10.3.2022  7pm IST 
A maggot infected man was rescued today from Goa Velha market Goa , today by Street Providence. 
A Very very complicated case as well as a case of those from that area not concerned about the man whose leg is totally shattered and should be amputated. 
The man has been literally loitering around for months if not years in that same locality and has been literally crawling on his buttocks. 
Mind you , that area is a very frequented area with numerous establishments and religious houses in that area and no one saw him . 
A good Samaritan Mr Agnelo Fernandes, a former coach of Vasco Sports Club and now Match Commissioner , from Goa Velha drew my attention yesterday to this homeless man. 
And Agnelo followed up today non stop on how and when we can pick this man up. 
At 3 pm today , Douglas & Asim reached the spot . 
The man has not had bath for over a year,  100%. 
Full of flies hovering over his body and in terrible pain and bad smell with maggots hovering in that foot . 
Watch the 15 seconds video 👇
With great difficulty,  Asim cleant and bandaged the leg and then he was picked up and taken to our home . 
Absolutely nothing on that leg , flesh is just hanging and bone exposed . 
It's going to be extremely difficult for any one in our home to treat him. 
The care givers had to bath him numerous times today just to kill the smell . 
Tomorrow he will be taken to the hospital and then numerous trips up and down to fix his leg. 
There is a big crisis across Goa of homeless people – men , ladies & children just roaming and living on the streets, signals , cities , beaches , everywhere. 
With the New MLAs,  now elected , I hope each of these MLA try and attempt to clean the streets up in their constituencies of these homeless people before it becomes a crisis and the issues increases. 
We can take in, into our home such cases if need be on case to case basis. 
Priority men . 
Women we are not that comfortable as our 2 homes are over loaded . 
Too many requests daily , some times it's impossible to help . 
Please when you see such cases , go to the local MLA and inform him . 
Also contact the local Police station and get in touch witn me through whatsapp only on 8380097564. 
I will advise you how to get help . 
Only our one shelter home is Government funded and we have in total 8 such homes with very very complicated people from the streets. 
Requests to pick and rehabilitate the homeless are mounting so also are the expenses as everything is getting very very expensive . 
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God bless you 
Donald Fernandes 
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