16.4.2021  7pm IST 
STREET PROVIDENCE TRUST GOA admits into our home   this poor Goan young man , 35 years old , from a South Goa , with severe mental  disabilities due to a severe road accident as a result of which 1/3 of his brain got totally damaged. 
Read on . 
2 months back a lady calls up and cries and explains her situation. 
Attached his picture backwards. 
She explains how her husband met with a terrible accident 3 years ago and damaged his brain as a result of which 1/3 rd of his brain is like not functioning & he is 70% mentally disabled with a certified certificate. 
She informs that their only child is also mentally challenged. 
10 years old , can't speak as yet . 
They stay on rent in a small room . 
She has a job in a factory on daily wages and keeps the child with the neighbour. 
But her husband is totally harassing her and hammering her , shouting and abusing so badly that , for the last 6 months he has been hospitalized for treatment. 
Husband is actually not mad , but because of the accident and the brain loss,  he gets violent and abusive. 
I can't explain more as its really complicated and difficult to write. 
No one has been willing to help her with rehabilitation as they cant afford the fees . 
We opened our doors on humanitarian grounds. 
The man will require monthly blood tests , as he will require constant monitoring of his medication as nothing is working on him. 
In my few years of my handling such cases, this is the most complicated and complex , but I still feel that in 6 months with human touch , company , homely food , recreation and light exercise , there will be drastic changes for the better in this man life . 
He may not be perfect. 
But atleast he will one day not be violent and aggressive and abusive towards his wife . 
I was taught  by BJ , many years back , to make visions of the result I desire and this is my vision of this man 6 months from now. 
It's a challenge and we are ready to accept the challenge. 
After all only 35 years old . 
Thanks to our volunteer DOCTOR who encouraged us to accept this man. 
Without a DOCTOR monitoring him , it would be a big NO & next to impossible to rehabilitate. 
For us it's more about HUMANITY and GOEKARPONN. 
For the DOCTOR , it's a service  to get such cases to a better living facility than a closed environment. 
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We also accept people from homes on a case to case basis with proper medical reports and a doctor recommendation who are suffering from severe mental and physical disabilities. 
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