19.4.2022. 8pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA spent a whopping Rs 7 lacs  from 1.4.2021 to 31.3.2022 on purchasing medicines & transporting our Shelter Home inmates in need of medical care to hospitals and  Medical Centres. 
Homeless people and People with Disabilities 
(Pwds) especially those with mental issues are in constant need of medical diagnosis, medication and periodic evaluation by Medical Doctors 
Delay or neglect in providing the above, results in deterioration of their behavioural  condition resulting in depression,  suicidal tendencies etc, and this creates havoc in our shelter homes and could prove dangerous to the other residents. 
A total of 270 trips were made last year to various Hospitals and Medical Centres for treatment. 
Attached below is a compressed yearly record  of treatment and medecines provided to each and every resident in our Shelter Home. 
We maintained a yearly register both for each and every patient medicines and their hospital trips . 
From this registers we compressed and made the chart . 
Shelter Home residents are treated at the Medical Centre nearest to them, viz: – 
☆ 1. Women Residents at Calangute & Guirim Shelter Homes – District Hospital Mapusa/ Vision Hospital /IPHB Bambolim /GMC Bambolim 

☆ 2. Homeless men residing at Assonora and Porvorim Shelter Home – District Hospital Mapusa/ Vision Hospital/ IPHB Bambolim /GMC Bambolim 

☆ 3. Homeless men residing at Quepem  & Cavelossim Shelter Home – District Hospital Margao /IPHB Bambolim /GMC Bambolim . 
Emergencies especially on Sundays and holidays are treated at private Clinics. 
Expenditure is incurred for the following:-
☆ 1. Registration and case paper charges are paid for.
☆?2. Blood tests and other Diagnostic tests are paid for especially during holiday emergencies. 
☆ 3. Medication for the mentally challenged,  if not available at IPHB are purchased from the market.
☆ 4. Transporting residents to and fro is one of the major expenses, especially with the cost of petrol Sky rocketing.  
The old , sick,  infirmed,  physically and mentally challenged residents  are unable to travel by public transport and hence the need for a private vehicle. 
Medecines are purchased from the following Pharmacies:- 
☆ 1. Purchased from OVER THE COUNTER (OTC)  in case of an emergency like Crocin , gels, ointments, cotton,  bandages , common medicines which don't require prescription. 
☆ 2. ANTILLA PHARMACY, Guirim,  a Generic Pharmacy  where  monthly medicines for all residents purchased  on credit strictly against valid prescription, mainly psychiatric medicines as 70% of our inmates are chronic cases of mental sickness . 
☆ 3. WELLNESS PHARMACY,  Porvorim for  medicines unavailable  in Generic  form. 
We are blessed to have 2 long standing BENEFACTORS, who provide  medecines as per our list to them,  every month since the last  4 years and I take this opportunity to thank them for this generous offer. 
Ms Elaine purchases medicines worth Rs. 3000/- monthly based on our requirements from a pharmacy in St Inez. 
M/s E-Dot , a Company from Vasco  sends monthly  medicines based on our requirements worth Rs 5000/-. 
Switching over to Generic medicines in the last year has brought down our bill by 30 percent. 
We require your help for the coming year 2022-2023 since 
☆ 1. Medecines costs are hiked up by 11%. 

☆ 2. Fuel costs are ever increasing. In this month alone it's up almost Rs 10 a litre . 

☆ 3. Number of homeless admitted and dependent on medecines have increased. 
One thing I would like share with all :
” my personal medication has reduced to just 1 tablet a day from taking 10 tablets a day some where in late 2017 and entire 2018 “. 
When I do good to others especially the old, sick, Pwds , homeless etc automatically their prayers and blessings empower  me and my health improved and dependency on medication reduced considerably. 
My children rarely fall sick or visit doctors and I believe it is  the blessings from our shelter homes people. 
A small suggestion—– support the  homeless people with their medical bills  and enjoy their  blessings and prayers on you and your family.  
Always believe you are healthy and strong . 
Thank God that He is using you to solve the medical problems of the  homeless , sick , old  and  abandoned  homeless people who are also disabled. 
Keeping ones mind active and trying daily to help the others is one way to fight sickness . 
Never speak the words :
I am sick 
I am Diabetic 
I am Arthritic 
I am tic , tic tic,  etc. 
I am having this sickness and that sickness. 
Always tell others even if you are sick and on medication , ” I am blessed and healthy by the Grace of God “. 
Life and death is in the power of your tongue ,
Those that love it, shall eat the fruits of it . 
Speak life and life in abundantly. 
Sickness and suffering is not from God but from the evil one and sickness comes when the mind is evil and destructive . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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