27.4.2022. 5pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA admits into our shelter home another homeless man with wounds on his leg . 
Raju Das , stayed with us 4 times in 4 ,years . 
Gets better , same story , back on the streets with that same leg wound getting infected. 
This time he was brought by Mr Arjun from Living Waters , an NGO from Calangute, after doing all his paperwork and medical reports. 
Arjun was sleeping and living on the streets in this heat some where in Calangute . 
One of the rare instances where our NGO has failed in getting this man out of his depression or whatever he is suffering from . 
Very difficult to help a Chronic case of his nature. 
This time , we will be forced to keep him in for a very long time to completely cure his leg . 
No matter where such men live in Goa , all of them ultimately end up coming back to our shelter home as no other shelter homes are taking in such men . 
Frustrating and disappointing that our team gave him the best facility especially regarding medical services and then he wished to leave the home as he felt better and did not stay back with us 
But in a few months,  he is back on the streets in a pathetic situation. 
Can't say no also as he will die out there in the heat as he just can't walk and stand properly. 
To kill that pain , he is forced to drink . 
Daily cleaning, dressing and daily bandaging is the only solution to his problem. 
Sometimes it's just to impossible trying to help such rare instances of men with Raju Das who just don't want to listen. 
This full month of May 22 , our NGO intends to get off the streets as many men as possible as the heat is rising and the monsoon will be equally bad. 
It's a tough service taking care of the homeless with all sort of disabilities and requires alot of running up and down to hospitals. 
The heat is adding to the frustration. 
Practically everyday last one week we toke in one person a day . 
This week and next week close to 12 men are being taken in , 1 a day. 
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Donald Fernandes 
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