels and improve mental health on a daily basis. 
Attached a chart with this post . 
Save the chart . It might help those in need . 
Exercising, ensuring 8 hours of sleep, eating well, meditating, talking to a friend on a regular basis are some of the ways to take care of your mental well-being. 
10 easy tips to manage your emotional health.
☆ 1. Keep a track of the good things
☆ 2. Exercise
☆ 3. Control your diet
☆ 4. Meditate 
☆ 5. Sleep well
☆ 6. Talk to your friends & relatives 
☆ 7. Invest in your hobby
☆ 8. Do something for some one else 
☆ 9. Listen to calming music & religious music.
☆ 10. Ask for help 
Many factors contribute to mental health, including genes or brain chemistry, trauma, and even a family history of mental health problems. 
Some early warning signs of poor mental health are low energy, eating or sleeping too much or too little, not participating in activities, abusing alcohol or drugs, mood swings, panic attacks, shivers and more. 
Anything extreme and out of the ordinary can help you identify poor mental 
Alot of youngsters and middle aged people are going to various stages of Depression. 
Depression and Mental issues are having medication available 
More FREE rehabilitation homes are the need of the hour . 
We have 6 already and adding this year another 4. 
But the demand is more than current homes . 
No one is talking about this as its not in my home or in my family so why break my head. 
I saw this trend starting many years ago and decided to work in this field by providing free rehabilitation for people with disabilities. 
My dream is to have each such home in all constituencies as ” believe me , we are sitting on a huge time bomb called Depression “. 
I will be remembered only when this time bomb explodes . 
Few years back our NGO would get calls once a month to handle such cases of Depression. 
Last few months its 2 to 3 calls a week . 
Now it's daily calls,  messages,  requests to rehabilitate people with Depression. 
Very soon it will be a call an hour . 
And it's our own poor Goan people , Niz Goenkar who are coming to our NGO asking for help . 
We all need to join in togther. 
Frankly speaking I am really scared at what I am seeing , hearing , understanding with so many , requests,  cries , pleas for looking after either their brother,  sister., mother , father , relative . 
We are trying to take in as many as possible . 
But after we are full then what ? 
It's crazy at the moment . 
Even if the government starts homes , the demand is hitting the roof . 
More FREE SHELTER HOMES are need of the hour as the poor Niz Goenkar can't afford homes which charge Rs 20 k to 25 k 
If you reading this post and share my views and thoughts and you value human life or are concerned about life of the poor , homeless and the persons with mental disabilities, then please connect with me on whatsapp only on 8380097564. 
All help is required be it if you are a doctor, nurse, psychiatrist , counselor,  therapist,  etc . 
As I write this post , we have to accept/ pick up / rehabilitate close to 10 such persons who are currently in IPHB and all are local goans whose families are going through crisis to manage their own loved ones. 
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God bless you 
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