15.4.2022.  7 pm IST 
As Good Friday is celebrated today,  I as a Roman Catholic too took part in the Good Friday religious ceremony , commemorating the crucifixion & death Of Lord Jesus on the Cross. 
Today is also a Public Holiday. 
But our Shelter Homes are open as we take no holiday. 
Very early this morning we admitted a homeless goan boy Mr Ganesh with the support of Ponda Police inspite of incessant rain last night in that area of Goa. 
☆ Ganesh was picked by us on 18.2.22 from shiroda. 
As he was on treatment he got better and skipped out one day from the hospital when he was taken for a check up just last week 
We tried searching him but reached no where . 
Sapnesh used his mind and sent his picture to a SP @ Goa Police from Shiroda who immediately put that picture on his village group and bang the man was found last night in the rain . 
Ponda police along with Akash Pednekar who looks after our Quepem home Co ordinated and Ganesh was admitted again early this morning 
1 am . 
Today this morning 9am , I received a call from PSI Mrs Vibha @ Goa Police , Mapusa Police Station saying this lady Laxmi is looking for shelter. 
Quickly paperwork and medical done and shifted her before 1pm into our shelter home . 
Very complicated and abusive in nature. 
Incase anyone recognises her or is missing her please contact Mapusa Police Station. 
Tomorrow Laxmi will be taken to the hospital for a check up . 
And will be stabilized else will be admitted for treatment as she might be uncontrollable. 
There were two other ladies who needed shelter but the paperwork was not ready and details were not proper. 
For me this is my Good Friday. 
We have to be ready to reach out daily to the poorest of the poor on the streets irrespective of Public Holiday or not . 
Getting off the streets a homeless man is not an issue no matter what their condition is , we can handle. 
It's the homeless women which becomes very very difficult to handle and rehab . 
The ladies are like totally battered and shattered and the mind is totally weak . 
Requires alot of time , energy , patience,  medication , blood tests , hospital trips to bring these homeless ladies back to normalcy. 
And to top it all some don't even speak Konkanni & Hindi but only their native language. 
With close to 30+ such homeless women most of whom are sick or are suffering from mental issues,  it's really getting tough. 
But our NGO can't just refuse them a place as there are not many such homes accepting such women. 
Please support our NGO. 
You get 50% rebate under section 80G of the 
INCOME TAX act, once you donate to our NGO. 
We accept only CHEQUES / NEFT with your pan card copy . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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