3.4.2022. 6pm IST 
2000 kgs of Extra food collected in the month of March 22 across fridges in 6 Goa  police stations for the Food Bank for the Poor  Sangolda Goa. 
2000 kgs of food @ Rs 100 kg = Rs 2 lacs . 
♡♡♡ Thanks to Goa Police throughout Goa for supporting our rehabilitation program for the homeless street people by getting so many people off the streets into our shelter homes . 
And now allowing us to install fridges in Police stations to accept extra food for these same homeless which come through the police stations. 
To look after 100+ homeless street people is not an easy task for a Very Small NGO of ours. 
Food costs are going to the roof . 
So early Feb 2022 we installed 6 fridges across 6 police stations in Goa . 
☆ Mapusa 
☆ Calangute 
☆ Panjim 
☆ Cuncolim 
☆ Quepem
☆ Sanguem . 
The below link will explain you how to deposit your food. 
With the Grace of God and the blessings of all those who drop food, Mapusa Police Station Fridge daily gets about 40kgs food which makes it the highest collection of food in the month of 
March 22 at 1200 kgs approx, among all 6. 
This entire food from Mapusa Police Station goes to feed one mens home of ours where 30+ homeless men are rehabilitated who  are  suffering from disabilities. 
80% of our food collected in fridges is good and edible for consumption. 
20 to 25 % ends up bad and we use this to feed the strays . 
Image / calculate / understand how much actual wet garbage we have saved from going to the dumps :
  2000 kgs or   2 tonnes a month or
24000 kgs or 24 tonnes a year 
For a year it's like 5 to 6 trucks are saved from the garbage dumps just because of these 6 fridges on a yearly average. 
We have been collecting tonnes & tonnes of food through our food bank fridges last 5 years . 
We intend to Install more fridges across another 9 police stations in the future . 
Many feel and understand that POLICE & POLICE STATIONS are not public friendly especially towards the poor , hungry & homeless. 
Remember the 3 days ago, a  post of the send off given by our Homeless to SP , Mr Serafin Dias . 
But here we are :
6 police stations running a food bank fridge  &
1 SP ( now retired ) who helped the homeless during the last 5 years . 
Of course there will always be some difference of opinion. 
All off us are Human and we tend to make mistakes . 
If you stay in the vicinity of these Police stations then please remember to drop your extra food either in food grade plastic bags or in silver foil which should not be hot as it will get spoilt . 
Please drop only freshly cooked food in these fridges and not 2 to 3 days old as it gets spoilt . 
Once again thanks alot to Goa Police for supporting this unique idea of installing fridges to collect extra food in the police stations. 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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