2.4.2022. 8Pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE GOA re admitts this homeless man from GMC hospital today 
On 10.3.2022 we were requested thru Mr Agnelo to help this maggot infected man get rehabilitation. 
Read the below post of that day ⬇️ 
Since we picked him and took him to our shelter home we realized that his entire foot had been infected. 
We admitted him 1st to District Hospital Mapusa,  but since the case was severe , District Hospital requested us to admitt him into GMC which we did . 
GMC accepted him without any trouble and without any attendant from our side as we have such an Order from DHS that all people admitted into Any DHS Hospital from our shelter home does not require an attendant. 
There some ANGEL appeared. Dr Yash . 
Dr Yash , who attended well to this homeless man, who has has his leg amputated due to the bad infection. 
Dr Yash quite often called us and also followed up with our NGO about the rehabilitation of this man once discharged from GMC . 
Since no homes are accepting such people we decided to re admitt this man into our shelter home . 
If not re admitted and taken care off , this man might reach the streets or be under the flyover begging and living there . 
Where are such people to go ? 
Government should look into such cases and required officials should  see that homes are created for such people. 
Our NGO will always be there to help and rehab such people who are actually homeless and having no place to go once treated at Government hospitals. 
Its going to be REALLY REALLY TOUGH to handle him as he is is stressed and does not talk much . 
There will be many trips for his follow up and I observed that any one who is amputated has VERY VERY HIGH DIABETES and that complicates the rehabilitation. 
I am aware that there can be many such abandoned or homeless in hospitals and we are are ready to accept such people into our rehabilitation homes 
We require your support and blessings as it's a non stop service we provide FREE OF COST daily across Goa to the poorest of the poor , the sick the homeless and abandoned. 
If anyone recognises this man please let me know. 
He was found and picked up from Goa Velha Market area. 
No lip service. Action with rehabilitation is our motive . 
Your support is what drives us to daily pick the homeless In Goa . 
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