16.3.2022  7pm IST 
A goan lady abandoned by her family for months in a hospital, rescued and now looked after by our NGO in our associate  ladies home. 
Mrs Kalpana  ( Name changed) has muscular issues with her lower part of her body and has no control over her toilet movements. 
Attached a 30 seconds video of her today condition. 👇
She was brought into the house on a stretcher. 
Her daughter's and son's abandoned her in a Government hospital and refused to take her home citing various silly reasons. 
She was moved from the rural hospital to the district Hospital and back and this went on . 
Mid November 2021 , during my visit to a rural Government hospital , I was informed about this matter. 
Being poor , illiterate and unwanted by society , this lady was just living for many months in the corner of the ward , where she was cleaned once a day by the servants . 
Thanks to a Senior SP, @ Goa Police , who got the local PI where that rural hospital was situated to do the required paperwork , before the lady was moved. 
Before the SP intervened , the local PI refused to understand the gravity of this lady suffering. 
Took a few calls and mind storming decisions to get her out of that stench and mess and provide a little better life for her . 
Then I Realised that she requires a full time nurse and professional care as she was too complicated to handle in our two womens home . 
Could not even eat by herself as her fingers are bent.  
Had to fed , cleant,  bathed , etc . 
Admitted her in another associate home where we requested the nurse to look after her for which we pay Rs 5000 monthly plus pampers. 
The lady was absolutely unclean,  long untidy nails , totally weak , malnourished and stressed. 
In short a Dried vegetable . 
To top it all she just could not sit at all and heavy cataract in one eye . 
Totally on the bed.  Could not move at all. 
Just like paralyzed. 
This evening I inquired and was amazed at the report given . 
The report was like this :
▪︎Mrs Kalpana ( name changed ) 
▪︎Eats by herself ,
▪︎Sits on a chair ,
▪︎Trys to do her own things ,
▪︎Moves her legs and hands ,
▪︎Much better that last 4 months when admitted
▪︎But still incapicated. 
Badly requires a cataract operation as her one eye is totally blurred. 
This lady can be a permanent case in our NGO as her family just refuses to take her back. 
Like I said earlier, many such cases are existing at times in hospitals and their living condition is beyond human beings . 
The system fails such poor human beings most of the time. 
Most Old aged homes usually don't admitt such cases as they are homeless,  poor and penniless. 
Next stop might be our NGO or just abandoned where they are, in hospitals. 
Or may be some other shelter home might take in. 
We as a society should take up such cases and provide help and comfort to such women. 
Financial support is the most important . 
Men no problem as we can handle and do accept all types of men irrespective of their medical condition provided the paper work is proper. 
Government through the W&CD should support NGOs like ours which is constantly picking up and rehabilitating such women. 
The Director of W&CD is a woman and I hope this message reaches her ears. 
Funding has to be given in time by W&CD else such cases will keep piling up in hospitals. 
Being a woman, the Director should understand better such issues. 
If you are a Government Doctor , nurse   brother or medical worker in Goa and come across such abandoned women & men in your hospital,  do let me know through whatsapp on 8380097564. 
Our NGO will surely help, incase of man, with rehabilitation and care. 
In case of lady , we will try our level best depending on the medical condition. 
But we will help . 
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