12.3.2022   7pm IST 
If any one recognizes this old man please inform me . 
STREET PROVIDENCE gets off the Government District hospital Mapusa this elderly Keralite man , Mr Varghese . 
Mr Varghese was admitted , not sure by whom a couple of months back into GMC hospital. 
Since he recovered and had no place to go and being old , he was transferred to District Hospital Mapusa . 
Thank God that he did not reach the streets. 
Since the Government Dr's & nurses are constantly referring such homeless people to our homes , Mr Varghese too reached our homes. 
Few days ago we picked Mr Varghese from the hospital at Mapusa Goa. 
Can't see , too weak and quite old. 
But got a big attitude and a big mouth . 
Infact he does not want to stay in our home and wishes to stay on a street. 
Video of 3 min attached. 👇
We told him he can walk away whenever he wants from our home . 
Says he has alot of customers as he used to cane chairs in his prime days . 
But in reality he is not wanted by anyone . 
That's why incase anyone knows him pls come and take him . 
To tell the truth ” 6 months back I had received a call from a man in porvorim whose late father was helping him. ” 
I cant recall that cell no nor the name of that man 
I refused to take Mr Varghese because of his background and attitude . 
But God has different plans and different ways and God found a way to get him into our home. 
Today if I throw Mr Varghese out or drop him back on a street in my car ( which he is asking us to do ) then I will be going against the Will of God . 
I tried 6 months back to avoid taking him , but i did not succeed. 
God did not allow Mr Varghese to be on the streets. 
Many times I have experienced such instances where I am reluctant to take in such men with attitude but some how they reach our home and we are looking after them even today. 
Feel sad that such type of people are not wanted by anyone in their old age  but are used in their prime with no provision thought about for the future once they grow old and can't work . 
Besides Mr Varghese , I am aware that there are quite a no of such people in Government hospitals abandoned and not going anywhere. 
Just transfered from this hospital to that hospital. 
I know one such case , where a goan lady is currently living inside a hospital for the last 16 years . 
One goan man in an Institute is there last 30 to 35 years . 
There is a Supreme Court order a few months back to an Institute to move out close to a 100 such people abandoned, into a Shelter home, but nothing happened. 
They are still there . 
We have volunteered to shelter them provided we are taken care of the expenses. 
Awaiting for the authorities to respond. 
We are trying to help as many as we can . 
Health care in Goa for the poor , homeless and abandoned is taking a huge back seat especially those suffering from Disabilities. 
I have a dossier of many such cases which will bring tears to your eyes. 
But who cares ? 
It's getting really tight as expenses are going thru the roof . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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